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    • LuffyMugen

      Happy Holidays!!

      3 years ago

      Love and miss you all, I hope you have a great holiday!!!!

    • LuffyMugen


      3 years ago

      New update with pictures and everything really soon I promise, but first today, please message me your addresses for Holiday cards. If I have your address from last year, I will utilize it. If you have moved or do not want a card let me know. Thank you!!!

      Hugs and love to all!!!


    • LuffyMugen

      I am not dead

      3 years ago

      Working a lot, growing baby, craptastic computer..... be back soon!!!!



    • LuffyMugen

      Halo: Reach

      4 years ago

      Last year today I picked up My Legendary Edition of Halo Reach (Legendary or Special Editions of Halo have been my b-day present to me for a few years, This year its Gears of War Epic Edition) In that time I have....


      Wow, I totally suck as a person, I should probably do that.

      In my defense I have played a bunch of Multiplayer...


    • LuffyMugen


      4 years ago

      It has been some time, I totally owe you guys a few things...

      First, an apology. I have been not very active on the site for the last couple months, and because of that I have let Tuesday stuff slip, and have lost quite a bit of watchers, and for that I am sorry. I feel quite bad, but I need to explain something, I do not watch any of what RT puts out any more, the only thing they put out that I came to the site for was the RT comics and they randomly decided to end them, which kinda broke my heart. Shortly after them cancelling the RT Comics, I came to the site to find that RvBTO had decided that next year was going to be the last. I can not explain to you how much this broke my heart, I honestly cried. I do not know what to do if I do not have RvBTO to look forward to every year. It has become a part of my life, I was very sad to miss it this year, but I honestly had a reason to, and I love her very much. Upon hearing the news of my beloved Comics and RvBTO, I had decided to step back from the site, to leave it and only come back on occasion. I have even stopped watching most of the threads I had watched, just because I was so behind and didn't think I would be coming back. However a young man by the name of BorderlineJD has renewed my interest in the site by deciding to plan for an RT fan event in Toronto in 2013, so that the tradition of Partying in Toronto can continue, even if RvBTO does not. I have joined the cause and am helping to put together an amazing event in 2013. It is with this that I have renewed my love for this site. It is times like these when instead of being sad about something ending that people decide to pick up and run with an idea, that makes me remember what it is I love about this site.

      Now for the other thing I owe you guys, an Update on me. Annabeth is almost 3 months old and doing really well, she is growing so much and smiling and just the cutest thing, it melts my heart everyday. Hailey is doing well with her, she is taking her role as big sister well, and is trying to help whenever she can. I have been out of work since June 15th but hopefully (cross your fingers and send good thoughts my way please) I will be starting a new job soon. If I do, I will be a sponsor again and be able to do all of the stuff I need to. This does mean my Printing business has to end, but not my design business. I have some awesome stuff I am doing, and can not wait to show you all. As for the other events in my life, Scott and I decided to post pone the wedding until next year so that we can save up and make sure we get the location we want, and that everything is how we want it. With the baby just getting here and me without a job, it was way to difficult to have the wedding now. Also speaking of the wedding there are a couple of you on my friends list that I would love to invite to wedding (one of you I already told you need to figure out a way to get here) And I will be messaging people around the beginning of the new year for addresses (actually it will be before Christmas as I want to send out Christmas cards again this year).

      So that is what is going on in my life, if you want to know anything else, let me know, I will answer anything :)

      I miss you all more than I can say.

      Hugs and Love

    • LuffyMugen


      4 years ago

      If you have not joined the Rooster Teeth Community Group I SERIOUSLY Suggest it, and when you do Join the group, you should come visit us in The Community Love BAR ..... We are all very sweet and fun, and well, you get to hear about Caleb being shirtless, or what Froink is having for dinner...

      Well I did not make that sound like fun... But it totally is....

      Other awesome stuff you should join, just to be COOL (Yes I said it...)

      We <3 Caleb Because he is pretty awesome..
      Froinks Fans Because.. Well seriously if you don't like Froink you are a Jerk... Seriously...
      The Fabulous Straight Men Club Totally not Gay... Sigh...

      Well, now that I am done plugging the boys of the Rooster Teeth Community Group, I am going to go...... do something else?

      Seriously, I am a terrible writer....


    • LuffyMugen

      Sign of the times....

      4 years ago

      So, crappily, my unemployment was denied, since I took medical leave and its not the companies fault I can not work full time. Oh well, time for new adventures I suppose.

      I do want to really quickly before I get into anymore of this journal say THANK YOU to everyone that was at RvBTO that made it into the video to say hi. You all do not understand the immense love I felt because of that video. I want to especially thank Will, Danny and Jeff for being the coolest and most amazing friends ever. I love you guys so much! (P.S. Jeff, I need a CD)

      Now that the sappyness is out of the way, because I am jobless and broke, our internet is down at the house, I am working on getting it back on, but it will take some time. So I can only post from my phone, which is a bit of a hassle. But I will still be on, posting and doing what I can.

      I do have a favor to ask, if any of you out there have broken computer parts (unusable RAM, mother boards, things like that) could you send them my way? I am making projects with them, but being that I am broke, I am just trying to find free ones that people don't need. If anyone has any, I would appreciate it.

      Also, I will be putting some stuff up on ebay hopefully soon, and I will link it here when I can. All hand made, just trying my hand at everything I didn't have time for before.

      Anyway, my hands are starting to hurt from typing this on my phone, so I send my love to all, I miss you so much. Hope everyone is doing well.


    • LuffyMugen

      This year...

      4 years ago

      Feels very weird. Normally at this time I would be telling you guys how awesome RvBTO was or is. But I was unable to make it this year, since Annabeth had just been born, and I am unable to travel that far right after having the baby (and I highly doubt Scott's car would have made it that far.) so I am saving up for next year, and going to have to get Annabeth a passport (or maybe she will stay with Grandma, though I would love for her to get to come).

      I think next year we will use RvBTO as part of our Honeymoon Road trip. Might swing by New York to get to see my favorite member of the RTXBLCG, just see what we can do.

      Who knows, I have a year to get everything figured out, until then, I leave you with this Picture:


      I hope everyone that went to RvBTO had a ton of fun, I miss you all so much, I wish I was there right now, giving hugs and drinking Ale8 with you all!!!

      Hugs and Love,


    • LuffyMugen


      4 years ago

      Still Alive... Just busy with the baby, and very tired.

      I cleared all my alerts just because there are so many, I will go through my friends journals though, but it will take some time...

      I have a special picture coming for you guys, just gotta take it....

      I hope you are all well. Talk to you soon. smiley12.gif


    • LuffyMugen


      4 years ago

      Picture (Because John, it did happen smiley8.gif )


      Annabeth Jade
      Born: June 21st 2011 (Yes the first day of Summer, her big sister called it btw)
      Weight: 7lbs 15.5 Oz
      Length: 20 3/4"
      Time of Birth: 5:50pm

      We came home the next night, I am trying to get through all my alerts, I have checked all my threads, but I am getting through all the journals and Stuff.

      I am taking a break from Tuesday stuff until July 13th, this way it gives me some time to recuperate, and get some interviews lined up. I will be posting in the group there, a little more detailed.

      I thank everyone for your well wishes and love, it meant a lot to me while laying in the hospital. I am still pretty sore, so I am going to get some rest, love to all!!!


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    • Justine

      Justine dammit.

      3 years ago

      Hey Lady!

      Ladies Night is tonight! We'll be getting started at 7c, check out the Official Ladies Night Clock to figure out what time we'll be starting in your time zone. Send a message to CherryCherry 8 on XBL to get an invite.

      Hope to see you there!


    • Justine

      Justine dammit.

      3 years ago

      Attn: Ladies!

      Our SUMMER KICKOFF party is under way!

      There is a new post in the LADIES NIGHT group regarding upcoming XBL playdates, plus a poll to VOTE on what other game YOUwant us to host this month!

      We will host our usual Halo REACH playdate plus a Halo 3 Achievement Hunting night, and we are even throwing in a third playdate this month and YOU get to vote for the game of your choice! (ME3, AC or Minecraft). Hurry over to THIS POST to get your vote in on time ..and to catch up on what else is coming up!


    • Dame


      3 years ago

      Karin!! Come out and play with us! smiley7.gifsmiley1.gifsmiley1.gif

      * ~ * ~ * LADIES!! GRAB YOUR XBOX CONTROLLERS * ~ * ~ *

      *reminder*: in case you dont have the Ladies Night group on watch, we just announced that we will be hosting a LN Halo REACH Playdate this FRIDAY, May 25th, starting at 5pm CENTRAL USA time and continuing until we all pass out as usual!

      This playdate will be hosted by Warpek (I will also be there for at least part of the night). Just hop on XBL and send a message to GT: "Warpek" to request a game invite! (also, please leave a comment in the LN group news post if you plan on attending)

      You do NOT have to be there right at 5pm, we usually game for 4 to 6 hours, so show up whenever is good for you! We will switch back and forth between REACH (private) matchmaking and custom maps / games.

      Please dont forget to check the Clock posted in the Ladies Night forum if you are not sure what the time difference is between your location and Texas. The clock will always show the current time in Texas (which is CENTRAL time in the US)

      Hope to see you there! smiley7.gif

    • lowsky


      3 years ago

      Happy mothers day to a super mom! I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are being spoiled because for once today is about you!

    • Dame


      3 years ago

      * * * * * * * E V E N T _ R E M I N D E R * * * * * * *

      Ready for some HALO REACH LADIES NIGHT with other Ladies from the community?! smiley13.gif

      TOMORROW: Wednesday, JAN 18th from 7:30pm CST till we all pass out!

      For more information check the group news located HERE
      remember to put the group on WATCH if you havent already! smiley0.gif

      (Ladies Night) Group members are also hosting Black-Ops and Left4Dead2 mini-playdates this Friday night as well!


    • Thechurch


      3 years ago

      I <3 you back, as ever.


    • krane21


      3 years ago

      Hey Karin, just leaving a comment to check up on you and wish you a great start to the new year. smiley1.gif

      How has everything been going for you?

    • SailorTweek

      SailorTweek RT Booth Babe

      3 years ago

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! smiley12.gif

    • john


      3 years ago

      Hows the munchkin?

    • Dame


      3 years ago

      it's that time again

      If you like playing HALO, then you should not miss out on this month's LADIES NIGHT!

      * * * Wednesday, Oct 19th starting at 7pm Central USA time! * * *

      You dont have to be there right at 7pm, we game for at least a few hours, join when you can!

      Also.. Ladies Night has moved from the RT-XBLC forum, we now have our own awesome GROUP located HERE!

      come check it out and put the group on watch to catch all the upcoming SHEnannigans! smiley8.gif