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    • Print Store Grand Opening

      1 year ago



      Calling for emergencies and this is my final stand despite running out of time. 

      It was not easy, but this is the only chance I have left, despite all debts that I am currently suffering from school, all I need is a second miracle or something that can help me keep myself forward on my life. Despite being down luck without any commissions, I am determine to do whether it takes to survive and improve on my work despite the limited artworks that I’m selling as of now.

      Even though I’m a seasonal artist and yet not that professional as other artist, I’m that different than anyone but rather something else. 

      Here is the reason, its better that I would open it in Tictail than Storenvy because its recommended plus I need money to payoff not only debts, a new computer, gaming equipment and etc, but also doing a contract trip to visit RTX under recommendation for a friend of mine. 

      With the limited quality and my schedule being heretic, I promise to make, pack, ship every order with self determination despite the overwhelming odds. 

      My Tumblr:

      My Twitter:

      Print Store:

    • Emergency Commissions Sales

      1 year ago





      To everyone, whoever find this message on this post. I am on currently officially on the brink of being broke and also currently busy writing and finally officially writing an original comic book story, and also running out of ideas of what to draw for today. 

      I would had done setting up the art prints, but its taking me up a lot of time to make some new artworks and deciding which one would be good to use to sell. 

      I build this in case it was for emergency and yes this is legit. I knew something terrible would happen to be if I was busy between school and job and also one of my friends failed to paid me back which led to the brink of almost quitting my art goals that I planned for 2017.

      Since I am currently on a holiday break and then at the same time waiting for my internship for graphic design coming up and the phase three of going to RTX 2017 is set in motion, I need some help on rebuilding my status as an artist. 

      I am offering Commissions at a lower price in hopes that this will make things easier for me to make money as soon as possible to focus on building upgrades on my equipment and at the same time preparing ahead for RTX.

      I accept Paypal only. 

      Info that i would need:

      • Name
      • Paypal Email
      • What would you like
      • What option of style
      • Reference pictures (Anything you like or something specifically you have in mind works.)

      For commissions, or if you would like more information, please contact me 

      I appreciate any help you can offer for choosing the cheapest commission or even just reblogging this post for visibility. This will help me a lot.

      Thanks guys and also happy holidays. 

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    • Commissions Support

      3 years ago

      Nguyen013 [/img]

      Haven't posted anything in the journal for a while but here is the start.

      You can contact me via askbox or (title your email "commission' and mention your tumblr)

      To all fans and internet who like my artwork long before time since I have started over the past year. I need a lot of help and it takes on working together to solve a personal problem that I have been facing.

      I apologize on the rush for commissions, but right now I'm really having the worse week of my life due to low customer expectations and no response or DM back for details on what they want to be drawn as. This is the rough start I am facing as of now!

      I am currently broke as of now. I do not have enough money to pay off my school, helping my family on support, my computer is nearly broken and also paying off convention trips is not enough. And yet I am nearly broken.

      And now, I am currently crying and losing hope right now. smiley2.gif

      I am asking for a lot of moral support on helping me get through the summer on making money for the summer as of now and I am willing to do whether it takes to make sure I will make in time without an delays.

      I have a lot of open slots left for customers to email me the details on what they want to be drawn as.

      I will draw anyone of you on the scale of 8.5 x 11 and 11x 17 format paper in PSD files.

      I don't have a lot of choice to make, but please help me out. I am facing an art block right now and running out of great ideas. PLEASE HELP REBLOG OR SIGNAL BOOST THIS POST.

      I switch the price per hour on the projects about $15 to make things easier for me.

      - Payment is upfront, will be through PayPal or checks, and prices are in USD.

      -Note: I will do my best to catch up with making your requests depending on the schedule. I will email on the info on what is going on and tell you how long would it take to finish.

      - Turnaround time will vary for each one, so I ask that you give me at least 1 week before inquiring about the status of your commission.

      - Upon completion I will send you the full res file via email if you wish. (Note: lineart commissions and flat color commissions are fairly low res so the full res will be uploaded to tumblr)

      - Please, let me know if you don't want

      - I reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.

      I do not accept any NFSW work. Whether you do, do not request to ask me to make mechs, or furries fan art. It would be too tough to work with.

      I am pretty flexible, if there is something you have a question about, feel free to ask in a note!

      Slots are open and available to take in. Please send in a note if you are interesting for commissions or comment on this post now!

      Commission Open Slots:


      The previous clients that I had previously were finished and I received a bit of payment, so yeah the problem is that they had ripped me off.

      Support everything here and now!




      Support my business here!




      Also Donate Here:

    • Being a RoosterTeeth Fan?

      3 years ago


      Wow! 12 years has flew by. It's truly amazing how RoosterTeeth is 12 years since I follow them during Season 4 of RvB before Season 5 started.

      So from being a video game fan and an anime fan, I became hooked into Let's Play, The Know, The Patch, RWBY, X-Ray and Vav to other youtube series or community shows like VGHS, Epic Meal Time, Geek adn Sundry and more.

      Even though I am well known to the Geek and Sundry, which is I am proud so thx Felicia Day and the entire cast and crew of her company, I am hoping to impress the entire world with my god forsaken talents of drawing and becoming a source of inspiration of making comics and fan art doodles.

      I did got to meet @Miles, @Chris, @Arryn and @Kara at comic con so I am very proud of that. I hope I get to meet the entire cast when I am around in the future I have something planned in mind during the summer.

      The way they made their videos and telling stories, it helps keep myself entertain and made me laugh a lot at their jokes. This gave me a chance and made my decision to become a cartoon artist and study graphic design at school.

      So looking back into my life, I realize that everything I have done or what I know is all connected to one point and how it brings them together as a family.

      Not only RoosterTeeth is just a company, but also a family and a community that I am welcome to join. It just feels right to become and I wanted to tell them my stories of how I am doing and give them recommendations of who shall I meet in the future. From meeting Epic Meal Time to Ashley Johnson, it was well worth it.

      So yeah, happy 12th anniversary Rooster Teeth and lets hope the 13th anniversary comes by.

      Shout out these guys for getting me hooked into watching RWBY. Hopefully I have a feeling that that things is about to get bigger.


    • 3 years ago

    • Support on Patreon for Help

      3 years ago


      Hey guys! Sorry if I haven't post this journal for a long time. But right now, I'm gonna need a lot of help and support.

      I had started running a patreon campaign and need of help dealing with financial crisis and rebuilding my own personal life due to stress and complicated situations

      I will be sharing my work with all my supporters with various rewards offered at different levels of support all related to my items for sale here at Redbubble or on Society6 and for other shops too!

      If you enjoy my work and want to show your support, I will be most grateful. Help me reach my goals and allow me to create new content to share with the world.

      Please check it out at:

      The reason why I am taking my business seriously to reach to RTX and solve my own problems is because I didn't have a choice in life and decide to make that as a hardest choice that I am willing to take even though I have more experience with other adventures so far.

      So, support me if you want, if you can't or don't want to, that's cool, don't worry about it ^^ There maybe some changes for the campaign I will made depending on the financial situations and personal life that I had to deal with.

      Check out these goals on the website here and help fulfill my goals!

      Check out my shops and facebook here!


      Support my business here!



      Also new commissions are open for art doodles so please please submit cool ideas for me to draw for you guys because I'm gonna to try to make much money as I can. smiley2.gif

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    • Hamza95

      6 years ago

      I don't understand what you're asking.

      • Hamza95

        6 years ago

        Huh, that's weird. I don't know then.

      • Nguyen013 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 years ago

        i think they deleted my request for weekend hunt

      • Nguyen013 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 years ago

        really thanks

      • Hamza95

        6 years ago

        Oh yea you can do it as many times as you want or if you need to.

      • Nguyen013 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 years ago

        as in since i did the weekend hunt the last time, should i do an another one or no

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