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    • RT Box + Day Drinkin'

      8 months ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      At the weekend, my wife and I did some BBQing and day drinking. Pair that with the arrival of the latest #RTBox, and you get this. My dog Beets was there too. Chillin' like a villain.



    • Safety In The Workplace

      9 months ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      So it's well over a year since my last attempt at a journal entry. It felt too much like talking to myself. 

      But I have a dog now. Every dog owner needs somewhere to post the ridiculous amount of dog pictures they take.... so RT. This is Beets (Short for Beethoven). He is a Miniature Dachshund. 

      Today he is fully up to code to be at work on the film set. 


    • 5 Guy

      1 year ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      Ok. I clearly haven't blogged in a while. Though I had a funny thought about my career at the moment.

      I recently got a bit of a promotion, on my latest film, I've joined as Assistant Production Coordinator on Transformers 5. So yay for that!

      The thought I had however is the fact that before this, I was working on Bourne 5.... then before that... Pirates of the Caribbean 5.... I've somehow ended up in this very niche area of my freelance career whereby I only work on the 5th instalments on movies now....

      I have become.... THE FIVE GUY!

    • Not So Patiently Waiting...

      2 years ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      My digital copy of Lazer Team is sitting staring at me in my inbox while I'm at work... I need to go home.

    • #UFC194 #UFCVegas The reason for a lack of #BuffBuddies posts

      2 years ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      So I'm in the middle of a UFC weekend this week, and so between Vegas this week and London last week, my #BuffBuddies posts have been lacking. I do have a video from training and stuff to post this week, but for now, I'm off to represent Ireland! Woooo! Vegas baby!


    • #BuffBuddies Catchup Blog - 29th Nov

      2 years ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please


      So I had planned on a weekly blog, but that's not how things worked out. I missed a week. To be fair though, that week was a busy one, with my Fiancée arriving back from America again, and I surprised her with a night in Dublin, and all this stuff. Any form of diet or exercise went out the window for a couple days, though we were straight back into it then. We both are going to the same yoga place together, and in between the yoga sessions, I have been keeping up my time at Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and MMA. So it was still a pretty good week, I just didn't keep track of anything very well, and don't have a lot to elaborate on.

      3 and a half Zack abs.

      THIS WEEK HOWEVER! This was a good one. A really good one. I was quite well behaved. Way less alcohol than I'm used to consuming. And also! A lot of training.

      Monday was a 1.5 hr Hot Bikram Yoga session, then...

      Tuesday was an MMA extravaganza with 1 hr muay thai, followed immediately by 1 hr of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), then again followed by a half hour of rolling (Sparring in the world of Jiu Jitsu).

      Wednesday was another hot yoga day. I found it very very tough, especially after such an intense night, the night before. But also because it turned out that I was getting sick! Which brings me onto....

      Thursday... My favourite Muay Thai night. Pad night! I'm not talking pad thai noodles. I'm talking about throwing EVERY little bit of force you can through your kicks and punches into these pads held by your training partner, which in most cases for me, is played by my older brother! But I was too sick! I couldn't do it. I ended up lying in my bed the whole time. Not good...

      Friday was a recovery day, but at the same time we were having late Thanksgiving celebrations here in Ireland, thanks to my American Fiancée. Funny enough, I all of a sudden felt way better when I was told I was in charge of cocktails, and that there would be lots of food. Go figure!

      Saturday.... Hungover.... BUT! Not going to miss out on a good MMA class. And wow... I am glad I didn't let it slow me down. It ended up being my best class yet. Between the 3 tough rounds of pad, takedown and clinch work, and the fact that we actually got to have a bit of a sparring drill in the cage!!... I was loving it. The most badass I've ever felt. Those of you having trouble picturing it. I don't mean a cage you keep you pet rabbit in, I mean one of these... This is what going to the gym looked like that day....


      Sunday I posted this blog. You're welcome!

      I don't know what to give myself as a score this week, ie Zack abs or Meg something-or-others, as the latest episode of Buff Buddies hasn't been released yet, so I'll give myself 4 "whatever the new unit of measurement for buff buddy points are ...sss"

      So, in the last couple of weeks, I have gone from 95 kg (210 lbs) down to 91kg (200 lbs) I'm going in the right direction! Here is my progress shot at 91kg.


      I think later this week I will do a quick blog explaining Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a little... for anyone that may be interested that is.... though I'm fully aware I may still be talking to myself.... I really need to socialise on this site more....

      Peace out!

    • Since the new update...

      2 years ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      My XBox One intimidates me....

    • #BuffBuddies Thought Of The Week

      2 years ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      Today in the mirror I had the thought that maybe, there is some science behind Doctor Hibert's methods. #BuffBuddies

    • Buff Buddies Blog Number 1 of ???? (Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and Yoga)

      2 years ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please

      Hello there!

      I don't think anyone will really see this, but hey, it's worth the practice I guess.

      So I don't know how many of these I will do. I'd like to track progress, but I guess I'll see if anyone is interested first. Kinda strange posting topless pictures to myself...

      Here's my story in brief. My chosen sport is MMA. A few years back as a UFC fan, I got into training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, my chosen career is freelance Film Production. So as anyone who works in the same field will tell you, it is sometimes near impossible to find the time for exercise, or indeed anything outside of work. Having been busy jumping from one job straight onto the other and travelling a lot in between, I found myself struggling to stay in decent shape.

      Now my time between jobs has coincided nicely with this Buff Buddies series. Admittedly, I did start back at training a few weeks back before the show started, but I've now got an extra bit of motivation from the guys at RT. This week was my best week yet, so it's a great time for my first fitness blog.

      I recently worked on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in Australia for 5 months, and it may as well have been a holiday with all the food and cocktails that were consumed! I left Ireland at around 192 pounds and came back home 5 months later at 210 pounds. I'm 6ft 1 and have decided I'd like to get back to around 183 pounds, and lose some of the dough around the edges.

      I haven't got the best before picture as I didn't think I'd be doing this, but here I am after I got back from Australia. Love handles and beer belly looking pretty obvious here. (Note the Longhorns shirt. I did get to make my first trip to Austin on the way home from Australia.)


      The moment I realised I had put on so much was right before i got home to Ireland and watched back the video of me proposing to my fiancée! Really makes you get your ass in gear!


      So here we are now!

      Name: Mark

      Favourite form of training: MMA and Yoga

      Chosen Poisons: .... Beer and Whiskey....

      Goal: Lose the love handles and get back to about 183 pounds.

      My fiancée has recently got me into yoga, as she has been an avid practitioner for a long time now. I love it now. It's kind of cool to get that nice balance with MMA and Yoga. Beating up on some pads one day, then being at one with my inner zen and all that the next.

      As for a diet, I am doing pretty well at eating more manageable portions of healthier foods, though I'm still struggling with cutting down on alcohol... I mean, not like i have a problem or anything, I'm just Irish. Luckily I don't use any sort of mixers with my whiskey like coke or anything. In fact, I basically 100% gave up coke and other drinks like that about 2 years ago and still going strong. The idea in my head is that drinking whiskey with just ice is better for me weight wise than beer... who knows if it's worse for me in other ways, I'm choosing to ignore that.

      So this was my week in training.

      Monday - Nothing really....

      Tuesday - Double class of Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu with a half hour of freestyle sparring afterwards (about 3 hours in total). Pretty tough night but felt so great about it afterwards.

      Wednesday - 90 minutes Hot Bikram Yoga. This was a killer as I normally prefer flow where you keep moving, rather than all this holding poses stuff. My shoulders... Oh God my shoulders.

      Thursday - Muay Thai again. Pad work, so lots of hard hitting, intense workout. Loved it. As well as this I was helping to babysit my sisters kids which is a workout in itself sometimes.

      Friday - I went to the cinema to watch Steve Jobs.... ehhh, but at least my snacks were just nuts and a bottle of water!

      Saturday - I did a routine I got from youtube called M100s. A real tough collection of burpees, mountain climbers and squat jumps. Exhausting, and a lot harder to bring myself to do it since I don't enjoy it like I do MMA. Here is the video for anyone interested.

      Sunday - Stayed up too late to watch the UFC live saturday night, so woke up pretty late.... typed up a big blog. :D

      Anyway, without further a do! A picture I took last night to show some progress. This wasn't just from one week however, but closer to a month now since the picture above.


      Pretty happy with how it's going. Shows you can get pretty fast results from intense workouts. And in a sport like MMA, I seem to be gaining muscle and simultaneously getting some good cardio.

      I'd give myself 4 meg faces for this week and will shoot for 5 in the coming weeks.


    • 2 years ago

      MarksAGoodLad Beer Please
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