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    • CASTLEVANIA Ani-Mania -- Rooster Teeth Animation Fest @ RTX 2017

      2 months ago


      Hey you, how ya been? What's that? You could really use some animated escapism? You miss hanging out with a few thousand of your closest friends, lazing away the hours watching new cartoons together?

      Then we've got you covered at RTX Austin 2017 with the 1st ever 2nd annual Rooster Teeth Animation Festival. Last year was fun. But this year it's... yyyyyyyeah, that's right. More fun. We've got over 40 contributors lined up for the screenings, including our Saturday morning cartoon craziness hosted by yours truly, Kerry and Miles. And a bunch of guests such as the folks behind Frederator, Cartoon Hangover, How It Should Have Ended, and others to be announced are going to come out to talk with you. 

      Oh, and there are a couple very special events we're putting together just for you.

      What kind of events, might you ask? Oh, I dunno, why don't we start by announcing the exclusive theatrical screening of the CASTLEVANIA ANIMATED SERIES from Netflix Originals? Just for RTX attendees? Screened at the superswank Paramount Theater downtown? With the director Sam Deats, exec producers Fred Seibert and Kevin Kolde from Frederator, and crew from Powerhouse Animation in attendance?


      Yeah? How's that for a start? We cool? Well, in the next couple weeks we'll have some more particularly cool announcements for you where that came from. So go get an RTX BADGE if you haven't already and come hang out with us at the RT Anim Fest at RTX. You don't have to wear your PJs and eat sugar cereal all weekend. ...But you could.

      More soon,


    • The Monty Oum Performance Capture Stage

      6 months ago


      Two years on, we still miss Monty's drive, his spirit. His goal was not to live forever but to leave something behind that does. In continuing the adventures of Team RWBY, and in pushing ourselves to go further with each and every story we tell, RT Animation is doing what we can to grow that legacy as much as possible.

      RT Animation just moved into a new facility, and we wanted to be very sure to keep a sense of Monty's spark with us. We are dedicating The Monty Oum Performance Capture Stage in his honor.  We hope that as the team enters the new mocap area to bring characters to life, they take a moment to summon a little extra energy, get more motivated, and are surprised to discover even more creativity than they ever knew they had.

      Thank you to the fans who sent us the star registry certificates, the plaque, and all his fan art that we will be adding over time.

      Thanks for everything, Monty.

      With love,

      Rooster Teeth Animation



    • "It's Thanksgiving, Ruby Rose!"

      8 months ago


      ...And now I have the picture stuck in my head of Ruby trying to use Crescent Rose to carve a turkey, while ace fighter pilot Zwei pretends he's flying his doghouse. All right then!

      Hiya everybody! Here in the U.S. we are going into our Thanksgiving weekend, and we wanted to let you know how the RWBY schedule is going to go the next few weeks. 



      We'll be running a World of Remnant this holiday weekend while the RWBY crew gets some much-deserved rest and family time, and you will definitely want to check out the new lesson from Qrow. When you think of RWBY, the battles between Hunters and the Grimm come to mind – but what about the struggles of the Faunus? And what's really going on with the White Fang? RWBY's story is about to journey down under to Menagerie, the land of the Faunus! To prepare for this trek, the next World of Remnant will finally cover everything known about the species. 


      Chapter 5 will air for FIRST members on December 3, and you won’t want to miss your chance to meet Blake's family! What will they think of Sun? After that, Chapter 6 will run for FIRST members on December 10, and then we'll be halfway through the volume!


      Be sure to stick with us for future episodes as Ruby and Team RNJR find they are not alone on the road to Mistral, Weiss continues to be caught up in her family's machinations in Atlas, and Yang begins to look for a path to recovery. All this and more await you as the adventure continues throughout RWBY Volume 4!


      9 months ago


      This Friday, October 21st at 5pmCT, FIRST members can tune into the very first live intergalactic pirate signal, beaming straight to you from the secret mech base of the "Iron Teethed Roosters!" ...orrrr possibly just from Stage 5 in Austin. But you get the idea ;P


      Join me, Kerry, Miles, and Yssa as we cover all the latest in anime news and culture, as well as a week-to-week "video book club," closely following the coolest of this season's new anime -- with appearances by Fan Service regulars Cole, Stan, Austin and more from RT Animation, as well as other guests from the animation industry!

      We'll post the recorded version for FIRST members at 9amCT Saturdays! So if you didn't catch the livestream, you can watch the show while waiting for the new RWBY episode to premiere! And we're also planning to make the episodes available as audio podcasts on iTunes (exact availability of the first ep is TBD).

      We're so excited to get the chance to geek out with you again on all things anime!  Be sure to leave questions, comments and viewing recommendations in the video comments and tweet at us using the hashtag #fanservice !



    • Happy 2nd Birthday, Rooster Teeth Animation

      10 months ago


      I've often said it's something of a miracle that Rooster Teeth exists at all, let alone in the middle of Texas.  And it is no small miracle inside that first miracle, an animation studio has sprung from that.

      Several weeks ago, on August 23rd, it was the five year anniversary of getting a phone call from Matt, asking me if I'd be interested in coming to work on RvB9.  On September 16th, it was three years since we wrapped RWBY Volume 1 and I was offered a permanent position at Rooster Teeth. (Somewhat related side note, if you didn't catch it, yesterday was Matt's birthday, so go wish him a great birthday weekend if you hadn't already, eh?)  I'm sure I'll ramble more some other time about getting started here. But for now, the context in which I want to talk about these things has to do specifically with today. It was September 30th two years ago I was called into a review with Matt and Yvonne. They thought it would be a good idea if we formally organized all of Rooster Teeth's animated efforts into a brand new production unit, and asked if I'd be interested in leading it. And then once I reassembled the bits of my exploded brain, I very quickly, enthusiastically agreed. And thus, RT Animation was born.

      With each of these events, I've found myself repeating "I can't believe this is my life."  Which is to say, I can't believe how lucky I am to work with such an amazingly talented and hard working team, this chosen family. And I can't believe how far we've already come.

      We've gone from a dozen or so people scattered through the 636 building, to the nearly 80 people dominating Stage 5, and we'll be growing yet again at a pretty decent clip next year.  I walk around the teams' stations and frequently catch myself having paused to stare in wonder at what's on everyone's screens - the care, skill, and artistry being applied by every single person. I think back fondly to what we were able to pull off with so few people just a few years ago, and then how everything continues to look and sound even more amazing now.  And you better damn believe we're excited to show you where we're going from here. 

      RT's Summer of Animation has been winding down, and a sincere congrats are in order for all three crews for Camp Camp, RWBY Chibi and RvB14. We're headed into RWBY hype season, and the team is thrilled to finally be able to show you what we've been up to.  Thank you for all the kind words this week as we've begun releasing the new character portraits and the sneak peeks of the Volume 4 short which will see the light of day this coming Monday. The team has been pushing themselves so hard to raise the bar higher yet again on every aspect of the show, and I couldn't be prouder of them. They deserve all the love you can send them.

      Regarding other RT Anim happenings, we've got NYCC next week, so stay tuned for more of that insanity. The return of Fan Service draws near. Sex Swing will debut this Fall. RTAA continues to rock it. And then you absolutely would not believe the number and scale of the productions we are going for over the course of what will be only our third year.  If you thought 2016 was a wild ride...

      One last thing -- a change is on the horizon for RT Anim which serves as a pretty nifty birthday present.  There will be more on this probably the same weekend RWBY Vol. 4 hits.  But in just a few weeks, Anim will be moving into a new building!! We've become a bit too big for our britches, and we need a space as big, bright, and cool as the department's future. Check out the pics below for a glimpse of all the work going into our new home!  For some perspective: at the time we move into the new space, Anim will be bigger than RT was as a whole, when the company moved onto the lot just over two years ago.  Soooo, yeah.  Crazy times!

      Thank you to everyone I've crewed with, my first five years at the company. I love each and every one of you, and you have no idea how thrilled I am for what's to come for us. Thanks to Matt, Yvonne, Burnie and all who have entrusted me with this very unique team its first two years.  It's the greatest privilege I've had thus far in life, and I'll... uh, well, I'll try not to screw it up too much. But thanks most of all to you for watching and supporting us.  When it comes down to it, it's all because of you.

      Cheers everyone,




    • Call for Fan Service fan art!

      10 months ago


      We're looking for Eastern culture or anime inspired Rooster Teeth fan art, which may appear as part of Fan Service!  Think fake advertisements, propaganda posters, anime/movie posters, anything in that ballpark. Could be original illustrations, photoshop art, photography of something you make -- any style as long as it ties in to Eastern culture or anime a bit. Check out the provided examples, but have fun with it, improvise! Feel free to incorporate any RT Anim folk in your imagery, particularly those who appeared on the pilot episodes of Fan Service!  Please send submissions to [email protected] .

      ja ne

      1165908-1475109839808-Miles__Kerry_Shamp 1165908-1475109839810-Miles_Super_Fun_Ti

    • UPDATE: Rooster Teeth Animation Festival at RTX2016! Frederator Panel!

      1 year ago


      Rooster Teeth is extremely proud to announce that we are kicking off the Animation Festival track at RTX Friday night at 7pm, at a special panel with Frederator Studios and Cartoon Hangover's own Fred Seibert and Nate Olson!! Fred Seibert served as the first Creative Director of MTV, as well as the President of Hanna-Barbera until founding Frederator Studios. He has produced dozens of beloved shows such as Adventure Time, Dexter's Laboratory, and The Fairly OddParents. Nate Olson is the Director of Programming and Audience Development at Frederator, and helped launch their YouTube channel Cartoon Hangover, home of such shows as Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat! This is an incredible opportunity for fans of animation to gain insight from legends in the industry -- you will not want to miss this!


      Next up, we have some new additions to the festival contributors! In addition to the lineup listed here, we will be presenting work from Simon's Cat, OnlyLeigh, and Mashed!! Our Saturday morning screening keeps getting crazier! Be sure to bring your preferred sugar cereal.

      Here's the full Rooster Teeth Animation Festival track! Rooster Teeth would like to thank our sponsors, The Art Institutes & The Art Institute of Austin. If you’re interested in learning more about a creative education in Animation or Game Design, go to for info.

      Frederator Panel (Friday 7:00p, ACC Meeting Room 9)

      Join Fred Seibert (CEO and Executive Producer of Frederator) and Nate Olson (Director of Marketing) for the event that kicks off the Rooster Teeth Animation Festival! They'll be talking all things Frederator! What could be cooler than that? Nothing, the answer is nothing.

      Main Animation Festival Screening (Saturday 9:30a, Hilton Governor's Ballroom)

      Gray, Kerry and Miles host RTX's first Animation Festival screening. Join the them as they watch both well known and exclusive content from some of the internet's best animators. Contributors include "How it Should Have Ended", "Mondo Media", "Frederator" "Flashgitz" , "Super Planet Dolan", "Domics", "Weebl's Stuff" and many more!

      Animation Industry Panel (Saturday 12:00p, ACC Meeting Room 18)

      Hosted By Mondo Media and 6 Point Harness! Join Flashgitz, How It Should Have Ended, RubberNinja and others as they discuss their experience of making animation for fun and profit(or not) on the internet.

      The Animation of HISHE (How it Should Have Ended) (Saturday 5:00p, ACC Meeting Room 18)

      In a world where movies are not complete until someone makes a parody animation about them, How it Should Have Ended has blazed the trail while laughing all the way. Join the HISHE team as they talk about their work and show some of their sweet, sweet cartoons.

      The Animation of Flashgitz (Sunday 11:00a, ACC Meeting Room 18)

      Got the RTX blues? Well, you need a deep injection of Flashgitz animation. Tom and Don tell you all their secrets... and a little about making cartoons as well.

      Fight Animation Panel (Sunday 1:00p, ACC Meeting Room 18)

      Do you like to watch pixels punch other pixels? Is animated blood the only thing that really makes you happy? Well, we have an event for you. Members from the Screw Attack and Rooster Teeth Animation teams come together to screen some of the best animated fight videos the world has to offer from creators such as Hyun's Dojo, Mark Zhang and many more!

    • RT Anim Update: Camp Camp, Minimations, RWBY Turnarounds!

      1 year ago


      Camp Camp has launched! Thanks to everyone for checking it out and being so supportive! If you haven't seen the series premiere yet, it's available now to all RT site members, then will go totally public this Friday as episode 2 goes up for Sponsors. Camp Camp will be a run of 10 episodes, with a one week break between episodes 5 and 6. Mmmmmaybe we'll do a mid-season livestream during the off week, who knows! 'Til then, keep watching and let us know in the video comments how you're liking it! Campe Diem!

      Next up, today marks the last episode of "Minimations: Straight Outta RT!" Machinimeister Josh Ornelas has this to say on the occasion: "Over the past year, we've had the pleasure of working with the incredible community talent, The Lone Few. These individuals have showcased amazing vision and direction, helping to create our run of minimations: 'Straight Outta RT.' Working hand in hand, they've made us laugh with their creativity and execution, but have also shown they are willing to keep learning new and innovative ways to increase the production value of their work. We admire this genuine effort in all it's entirety, and we cannot be more thankful of the work they have done for us." So thanks to Austin Clark, Kyle Moran, Shane Roberts and everyone else helping The Lone Few, for bringing the crazy every month! Meanwhile, RTAA will return to its original schedule, running every Monday of the month.

      Lastly, we have two new RWBY character turnarounds for you: Flynt Coal and Neon Katt! And more will be coming soon.



    • ​First Ever Rooster Teeth Animation Festival -- at RTX 2016!

      1 year ago


      Maybe you and your pals woke up in time for the fabled Saturday morning cartoon lineup. Or you went down the rabbit hole on YouTube together, sharing link after random link. You might have even had the chance to go to a touring event like a Spike&Mike festival or Don Hertzfeld and Mike Judge's Animation Show. Point being, there's something awesome about hanging out with friends and watching cartoons, and it doesn't happen often enough.

      There is so much astounding work out there and more is showing up all the time. From independent "one person bands" to next generation studios, it's an amazing time to be animating and to be a fan. Everyone is trailblazing, from tools and techniques to new methods of getting their work in front of you. And we want to celebrate that.

      As part of RTX 2016, we are launching the first ever Rooster Teeth Animation Festival! We're inviting you and some of the coolest animators out there to come chill on a Saturday morning and watch a bunch of new work with a couple thousand other animation fans. Then we go geek out over it all, connecting in a variety of discussion panels loaded with special guests. All you need is your RTX badge!

      Check out who's participating -- and this is just the beginning!


      Watch this space for more updates on who's presenting work in the Festival showcase as well as who is attending and doing panels! The list only gets more amazing from here.

      Looking forward to hanging out,

      The crew at RT Animation

    • RT Anim Roundup! Camp Camp and more!

      1 year ago


      We're only about a week away from the June 10th series premiere of new animated comedy Camp Camp!! To celebrate, we'll do a SUMMER OF ANIMATION PUBLIC LIVESTREAM at 7pm CDT, Thursday June 9th, to talk about the return of RvB, the new RWBY Chibi show, and of course Camp Camp! We'll have sneak peeks at upcoming episodes of RvB and Chibi, and we'll debut a brand new Camp Camp video! Camp Camp will then premiere at 11amCDT the next morning for Rooster Teeth Sponsors!

      You caught the new release schedule for RT Animation videos, right? When a video first hits, it's exclusive to Sponsors for 24 hours (Thanks for supporting us! Or if you're thinking about sponsoring, you can always give the 30 day Free Trial a shot!) Then after that, it's available to anyone registered at for the rest of the week! Registering at is toooootally free, doesn't need a credit card or nuthin'. After a week, the video goes public on the website as well as over at YouTube, etc.


      RT Anim is proud to announce the voice acting ensemble for Camp Camp! Our three meddling misfits are: Michael Jones as Max, Yuri Lowenthal as Neil, and Elizabeth Maxwell as Nikki! Our poor, belabored Cameron Campbell's Camp Campbell Camp Counselors are: Miles Luna as David and Lee Eddy as Gwen! Campbell himself is voiced by none other than Travis Willingham! But wait, that's not all! You'll also get Shannon McCormick as the creepy Camp Quartermaster, and other campers like Lindsay Jones as Space Kid, Blaine Gibson as Nurf, James Willems as Dolph, Jen Brown as Ered, and Barbara Dunkelman as Nerris! And then you'll meet even more of the cast soon! Special congratulations to series director Jordan Cwieeeieieerz, producer Maggie Tominey, Lead Animatress Yssa Badiola, and the entire 2D Anim team -- the show looks truly fantastic, can't wait to show it to the community!



      The very first Camp Camp items are in the Rooster Teeth Store! You can get stuff like the actual camp shirts worn in the show, or new character shirts! Yes, right now! Go! Why are you still here?

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    Voice of Torchwick, Locus, Gen.Doyle, Rusty

    Post Supervisor / Editor / VFX / DoP / VO All around production dude. Which currently means a bunch of stuff on RWBY, RvB, X&V, etc., plus DoP on the occasional live action project.

    You can find other work at

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    • RogueMusicFreak FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Rhythm

      1 month ago

      Hello. I have send you a PM. Whenever you can, pls read it. Thank you.  smile

    • Poppletron

      6 months ago I made this OC about 8 months ago. Professor at Haven who in my head canon would eventually become the headmaster there, coincidence or what?

    • Higgmeister FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Judge me if you will

      10 months ago

      Okay. I just had a brainstorm for I what I think could be a really good comedy segment for RWBY Chibi involving Blake, Neon and Zwei. Brace yourself...

      Neon and Blake are both stuck up in a tree with Zwei barking at them (not angry barking more like "I want to be your friend! Please play with me!" type barking). After a while Blake looks at Neon and says "Y'know, he's really not that bad once you get to know him." At which point Neon shoots a look at Blake as if to say "Really?!" Then they start cat fighting in the tree and then Zwei is like "Fine! I'll go play with Velvet! At least she understands me... somewhat..." (in Canine Language) and he then walks off, leaving Neon and Blake still scrapping in the tree.

      End Scene....

    • Dra90nL0rd1

      10 months ago

      I'm hyped for season 4. 

      So Hyped, I believe I've got a Good Theory on What Remnant's True Backstory Is & What's in store for Season 4.

      It would mean a lot if you checked it out. These videos don't come out for another week, so you are getting to see first.

      RWBY: The Secerts To Remnant's Past [Theory Pt. 1]

      RWBY Season 4 Predictions [Theory Pt. 2]

      Any comments? Confirmations?

    • DustPotato

      1 year ago

      So, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this:

      Any comments?

    • lionblaze77

      1 year ago

      Just stopping to say that you have done an amazing job voicing Torchwick. Definitely my favorite character and voice acting, great job!

      While I do hope we see him again in the show, I'm glad we at least got the pleasure of listening to you voicing him for 3 volumes. Overall great job and keep up the great work!

      But seriously, that better not be the end of him. You can't get rid of the best villain quite yet, and not like that. (Though the irony is somewhat appreciated.)



    • SentinallPrime FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      I still fully believe in you, Kerry, Miles and everyone else who worked on RWBY. You made a Volume of RWBY almost entirely without Monty, and it turned out great. Sometimes you have to change how things are done, or have a few weeks pause between episodes. Better to have quality over quantity. I also have heard that you guys had to make decisions that not everyone agreed with. Making hard decisions is part of life, and you guys certainly have had to make a lot of those in the past year.

      In all, thank you for your hard work. You will continue to have my support.


      1 year ago

      Hope Fan Service comes back, it was one of my favorite things to see come out of RT recently. Better to get it later then not all though, so take as much time as yall need.

      • Service2k0 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        All of this, that podcast got me to get back into hardcore watching anime again and i haven't looked back since.

    • DeeWat FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold 【=◈︿◈=】

      1 year ago

      I already took the Fan Service Podcast survey, but I had another idea that MIGHT add a tad bit extra work in post-production. When the Spoiler Tag comes up, there should be a time stamp where the spoilers stop for that segment so I can safely resume the conversation. I'm too scared to click around somewhat randomly and accidentally hear something and/or miss information.

      It'd be impossible to do live, but maybe the uploads could have this feature? It'd be super nice. :)

    • Jonte_TM FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Here is a topic for next Fanservice podcast: Its a list of WTF animes that i found. My favorit is Yuri Kuma Arashi. Its like attak on titan but with lesbian bears (Its fucked up, I know) there is mor on the list that can make an intresting topic.

      13 most WTF anime of 2015

    • AbstractSpaces FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      I reeeeaaaallly hope Roman isn't dead, your acting was tied with Shannon's and Jen's as my favourite... I don't think I could cope if none of you are in Volume 4.

    • lordxsauron FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Friendly Dark Lord

      1 year ago

      I'm really hoping it's just a quick thing and she will come back to assume her rightful place as Fall maiden...... For once, I hope you guys to change your mind...... I trust you guys, but dang, I wept like a baby when Pyrrha died... and I still hope she will come back...

    • grayfoxmg1 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Playstation Fanboy

      1 year ago

      So I just watched the RWBY finale, and my emotions are all over the place. I love you guys(meaning you and all of RWBY production) for the Cinder vs. Ozpin fight, it had a very Luke vs Vader from Empire Strikes back feel. I love that you brought closure to all the Arkos shippers, I even loved the Achilles call back. Weiss doing the same trick to the tower that she did on the cliff during team placements was a great contrast, it also emphasized the beginning and end(currently) of Team RWBY.

      Pyrrha going out the same way as Amber was appropriate in a theme for Fall Maiden deaths, and also begs the question on what the red lights exiting her chest was her soul? last wisps of aura? maybe her blood is polarized from her semblance and it was simply magnetizing to the nearest metal?

      Ruby doing what I initially thought was activating her maiden powers inherited from her mother, but after Qrows little lecture I'm thinking it is something similar yet different. Knights to protect the Maidens possibly? Maybe Qrow was lying to protect what little innocence Ruby has after everything that happened to her in her last 3 hours? Was it even that long from Yang being disqualified to Pyrrha going out heroically?

      Team JNRR promises to be an interesting dynamic, especially how 3 are motivated by revenge while the last just genuinely thinks she has a duty to stop Cinder(for she doesn't know about Salem). You also added more fuel to the Qrow/crow and Raven/raven theories.

      Finally Salem, my gut says she is the original winter maiden corrupted some how, but Salem could also refer to some disembodied spirit that is created from/created the grimm and can inhabit any body. Which means despite her looking like the Winter Maiden, she could be using anyone's body even Summer Rose.

      You've left me with a lot of questions, and I can't wait for Volume 4. That said, I'm a little disappointed in Blake for running away but I trust you guys have a plan.

    • dojinsin FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      you sir are quickly becoming one of my favorite people at rooster teeth.

      im glad you are doing more in front of the camera.

    • TheDemonY FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Hello Gray, I just wanted to quickly let you know how much your work is appreciated.

      The things you do make the lives of so many that much more enriching. The worlds you have helped create will live in the hearts and minds of so many and I wanted to say thanks.

      Thank you for everything you do.

    • ShogunXero FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Thank you Gray for bringing up PAT Labor when discussing Active Raid! That's exactly what I thought of when I started watching it. I haven't run into anyone who has seen PAT Labor outside of my Dad, who introduced me to it. Actually, the PAT Labor movie and Gundam Wing were my introductions to anime. Anyway, wanted to express gratitude for bringing up a classic; Wisdom and Courage and all that. Keep up the good work with the Anime sponsorcast.

    • urbaninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Just wanted to say thanks so much for the Anime podcast. Even though we're only two episodes in, it's already become a highlight for some rather difficult weeks. I really appreciate it and I hope it becomes a regular thing.

    • PaulHikari

      1 year ago

      Bad news. The RWBY sub-forum is under attack from hordes of evil spam bots. Look!

    • Metaldragon5 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Hey Gray, I want to send you a video that I made in my film editing class. I used stuff from RWBY to make an AMV. My teacher loves it and everyone that I have shown loves it too. I just wanted to see what you thought of it (since you're one of the creators). So if there is anyway I can get an email address from you, so that I can send you the video. I would just put the link in this message, but I might send it to AMV Contest's so I don't want it online yet until after I do that. So if there is a way I can send it to you let me know. Good Luck with the rest of RWBY Volume 3!

    • Michael713 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Hey Gray, just wanted to first off say that I am hyped as all hell for the new volume of RWBY, can't wait! Also wanted to ask, with RWBY gaining so much attention and popularity, do you think it might ever possible for a drama CD to be made? Just a curious thought.

    • weismax33 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Otaku

      1 year ago

      Hey Gray. I just have a question, and since you're the head of RT Animation, I think you can answer it. It's my Senior year of HS, so I've been thinking about what career I want to follow. And, since going to the RT Animation panel, a 3D animator has been on my mind ever since. So, my question is, can you please point me to one of the 3D animators here on the site? I just want to ask him/her some questions about how to start out. Thanks.

    • CameronCaboose FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Hello Gray, I love your work and am inspired by your ability to voice act. I have always wondered what you guys do to give Locus that sort of muffled voice when talks. Combined with your incredible talent, it makes Locus the coolest and scariest sounding character I have ever seen and I love it!

    • nesagsar FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      I was watching you hype up those posters in the panel and then the channel cut out and never came back. What were they?

    • RainSilves

      2 years ago

      There was never any doubt,I wait for the seed monty sowed to bloom. i only wish he was here to see it grow.

    • Rocky123456

      2 years ago

      Thank you Gray,

      I can see RWBY volume 3 is coming back and When we watch RWBY volume 3?

    • efficientgod

      2 years ago

      Please have ruby get a love interest

    • RonVSanFelix FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Zakharius

      2 years ago


    • VectorDidact

      2 years ago

      Hey Gray, when will Grimm Eclipse be available for us non sponsors?
      I can't exactly afford sponsorship and I would love to play it

      Also, when it is released will we see it on platforms like Xbox?
      And what would the cost be...? Will it be free to play?

      Sorry for the overload of questions...I just really want to get my hands on it

      • Beanutbutter

        1 year ago

        Hey Gray, when will Grimm Eclipse be available for us sponsors?

        I could afford sponsorship and I would love to play it

        Also, when it is released, please promise to keep it pure and only on PC.

        And if it is still available, how can if find and get it?

        Sorry for the overload of questions and tagging on to this comment in a humorous way...

        But i'm serious. I just really want to get my hands on it.

    • ChrisWard FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Hey Gray So I came across this web show on youtube called Man at Arms: Reforged. They make real versions of video game, movie, and anime weapons, and I thought it would be awesome to get a weapon from RWBY on the show in order to honor Monty. So I need your help anyone who wants to see this should post messages on Baltimore Knife and Sword's Facebook and on the videos.
      This means a lot to me and I want RT and Monty to get the recognition for their work. So will you help me spread the word?
      here is a link to one of the many episodes of the show:
      and here is the link to their facebook account:

    • ChelsieMccaf

      2 years ago

      I literally JUST got into RWBY and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! AUGH please make the next volume!! It says the last video was made since 2014, ugh I needs more RWBY!!!

    • Jad7155 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Sup Gray, loving RVB so far and can't wait for RWBY. Thought I would share with you a video for those late night crunch hours when "everything is funny".

      P.s. listen the whole way through. I promise its worth it.

    • gabrial125 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Thank you for all the hard work you do. The world's you help create and the narratives you help build have touched the lives of so many including myself. :)

    • AussieFlower

      2 years ago

      Thank you for accepting my friend request Gray. Love your work!

    • Yawnski FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Just wanted to say thanks for accepting my friend request. You rock!

    • Higgmeister FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Judge me if you will

      2 years ago

      I just watched the Ocean Maker short. I have to say, that I am thoroughly impressed with what Mighty Coconut have come up with. It has completely blown me away, it is just absolutely incredible. Kudos to them!! smiley1.gif

      Also I played RWBY Grim Eclipse, tis extremely amazing. Also tell a certain Rage Quitter, that I cannot wait to play as his character when the game comes out. Seriously I would love to see some Sun Wukong Game-play more than any other character in the franchise thus far.

    • NeedleBodkin

      2 years ago

      I was Playing RWBY grimm eclipse i must say it is great so far my only problem is that is is really freaking hard to play alone keep up the good work smiley0.gif

    • Poortedo789

      2 years ago


    • Toptoast FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of the Breakfast

      2 years ago

      You are awesome! Thank you for all your hard work on Red vs. Blue and RWBY!

    • Higgmeister FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Judge me if you will

      2 years ago

      This is incredible!! They actually got this thing up and running, which is really awesome!! An actual working Panzer VI Tiger Tank, it's just great!! :-)

      If you ever get the chance to go to Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset, take it! They've also got a King Tiger down there as well!! smiley1.gif

    • Castus13 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      So... did you happen to meet Harrison Ford when he dropped by? I bet that would have been awesome.

    • Adam1021

      2 years ago

      Hello Mr. Gray i have been following rooster teeth for years now and only recently joined this wondrous community. And if you would bare with me I would like to tell you my story. I had heard from a friend about rooster teeth and since then had been watching RvB any chance i got. But when i had heard about the series RWBY i didn't really think much of it. But about 2 months ago i decided to check it out and since then i have been entranced with it, so when i heard Monty had passed i was devastated. But i thought that the best way to honor him was to simply be creative to try and show what he stood for. So this brings me to my question, i know the RvB and RWBY production and animation team has been using poser and i was wondering if you could give any sort of tips, advice, or otherwise info on your animation process. The reason why is that you all have inspired me to try and start creating and as i have been intrigued by animation and i was wondering if you could offer any sort of help to someone who has no experience in animation and is somewhat bad at sketching and drawing so that i may create just as Monty and you all have because i feel obsolete just watching you all do the work when i feel if i knew how i could create something very good as well. In conclusion you have all inspired me to try and create and i fell with a little help i can do just that. If you did get the chance to read this i appreciate you taking time out of your day for reading this and thanks to all of you.

    • LilRadman

      2 years ago

      I love RWBY, thanks for posting this

    • Giries DONGS

      2 years ago

      Oh shit, dont accept that request. I just saw your 1337. I would feel bad for ruining that

    • Tgault

      2 years ago

      Thanks you for the update!! I have been wondering what was going to happen to RWBY now that Monty is longer with us. I'm so glad to know RWBY will continue on even after such a huge loss. I can't wait to see the new things in store for RWBY and RoosterTeeth as a whole!!!

    • DionHolmes

      2 years ago

      Who is going to voice Ren in future RWBY episodes

    • MrGumby

      2 years ago

      So I went here to thank you for the update. Then, I noticed your sweet Friend count.


    • catiedan

      2 years ago

      Thank you so much for the update. My heart is still breaking over Monty's passing but I am reassured by his the fact that his input and vision for RWBY will still be there. ♡♡♡

    • CaboosesKill FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Gray, I have a couple things to tell you and ask you, since I don't really know who else to ask:

      Thank you for the podcast, thank you for your work and helping Monty to make his dream come true. I am so very sorry for your loss and for the events of the past two-ish weeks.

      Now I have to ask, can you possibly find a way for us to catch a glimpse of Monty's Office? I want to see his creative hive and what was his surroundings. He inspired me and many others, so I think it might be great if we get a chance to "stand" in that room and get a crazy idea.

      I understand if you can't do it, and I respect the privacy of RoosterTeeth and the Oum family. I will keep you all in my prayers and in my thoughts. If it weren't for RoosterTeeth and Monty I wouldn't be the creative mind I am today, and I hope his spark in this world never fades. God bless you all at RoosterTeeth, and good luck with the future.

    • Tareei FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Thank you for being on the podcast tonight. I know it must have been incredibly hard at a time like this, but I think many of the fans will be especially touched by your stories of Monty. Your thoughtfulness and bravery are appreciated.

    • Vae62 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Mr Gray, I am very happy that RT has you on their staff, without you where would RWBY be? I am shotgunning my love for that series all over this site, but seriously though I am glad you are a part of this, and I hope you will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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