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      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      How 'bout that season 9 finale coming up?
      Having watched it already makes me a spectator on a whole new level, since now I'm almost more interested in the reactions around the site than I am in the actual show. ...Well, almost. Man, there's gonna be so much fallout from tonight's episode I'm not sure I wanna stick around, catch any'a that ionizing nerdrage.

      But don't get me wrong; I loved it, myself. Something finally happened that really, really needed to happen--something I feel pretty strongly about, but haven't mentioned here before because I don't like rocking boats. At any rate, I get the feeling not everyone's going to be as satisfied with the finale as I am.

      I'll talk about it more later, if I feel like it, but to keep this journal from being completely vague and pointless, how 'bout some quotes?

      --- Never, ever SFW, I swear
      DK: So I had a dream
      DK: Not about black kids and white kids playing together though
      DK: But I dreamed.... well I don't remember most of it, but I think it was about a haunted house
      DK: I just remember the end
      DK: Which was like this car salesman guy strolling into a furniture store called FAMILY CIRCUS furniture
      DK: Because it was family owned and operated
      DK: And he rolled up to this attractive woman in there, in her twenties or so, and delivered the most insane and terrifying pickup line I've ever heard.
      DK: "If I was the ringmaster of YOUR Family Circus, I'd kill acrobats 1,2, and 6, and chain the rest to your bed."
      DK: As she gave him a look of stupefied, bewildered horror, I awoke, confused
      Haruhi2: this is how DK usually greets women
      DK: I mean I don't even know. Like I find the pun on the name of the store to be misguided because he's threatening to murder several of her siblings and turn the rest into sex slaves/voyeurs as he rails her.
      DK: I mean maybe there's an alternate interpretation but I'm not seeing it
      DK: also why acrobats 1,2, and 6
      DK: What have they DONE?
      DK: Are 3,4, and 5 so exceptional?
      AgentTon: Maybe they're the hot ones.
      AgentTon: Maybe 3, 4, and 5 are underaged.
      DK: What a skeevy fellow!
      AgentTon: Well it certainly sounded like it from your description!
      AgentTon: Now I'm just imagining the famous Family Circus dotted line trails
      AgentTon: Leading through some convoluted path down into a basement, coming back out with bloody footprints
      AgentTon: All the way up to the second story and the BDSM sex den.
      ReverendRagu: Oh god
      ReverendRagu: Why are you making me imagine Dolly in dominatrix gear ;____;
      ReverendRagu: And Billy in a gimp mask and a leather thong
      AgentTon: I was more imagining Grandma, with the kids tied down and terrified
      DK: lmaoh oh god
      DK: Grandpa peering down from heaven and weeping
      AgentTon: Dad's dressed up like a clown. He's never been so hard.
      DK: Mom's beating him with a baseball bat
      DK: "More like BIL KEEN! KEEEEN FOR MEEEE!"
      AgentTon: jgjjkh

    • Season 9 Screening

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Mission accomplished! Once again drove to Austin and back without committing vehicular manslaughter. I'm on a hot streak. Really am starting to believe my "Born to Take it Easy" shirt is lucky.

      The show was great, of course, and it was fun hanging out with some of the guys there, particularly SynOfGrave (whom you might know for creating Gus's Emergency Earthquake Kit, and madmanmoe (whom you might know for being generally awesome.) I totally owe you both drawings or somesuch.

      In typical RT style, the Q&A after the show had some hilarity going on (I was the chick who asked about Doc.) I wonder if anybody caught it on camera--you know there's always that *one person* in a crowd who's recording.

    • 6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
    • Artsy Poll

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      (woo, thanks to Brandon's last blog I scored a ticket to the screening after all! Life is good, friends. Looks like I'm rolling solo to Austin again, but that's cool. Anyone else gonna be in the area who wants to hang out for a night?)

      So I've got an open poll today, for you people watchin' who like to draw or paint or be artsy:

      What do you feel is your strong suit as an artist? What is your weakness? (and hey, no smartass or self-deprecating responses such as "everything.") That can mean any particular thing you do or don't like to draw, or a part of the process that troubles you, or something particularly easy for you that other artists may find challenging.

      As for me, I feel like an expert at drawing hands and feet. They're always the most fun part, and as I've drawn them I've learned that hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body, sometimes even as much as faces. Yet all the time I hear about artists (particularly some friends of mine, who are great at drawing facial expressions) struggling constantly with hands. It makes me feel odd because I always struggle to draw faces, and it can take forever for me to get a facial expression down in a way I find passable.

      But I'm curious about what you guys think of your own skills, so hit me with your comments.

    • Quote Log 15 (NeverSFW)

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Avast, a Season 9 screening in Austin? On a day I have off work?? That sold out an hour before I logged on, alas. This is the universe telling me to quit taking naps.
      Psst, anyone have a spare ticket? Will whore self for movie *ahem* I mean, I guess I can't complain--I'll get to watch it on DVD with everyone else soon enough.

      Speaking of RvB, last Wednesday I went to a Mexican restaurant (mmm, wet burritos) and right off two of the waiters complimented my "Born to Take it Easy" shirt. Either that shirt keeps gettin' luckier every time I wear it out to eat (first time I wore it was at the Salt Lick for RTX's Sidequest), or Grif-swag just is too cool for these parts.
      It does suit my personality, at least.

      Zephira: How may light bulbs does it take to screw in a light bulb
      SaintNick: n+1
      SaintNick: How many lightbulbs does it take to screw in a lightbulb can be expressed as z(n+1) = z(n^2 + c)
      Zephira: It takes two :c
      Zephira: One that's broken an nees to be remove, an one that's new to screw in
      SaintNick: mine's right too, do the math.

      Zephira: Hey hey
      Zephira: do deaf schizophrenic people hear voices
      themis56: no, they sign voices
      SaintNick: yes, but they all sound funny as hell, so they don't take them seriously

      Donraj: Ah community college
      Donraj: I go back to visit mine like once a year just to remember where I started
      Sancdar: in the same vein, i go back to check out my dad's balls like once a year just to remember where i started
      Sancdar: oh god no
      Sancdar: i hope nobody does that

      professor: I had a student admit to playing Phoenix Wright in my class secretly once
      professor: And I was like "Was it the second game?"
      professor: "Yeah."
      professor: "Was it the circus case?"
      professor: "...uh yeah."
      professor: "You suck."
      Myshu: lmao seriously?
      professor: YES
      Myshu: ahahahaha
      Mozz: HAHAHA
      professor: I was like "For the record you probably shouldn't admit that to me"
      professor: (it was after the course was over)
      professor: "It was just the once"
      professor: "Yeah yeah, you insult me by playing the circus case"

    • 6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic
    • Ask a Chupathingy

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      Myshu chupariffic


      Just settin' up shop, here.

      826 replies

    • Psychopenalysis

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic


    • Quote Log 14 (NeverSFW)

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      --- these chatlogs are a little dated, I admit
      Haruhi2: man internet mans are really mean to Ms. Semenya
      Haruhi2: i'm not sure that anyone with ambiguous genitalia will ever stop defaulting to "A FUCKIN MAN" on the internet
      Mozz: WOMEN default to a fuckin' man on the internet.
      Mozz: and in track and field.

      --- speaking of ambiguous genitalia
      maggiekarp: one time
      maggiekarp: my mom found dickgirl porn on the family computer
      maggiekarp: and I recall her saying that she hoped it was her brother's instead of her father's

      --- Indiana Jones 5?
      DK: Jesus FUCK
      DK: no more
      DK: no more
      DK: Indy looks like a raggedy chew toy
      DK: sounds like a devastated Great War survivor
      DK: NO MORE
      DK: "Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work," he said. "If the script is good, I'll be very happy to put the costume on again."
      DK: That script: WEEKEND AT INDY'S
      DK: But no one trusts him so he has to PUPPETEER his DEAD FATHER
      DK: HARRISON can SLEEP the entire time
      Myshu: lmao
      DK: This goes as far as the DARING FIGHT atop a racing truck in Palestine
      DK: The corpse falls off
      DK: Five minute shot of it rolling and bouncing along a rocky road, dragged
      DK: DUH DA DUH
      DK: Mutt laboriously pulling it back onto the truck
      DK: The Russians
      DK: Mutt finally gets it aboard, and suddenly a CGI SNAKE pops out of the eye socket and makes a goofy face
      DK: He nearly drops it off again, but the love interest LUNGES and catches it
      Hermit: DK this is horrible and probably the only way I could watch another Indy movie
      DK: I do what I can

    • If you've got a good idea...

      6 years ago

      Myshu chupariffic

      Just do it. Don't waste time polling other people's opinions, or waiting for someone's approval, or sitting on it until whatever conditions you've fabricated are "just right." Stop telling yourself you're not ready, or don't have the skills, or the time, or that the idea just isn't good enough. It's already good because you like it and want to do it, and that's all you need.

      None of the things you're doing to procrastinate matter, and they're not going to help make your idea happen. Nothing and nobody can do that but you. You already know it's a good idea, so just get started, even if you're the only one who cares about it--even if nobody else gives a shit about your idea, because an idea is meaningless without action, something to give it life. There isn't anything inherently "good" or "bad" about an idea--it's what you do with the idea that ultimately gives it its character.

      So start now. And even when you've done your best and your idea has been fulfilled, if nobody still cares, that won't matter, either. You'll still have done something good.

      Because listen, we all know "Furry Red vs Blue" sounds supremely stupid on paper. You just have to roll with it.

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