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    • Where Am I?

      4 years ago



      Woohoo, Con Cough! I got slight hints of it mid-Saturday, then pulled a Gavin and said, "Nope. I'm not sick." Which worked, and then my fiancé got it on Monday. And then I woke up with it this morning. My head's all foggy and I feel loopy as hell, which I think is partially on account of still not having recovered from RTX travel.

      I'd just take the week to relax, except that I have a million and a half things going on. For example, having to call student loan people and contact my school with tuition questions/freak-outs. Also, I only have a couple of days now to get my shit together for moving. I need to donate my crap, get to the bank, and pack everything that's left. Also, do laundry. Probably other stuff, I can't think clearly right now.

      The only productive thing I've done in days was make myself a release schedule for videos on Youtube August through October. I started re-playing Plants vs. Zombies on my new computer for some achievement videos and could barely concentrate. So I ate some chocolate ice cream instead.

      How is it already almost Thursday? It feels like the day before yesterday that I was heading to RTX. I have until Saturday to get my shit together, because Sunday we're packing up the Uhaul trailer and then having a get-together with my fiancé's family. Then early Monday morning we're starting out for Arkansas.

      What is life even, and why is my mind going a million miles a minute in fifteen different directions?

      I should write. And record videos. And pack. And maybe sleep.

      No, definitely sleep. I need me some Nyquil, man. Stat.

      I apologize if you're trying to make sense of my overly exhausted, frantic, delirious, medicine-induced thought patterns.

    • Return from Austin

      4 years ago



      So I got back from Austin earlier tonight after two flights. This past weekend was the most awesome one I've had in a very long time. Not only did I get the chance to hang out with college friends who I won't be able to see for a while, but I got to meet and briefly chat with some of the RT crew. I interacted with people in the RT community from all over the world who didn't otherwise know me, and we bonded, however quickly, over our mutual love for Rooster Teeth, reaffirming my belief that we have a really cool, friendly lot of people on this website. Plus I got to visit Austin, which the food alone makes worthwhile--I only wish I could get Mexican and BBQ that good up here. The city was awesome in general, and I look forward to having more time to wander around the next time I visit.

      This weekend was a little crazy with travel and everything going on at RTX, but I'm really glad that I decided to make the trip. If you ever get the chance, go. It is all kinds of awesome, even if it hurts your wallet a little (or a lot, as the case may be). I'm out of my mind exhausted, but I wouldn't have traded this past weekend with my fiance and our friends for anything.

      And so the countdown to my return to Central Time begins. Early Monday morning I start my journey to Arkansas for grad school. This may be the post-RTX exhaustion talking, but I'm really serene about the whole thing, and very much so looking forward to my next adventure.

    • RTX 2013!

      4 years ago



      I'm heading in tomorrow night, and my plane is supposed to land in Austin around 10. Anyone else crazy excited, or is it just me?

    • This is the End...

      4 years ago


      this-is-the-end.jpg exactly what I thought it would be. A fun, goofy, ridiculous apocalypse comedy. While I'm much more so looking forward to seeing Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in The World's End, I really enjoyed myself. I laughed a lot, didn't take anything too seriously, and it was a good time. (Being in touch with your inner dude helps a lot, I think. Just sayin'.)

    • Fable 3 Review

      4 years ago



      Yay, review time!

      Possible spoilers, etc. etc.

      So I read on the Fable Wiki that Fable 3 is "buggier than an anthill," which is a perfect phrase for the game if ever there was one. I am talking all kinds of glitches: your dog phasing through you all the time, suddenly losing the ability to interact with other people, and my favorite: the golden line that should lead you to quest points disappearing, following you instead of leading you, or leading you somewhere you didn't want to go. The story is alright enough, but nothing world shattering. Things like clothes and hairstyles and such are fun, even if there isn't a ton of variety. Although I wish there would be a more open world with more to do, it's still entertaining if you take your time. Overall, I enjoyed it. It's not a great game perse. There are several faults with it, in fact. But it's entertaining for what it is, and I think that what helped tremendously was that I didn't take it too seriously. If there was a glitch, I came back to it the next day and it was fixed. If I was having trouble with a particular baddie, I spammed my magic until I kicked his ass. It wasn't as good as Tomb Raider by any stretch, but after all the stress and frustration that I went through with Bioshock Infinite recently, I really needed this.

      So, in short, if I'd paid $60 for this, I would have been royally pissed. Having gotten it for free on Xbox Live allowed me to enjoy it.

    • Computer Drama

      4 years ago



      So, as you may or may not know, my computer got eaten by viruses and crapped out a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a new one from HP, which wasn't cheap, and the shipping date wasn't until today, which I wasn't happy about, but I was happy that I'd at least get the computer before I moved.

      Got an email from them today saying that there was a delay and they won't be shipping until July 12th. But we got a 10% discount on our next purchase.

      I move on July 15th. I'd change the shipping address, if my apartment complex would give me my apartment number, but the last time I called they said that they didn't know it yet, and wouldn't until we'd be moving in.

      In the words of a famous young British man, suck my nob, guys. Suck my nob.

      *Rant over*

      ETA: HP offered me coupons and discounts, but finally gave me a full refund. My first stop the day after I returned from RTX was HH Gregg, and I'm now writing from my shiny new computer. Also an HP at a comparable price, plus it runs beautifully and looks pretty, too. So yay, it worked out!

    • RT Community

      4 years ago



      So I just mailed out a bunch of pins to fellow RT members working on project I'm part of here on RT: RT Community Shorts. I mailed these all over the country--CA, FL, TX, RI, here, there, and everywhere. I think it's really awesome how the Roosterteeth website, and RTX, can bring people from all over the place together. This commuity is a unique opportunity--one for getting to know people even halfway across the world, one for growing as a creative person, and one for collaborating on projects that you might not have a chance to otherwise. Something like RTX only enhances that opportunity.

      All this to say that I'm really excited for RTX, and to be a part of this community as a whole. Y'all are awesome. smiley12.gif

    • Bioshock Infinite Review

      4 years ago



      I'm saying it now, so don't get upset when you see it later: SPOILERS GALORE. All of the spoilers, all of them ever. Do not read this if you don't want Bioshock Infinite spoilers.

      Good? Good.

      I'm going to start out by saying that I really enjoyed playing Infinite... to a point. I had a lot of fun with it. I had fun exploring Columbia as a world, I liked looting safes and corpses, I enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth, I thought that the commentary on extremism was well done. I liked this game a lot.

      And then it was like somebody flipped a switch. I could feel the end of the game coming, so I sat down the first day and tried to complete it. I got frustrated with pointless battle after pointless battle, which really screwed with the pacing in my view. I got through some but not all of it. I put it down, tried a second day. Killed Comstock, got to the deck. Played on the deck for two hours only to fail over and over and over again. Even tried changing it to easy after having played it on normal through the whole game. I tried just the deck bit again on a third day. I used everything in my arsenal--Songbird, vigours, guns, health, online written and video walkthroughs. I did everything I should have and it was still a pain in the ass.

      Even forgetting how bottom heavy this game is in terms of both action and story, if the story felt worth it then I wouldn't have felt like I'd wasted my time. Maybe it's just not my kind of story. I'd seen most of the twists--the Lutece twins being the same person, Elizabeth actually being Booker's daughter, etc.--coming. That wasn't what truly bothered me. What bothered me was that Booker gets murdered. It theoretically erases what you've spent the whole game doing. Maybe it doesn't actually erase it, but all you have to go on is that it theoretically does. And maybe Booker's Elizabeth lives at the end and is the only one who does. But maybe she disappears after it goes to black, too.

      For me, this kind of ending doesn't satisfy. I'm not saying that it had to be happy. I'm not saying that Booker has to go back and undo giving Anna up. I'm not saying that they couldn't do the whole Booker being Comstock thing. But if I'm going to sink hours and $60 into a video game, it should really feel like it meant something, even if only in that universe. Why did I spend the entire game fighting Comstock and the Vox Populi and busting my ass?

      I enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth, I enjoyed spending time in a well-constructed world, but the ending wasn't emotional for me. It wasn't profound. It was just infuriating. There are endless possibilities of what it could mean, I suppose, but the way I took it was that taking out the Vox Populi and Comstock didn't matter. You might have saved Elizabeth, but who the hell knows if she disappeared or not? And that would be the only value since you go back and take Comstock out of the equation, which in theory means that Columbia never even existed. Or did the scene with Booker opening the door to Anna's room mean that he's not really dead? Not in my book, but I can't say that with absolute authority.

      I don't need to know everything. But a series of twists at the end concluding with "Let's kill Booker before he becomes Comstock in another dimension" wasn't enough for me. It didn't warrant having to claw my way through the final battles that I had to. And, because it ends on this note, the game overall leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Which honestly is a shame, because I really did enjoy it until that switch flipped.

      (And, because I feel that it's worth mentioning, this isn't to say that people who enjoyed the game are somehow wrong or not valid or anything stupid like that. I think that, for a certain kind of person, this could be an enjoyable game from beginning to end. That person just isn't me.)

    • Pokemon: White Progress

      4 years ago



      So, for the first time in a long time, I'm playing a Pokemon game. (The laptop got eaten by viruses, plus I'm getting ready for X and Y this fall.) I very briefly played Leaf Green a few years ago, but before that hadn't played since I was in middle school. (Yes, I've been playing Pokemon for longer than many who play it have been alive. Boy, don't I feel old?) The changes in graphics, story, Pokemon, etc. are drastic since I haven't played for a couple of generations now. I thought it might be fun to post my current team, so here it goes:

      "Charming" Simisear, Lv. 38
      "Hook" Scrafty, Lv. 39
      "Rumple" Samurott, Lv. 39
      "Snow White" Zebstrika, Lv. 39
      "Henry" Duosion, Lv. 40
      "Red" Excadrill, Lv. 40

      Badges: 7

      For those of you who don't know the show, I decided to go with a Once Upon a Time theme for nicknames this time around. Does anyone else play Pokemon still?

    • 7 Lessons of Moving

      4 years ago



      1. You have too much stuff.
      2. Yes, you still have too much stuff.
      3. Repurposing is your friend.
      4. See what people want to get rid of. They may end up furnishing your whole apartment.
      5. Moving is expensive. Add about $1,000 to what you think you're going to spend. This figure is closer.
      6. Expect not to sleep for the 2 months leading up to the move. Then, on the occasional night that you do, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
      7. Touch base with people every couple of weeks. Think you should have heard from the apartment/moving company/whoever already? You should have. Call them.

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