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      The Chorus Trilogy Steelbook Box Set

      1 week ago

      I'm a bit of a collector.

      I've got props and posters from all my favorite stories, I refuse to buy console games digitally so I can look at my library with pride, and I'm pretty sure I own the special edition of every game Bungie's made since Halo.

      So imagine my surprise when I was told we'd be making a Chorus Trilogy Box Set... a steelbook box set.


      Spoiler alert, I looked something like this:


      To this day, I still can't believe I was lucky enough to work on Red vs. Blue, let alone be able to say I directed an entire trilogy. Having all three movies together in such a cool package is like a dream come true.

      Normally we're not able to get away with super abstract cover art, but because this piece was so special, we were given the green light to have a lot of fun with it. I really dig simple, minimalist artwork, and wanted to incorporate that style into the cover art. I pitched the idea of the three towers to the designer and he shot back with a few ideas of his own. The collaborative result is something that I think looks pretty damn cool (especially the subtle green and orange markings on the back... wink wink).

      Of course, there's always a bittersweet realization when a collector's edition comes out, "But I already bought these movies when they were first released." Believe me, I know that pain. In case you're worried about missing out on additional content, I can go ahead and let you know that the content on these new discs is identical to the Blu-rays already released (note: there is more BTS content on the Blu-Rays than DVDs). No additional extras, just a limited edition steel case and unique disc art.


      Still, to everyone who bought seasons 11, 12, and 13 when they were first released... thank you so, so much. We can't do the things we do without your support, and yes, that especially includes financial support. I'd been told several times that a box set wasn't going to happen, but after seeing the success of all three seasons, someone up top made the call to go for it, and it's thanks to you!

      The box set is currently available for preorder on Amazon and will be released JUNE 28th, 2016.

      So, if you're a fan that hasn't grabbed these movies yet (or if you only have them on DVD), by all means, pick up a copy! If you already own the movies but want this badass new bundle... well, you can always gift your old ones to someone else, right? You're such a good friend.

      Thank you again for everything. I hope you guys dig this special release and I'll be seeing you soon for RvB14!


    • Miles Miles

      4 weeks ago

    • Miles Miles

      Good Morning, Sunshine

      1 month ago

      It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Austin, Texas. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I can think of no better way to spend the day... than to stay inside and watch dumb internet videos.

      Might I suggest our new Sponsor Play series where me and @Kyle play Metal Gear Solid V?

      It's filled with all sorts of stupid to help kick-start your day.


    • Miles Miles

      I made an ASMR Video

      2 months ago

      Soooo yeah... ever since the whole Bob Ross RT Recap thing, I've been getting requests to release an ASMR video... so I did!

      You can check it out on my Youtube channel if you're into that sorta thing. We'll see if I make another one. Took a lot longer than I anticipated, haha.

      Anyway, I hope you find it relaxing!


    • Almightypop asked Miles a question

      ive noticed you been streaming more recently, are you ever going to make any type of schedule for your streams?

      Answered: Feb 19, 2016

      Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it), I really don't have the luxury of a normal week. My schedule changes day-to-day, so I'll likely never regulate my streams. I just kind of do it on the side for fun. Sorry!

    • Miles Miles


      2 months ago

      Hey guys!

      Sorry to ask, but we could really use your help with something. Our Machinima stations are currently under construction and we need some reference images of some things from Halo 4 as soon as possible.

      What we're looking for are images of the "Comm Tower" in Exile from Season 11 and the "Radio Jammer Tower" from the Vertigo Map used in Season 12.

      We're trying to get images of the towers in their entirety. Something that gives us a good look at the towers' silhouettes. If you guys could tweet your images to @PattheWanderer, we'd really appreciate it!

      Whether you can get a clean capture of the towers or just a pic from your phone doesn't matter. Anything helps.

      Thanks so much, guys!


      EDIT: We got everything we needed! That was CRAZY-fast! You guys are the best. Thank you again!

    • BadassDoughnut asked Miles a question

      What is the best part about working at Rooster Teeth?

      Answered: Feb 3, 2016

      Making something cool with my best friends. Every. Single. Day,

    • Miles Miles

      Writing Exercise?

      5 months ago

      Totally just watched some Jessica Jones and now I just wanna write bad guy dialogue when I should be sleeping.

      A lot of my artist friends post their doodles and drawings whenever they're practicing, soooo I figured I could probably do the same?

      ... I dunno, maybe that's lame. It's probably lame.


      Here's what Felix has to say about himself tonight:

      I talk too much.

      I don't usually discuss my weaknesses (mainly because I don't have many), but that's definitely one of them.

      What, you didn't think I knew? Please. Smokers know cigarettes kill you, but you still see 'em huddled together out back on their lunch breaks. You wanna know why? Fifty percent crippling addiction to nicotine and the rest because it just feels good.

      See, as you're aware, I kill people. It's what I do. I do it really well.

      Now some people say that makes me a bad person, and to those people I say *BUZZER NOISE* WRONG! People have been killing people for centuries! We do it in the name of war, religion, because fucking STEVE was cocky enough to try and bang my wife -- this is nothing new.


      You know what it is?


      It's what makes us human.


      Animals don't kill in the name of anything, they just fucking kill shit 'cause they're hungry or territorial or whatever. People are on another level. You ever stop to think about that? Like, what is it about people that makes us so different? We've got all these emotions, and thoughts, and opinions on things. My partner hates it -- runs from it, really, because those thoughts get in the way.

      They make things complicated.

      He's right... but he's also a little out of touch with his humanity. Do you see what I'm getting at here?

      Okay. Let me step it back -- Why do I talk?

      I talk because it's my way of expressing what makes me me. Because it feels good. The fundamental law of nature is that the strong survive... and the weak don't. The same thing applies to us! If killing you is going to put money in my pocket, put bread on my table, then I'm gonna kill you. Weak feeding the strong. Circle of life. Hakuna matata.

      Here's the important part: If I feel good about killing you... if being better than you gives me a rush... does that make me a bad person?


      That makes me human.


      Get it?




      Then no hard feelings.

    • Miles Miles

      New Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube Stuff

      5 months ago

      Hey guys!

      Just to give you a heads up, I've changed my Twitter handle to @TheMilesLuna!

      I've also got a new twitch channel!

      It's currently not very fancy and to be honest I doubt I'll ever have a regular release schedule or anything. It's just something for fun. I'm gonna play some MGSV tonight at 8pm CST if anyone wants to join!

      And if anyone is wondering about Streamy Weenies, don't worry, it's not going anywhere. Kerry and I still plan to share that Twitch account, but he's a little busy with RWBY3 at the moment. We'll get back to it eventually, though!

      EDIT: Guess I should also mention my YouTube Channel:

      I'll try and upload my streams to YouTube for folks who missed it live. Eventually I'd also like to upload other kinds of videos too (maybe even ASMR), but right now I'm a little busy. I guess we'll see what happens! Until then, enjoy the terrible videos I made and uploaded back in high school and college.

    • Miles Miles

      Random Question...

      5 months ago

      So, like... what do you think is the weirdest thing you've ever done while home alone?

      Because I straight up just caught myself singing The Black Keys' "Fever" as if I were a chicken.

      Like... just walking around my apartment, getting ready to go out, shouting "Bawk BAAAWK bawk bawk bawk-bawk bawwwwwk..."

      ...I mean I rocked it, but it was still kind of odd.

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    • revanninja He who is found yet lost

      3 days ago

      So I thought up some middle names for the schnee family.

      Winter Grein Schnee= Winter green

      Weiss Gae Schnee=Wise Guy

      William Thyme Schnee= Will tell time a bit of a stretch on the last one but william isnt easy to use.

    • RaidenUzumaki #Otaku4Life

      3 weeks ago

      So Miles, i remember you guys were discussing the Tokyo Anime Award Festival on Fan Service. Well i figured i could give you an update on the award winners here:

      When you guys talked about the nominees on the show you kinda glossed over "Shirobako" as none of you had seen it. Well, as you can see, it beat all other nominees in the television category(including One Punch Man). This anime was one of my personal favorites from last year and im not ashamed to admit it is one of only 3 shows to make me cry out of happiness. the writing and character development on this show caught me so off guard. it is absolutely brilliant and one of the most satisfying viewing experiences i have ever had. It is so worth your time especially considering the show is all about producing anime and ever aspect of the story is based on true events that the staff actually experienced and all the characters are based on real people. As someone who creates an amazing show with a fantastic team yourself i think you would enjoy this look into the anime industry in japan. Im hoping you watch so when Fan Service hopefully comes back you can talk about it in depth. It can teach anyone who wants to write so much about character development and story pacing. It also is nearly free of the tropes that tend to bog down most slice of life. You wont be disappointed.

    • RaidenUzumaki #Otaku4Life

      1 month ago

      Thank you so much for friending me Miles. i love your work.

    • ChrisMartin4

      1 month ago

      fan reaction of murder of birds but you have probably already seen this

    • HarryBobGeorge Dave the Wave

      1 month ago

      Is there a place to discuss the Erased finale on here? If not, can we do it here?

    • AlexLatta

      1 month ago

      Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! This is one of the happiest moments of my life. I am a huge fan of your work and what you do and I'd love to work for you in the future. I sent you a PM with information but I understand you're a pretty busy guy. I have some of my work posted on my page, but I know I have a long way to go before applying. Thanks again for the accept :)

    • dr_indigo Fan Service Server

      1 month ago

      Thank you for accepting my friend request and for the shout out on the Fan Service podcast, been a huge fan of Rooster Teeth and it means alot to me that I got to give something back to you guys. Truth be told I was also going to buy The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya dvds for you but they are both very expencive and difficult to find after FUNi bought the rights.

      I really think you have a great podcast in the making, I love the idea of anime fans who also work in animation talking about it. My only query is how will it work during crunch at productions? I would absolutely give you guys some anime now and then and say what you made of it for a segment I call Nye Buys. But i wont raise hopes up.

      Thank you so much, and watch this space as I have a special art gift on the way within the next few weeks and please please please lets get the green light.

      And before I forget, no, I am not related to Bill Nye. Ive said it to my science class and ill say the same now.

      From Daniel X. Nye

    • revanninja He who is found yet lost

      1 month ago

      I will be honest I think Pyrrha's death is a con and that we were presented with a series of events that were made to look like she had died but in reality hadnt. There is several things about the scene that stand out as odd and strange. I dont think presenting the evidence here is acceptable so I will refrain.

      I am hoping you are playing us and the writing going on will create a drama I will love wondering if Pyrrha can truly be saved or not.

      But one critic I have been seeing a lot of is the lack of simply character dialogues that would enhance the show. Such as commenting on Ironwood looking for the people who stole Atlas Paladins from painting the town, or even talking about the breach.

      I know some of this is the limitations you are under but a common critic is the lack of discussion on the events going on around the characters even when the events should be talked about.

      Cheers Miles to another Season of RWBY may the writing go well.

    • KevinLacer

      1 month ago

      Hey want help me with my RWBY sub-story I am making, I have talked to the Oum bros and Chivy seems to like it

    • Gcherki

      1 month ago


      just wanted to share my thoughts with you and see what you think. Miles, If this really bothers you then comment and I'll delete this

      (sorta' vague)SPOILERS:

      you have been warned twice so reading beyond this point is on you

      Erased is not a mistery show. the mistery is there to prompt the plot and to keep people interested. that is why the mistery was so easy. yes there were moments of doubt, but really, he was the only person in the cast that could have been the killer, and there were also many clues pointing to him. the true point of the show is about a person who has "wasted" his childhood, and then goes back to try and fix it. there were many points which this could have become more of a mistery show, yet instead it decided to focus on how he slowly makes friends again. it is a very sweet show, if a little guilty of false advertising. that is why the show chooses to focus on every time he is blunt in becoming friends with one of the girls and how everyone makes a big deal of it. I think it is sort of a message for kids to get off their asses and make friends.

      what do you think?

    • One_True_God

      1 month ago

      Miles What if Hinazuki Kayo is the killer and she kills the other 2 before killing herself O.O Just gonna let you think about that so you can discuss it on Fanservice

    • Mattt__ Overseer

      1 month ago

      Thank you for accepting my request Miles :) Looking forward to the next Fan Service

    • Bubblecat

      1 month ago

      Oh, thank you so much for the add, and you are a wonderful human being oh my gosh, and if you love video games so much, have you played Kingdom hearts?

    • Left4Donut

      2 months ago

      Hey Miles, on the podcast yesterday (#365) you talked about a night when you couldn't sleep because you kept hearing a loud popping noise. I remembered hearing something like this before and it's called Exploding Head Syndrome. So I figured you might find some comfort in knowing that it's not ghosts. :D

      • Miles Miles

        1 month ago

        Thanks! This totally sounds like what I was experiencing.

    • AbstractSpaces

      2 months ago

      Yo Miles, I started designing a RWBY character by writing a shitty story and sketching some shitty drawings. I'd love to hear what you think, I've got a long way to go!

    • Yamamoto_Masaru

      2 months ago

      Hey Miles, I love you as a director and for taking up the role with Monty's passing..but the YouTube captions is evil and borderline sadistic. I think you know what part I'm referring to

      *sounds of fans screaming*

      • Miles Miles

        2 months ago

        RT didn't upload those captions. Fans are able to make edits as they please. Unfortunately, some people saw that as an opportunity to make jokes :/

    • lordxsauron Friendly Dark Lord

      2 months ago

      I'm really hoping it's just a quick thing and she will come back to assume her rightful place as Fall maiden...... For once, I hope you guys to change your mind...... I trust you guys, but dang, I wept like a baby when Pyrrha died... and I still hope she will come back...

    • Octagoncow wants to be a Nonagoncow

      2 months ago

      It's awesome that you're a guest grump! I was completely thrown off when I noticed the episode.

    • Auroro

      2 months ago

      No but in all seriousness i love all your work and everything you do keep it up (minus the lopping off of characters limbs bit

    • Auroro

      2 months ago


    • Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      2 months ago

      Hello, just wanted to say that you're absolutely amazing!

      I love what y'all are doing with RWBY(even when my feels suffer), RvB, and everything else!

      Thanks for being an awesome human being and for all the work you've done!

    • n2link

      2 months ago

      Forgive me, I Know you are a busy man Miles, but I just watched the Sponsor-cast for Anime, and saw your reaction to Princess Mononoke, please make the time to watch Howls Moving Castle, if you like Mononoke I swear there are two movies that will tug your heart strings with Ghibli like no other, And you should make the time to watch this. I hope you still get time to have fun on steam, and see you around - N1link/Nenthil

    • TheDemonY

      3 months ago

      I just wanted to tell you: Thanks

      Thank you for working to make us laugh and cry

      Thank you for always creating something great

      Thank you for making the days brighter and nights calmer

      Never forget you are a great person

    • Wolfboy762

      3 months ago

      Hey, I've got a question regarding RvB. Is Season 14 going to have PSA's? I figured because it is an anthology season that it's going to be structured differently or something. Anyway, keep up the awesome work you do at Roosterteeth!

    • Not-a-Tsundere ...baka

      3 months ago

      Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    • Trym

      3 months ago

      Hey Miles, just watched the anime podcast and noted you loved Beck (Mongolian Chop Squad) and they actually have made a live action movie of it, watched it a few years back and its actually pretty good. (though the anime is still better)

    • beastdude

      3 months ago

      Dude, thanks for the friend request acceptance. Hope it didn't come over as creepy. Loving the work you and the team are doing on RWBY volume 3 so far, and can't wait to see what genius your rvb team come up with for the next season.

      You should also, if you have the time, do million dollars but.

      Keep up the good work, hope the dog gets a good home, and forget, boxes work :P

    • KamakaziNES SaneAdjacent

      3 months ago

      Miles, you are officially my hero.

      I've known for a long time that you are a funny person and a great PR ambassador, even when drunk, and that you are great at writing distinct, consistent character voices, but this season of RWBY has proven that you are an absolute master at portraying complex emotions, themes and tension.

      That fall leaves scene between Jaune and Pyrrha was flawless. Every line, every moment, was poignant, authentic and furthered the story on both a character level and a plot level. It was breathetaking.

      I have liked RWBY from the beginning, but episodes 6-9 have catapulted it to be one of my all time favorites. It is resonating on an emotional level akin to Avatar The Last Airbender and Full Metal Alchemist. I love it so very much.

      You are an inspiration. I hope to one day write content as good as this.

      Stay awesome and keep moving forward <3

      • Miles Miles

        3 months ago

        Thank you! <3

    • yelnocp TNETENNBA

      3 months ago

      Sorry if I spammed you on skype. If you don't remember, I coordinated your appearance on the Shizno last year. Not sure if we're still friends on there or not, anyway. Cheers.

    • QuetzalZ

      3 months ago

      Dear, Miles I have some concepts for RWBY I'm sure get a lot but I would like you to give me a chance I've been working for about three years now and all the information is available for these characters.

    • PrincessKing dragonfriend sans slayer

      4 months ago

      Miles you rocked that Dr. Frank-n-furter SO GODDAMN HARD LIKE WOW i just need you to know how much i loved that thank you for blessing us with that

    • ClairedeLune

      4 months ago

      I know people show you RVB fanart and craft projects all the time... do you ever look at fanfiction? Or are there copyright issues with that? I've done a fair amount of writing (you can see the shorter projects on my profile) and I've put a lot of effort into it... and I just wondered if there was a snowflake's chance in hell of it getting noticed by anyone who works on RVB, really. The show's been a huge creative inspiration for me, and as a writer I would love to give back to that somehow.

    • Newsom

      4 months ago

      Is there any way that i can convince(pay) you to bring back the meta

    • passiverogue

      4 months ago

      Thank you for the add :D keep being rad! (that was so corny i'm sorry)

    • bethdynamic bangarang

      4 months ago

      Dear Miles,
      I wanted to say thank you for the Sponsor Cut Halo videos that you and Kyle create. Those videos are hilarious and perfect for me to watch while I'm taking a short study break from writing my dissertation. It feels like you and Kyle are helping me finish this monster of a dissertation, one silly and occasional dirty joke at a time. I'm laughing right along with you. Please consider creating more of these Sponsor Cut game play-through videos, perhaps with Halo 5?


      One of the two girls who watch

      but seriously, I think more than two girls watch your videos...

    • David_Mac

      5 months ago

      Hey Miles. I was watching you on the last couple of podcasts, and you mentioned that you were kind of dreading the process of buying a car. It may not be much help, but I've been working as a salesman at a dealership in North Carolina for a little over a year now, and if you wanted to pick my brain about anything that's worrying you, I wouldn't mind helping you out. There are a couple of really easy things that can take the stress out of car buying. You've done a lot for us as a community, and I wanted to at least try to give back. Thanks for everything you do, man.

    • aceofalex Alex

      5 months ago

      Hi Miles, I just got out of a long term relationship- something I never thought would actually happen. We had to break up due to distance and i'm absolutely gutted. Just wanted to know if there is anything that takes that pain away? It's so hard.

      • Miles Miles

        3 months ago

        Time, man. Time. I speak only from experience.

    • xghostgriffonx

      5 months ago

      Thank you for accepting my friend request! and haha, as the person below has stated, "Senpai has noticed me!" *cheer cheer* Haha <3

    • Evil_Matt [spoiler][/spoiler]

      5 months ago

      Miles, I just want you to know something.

      RWBY is like RvB in the way it builds on everything the season before it did right.

      Every season of RWBY so far has been exponentially better than the one before it. Season 1 was good, Season 2 was great, and in my opinion, Season 3 is shaping up to be excellent.

      My rule is to wait until three episodes air before judging a show, and now that I've watched all three week by week, I can definitely say I'm now more hooked on RWBY than ever before.

      Well done.

    • TheTah

      5 months ago

      SENPAI HAS NOTICED ME! But seriously, thank you very kindly for the friend request accept Miles.

    • Schzofreudia Roses10th

      5 months ago

      Thank you for accepting my friend request! You guys are amazing and I love the work you do! P.S. you are hilarious and if I ever meet you in real life one day I want to buy you a drink!

    • Hazzi_K

      5 months ago

      Thanks Miles for the accepting my friend request. Really appreciate the hard work you do and how you stay humble as well. Keep it up bro! :D

    • laflower1966

      5 months ago

      miles thanks for excepting my friend request, and thanks so much for a great ride on redvsblue roosterand teeth(everyone) and I can't wait to see what ya'lls have in store next year. (I'm pretty sure you guys will think of somehing to continue redvsblue sceance halo 5 came out (have fun exploring halo 5 including that new forunner planet for ai's. Also thanks for bring back tex at the end of the climatic sceane of season 13 episode 20 mainly because I wouldn't mind for a little group fights here and there , and knowing what messages church left for the group. (Mainly because church said he left the messages and others for them while hargrove was escaping)

      -laflower1966 reporting off (until next time)?!

    • cyd0nia

      5 months ago

      Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    • MissStephie

      5 months ago

      One appriciate the accept! Tis most kind of you my good sir!

    • kaykaykimkim

      5 months ago

      Thaks soooo much for accepting the FR i sent! I want to become as amazing of a writer as you! Thank you for inspiring me to write everyday! Lots of love! ~Kayla

    • godzilla5599

      5 months ago

      OH MY GOD! THANKS FOR ACCEPTING MY FR! you and Monty inspired me to animate. Congrats on the new upgrade ;)

    • Metaldragon5

      5 months ago

      Hey Miles, What's up? I want to send you a video that I made in my film editing class. I used stuff from RWBY to make an AMV. My teacher loves it and everyone that I have shown loves it too. I just wanted to see what you thought of it (since you're one of the creators). So if there is anyway I can get an email address from you, so that I can send you the video. I would just put the link in this message, but I might send it to AMV Contest's so I don't want it online yet until after I do that. So if there is a way I can send it to you let me know. Good Luck with the rest of RWBY Volume 3!

    • sos176

      5 months ago

      Hey Miles, have you guys ever heard of Team Four Star? They make DBZ Abridged, anime abridged shows and lets plays. i don't know your opinion about the show if you have seen it, but would a company like Roosterteeth be able to hire guys like that to make their content for your business? it is very popular among the dragon ball community. I'm asking because i don't know if its legal and the process they have to make episodes takes a while, and because they don't own the official content, they can't make enough money to make it a career at the moment is what believe their issue is. They all live far away as well. My belief is that Team Four Star would be an awesome addition to Roosterteeth as well, but hey, I'm just a random guy on the internet.

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    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it), I really don't have the luxury of a normal week. My schedule changes day-to-day, so I'll likely never regulate my streams. I just kind of do it on the side for fun. Sorry!

    Making something cool with my best friends. Every. Single. Day,

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