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    • More changes on the way...erm...already here.

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone! Hope you all had some fun with your games and such. I know I am and having a ball on some fantastic games.

      Anyways, I have been changing gears and blogging from IGN. It's a lot of fun and I write about anything game related, such as the last blog, which was about the games that you can stop at anytime and start up without missing the story or multiplayer. You can head on over to the IGN profile by clicking on the link here.

      I also have played some games with some Achievement Hunter people and just have to say that you all are the best gamers I've met and came across. I've recently played Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online and every time I come across an Achievement hunter member, it's like I met some very close friends. So, thanks for the friendly times and hope you don't shotgun me to the face again.

      Once again, I am also live streaming stuff on Twitch TV so click on this link to tune in and chat away. Thanks everyone for your support and hope to see you on XBOX, Steam or wherever you might be playing.

    • Change in scenery.

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! I know that I haven't posted in a while, but I have been incredibly busy with the new project that I have been working on.
      If you have followed me on Twitter, you know that I have set up a live stream channel! It's really great to have people watch your games and kind of critique you on the basics. I first started to stream because I wanted to raise money for a charity (which I still do) but it grew in popularity and now I hold community days on my live stream channel. The community days (well...its every Friday, so it's actually a day...whatever) is an integral part of the live stream in that I need other people to make that day successful. I had one day in which my good friend Here Go Fries join me on the live stream and we had a ball playing games and meeting new people. That day, we met a weed smoker who forgot where he put his weed and a voice over actor who was so awesome I didn't want to shoot him. Yeah, it was that fun. Anyways, I love community day on my live stream channel so if you want to join in on the fun, send me a message here or on Xbox Live. If you don't have the game we are streaming, that's okay! You can chat with other people on the chat room on the channel! The link to the live stream is here. Click on me to join the live stream!

      In light of the awesomeness, I will be posting some highlights from the live stream here instead of what I'm playing, because let's be honest...nobody gives a crap about what I'm playing. If you want to see what I'm talking about, head over to the live stream channel and view the videos posted there.

      I'll see you on Friday...hopefully!!!

    • Shotgun to the face!

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! Here's what's happening in the gaming world.

      I had a chance to preview Metal Gear Rising: Revengence and since I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear series, I was excited to try it out. As I started to play, it felt very different. Maybe it was that the stealth action was missing, or that a new developer was in the driver's seat, or that the sword play is prominent, instead of some guns and Snake's bare hands. However, it was, I thought it was too different to be called a Metal Gear game. In my opinion, I didn't like it due the reasons above and the controls are really wonky. You could tell that the game is designed with the Playstation Move or the Kinect, but the controller left much to be desired.

      I also tried out the Crysis 3 beta and it is so fun! I played it not you normally played as I was running around with a shotgun running up to unsuspecting players and shooting them in the face. On one game, I was circling the crash site when I noticed that someone was approaching the area as well. I then circled one more time, ran up to him, and put a shotgun shell to his face. I nearly dropped my controller I was laughing so hard. Anyways, I loved the two new game modes and how CryTek updated their graphics. I mean, it looks gorgeous! I am definitely looking forward to this game when it comes out later in the month.

      I also played some Brink earlier in the week. There are some great players that still play that game and I am excited to see that this game still has it's fan base.

      That's it for now. More games next week. Latas!

    • The bombshell.

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! Sorry this is late, but here's what's going down in games this week.

      First off, I was offline for an extended period of time due to ISP issues. If you saw on the news or probably read about it, AT&T Uverse suffered a massive outage that affected the entire southeast US, and I was one of the victims of it. After days without internet access and even more hours tweaking the settings, the internet is back up and running just today. Apologies to anyone I missed because of the outage.

      Anyways, on to the fun stuff. Earlier in the week, I played my very first MMORPG. I officially joined Star Trek Online and have been doing okay as far as rank is concerned. I am now an 8th Grade Lieutenant and am working on a couple peace keeping missions. To my knowledge, this is the first game that runs smoothly on my laptop, and am very much addicted to that game. I will be spending some time with this game in the coming future and will post some updates as well.

      As fat as XBOX, not a whole lot happening. I played some Dead Space 3 both single player and multiplayer and have to say that it is a very fun but challenging game. I like that the single player and coop is the same game, but with a different twist to it. The gun personalization is pretty cool and the new monsters are a great challenge to both a new player and an existing player. Plus, the coop is a drop-in-drop-out, so you are not skipping a beat on the story. One gripe I have is the coop pause. If your partner pauses the game, you are also paused as well, and vice versa. It's pretty annoying when you are in the middle of a game and your partner decides to pause it.

      I also dabbed into the demo for Metal Gear Rising but I haven't played enough to make my opinions on it, so check back next week for that.

      Going back old school, I had a chance to play Quake 4 a little bit and it's a pretty fun game. Sure, the graphics are a little outdated and the multiplayer is lacking due to nobody playing it anymore, but the storyline so far in the campaign and the overall ambiance is striking. I loved how they incorporated some stuff left over from Doom 3 into this game, but made it their own game. I will start to finish this game and if there is still people playing Quake 4 Multiplayer I'll hop on there as well.

      That's about it for now. Check back next week for more! Latas!

    • 5 years ago

    • Let's go hunting!

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great time on your gaming world. Here's what's going down with what I'm playing.

      I played a little bit of MW2 but my time and energy was spent on the game Brink. I was playing with someone I met through the XBOX forums and we had a great time. Well, as I was playing, a leader of a clan joined the party and was impressed by my play style. He offered me to join his clan, which I accepted this week. So, yes, I am a part of a clan and no, they are not try-hards or fake pros. They are great people. So props to them!

      I also tried some XCOM: Enemy Unknown and I was thoroughly surprised by it. I am not much of a RTS guy, but the demo I played was really fun and impressive. I loved how the strategy you take differs from mission to mission and how not two characters are the same. It was a nice change of pace from the shooters that I played.

      Speaking of shooters, I also tried the game Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013. It wasn't up to par with the shooters I play mainly because this focuses on the survival aspect and hunting. You get to basically shoot tigers, lions and deer, but when they die, they disappear like the enemies of Alan Wake. So wierd. Plus, the opening animation with the deer was awkward. You see the deer running and then the deer makes the quickest stop ever. A little bit of polish was in order. Plus, mowing down hordes of lions with a shotgun wasn't much fun. Not going to play that again.

      That's about it for now. Sorry, but no Dead Space 3 early access for me, but check back next week for my review on that. Latas!

    • 2013! Yay! It's here!

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! So sorry for the downtime as I was a little sick...well...a lot sick. Anyways, I'm back and I will give you a rundown on what I'm playing.

      This week, there was no new releases so I went back to an old-y but a good one...Alpha Protocol. I was wanting to finally beat it and I didn't do too bad. I got up to the second to last boss fight on the game, which is an improvement from 2 years ago when I stopped at the last level in Moscow. My thoughts on the game is that it plays a lot like Mass Effect, but brought to the present day and the choices you make can have either an immediate or a long-term impact on your character and storyline. The graphics are "eh" but the story is really good and it plays even better.

      I also dabbed into another old game but it still holds up...Modern Warfare 2. This game is still a good game apart from the occasional rotten apple who swears like a sailor. Most of the servers are dead but the two that have the most people and still are fun are Team Deathmatch and Ground War. A good game to get into competitive multiplayer.

      Well, that is about it for now. Here's to a great 2013 and looking forward to spending some time with you gamers! Latas!

    • Defense good. Offense bad.

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! Here's the lowdown on what I'm playing.

      So I finally downloaded the Agent Of Change DLC for Brink and it is freaking awesome! It made the playing experience that more enjoyable. It added two new maps, including one from the Founder's Tower itself, some new clothes, and a new level cap of 24. I have beaten both sides of the Labs, but I only beat the Resistance portion of Founder's Tower. Again, I am stuck on the Security portion of Founder's Tower. I guess I'm not an offense player as I do way better in defense missions in that game. So fun even after the game was released almost 2 years ago. Props goes to Splash Damage!

      Anyways, I also dabbed into the finale of The Walking Dead. Don't play it if you do not want to cry, as I learned it was very emotional. Yes, a few tears came out, but overall a fantastic game. They also won Game Of The Year at this year's Video Game Awards, so props goes to Tell Tale Games for making an absolutely fantastic game. If you don't have it, I suggest getting that game pronto!

      Another game that I demoed was Jeopardy. Yes, it is based on a game show, but I decided to give it a go. However, it was not up to par with what I expected. For one, you cannot use your XBOX Live avatar but of pre-made ones. Also, the avatar themselves don't have voice overs so they look and feel a little childish. The game mode itself was fun, but with only two categories available it felt very stripped down and bare, even for a demo.

      I also tried a demo for a pretty old game called Fracture. This was the first game, if memory serves me right, to feature terra deformation. As a game that is about 4 years old, this game does hold up pretty well. It was pretty awesome to create your own cover and choke points with the ground. The graphics were "eh" but the game was very fun to play. I think it's pretty cheap at GameStop so I should be picking this game up very soon. (Hopefully)

      That is all for now. Check back next week for a special year-end celebration entry. Latas!

    • Back in the saddle.

      5 years ago


      Hey everyone! Here's the lowdown on what games I'm playing.

      Before I do, I just have to give a big thanks to all the XBOX Ambassadors and support people for helping me with my XBOX problem. I got it fixed with their help, so high five to them! Last week, I tried to state that I will not be on XBOX for a while due to the dreaded red ring of death. What happened was that my power cord was not working properly, so I visited the support site for XBOX and was flooded with help from Ambassadors (I am one, and was very heartwarming) to support and everything in between. A new power cord came in the mail within 4 days and I was back up a day later. Props again to the awesome people that helped me out. You all rawk!!!

      Anyways, I didn't play so much Tango Down recently but I turned my attention to a game that I started but didn't finish: Brink. I traded that game back in February 2012 to get Battlefield 3 and I left one of my characters incomplete. There was one mission I was unable to do and got really frustrated at the game. Now, I FINALLY beat said mission and played some multiplayer. Just yesterday, I fully leveled my character (I don't have the Agent of Change DLC just yet, so the present level cap is 20; the DLC is 24) and started another one and am stuck at the same level...again. I'm going to play to get this level beat so I can start on the other campaign and have another option when playing multiplayer.

      I also tried the free-to-play game Happy Wars. At first, it was fun and very quirky. I had fun during the tutorial just slaying the bots. However, the game requires you to pay out of pocket for loot and better gear and weapons. Not cool. A lonely level 1 person could easily get swallowed up in that game and I was one of them. So in frustration, I deleted the game and tried another demo, which was...

      Need For Speed: Most Wanted. I played this game way back in the PS2 days when the soundtrack had Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and Fuel. This time, the game was super polished but a lot more fun. An added feature that I liked was the change in how you can switch vehicles. Don't like the car you are driving? You can try and find it in the world and unlock it, instead of the previous version, in which you have to purchase the car through in-game currency. It was a lot of fun and am looking forward to playing the full version soon...I hope.

      I also jumped back into the original Perfect Dark and finished some missions on there. I may jump back on there again sometime if I am bored or have nothing to play...which is very rare. Get it? :D

      Bad jokes aside, I am now playing the demo for DmC. It plays a lot like a Ninja Theory game, such as Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Since I absolutely loved both games, I figured that I should love this game and it didn't disappoint. This has it all...demons, guns, combos and a whole lot of cinematic that will make the movie industry quake in fear. I loved the boss battles and the back and forth commentary in the beginning of it, as well. I will be looking forward to playing this game when it drops on January 15.

      Wow...that was a long post. Thanks for reading, Happy Thanksgiving and latas!!!

    • 5 years ago

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      Thanks! I've actually been one for a few months, they just decided to Tweet about it again for some reason haha

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        Yeah. I just saw the tweet today and I figured that I would give you some props for the feat. :D

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