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    • Is anybody else having problems with the RT Mobile App?

      8 months ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      I can't log in but also when i try to watch a video in guest mode that also doesn't work because none of them will load. Not even the thumbnails :/ I already sent a bug report and an email (no reply yet) but I'm actually just curious if anybody else has had similar problems? 

    • Finally binge watching Sky Factory

      10 months ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      I can't believe I'm only now starting to watch the Sky Factory Let's Plays! This series is better than some TV shows that I watch...

    • Movies!

      11 months ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      Since I'm on my semester break right now and I have a lot of free time I thought I would catch up with all the movies that I should have watched a long time ago, especially the ones that have huge twists that no one wants to talk about because it would destroy the experience (Like Fight Club). Now it's a miracle I haven't been spoiled on all of them yet, but I can't be living on the edge like this anymore! So if anybody who might be reading this has any suggestions for movies that have hugely famous twists please tell me :D (No spoilers though please!) And also, I have already seen Fight Club, The Sixth Sense and Star Wars (the last two were spoiled for me beforehand :/ ) Anyways, I hope I can finally catch up on some of those movies that EVERYONE talks about and I just can't!

      I also have Letterboxd which is a social media website for movie lovers. You can have a diary or write reviews and many other things so if anybody is interested in following me, I will follow back  smile

    • Matching Suggestions

      1 year ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      Today my suggested videos on youtube were all Cow Chop videos surrounding one video about near death experiences... I found that mildly amusing but also disturbing

    • Oh God

      1 year ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      The more Cow Chop videos I watch the more I feel like I have to go to their very first one and just watch them all! 

      (there's over 200 though so I don't know...)

    • I'm an IDIOT

      1 year ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      How have I only just now started watching Cow Chop?!?! They're amazing!!

    • Ugh it's not Thursday yet

      2 years ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      yep I just waited 30 minutes before realizing I don't have to stay up until midnight for On the Spot...

      Alright, let's go to bed

    • Connected

      2 years ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      I only just watched the RT Doc Connected. It was released I think pretty much right after I left for Canada so I couldn't watch it earlier. I am happy that I watched it now because during my three months that I spent in Canada I had a lighter version of a tech cleanse and I could really reflect on a lot of it that was said in the documentary.

      I first want to explain the situation I was in for those three months from April to July. I spent 11 weeks at a ranch in a very remote area where there was no phone service. We did however have (very shitty) wifi which lasted form 8pm to 8am so I was able to check the most important emails I received or have a small conversation with my friends and family at home. That's why it was a bit a lighter version of a tech cleanse. I was also working on a computer most of the time.

      Still, we didn't receive many outside news as we weren't actually allowed to do personal stuff with our work computers. I used the computer solely for work purposes! When we had a day off we went hiking, did archery, yoga, meditation, gardening, reading or just talked to each other. So yeah we were pretty cut off up there. However, the second I arrived I didn't care! My phone pretty much got reduced to a camera. I never felt the urge to play a game (even though I could have since that didn't require internet). I learned how great it is to do things with others and not always check your phone. I learned that I definitely prefer talking to people face to face instead of through a phone. I sometimes even got a bit annoyed when it got 8pm and my family was kinda waiting for a reply from me.

      I think the thing that makes me feel the most unproductive is tumblr. I don't do anything productive on there and I just feel like it is sucking me in everytime. I feel bad about having wasted so much time again when I finally stop looking at it. I can't bring myself to delete it though.

      One thing I could really identify with was when they get back their phones and they didn't really want it anymore. I felt the same once I was back home in my room. I didn't really want to sit on it again for hours at a time. Sure enough.. I am back to my old habits again of course.

      But I also try not to be on the computer that much and I don't play mobile games that often.

      I do feel very lonely because I can't talk to my friends face to face anymore whenever I want. I have to write them and since they are in another time zone (including one of my besties who's actually not from the ranch but from Switzerland) I can't seem to start an actual long conversation because they just can't reply right at that moment.

      I also realized now that I'm back home that I definitely use more technology for stupid reasons like tumblr when I have nothing to do. If there is the internet around my attention and motivation goes more towards that and it's really hard for me to just work on a personal project.

      I really enjoyed that time up there because no one was on their phone and we did a lot of great things together.

      I learned a lot more about myslef that has nothing to do with not being on my phone. Like I actually really like interacting with people :D (this has to do with the fact that I was aorund people 24/7 which was hard sometimes but yeah as I said I mostly really enjoyed it)

      This little text is a bit of a mess but I'm going to post it anyways.

    • I Am Back!

      2 years ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      Wow. What an experience I had!!!

      At the beginning of April I started my journaey towards Canada, to spend almost three months as an intern for the WIlderness Stewardship Foundation located on a pretty remote holiday ranch in BC, Canada. I was without cell phone connection and only very limited internet access for three months but to be honest I didn't care (that much). Yeah sure, sometimes it was hard and I really wanted to know what's going on in the world of tv, movies and youtube but I also had the time of my life and that is something the internet could have never given me.

      So let's see what I did all these months up there in the wilderness. Well, a lot actually. Here's a list of the "smaller" things I did: wood chopping, chainsawing, horse riding (on fucking mountain tops...whaaaaaat), archery (which is awesome and I want to continue :D), hiking (in bear country.... holy shit), wildlife viewing, photography trip to a ghost town and lots more.

      The main thing I did though was my internship/volunteering for the non-profit organization called the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation. They develope stewardship plans and also conduct a few hands-on projects including invasive plants removal and habitat enhancement. I also at one point started writing articles for one of the websites for the ranch (which is the Chilcotin Holidays ranch btw.). I found my love for writing and now even want to look more into screen writing (and improve my style a bit.....)

      There were three awesome experiences that I had. First, I went to a native rodeo in the middle of nowhere which was cool. Second, I went to a Pow Wow and it was amazing to experience the native culture of the land and talk to all the amazing people there. And last, I went on a five day trip to an even more remote camp owned by the ranch, riding around the mountains everyday and gaining more trust in horses again :D. By the way, being on a lake at dusk while hearing loons in the distance and seeing bald eagles gliding over the surface is amazing and I can only recommend it!!!! (it's so beautiful)

      I also want to talk about all the amazing people I met and I definitely want to stay in touch with them forever!!!! So many new friends and I miss them so much.

      I also of course missed Rooster Teeth but I must be honest and say that no video (no matter how funny and amazing) could ever be better than the time I had up there with all thses amazing people. I just love and mis sthem all so much.

      I learned a lot and gained a lof of work experience, new skills and self-confidence. I can only recommend to everybody to just go and travel for a while, get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. It is never too late and it has become fairly easy to travel on a tight budget as well. It doesn't have to be fancy or for too long. Only Shia LaBeouf's words and truly express what I want to say so "Do it, just do it!"

    • I AM DONE

      2 years ago

      Melement Proud Hufflepuff

      Yesterday I got the grades from my final exams and I did really good :D I graduated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy.

      Also my graduation gift was The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. SO AWESOME:D

      no seriously I love shakespeare this is awesome. There are a couple of pictures of the book on my instagram:

      Next I will go to Canada for three months in spring and then start university. I'll do Media and English studies. I am really excited :D however until the new year I will just relax and watch movies, TV shows and read the books that I want to read.

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    • JJ FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      5 years ago

      Hi Mel! i think we are friends on Instagram or Twitter? maybe? ANyway thanks for adding lil ol meee here on the RT site!

      • Melement FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Proud Hufflepuff

        5 years ago

        Hey JJ ^^ yeah I guess it's Instagram and/or maybe Tumblr :P
        Well, thanks for accepting me :D

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