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    • Abusing the Death Battle Curse

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      The Death Battle Curse is when a new piece of media comes out for one of the combatants that is being used in a battle, be it a new video game, movie, or series. Here is the question: what would you revive, what matchup would you use, and why?

      Personally, I'd use Master Cyclonis of Storm Hawks fame against Azula of Avatar: The Last Airbender fame to revive Storm Hawks. It's an underrated show, and it features flying motorcycles. What's not to love?

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    • Character Sheet: My list of sheets

      1 year ago


      Freeza-REMASTERED (Dragonball Z)

      Garnet-REMASTERED (Steven Universe)

      Johnny Cage-REMASTERED (Mortal Kombat)

      X-23-REMASTERED (Marvel)

      Blake Belladonna-REMASTERED (RWBY)

      Dinobot (Transformers: Beast Wars)

      Agent Washington (Red vs. Blue)

      Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)

      Amaterasu (Okami)

      The Incredible Hulk (Marvel)

      Predator (Predator)

      Feraligatr (Pokémon)

      Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

      Caboose (Red vs. Blue)

      Alien (Alien (This was inevitable))

      Ant-Man (Scott Lang) (Marvel)

      The Thing (Marvel)

      Widowmaker (Overwatch)

      Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

      Poison Ivy (DC)

      Terry McGinnis (DC)

      Krillin (Dragonball)

      Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

      Punisher (Marvel)

      Jack (Samurai Jack)

      Piper (Storm Hawks)

      Martian Manhunter (DC)

      NOTE:This will be updated once a week every Friday/Whenever I remaster a character sheet.

      If you have a suggestion, leave a comment below. And be sure to share this list with your friends, or follow some of mine (Or me!) to keep up with the latest news concerning the fanbase. Thanks for reading!

    • Character Sheet: Martian Manhunter

      1 year ago


      Mars.The fourth planet of our solar system. Arguably the closest that humanity has as a backup planet should Earth bite the dust. But from that planet, comes aliens. Who are often hostile. Probably has something to do with the fact that the planet is named after the Roman God of War. But despite this, there are some who fight for good, and among those, is the one Martian Manhunter.

      Image result for J'onn J'onzz

      • Real Name: J’onn J’onzz.

      • Height: 6’7’’

      • Weight: 300 lbs (136kg)

      • Skin Color: Green

      • Hair: None.

      Like any alien in the DC universe, J’onn ‘J’onzz fled his planet to escape death and make a new life on earth. But, it was primarily because his race had a war between the savage White Martians and the more peaceful Green Martians… Or his entire race was wiped out. Eh, his origin story changes more often than Quicksilver changes dads. The most common one is that the Green Martians got killed, and he went to Earth to escape.

      Under the guise of John Jones, J’onn became a police detective. Until there came a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, they became a force for justice. They became the Justice League International.



      On that day, J’onn finally found a place where he could call home.

      But J’onn would not be such a valuable member of the Justice League without some incredible powers.

      • Martian Physiology.

      • No need for oxygen.

      • Telepathy.

      • Shapeshifting.

      • Various visions (X-Ray, Thermal, etc.)

      J’onn is also one of the more intelligent members of the league. Often acting as the voice of reason for the team, and his telepathy has helped him solve more crimes than most other detectives.

      He can shapeshift his to better suit his needs at hand, alter his density to become either as heavy as a building or light as a feather. This density shift can even let J’onn phase through walls as if they weren’t there.

      He has full view of the entire electromagnetic visual spectrum, meaning he can see through walls, use thermal vision, and even use heat vision.

      He can also alter the molecular structure of various objects around him. Which translated for some fun by the writers.


      Yep. Ice Cream vision. At least this means that he could choke someone by force-feeding them Rocky Road. It can be presumed that he does this by using his telekinesis to manipulate the molecules to create such items, but it’s never been seen outside of exciting them to use heat vision, or create ice cream cones.

      Like any extraterrestrial, J‘onn has super strength, enough to take on the likes of Wonder Woman or Superman in combat.



      His telepathic abilities are second to none. Due to this, he is arguably the strongest being on the face of the earth.


      Oh look, an echo.

      Though, J’onn is not without his weaknesses.

      • Fire.

      • Chocoholism.

      • Telepathy can be blocked.

      • Rapid changes in density can hurt him in phased forms.

      J’onn can be hurt by many opponents. And unlike Superman’s weakness to a rare form of alien radiation, J’onn is weak to fire. Whether that is due to basic pyrophobia, or due to his physiology is unknown, but it still is a big weakness to him.

      In addition, his density shifting can be used against him if his opponent can counter it. His psychic abilities are also useless against cybernetic minds, or minds that are shielded by electronics.

      Regardless, J’onn has done some pretty crazy things.

      • Matched Superman in one-on-one combat.

      • Maintained over 20 identities.

      • Saved five other Martians from captivity.

      • Sole Survivor of Mars.

      J’onn was brought into the Justice League for a good reason, and his abilities have helped him out more times than can be counted. There’s a good reason he’s a Martian who is a Manhunter… Not that kind.

      Image result for J'onn J'onzz



      So a friend of mine and I were discussing possible opponents for J’onn, and he mentioned Vision on account of their similar personalities and abilities. And since J’onn’s psychic abilities are friggin’ OP as hell, I’d say that since Vision is an Android, he’d put up a damn good fight. I mean, the image I’m using is one of him phasing through a wall! That’s pretty consistent with J’onn’s powers.

      Image result

      This one was a bit more obvious. Both are shapeshifting aliens with incredible powers, and considering that Kl’rt has fire powers (C’mon. It’s in the pic I’m using) I’d say he could put up a good fight. Maybe not one as close as Marvel fans would hope for, but a decent one.

      Image result

      Yeah, Piccolo’s an inevitable choice. Green skin, incredible powers, etc. I don’t see the appeal. Piccolo would be SLAUGHTERED by J’onn, and he doesn’t have any abilities that could exploit J’onn’s weaknesses. Maybe for a DBX, but I don’t think he’s suited for a Death Battle. But he’s a popular request, so why not? Let's give in to the masses.

    • Character Sheet: Piper

      1 year ago


      The land that we are about to trek to is quite the crazy place. The place has very little habitable land, elemental gemstones take the place of conventional fossil fuels, and there is danger everywhere. Thankfully, this world is protected by various teams that would seek to do it harm. I’m of course, talking about…


      What? Were you expecting Remnant? - C’mon. Remnant is TOTALLY different from Atmos. For starters, Atmos has an actual communications system that DOESN’T require multiple comms towers to be active for long-distance communication. Seriously. Atmos is smart like that. 

      Also, Atmos has flying motorcycles. Let’s see THAT in Remnant.

      But speaking of smart…


      • Full Name: Piper.

      • Species: Human.

      • Height: 5’

      • Weight: 95 lbs

      • Ride: Heli-scooter.

      • Weapon of choice: Energy Staff.

      • Role: First Officer, Navigator, Crystal Specialist.

      Meet Piper. The resident genius, and token girl of the illustrious Storm Hawks - A team of highly skilled Sky Knights that are sworn to protect the world from the evil Talons of Cyclonia - Image result for Storm Hawks

      No. Not these guys. These guys are dead. Thanks for that, Ace.

      Image result for Storm Hawks Piper profile

      Yes these guys. The ones that are alive… And younger than your typical squadron, but that’s beside the point.

      Despite being the much more intelligent, and level-headed of the group, Piper is technically second-in-command of the squadron. Being an expert in dust CRYSTAL mastery can do that. HELL! She managed to get to where she is by trial and error, which proves how powerful and skilled she really is. - ESPECIALLY considering that she and the rest of the Hawks are orphans who basically lack formal educations.

      Image result for Piper's staff storm hawks

      Like most crystal users in the World of Atmos, Piper uses a staff for combat, one that can utilize different crystals for different effects. Being one of the rare types of people who can actually master crystals, AND summon the effect of the crystal without the need of a crystal staff.

      CRYSTALS (Commonly used):
      • Energy (Basic attacks)

      • Fire (Fire (duh))

      • Drizzle (Water)

      • Wind (Wind (also duh))

      • Eruption (It erupts stuff)

      Unlike her teammates, Piper uses a Heli-scooter. While not as fast as a Skimmer, it more than makes up for it in fuel economy and maneuverability.

      Piper is literally the ONLY one to be able to take on Master Cyclonis one-on-one, and not only does she survive, but she sometimes wins. And it IS worth noting that Cyclonis is the type of person who would shrug off the loss of a powerful weapon capable of decimating entire terras with the phrase “You win some, you lose some.”

      It’s also worth mentioning that the rest of her squad probably would have died had it not been for her, her plans, tactics, ingenuity, and general “Piper-ness” had she not been there. Good thing she’s on the good side!


      Just ignore this possible future that Master Cyclonis showed her to sway her over to the dark side…

      Erhm, Back to the heroics, Piper is capable  of punching the brute Snipe over some trees! And considering that Snipe weighs in at about 120 pounds, that’s a lot of power for someone with so little visible muscle mass.

      Piper is quick enough to react to events in under two seconds (Trust me, I timed it), resourceful enough to infiltrate a Cyclonian training facility, and is brave enough to stare down Master Cyclonis’ Oblivion Crystal.

      - Granted, this was because she exploited the fact that Oblivion Crystals can’t work on friends - even former ones, but that’s beside the point. She managed to befriend Master Cyclonis, and avoid complete oblivion… It’s a complicated story that fuels the slash fiction between the two.

      Despite her track record, Piper isn’t invincible. While her Heli-Scooter is maneuverable, it lacks the durability and firepower of an actual Skimmer. Also, she does have a tendency to get irritated by her teammates, though, that might have to do with the fact that they often ignore her well-thought out tactics.

      • Irritability.

      • Young age means low experience.

      • Terrible flirt.

      • Crystal reliance.

      • “Sour Storm Hawks aftertaste.” - Master Cyclonis, S2E1.


      Piper is also able to use an ability called “The Binding” an ability that would allow her to imbue herself and others with the power of crystals, letting her fly on her own. She can even power up her friends, to the point that they can take on nearly anybody. Not to mention, that this is just her at the very start of having this ability, meaning that it is very likely that with more practice, she could do god-like things with her powers.

      Together with the Storm Hawks, she has managed to assist in the liberation of an entire prison, go toe-to-toe with Raptors, defeat the enhanced Talons, be one of the very few to break into the stratosphere, help take down the equivalent of an orbital cannon capable of decimating entire terras, and is skilled enough to match a Rex Guardian in a Sky-Fu competition (She won after exploiting a loophole in their ridiculous rules).

      For her and the rest of the Storm Hawks, the sky is NEVER the limit.



      File:ProductionDiary3 09175.png

      Because being a master of dust is TOTALLY not at all like being a Crystal Mage. Nope not in the slightest… Seriously, am I going nuts here? Like, I get that there are some differences, but there are some similarities that I can’t un-see. Dust is Crystals, Hunters are Sky Knights, and need I make the connection that both have a femme fatale big bad? - Seriously, I feel like I’m the only one who’s seeing the parallels here… At least Atmos doesn’t leave only two guards to protect an entire border, so maybe Atmos has a better army than them… Wait… Piper actually BROKE through the stratosphere. Remnant hasn’t.

      Image result for Kim Possible

      Acrobatic girls who have a vague homoerotic relationship with their arch rival… Also, both are experts in their field through experience alone… Also, their vehicles are just plain cool. Neat hair too, and while I’d love to have Piper do battle with Aang in an aerial fight that never touches the ground, I feel that this is also a neat idea to use… mostly so angry AtLA fans don’t get at the hosts’ throats.

      File:BAM-Akiza Izinski.png

      So, when I started this sheet, I was only planning on Weiss being the opponent on account of the similarities that are TOTALLY a coincidence. Then I realized that I put myself into a corner with trying to find some other options. So, how about a motorcycle fight? - Anyone? Anyone at all?

    • Character Sheet: Samurai Jack

      1 year ago


      Long ago, in a distant land... Aku unleashed an unspeakable evil. But, a foolish Samurai Warrior wielding a magic sword, stepped forth to oppose him. Before the final blow was struck, Aku opened a portal in time, and flung him into the future, where his evil was law. Now, he seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Aku.

      Image result for Samurai Jack

      WATCH OUT!


      • Real Name: Unknown

      • Height: 5'10"

      • Hair Color: Black

      • Eye Color: Black

      • Age: Approximately 25 (physically)

      This samurai wound up in the future. And man, was he all crazy. The local street members kept referring to him as “Jack” and… That’s where he got his name… Eh, it’s better than Bane’s origin story. But Jack became known throughout the lands as “The Samurai.”

      Though technically, Jack is a Ronin. As Samurais serve a master, and it should be rather obvious that being a couple thousand or so years in the future would mean that they are probably dead.

      Anyways, Jack began his crusade to find a time portal to return to the past. Though, his heroic nature kept him from accomplishing this goal pretty often. Despite his opportunities, Jack sacrificed his precious time to help others. He is an incredible fighter, and is very resourceful.

      • Archery by Robin Hood.

      • Astronomy & Navigation by a ship captain.

      • Bojutsu by African Bushmen.

      • Wrestling by the Greek.

      • Mounted combat by the Mongolians.

      • Axe Throwing by the Russians.

      • Martial arts by Shaolins.

      • Various training with the greatest warriors of all time.

      Jack’s even a master with just about every weapon he can get his hands on. From nunchucks to polearms, Jack can learn how to use a weapon proficiently with enough practice.

      However, Jack’s bread and butter is his signature katana

      File:Jack's Sword.jpg

      This sword cuts through darkness and evil almost as if they were nothing. It is Jack’s signature weapon, and was the only weapon that could defeat Aku. Forged by not one, not two, but THREE different Gods, this sword acts a lot like Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. It can only be wielded by those that are pure of heart, and will not take the life of an innocent.

      • Forged by Odin (Norse Myth), Ra (Egyptian Myth), and Rama (Hindu Myth).

      • Rarely needs to be sharpened.

      • Can cut through nearly any substance.

      • Cannot damage beings of divine origin.

      • Is practically unbreakable.

      As if having a weapon forged by multiple Gods wasn’t enough, Jack also learned more techniques even AFTER he went to the future.

      The White Ape Tribe…


      (these guys)

      … Helped train Jack in the art of “Jumping Good.” By increasing the resistance of his own abilities, similar to Kame Sennin Ryu of Dragonball fame, Jack managed to increase his jumping ability and overall lower body strength to superhuman levels. - Making it possible for him to effortlessly throw the top of a stone sarcophagus with little effort. Assuming that the sarcophagus lid is approximately three inches thick, and is about 6x3 feet, Jack’s lower body strength would have to be capable of lifting well over 1500 pounds! - AND that’s just to lift the damn thing!

      Though, Jack is not without his weaknesses.

      • Sense of honor.

      • Fish out of temporal water.

      • Sword has a worthiness clause.

      Despite the fact that Jack’s displacement in time has shut off his aging process, Jack still requires food, water, rest, and time to tend to wounds. He’s also still a human being, meaning what you’d expect. In addition, should Jack become too unbalanced, he will lose his sword, like what happened when Aku destroyed the last Time Portal.

      Because of that, Jack also harnessed his skills with other technology and weapons. Like guns, polearms, explosives, and even a motorcycle.

      And after some intense training and a trip into his inner mind, Jack reclaimed his sword, and became the hero people looked up to once again.


      Between talking dogs, giant woolies, and raves, Jack has practically seen it all.

      Despite his weaknesses, and in accordance with his feats, Jack is one epic Samurai, and an all-time hero. With his skills and iconic sword, no evil can defeat him. Be they a monster controlling kids through a rave, to the demon soul-collector named Demongo. He’s even skilled enough to match Aku in hand-to-hand combat.

      Jack just might be the greatest swordsman in fictional history.




      I have seen Afro Samurai as a suggestion for Jack all the time. And I have a feeling that it’s primarily due to the fact that they are both “samurais.” I don’t know much about Afro, so I can’t be a good judge here, but hey, he’s a popular request.

      Image result

      Let’s get Leo in for a third bout. Last time I heard, Leo was a ninja. Jack’s a samurai. It’s Ninja vs. Samurai.

      Image result

      Not necessarily THAT big of a step away from what Jack usually faces. But, I want to see Cyrax being used sometime. He just seems cool, and could probably create some pretty intense moments for any animator.

    • Character Sheet: Punisher

      1 year ago


      The dictionary defines the word “Anti-Hero” as a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes. They walk the thin line of hero and villain every day. But if there’s one person who walks the line in the most dangerous way possible, walks so close that he would just be called a villain if he didn’t target the worst of the worst, and uses some of the least heroic equipment known; it would be the man who wears the dreaded skull symbol. The man who would kill anyone who does evil. The man who would punish the evildoers in the most gruesome way possible… The Punisher!

      Image result for the punisher

      • Real Name: Frank Castle

      • Height: 6’1”

      • Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)

      • Eye Color: Blue

      • Hair Color: Black

      • Used to have a Rottweiler named Max, and a Coyote named Loot.

      Castle was born in the city of New York. He was always a fighter, and he enlisted on the US Marine Corps in record time. Being deployed to fight the brutal fight in Vietnam after he accomplished his training, he bid his wife and infant son a heartfelt goodbye, and went off. While there, he got additional survival training. And this was all after he managed to rise to the rank of Captain!

      After managing to enlist a total of three times in the tour, he finally managed to make some time to spend some time for his wife, daughter, and son. His picnic in Central Park went almost exactly as planned…

      Related image

      Image result for gunshots

      Image result for gunshots

      Enraged that the gang fight took his wife and children, Frank Castle vowed vengeance on criminals everywhere. Vowing to clean the city of them, as if they were disgusting Brussels sprouts on a plate of delicious macaroni and cheese. In fact, he’d stop those blasted sprouts from leaving the store in the first place.

      He would punish any criminal, and make them suffer. On that day, Frank Castle became the mask to a new symbol. One that would strike fear in criminals everywhere. He became, the batman- *cough cough cough!* The Punisher. He became The Punisher.

      But Frank’s war on crime would not be so effective without some of his favorite fearsome firearms.

      • M60 Machine Gun. (Personal favorite of his (Also nicknamed the “Hog”))

      • 9mm Uzi. (Typically used alongside his Machine Gun)

      • M16A3. (Fitted with an M203 grenade launcher)

      • Derringer D32. (Backup firearm)

      • Gerber Mk2. (Knife of choice)

      Like any man who uses a gun, Castle takes care of his weapons real good. And even upgrades them with sound and flash suppressors, magnified scopes, night vision scopes, high-capacity mags, armor-piercing rounds, bipods, and flashlights. In any given situation, he’s pretty well-prepared to take on almost any foe. Plus, when he’s working with lighter heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America, Frank takes into account their reluctance to kill by using non-lethal rubber bullets. What a nice guy.

      His Battle Van is also a beast in of its own. Frank typically uses it to get around fast, and it has its own fair share of equipment on it.

      • Constant adjust air-assist suspension.

      • Electronically governed variable transmission, braking and steering.

      • Extra high-efficiency air conditioning system.

      • Computer with capabilities such as intruder detection and suppression, USA road and city maps, audio listening device and sonar ranging of outside objects.

      • Electric 4 barrel mini-gun with 20,000 rounds of .223 caliber ammo.

      • 40 mm grenade launcher with a 110 shell ammo box.

      • 4 compressed air driven machine guns, each one with 400 rounds of .25 caliber rubber bullets.

      • Bi-modal delivery system in stream of gas, tear gas, and white fog.

      • Robotic arm located in the back, with a reach of approximately 11 feet.


      Punisher also takes armor into consideration. But unlike most heroes, who typically go all out with the colors and flash, Punisher goes practical. Aside from a kevlar vest and a trenchcoat, Punisher also wears combat boots and his traditional skull shirt, which is the absolute LAST thing that anyone who pisses him off ever sees.

      • Matched Spider-Man and Daredevil in combat.

      • Killed several inmates unarmed.

      • Jumped nearly 35,000 feet out of an airplane without a parachute.

      • Once resisted the Penance Stare.

      • Survived a beatdown with Dakken.

      • Once casually broke the neck of a pimp.

      Aside from managing to fight the likes of Spider-Man and Daredevil in fights, Castle has managed to beat down plenty of opponents on his own. Like the time he created a pile of bodies while waiting for Matt Murdock to come to him for help, or the time when he jumped on a nuclear missile while holding onto a rescued child. Oh, and that time when he managed to outsmart and beat Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Wolverine with various traps. Worth noting: He went through the hard work of making sure that they wouldn’t be killed.

      But despite this, Castle has his weaknesses. Like the fact that he’s only human. Sure, he has training in bladed and ranged weaponry, but his body armor can offer only so much protection. Plus, despite his high pain tolerance, Castle is still susceptible to any toxins or other such diseases that could kill a normal human being - even one with training to make him at his peak. Aside from that, the only real reason why he’s tolerated by the other heroes is because he typically goes for the worst of the worst - like gang leaders, pimps, mob bosses, assassins, and slave traders.

      Despite this, all criminals should always beware: If you see that skull, you’re good as dead.



      Image result

      Deadshot the killer. Two gun-toting anti-whatever side they’re on, and have tangled with a major hero that’s appeared in Death Battle before- … Okay, now I’m starting to get some Batman vs. Spider-Man vibes here. I mean, this was the selling premise of Venom vs. Bane, right? - At least this fight wouldn’t be as big of a stomp as that one. Plus, this could be a good excuse to make is as bloody as possible - c’mon, it’s the freaking Punisher! I also have a story set up for this. Basically, Punisher is riding in his van when Deathstroke shoots off one of the tires (Because Floyd was hired to off Punisher), and guess who gets pissed off about it? - Gold right there.


      This has totally nothing to do with the fact that I want to make a Rorschach and Deadpool reference in my crossover… Okay, maybe a little. But, between two anti-heroes with Frank-Miller levels of edge, this could be fun. Yeah?


      Two gun-toting anti-heroes who fight on the side of justice. Even if justice is blind, she also has a sword. These two, are the swords. Death is something that they’re familiar with, and they have no qualms in killing. So, you don’t even have to remove that aspect in them. Just have them duke it out.

    • Character Sheet: Yuna

      1 year ago


      You ever just… not want to do the fighting yourself? You ever feel as if you would do better as support, or as someone to get the backup here when you need it? You ever just want to sit back, relax, and try to appeal to someone’s humanity? - Yuna is basically this all the time.

      • Alternative Name(s): Yunie.

      • Height: 5’3’’ (160 cm).

      • Eye Color: Blue (Left) Green (Right).

      • Hair Color: Brown.

      • Won “Couple of the Year” With Tidus in 2009.

      Born and raised in Beville by her father Lord Braska, and an unnamed mother, Yuna was destined to have a nice, peaceful, pleasant life, devoid of murder… God DAMN, I wish that was true. Yeah alright, so Yuna’s unnamed mother died on her way to the Al Bhed home from… I guess Beville, and was killed by Sin. This caused her father to become a summoner, and to defeat Sin to avenge… Mrs. Braska (I guess).

      He died in the ensuing fight, by the way, and his message to his daughter was cut off by the fact that the man he asked, Auron, was mortally wounded by Yunalesca. Yuna was later raised by a Temple located in Besaid Village for about a year before the calm ended.

      Yuna took after her father in terms of what tactics she uses for combat. Despite the protests of her friends, Yuna became very exceptional at her craft. Her first summon being the Aeon, Valefor. It was there, that she joined Tidus on his quest to save the world.

      Being from a series that lets the player customize the character, Yuna has no standard setup for her summons. So I guess this is where the character sheet ends.




      Oh wait, no it doesn’t! We have a different source to use for standardization. Thank you, Dissidia.

      • Valefor

      • Ifrit

      • Ixion

      • Shiva

      • Bahamut

      The summons helping out Yuna in battle include Valefor, a large non-elemental bird thing with low attack power, but high speed and evasion. The default attack, Sonic Wings can stun a foe and knock them back with a massive gust of wind. And when using one of her Overdrives, Valefor can use her strongest attack; The Energy Blast. This attack sends out several energy balls that can hit all foes.


      The second of Yuna’s summons is Ifrit. Ifrit is a fire user, focusing more on hitting with powerful fire. The trade-off, being that he’s the second slowest Aeon when compared to the other summons that Yuna has at her disposal, and that he’s not going to be dodging anything anytime soon. Ifrit’s Overdrive is Hellfire, an attack that is basically Overheat from Pokémon, without the drawbacks.

      Dissidia 012 - Ifrit

      The third Aeon Yuna can call upon is Ixion. A gigantic Lighting wall… Griffin thing that has high defensive statistics. With an Overdrive called Thor’s Hammer, Ixion can encase his foe in a field of electricity, and basically fry them. But, Ixion is a big guy, and he won’t be winning any foot races anytime soon.

      Dark Ixion

      Shiva is the fourth Aeon. She’s light on her feet, and despite her icy appearance, she can use the Heavenly Strike to cut her foe’s health down to size, and even stun them for periods of time. And Diamond Dust turns the battlefield into a frozen tundra, which shatters and can cut down their health.


      Yuna’s most powerful Aeon is the most iconic summon in the entire franchise. The giant aeon, Bahamut. The overall health of Bahamut is high, as is its mana. Not to mention that the Impulse attack can nearly cut an opponent’s health by half. The Mega Flare on the other hand dishes out some non-elemental damage despite the misleading name.


      Yuna is also a White Mage. Making her essential for healing magic. She typically enters battle with her signature staff. This Staff has ‘capture’ on it as the primary attribute. ‘Capture’ is an attribute that allows Yuna to basically become a Pokémon Trainer.

      FFX Weapon - Staff 1

      Any monster defeated by a weapon with capture on it has a chance to become friends with Yuna. And Yuna’s staff can pull this off.

      However, Yuna isn’t invincible. As a mage, Yuna’s physical stats are lacking outside of evasion and agility. Plus, she’s not exactly accustomed to fighting on her own, typically relying on her summons to do most of the heavy lifting.

      • Physical stats are lacking.

      • Limited summoning training.

      • Inexperienced in fighting on her own.

      • Got kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches.

      However, Yuna’s feats more than make up for it. She’s managed to tame the Aeon Bahamut Sin, managed to capture Valefor in her first fight against it, and even managed to beat Isaaru in a summoning match of monsters. Almost like a round of Yu-Gi-Oh!

      Image result for yu-gi- oh duel

      • Defeated Isaaru.

      • Captured Bahamut.

      • Survived a fall to the Farplane.

      • Fought off the Emperor.

      Yuna is actually a sweet girl. But her determination is what makes her an invaluable friend to have. She’s willing to protect her friends, and even kick some ass while doing it.

      Image result for yuna ffx



      Let’s just have a Dead Fantasy related DEATH BATTLE for once. Which gentle fighter hits harder? - I say we find out. Between summons and actual combat, I’d say that this might just boil down to whether or not Kasumi can get past Yuna’s summons or not. Who will win?



      I saw this gal on OMM, she is pretty adorable, if not for the fact that she uses dolls to fight for her. She may not last long, but I figure, hey! Why the hell not? She’s adorable, Yuna’s adorable. Alice’s name ends in a vowel, Yuna’s name ends in a vowel. Both of them don’t seem to have a living biological mother… Maybe Alice would be better suited to fight Ruby Rose. Eh, I told myself to make the Yuna sheet, and I made one, goddammit.

      Image result for Quan Chi

      So… Quan Chi anyone? Eh, let’s face it, Quan stands no chance unless he’s allowed to have the revenants to back him up. So, who wants to see Liu Kang fight Valefor? - I do!

    • New debater entering the arena?

      1 year ago


      So, browsing around on the youtube comment section of various Death Battles (Yes, I already know that it's a stupid idea), and there's a disturbing trend of comments on a few... certain specific fights.

      Some new guy named Seththeprogramer. Who, from what I've heard, does his time to debunk some Death Battles.

      But the only trend I've noticed, is that he only debunks the ones where a DBZ character loses. And from what I've read in the comments section, he typically does this by downplaying the opponent, and cherrypicking the Daizenshuu. His defenders typically counter by claiming that he's 'unbiased' and 'does his research' (By the way, his detractors point out that he only copies Screwattack's research, and just wanks them to the extreme).

      What about your thoughts? - What is your opinion of Seth? Is he legit? Or is he full of Bull Semen and is just a salty fanboy?

      Leave your comments below, and there will be a tally next week, seeing who thinks Seth is legit, and who thinks that Seth isn't.

      Hopefully by then, I will have gotten off my lazy ass and actually have finished my Yuna character sheet.

    • FIVE! The Best and the Worst - Berserk

      1 year ago


      The flames have been growing very dim. However, this one’s just as telling, and does the same amount of fandom damage of any other Five… Maybe I should have thought this intro better, but I guess there’s not much to work with.

      Image result for berserk logo


      1. That REALLY sweet, awesome, and badass sword.

      2. Guts vs. 100 men. Guts wins.
      3. The Berserker Armor.

      4. Massive… Thick… Heavy, and FAR too rough, the Dragonslayer shouldn’t be called a sword. It’s more like a heap of Raw Iron!
      5. Despite all the shit he’s gone through, Guts can still be a team dad when he wants to be.

      1. The blood and gore is disturbing. I’m a guy who enjoys Mortal Kombat, and this stuff is kinda creepy.

      2. Griffith is a prick.

      3. Puck’s voice in the new anime.

      4. The creator might keel over before the Manga is finished. Now THAT’S a disturbing thought.

      5. Okay. Really? DLC is seeing Casca in the outfit she was in after she was RAPED? WTF? Koei, you lost a lot of respect there.

      I'm... Going to take a break until April. See you then.

    • Question for all Vs. Debaters!

      1 year ago


      Vs. Debaters, I have a question for you:

      What fallacy do you hate the most?

      I'm talking about shit like improper power-scaling, (fucking) combat speed, and the like. Which one of those makes you the most furious, and why? I'm only asking because as someone who downright despises "combat speed," I want to know what does the same to you guys?

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    • TheAncientOne

      2 years ago

      Hello again DudebladeX, I've finished up my 7th fanon so here it is as seen here: http://screwattack.roosterteeth.com/post/51279496

      Not sure about your thoughts but I'll post my next one soon.

    • TheAncientOne

      2 years ago

      Hello DudebladeX, I've released my 5th Death Battle Fanon on my Screwattack account, not sure about your thoughts but if you have interest, your more then welcome to read it.

      As soon as my fanon version of Akuma VS Noob Saibot is finished, I'll bring that up as well.

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