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    • Quote Log 42

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Time to bury that overly-sentimental journal with talk of the next Cold War.

      --- let's see this war happen
      Greenjacket: You're New Zealand.
      Greenjacket: What do you need with a military anyway?
      Drew: historical hangover. Plus our SAS is awesome and will fuck people up.
      Greenjacket: Well, yeah.
      Greenjacket: But still.
      Drew: mostly we need a navy to stop fuckers stealing our fish.
      Drew: and a small enough army that we don't get, like
      Drew: pirates landing here and sacking our cities
      Drew: and you may scoff
      Drew: but the day we disbanded our army I bet you we'd have galleons sailing into auckland and stealing our booty
      Greenjacket: No, no.
      Greenjacket: I understand that pirates are a severe problem.
      Greenjacket: America has its own issues.
      Greenjacket: Ninja crime is rampant.
      Greenjacket: Washington is no exception.
      Drew: pirates killed our greatest yachtsman.
      Drew: I wish I were joking.
      DK: For what it's worth, I'd give you even odds against canada
      DK: Of course they fly Helicopters from like 1950
      Drew: so do we
      Drew: we fly the same ones we flew in Nam
      Drew: except we have less of them
      DK: I said even odds!
      Greenjacket: NK and Canada:
      Greenjacket: Flying the Aircraft of Yesterday...
      Greenjacket: Tomorrow
      Mozz: Kickin' It Old School
      DK: Well they couldn't invade you any way, they don't have the logistical ability
      DK: And vice versa, probably
      DK: So it would be like the Cold War, only unspeakably gay
      Greenjacket: So the Americans will have to intervene.
      DK: And no one would care
      Greenjacket: "Okay, you guys can borrow the logistical infrastructure MWF, and you guys can have it TThSA"
      Drew: look, they could rent out container space on a freighter and just unload it in Auckland harbour

      --- national security
      Greenjacket: Nobody's getting into my Army account.
      Greenjacket: Those fuckers made me come up with an insane password
      Greenjacket: No less than 10 characters, at least two capital letters, two numbers, and two special characters.
      Greenjacket: I have to change it periodically and I can't repeat the last ten passwords.
      Greenjacket: My first password was "2FuckingL0ng!!"

    • tl;dr comic journal

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Someone just asked me a question that struck pretty close to something I ponder a lot--so I decided to take the opportunity to bore the rest of you with my thoughts.

      As someone who writes and draws their own comic, would you have preferred to just write the narrative while someone else drew?

      I've been a writer and an illustrator for a long time--longer than I can remember, almost. Both my and DeviantArt accounts (neither of which I can link from work) can attest to the fact that I've done a whole shit-ton of both over the years. Granted, it's all fan-work (and a lot of it sucks), but we can argue the merits of that in another journal.
      Point is, I am just as passionate about my writing as I am my artwork. If someone ever asked me to only do one or the other for the rest of my life, it would be like choosing between my own (hypothetical) children--I don't think I could do it.

      If I had to pick just one word to describe what I do, I'd call myself a storyteller. I'm not too particular about the medium through which my stories are told (hell, I even started to make a video game, once.) If I just wanted to tell a story about RvB, I'd write a fanfic. Yet to tell a story about chupathingys, I knew I had to do something more. A simple fic or drawing wouldn't be enough grounds for such a bizarre concept to stand. Short of making an animated feature, which is insanely impractical to pull off alone (I'm no Monty Oum), a comic is an ideal format.
      And that's the other thing I knew for sure, right from the start--I'd have to make it happen on my own. If I waited for someone to help me with my idea, it would never come around.

      When it comes to this comic, the writing is definitely the easy part, almost effortless. It's the artwork that's the hard part, taking nearly all of the time, effort and skill that I have. A better artist (many of which I know on this site) would certainly have an easier time with it. Still, I work extra hard on the visuals to make sure they're at least as interesting as the writing, and something of my own style.
      It would be tough to give up that level of control and personal touch by surrendering the art to someone else, but if it would help the story get told any faster, I'd gladly do it. That's why I hired Chris, and I'm super-fortunate to have his help with coloring. If by some miracle I find another artist who's willing and able to draw chupa-comics with me, that would be amazing--but I'm not holding my breath.

      No matter who's on board, I'm committed to telling this story to the end. It's my (chupa)baby.

      tl;dr Pie is still better than cake. Who knew?

    • 6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
    • Quote Log 41 (NeverSFW)

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      So last night I dreamt I was riding a bus packed with people. I think we were going to some kind of convention, because it reeked of geek. Luckily(?) I was crammed against the passenger's side window, on a front-seat bench along with the driver and two other people.
      I didn't know anyone on the bus, I didn't know where we were going, and I don't remember anything eventful from the dream--except that the issue of putting on seatbelts came up, and I refused to do so, saying,
      "If we get in a wreck I want to get thrown through that windsheild, so I die as far away from you fucking nerds as possible."

      DK: You want to cry?
      Myshu: Wow, parasite tongue
      Myshu: paratongue, or tongueasite?
      Donraj: Actually
      Donraj: Since it apparently does its job better then the original tongue does, does that means it rises to the level of "symbiote?"
      Belle: tongue atrophy
      Stellaluna: ...
      Stellaluna: fahrg
      Belle: If that could happen to people, I wonder what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that blowjob
      Stellaluna: Oh
      Stellaluna: I have the answer
      Belle: ...
      Stellaluna: It would migrate
      Stellaluna: And latch onto the penis
      Stellaluna: And slowly eat away at that penis
      Stellaluna: And replace it
      Stellaluna: And evolve into a penis bug
      Stellaluna: And then when that penis goes in mommy's vagoo
      Stellaluna: It will release
      Belle: So would the semen stream shoot straight out of the bug's mouth?
      Stellaluna: And migrate to the womb
      Stellaluna: And evolve and latch onto the uterus
      Stellaluna: And then it will BURST OUT OF THE ABDOMEN
      DK: And so Stella was born

      DK: I love my family. I have no shirt on cause it's hot in here
      DK: Mom: Why are you half naked?
      DK: Dad, across the room: "Because I told him to stop."

    • Quote Log 40 (NeverSFW)

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      You know, I used to not like him at all, but recently Simmons has become one of my favorite RvB characters. Couldn't say why or how--I just realized out of the blue that he's got some of the funniest lines in the show. (Probably doesn't hurt that Gus is one of the funniest motherfuckers in the company.)

      So, shout-out to Simmons fans, I suppose.

      And just a reminder: although my chupa orphanage is closed, there's now another orphanage in town and it's off to a nice start. Y'all should check it out!

      And Doc's still up to his usual... Doc-things.

      --- the joys of being a history TA
      DK: my friends and I would always grade exams together for laughs
      DK: "Hey guys, did you know John Brown was pardoned?"
      DK: "Yeah, from this MORTAL COIL"

      Donraj: I remember once I was late with a paper
      Donraj: And I dropped it off in the professor's box a couple days before the final
      Donraj: And as I was walking out he asked where it was, and I told him
      Donraj: And before he could answer I interrupted and said, "Before you say anything bear in mind that you are Canadian. And I am Cajun. And my people have suffered greatly over the centuries due to being exiled by your ancestors. So before you say anything you take into account the historical debt owed to my people by white people like you"
      Donraj: Happily, this worked

      DK: God only knows why I thought of this now
      DK: But a few years back, when I was in the middle of my zombie craze, I paid many visits to teh "Homepage of the Dead"
      DK: Which had an extensive zombie fanfic archive
      Drew: ....
      Mozz: oh my
      Drew: oh please no
      Mozz: undead mpreg
      DK: One of these featured a neighborhood of wealthy Beverly Hills suburbanites who had hired a gang of bikers to protect them
      DK: But the hero discovered that these guys were actually dangerous, violent, and unhinged.
      DK: But he did this in the most insane and over the top way
      DK: By having the guy witness them cut off zombie tits and juggle them, and rape zombies, and "wear severed pussies like gloves"
      Drew: ...
      DK: I still remember one line, as the hero, indignant, confronts the mayor
      DK: "Your 'shining heroes' were buttfucking male dead."
      Mozz: hahahahah
      DK: I laughed kinda a lot

    • 6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
    • Quote Log 39 (NeverSFW)

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Ahhh, I've missed doing these.

      DK: I had a crazy woman at my church
      DK: Who said she had been in a relationship with Elvis Presley
      DK: And she was the one he really loved, but Col. Parker, he wouldn't allow it
      DK: And one day she stood up and was like
      DK: You talk about an awkward church moment
      Drew: oh fuck yeah

      --- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
      Ezelek: playing PW3 (finally finished case 2), you know what I hate? How all the other characters make Phoenix look dumb. >O he is an ace goddamn lawyer you shitty fags
      DK: Man what the fuck ever, Phoenix is a tardo and meant to be!
      DK: It is called cooooomedy
      Ezelek: what the fuck man.
      Ezelek: w
      Ezelek: t
      Ezelek: f
      Ezelek: He's never lost a case, he's basically a defense GENIUS.
      DK: What you want him to like be all badass?
      Ezelek: He is! The other characters just need to recognise his awesomeness for fucking once.
      DK: Like he walks into Edgeworth's place and Gumshoe is there wearing next to nothing and snorting coke through a steel straw and Phoenix hits him in the back of the head making his nose bleed all over and he screams and he's like "Bitches leave."
      DK: Is that what you want
      DK: YOu want Nick curling his fingers in Maya's hair and smashing her face through the drywall of his office, don't you.
      DK: Then she's all staggering and bloody and Pearls is in the doorway and Phoenix almost feels a moment of shame at her scream but he covers it up with bravado
      DK: All, "Hey Pearls, did you know Maya has a second stomach just for GETTING PUNCHED IN?" and then he gutpunches her and she breaks the pet plant and is all crawling around sobbing and snotting.
      DK: ANd Nick's all "Clean this shit up" and walks OUT
      DK: Is this what you want
      DK: is it
      Ezelek: ... y

      --- more Phoenix Wright
      DK: They should have them solve some crimes besides murder cases
      DK: "I'm sorry, Miss Achee Vage, but Stone Dick can't have raped you at all. For you see, in this police drawing you've made of the assailant's penis, you've forgotten ONE VITAL DETAIL...."
      DK: ---> Move the stylus to indicate the corona of the penis
      DK: "My client....."

    • Much Ado About Chupa

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Hey you, don't have a sponsorship? Want one? Check this shit out, a contest from the generous caitlyn7679 and Mclovin410.

      A handful of people have asked me for artwork over the weekend, so I just gotta reiterate here: I am not taking requests or commissions at this time, chupathingy or otherwise.
      I hate to say no to y'all; I love all of ya for supporting my chupababies. Just step back and let me do my thing for a while, and I promise it'll be cool. I've got two--three, actually--special projects in the works that I'm excited to show you guys.

      For now, the chupababy orphanage is closed. Seventy new babies were adopted! That's a lot of diapers to change.
      If you missed your chance to get one, you can watch the group for the next round of adoptions (likely late this summer, after RTX), or go say hi to Shortstuff96, who has started his own chupa orphanage.

      Chupaparents also a sister-group, Caretaker's Guide to Chupathingys, for discussion about the finer points of raising a lil' chupa. Agent_Me and DevilMayCrye went on and started the whole thing without me--they're absolutely nuts and I love them for it.

      And that's what's up with me! Time to go to the club to work.

      Pipgirl: Imma drop outta school and become a strippa
      maggiekarp: yeah, Mom says I'm pretty enough to be a stripper but my body needs work, so that's not an option at the moment
      Myshu: I'm too shy to be a stripper
      maggiekarp: well, that too, I guess
      Sancdar: eh it's not that hard once you get started
      Sancdar: >_>
      maggiekarp: EXAMPLE, SANC
      Sancdar: actually i guess that could be considered a problem for strippers
      maggiekarp: okay chat time to list problems for strippers
      Sancdar: std-filled poles
      Sancdar: although on the plus side
      Sancdar: licking a stripper pole gives +10 to immune system
      Stellaluna: Indignity
      Stellaluna: :<
      maggiekarp: says who
      Stellaluna: Sez society
      Stellaluna: Also the men who come
      maggiekarp: UNF
      Stellaluna: The body is meant to be sacred and respected by yourself
      Stellaluna: `-`
      * Stellaluna preach preach
      * Stellaluna preach
      Sancdar: look man
      Sancdar: the body is a temple
      Sancdar: and i want to worship at a hot temple
      maggiekarp: XD

    • Chupa Time 3

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Sneakin' in a little late-night stream after work...

      (Come hang out with me if you're bored. Or have acute insomnia.)

      edit: Oh gawd, why did I sing?? I wasn't even the one who was drunk in there.

      ( smiley12.gif you guys)

    • Last call for chupababies

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Sometimes it's amazing how derivative fan-art can become. God help me if anyone at work comes up and asks what I'm drawing, because I don't know anyone who would get it if I said, "It's Kenny McCormick from South Park as a chupababy, a creature inspired by Red vs Blue, a machinima web series based on the Halo video games."

      At any rate, I hope everyone's enjoying this fine April 1st. Today's the last day to adopt a chupababy, so if you haven't yet, check out the thread for details.

      Sancdar: wow that was awkward: i decided to finally watch dexter, and it opens with a shadowy guy in a car cruising around miami talking about how he likes cuban food, and then he says "but i'm hungry for something different now" and it cuts to a boys choir
      Mozz: hahahahahaha
      Sancdar: i can only hope the show continues on in this manner!

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