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    • RTX 2016: Let the MADNESS begin!

      1 year ago


      Hi friends!

      The time has finally come.

      We are super excited to announce the dates for RTX 2016………... JULY 1-3, 2016!!!

      Hey, guess what. We picked these dates because it’s MY birthday on July 1st and Barbara’s birthday on July 2nd. Okay, that wasn't the ONLY reason, but we know it will add to the weekend fun.

      We are ALSO super pumped to share with you that ScrewAttack’s annual SGC will become a part of RTX! Wait, what?! We’ve gotta be pulling your leg, right? NOPE. What I am telling you is true! RTX and SGC will take over the city of Austin in what will be the greatest 3-day gaming party of all time.

      I’ll wait while you catch your breath.


      A couple of important notes to mention:

      1. Tickets: Three-day passes, single-day tickets, and VIP passes will be sold starting early 2016, all of which will grant attendees access to BOTH RTX and SGC events.
      2. Guardians: The guardian application submission process will begin on Monday, November 16th, 2015. Please check back on Monday on the RTX Website for the application form and more instructions.
      3. Locations: We are taking over the ENTIRE Convention Center this year and will have space in both the Hilton and JW Marriott as we did last year.
      4. Hotels: We have secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Hilton and JW Marriott. We will post more info at the start of the year when tickets go on sale.

      Visit the RTX website frequently for more updates.

      We can't wait to see you all again (or for the first time!) this coming July!



    • More tickets released for RvB13 Finale Marathon at Austin South Lamar location!

      2 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      Exciting news! We were able to release 40 more tickets to the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse location! Isn’t that exciting?! Make sure you grab your tickets TODAY before they sell out. Keep in mind…there are ONLY 40 TICKETS LEFT for this location.

      In addition to the Austin South Lamar location, the following locations also still have seats available:

      Austin (South Lamar)

      Austin (Slaughter Lane)

      Houston (Mason Park)

      Kansas City (Main Street)

      NY Area (Yonkers)

      *Please note that the Q&A is only taking place at the Austin South Lamar location, however it WILL be recorded and posted at a later date!

      We hope to see your lovely faces there!



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    I just recently moved to Austin from Washington, D.C.! Excited to join the RT family of weirdos. I'm obsessed with dogs, champagne, and queso and I'd like to take a bath of all them...not simultaneously.

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