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    • RT Crew Visit RWBY Theaters?

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      Does anyone think or have any idea if the Rooster Teeth cast and crew will make any appearances at Tugg Theaters releasing RWBY vol 1 similar to the what they did for Lazer Team?

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    • Seattle Meet up for Monty Oum

      2 years ago


      Monty Oum meant a great deal to me, as I'm sure he did to many of you. Even though I only met him a few times I still felt like a knew him through all the content Rooster Teeth produces.
      I don't feel like there is anyone else but the Rooster Teeth community that would really understand.

      Is there anyone in Seattle that's interested in meeting up to discuss Monty Oum; his life, his death, let me know in the comments and we can make arrangements.


    • 09/05/14 Do a Google image search of Sheena

      3 years ago


      I just noticed something that was really odd.

      I did a Google image search for Sheena Duquette to show someone her cosplay and maybe halfway down the page I saw my name and a picture of me. It was a screenshot of a brief twitter exchange she and I had regarding Monty Oum and corgis.

      That was really unexpected. Also a little bit strange, because I don't know why that would come up in a search.

    • I met Burnie, Ashley, and Monty at PAX Prime

      3 years ago


      I went to PAX this weekend, not to see any of the games or meet any of the developers, I went specifically to see the Rooster Teeth crew. I've met "celebrities" in the past and didn't think anything of it. This was the first time I was able to see people I actually respected.

      On Friday I walked into the Seattle Convention Center looking for the Main Theater so I could get a seat for the panel, only to discover that the Main Theater was actually in a different building, Benaroya Hall. The reason for this was apparent immediately when the immense concert hall filled with people, all the way up to both levels of balconies. I actually sat in the hall for the event before just so I could get a seat in the front row. After a while, Gus walked out to set up the computer for the panel. That was surreal. I've spent years watching him and the other Rooster Teeth crew and there he was in the flesh. Doing his tech thing, occasionally waving to the audience with a cheery (ironic?) smile. Gus introduced the other panelists.

      When it was over the crew said goodbye and the hall began to file out. Being in the front, I decided it was best to wait a while for the masses to finish their slow crawl. This turned out to be a very wise decision. Over to the right of the stage who should be standing there in full Neo cosplay but Sheena. Not expecting her, I was caught of guard. Next moment Monty comes walking out to stand beside her. With the crowd already gone there were only a handful of us there taking pictures. One, of which must have known Sheena because when Sheena stepped down she grabbed the girl's chest saying "Boobs!"

      Monty perched himself at the edge of the stage and I approached him. Another very surreal moment, just voicing a question and watching his attention shift to me and reply. I didn't want to take up his time when he wasn't really working the crowd so I just asked if he was going to be at the booth and would it be now or later in the day.

      When I went to the booth the Rooster Teeth crew were regrettably not there. I kept going back every hour or so, and still they weren't there.

      After the third or fourth time, I rounded the corner by the escalators and I thought, "Hey that's funny, that guy actually looks kinda like Burnie." Then I saw the camera and Ashley Jenkins with a mic in her hand, "Oh, that IS Burnie."

      I recorded them filming and took a couple pictures, but wasn't going to bother them while they were working. That was until someone else stepped forward and asked for a picture after Ashley had a moment to took the equipment away and Burnie finished with a call he took. I jumped in for a quick picture but didn't bother them more than that. I asked if they'd be in the booth later and I'd just see them then.

      When I went to the booth I didn't see Burnie and Ashley but Monty was there. Monty was one of the main reasons I went to PAX. I've always watched RvB but it wasn't until RWBY, and I listened to the audio commentary and heard the relationship all the cast and crew had with one another that I really got involved with all of Rooster Teeth. I got a picture with Monty, and asked him to sign my DVD.

      With just a minute to talk to him, I told him how I lamented the fact that I wished I could bring him some kind of tribute, but it seemed the only art that's appreciated are drawings, cosplay, and replicas. I told him I can't do any of that. But I CAN write.

      About a week or so ago I heard who of Rooster Teeth were going to be at PAX so I didn't have much time but I started writing a new novel loosely based on the RT crew and their relationship with one another. I got about four chapters done and presented it to him. He flipped through it and noticed the title of Chapter 2. He laughed and said, "'Asian Dracula?' Is that me?"

      I have no illusion that Monty actually read it, busy as he is, but hopefully he appreciated the thought.

      The next day I was still thinking about my brief exchange with Monty, Burnie, and Ashley. I was very distracted. I kept thinking about how unsatisfying the meeting was. It wasn't enough. It was only a taste that made the hunger so much worse. Especially because I wanted to ask Burnie a question and present the book to him as well since he's more likely to actually read it.

      On Sunday I bought another pass and went back, this time I stopped by the booth around 12 and talked to Chelsea. She said Burnie was going to be there around 2, so I stood there and waited. A long line formed behind me. Just before 2 Monty and Sheena stopped by. After giving them a moment to settle I had a chance to talk with Monty for a while, especially because Burnie ended up being a little late since he was finishing a video in the hotel. This gave me a rare opportunity. I asked Monty questions about RWBY, about the game, slightly personal questions I was curious about. We talked a little Anime.

      He told me they were working on expanding universe content for RWBY, OVAs and manga. He also said for the moment they were just working on the combat for the RWBY game, they're completely revamping the original demo. As for the story, Monty said if they were going to be a story he'd like it to be original, not just an adaptation of the show. He said that was his problem with the Naruto games.

      Finally Burnie came by. I presented him the book and we had a funny exchange where he said I reminded him of his friend Notch, saying we had a similar style. I pretended to be offended. Burnie tried to recover saying it was just the style, Notch was heavier than me. I told him I was only messing around but it's funny that Burnie said that when he talked about how much he hates it when people do that to him. He smiled and said "I know, I'm a hypocrite"

      Absolutely worth going. The Rooster Teeth crew were so appreciative of everyone's support, they are terrific people.

      I'll have to finish writing the Rooster Teeth novel now for the next PAX.

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    • Firenomad

      3 years ago

      Greetings and good evening. How do you fare? Welcome to the site! May you find many happy memories here.

      • NathanNess FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Not at the moment. I've been following Rooster Teeth and playing around on the website for years I just never really got involved with the community til now. But thanks!

      • Firenomad

        3 years ago

        Welcome people to the community? Not everyone but yes there are others who make it a point to be the greeting committee, though for me it was a random spur rather than a habit. Any questions I can help answer?

      • NathanNess FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        I see. Thanks! I appreciate it. Does everyone do that?

      • Firenomad

        3 years ago

        While in the forum threads there is usually a list on the right side of the screen of the people who have just joined the site. I thought I would welcome you to the community.

      • NathanNess FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Thanks! How did you find me?

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