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    • Adventures in Moving

      4 years ago



      So I have a ton of things going on in my life right now. In addition to working on my novel and my usual output of Youtube gaming videos, I'm also working on a machinima mini-series, am an admin for a group here on RT, and am involved in RT Community Shorts. This is all awesome--it's stuff that I want to be doing, and I'm a brand of crazy that thrives on being busy. The only thing that really throws a wrench into the works is the fact that I'm also planning a move halfway across the country.

      I've moved before, but before it just kind of happened--there wasn't any real, solid planning involved. I moved to PA in the middle of college out of necessity, but I moved in with my fiance's family while I was on breaks from school. No needing to find a place, no needing to worry about whether or not I owned all the kitchen supplies I would need. The sheer amount of work that goes into moving is astounding to me.

      I should probably justify this a little bit by saying that I have entirely too much crap. I got rid of stuff when I graduated from college last year both before and after I left campus. I purged bags upon bags of stuff that I've decided to donate, sell, or trash only a couple of weeks ago. And I still think I have too much stuff. It isn't even like this is from my entire life. This is only from college. I don't know how I have this much. We're getting a trailer for the move, but we have to be able to fit the furniture that my fiance's family is giving us and both of our crap. It's insane.

      (Selling our stuff is its own adventure. I've been using Ebay, but may have to try a different site if this doesn't work.)

      Oh. Did I mention that everything needs to be completely taken care of before RTX?

      We're moving only a couple of days after we get back from Austin, which is not enough time to get anything significant done. So, essentially, we have, what? Five weeks from today to get everything together--packed, booked, transferred. All of it. No wonder I've been having stress dreams like saving my German Shepherd and her non-existent puppies from two house-sized L4D tanks.

      Tl;dr I'm moving and going a wee bit mad in the process. Is it RTX time yet?

    • "Girl Games"

      5 years ago



      So I had a fun idea for my next Flash Game Fail: I'll poke fun at one of those games that are labeled as "girl games" on flash sites. You know what they're like: makeup, dress up, make over, princess, cooking, serving, cleaning, dating, etc. I'm going out of my way to find the most offensive game possible. Unfortunately, that's proving easier than I'd been hoping it would. My soul hurts. I need to go watch some Kill Bill or play some Tomb Raider or something. KICK ASS FEMALES WITH POWER AND AGENCY, STAT.

      I am saying this as someone who loves pink and cooking and wears makeup but also really, really enjoys video games, wearing plaid, and learning about cars. Why, for the love of God, does girl + game have to = tiny skirt dress up time?

      Okay. I'm done. I swear.

      Here's a picture.


    • Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

      5 years ago



      I'm super psyched today because (drum roll, please) my fiance and I have finally been approved for our dream apartment down in Conway, Arkansas!

      Off-kitchen washer/dryer unit, people. For free.

      To simultaneously get rid of stuff that we hardly use and make a little cash toward moving expenses, I've also started an Ebay account to sell some of our DVDs and books. (You can find my profile here if you happen to be interested in such things.)

      Do you know how many books two writers accumulate over 23 years?

      Hint: A lot. A metric shitton, in fact.

      Ah well. Off to go be happy now! smiley0.gif

    • Xbox Reveal

      5 years ago


      That moment when you and your fiance both freak out because Barbara and Jack are in the Xbox Reveal.

      ETA: Totally nerding out right now.

    • Favorite Starkid Images

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      So here's a thread to post all those awesome Starkid related images, gifs, memes, or whatever that you come across on the interwebs or make yourself. I'll kick it off with a couple:




      6 replies

    • Any Starkid Fans Out There?

      5 years ago



      Fan of Starkid? You might know them as the people behind the Very Potter Musical trilogy, Starship, Me and My Dick, Holy Musical B@tman, or an internet web series some of the members produced in college called Little White Lie. They specialize in parody musicals. Darren Criss, currently on Glee and once J. Pierrepont Finch in Broadway's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, is likely the most well-known performer of the group. If you don't know them yet, you should really check them out at You back? Good.

      I've been trying to find ways to get as involved in the RT community as possible, and to that end the admins over at the Starkid Fans page on this website have been kind enough to add me as an admin. So here I am, promoting the page! You can find it here:

      Please join the page and tell your friends! I plan to do some new stuff with it and build it as much as possible. The more the merrier!

    • Capture Card Fun!

      5 years ago



      So I got all of the pieces for my capture card late last week (the software, cables, etc.), and finally got a chance to hook it all up to the 360 yesterday. It took some doing to actually get it all hooked up (I had a HDMI cable with me that wasn't supposed to get hooked up and had left another cable on the bed), but it worked just fine. I stopped recording the bits of Tomb Raider that I wanted to do my video revew, but kept playing. I was trying to get out of a tomb and it wasn't working. I figured, alright, possible glitch, let's reload the last checkpoint. It glitced for real, sending me somewhere else on the island that I hadn't been to all night, where I kept falling through the ground and dying because the world wouldn't load, with nothing I could do about it.

      After being 82% complete.

      My fiance got home from work, looked at it, and downloaded a patch, which I had been too angry to even consider doing. It's all better now. I have the best fiance ever.

      P.S. I had a dream last night about gettng upset that I had changed my RT profile picture and trying to change it back. I might be spending too much time on this site... Nah.

    • Let's Plays and Memory Loss

      5 years ago



      So last night, in an effort to be productive, I recorded two Let's Plays in a row. I'm listening to the audio now. With the first LP, I remembered recording most of it and had the usual couple of lines that I'd forgotten I'd said but thought were pretty funny. I'm listening to the second LP, and... my memory of recording any of this is not even there. It hasn't even been 24 hours. And, judging by the audio, I was pretty out of it by the second LP. I guess this is why you're not supposed to record two in a row. By the time I was done playing games--because, of course, I went on to Achievement Hunt in Tomb Raider and racked up a grand total of 7 new achievements--I was completely zoned out, to the point where, when my fiance came home from work, he wanted to know what was wrong. Woohoo, playing video games for hours on end!

    • Tomb Raider

      5 years ago



      I just finished the campaign for Tomb Raider (2013), and I plan to do a full-fledged video review on my Youtube channel soon. (I've yet to really get into post-game stuff and haven't touched multiplayer yet.) But in the mean time, here are some quick thoughts:

      -Guys with bombs: Assholes. Finally getting the grenade launcher was so satisfying.
      -Combat: Potentially incredibly frustrating. The assholes with the bombs don't help. Gear and skill upgrades are a huge help, though.
      -Survival/tombs/collectibles: My favorite part of the game. I only wish that there was more opportunity for it during the campaign, but it is nice that you can just search the island on a "peaceful" sort of mode post-campaign to do this.
      -Achievements: Alright, but a lot of them are collectibles and such. That said, I did get a decent amount of gamer score from it.
      -Character development: Good with Lara, otherwise characters just seem likable/unlikable with some back story. The most interesting aspect was watching the gameplay develop as Lara's role as a survivor develops.
      -Graphics: Really pretty.

      So, like I said, these are just a couple of thoughts for the moment before I play it a bit more and get up a video review for it. Then on to Bioshock Infinite!

    • Roosters Don't Have Teeth?

      5 years ago



      New fun game I've been playing: When I mention Rooster Teeth and people give me a blank look, I can ask if they know Achievement Hunter or Red vs. Blue, and they always know one or the other. Unless they don't own a computer/don't use the internet. But honestly, everyone who does that is over the age of 60, aren't they? smiley1.gif

      (Picture designed by dhaken666. You should buy her magnets here: . There is a greater selection than those featured above. I already have mine, and they're awesome!)

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