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    • Fair Warning: This is a Rant

      4 years ago



      Okay, so you know that journal I posted the other day with Jennifer Lawrence flipping a double bird?

      Things have managed to actually get worse.

      I'm warning you now: I'm going to rant. I need to let out steam somehow, and I really don't want to stress my fiancé out any more than he already is.

      SO. The reason that I was freaking out the other day was mostly rooted to money. I'm still fighting with a medical bill that's 2 years old now. One of the parties doesn't want to pay the $300 that they owe and is trying to stick me with the whole $650 charge. This don't fly with me. I've been fighting it for months.

      On top of this, I've been having problems with financial aid not processing properly with my school. The loans that I'm taking out didn't show up on my bill, so the bill says that I owe $2700+ that I don't have by the 21st. Also not gonna fly with me.

      Plus my schedule next week is kind of screwy. My fiancé and I share a car, and he's the only one with a license. (I can drive, I just don't have my license yet.) So our work schedules matching up is really important.

      The other day I did resolve the first two issues (I think?). So I've been feeling better. In fact, today I was productive--I worked on a gaming video for my channel and edited almost 5,000 words of my novel. Work even went well. My fiancé's schedule and mine apparently line up alright except for one day, which I feel comfortable going to my bosses about.

      And then--wouldn't you know it--the car goes to shit. THE CAR GOES TO SHIT. Of all of the freakin' things I need right now. If it's a serious issue, that's more money that we don't have down the drain. It was smoking under the hood and smelled like shit. I'm thinking it's either the antifreeze or the oil or possibly both. We're in the sticks in Arkansas. How are we supposed to get the car anywhere if it's freakin' smoking? We don't even really know anyone here yet. WE NEED TO BUY GROCERIES TOMORROW. WE HAVE VERY LITTLE FOOD IN THE HOUSE. WHAT IF IT NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON? WE HAVE NO MONEY FOR THAT AND WON'T BE ABLE TO GET TO WORK BECAUSE IT'S NOT LIKE WE HAVE FAMILY HERE OR ANYTHING THAT CAN GIVE US RIDES.

      So I've taken to begging people from school--WHO WE HAVE NOT MET YET--to give us a ride to get antifreeze and hope that this will at least give us a chance to get the car somewhere to either get looked at or the oil changed. We've bribed them with kitten cuddles and cookies. My fiancé even said that it'd be cool to cuddle with me. He's the jealous type. He has never, ever said this in the entirety of our relationship--even with my 2 gay best friends. This is serious shit right here.

      Tl;dr: CAPS CAPS CAPS ANGRY. Thanks for reading this if you did. Even just writing it out helps a little. God, I hope that we don't need the car towed or any serious work done. Lord, please.

      Okay. Rant over.

    • Kitten Advice?

      4 years ago


      I got to go on an emergency vet trip today because Joplin was having eye problems. The day before yesterday she started having discharge from her eyes, and yesterday it started swelling up real bad and getting red. When she started scratching at it this morning, I knew that we couldn't wait it out. She could do more damage scratching at it than had already been done. We dyed her eye at the vet's and it was exactly what my gut said it was--a scratch, luckily not a deep one, likely from play. We had to give her an injection in the eye and picked up some antibacterial eye drops for her while we were there. Her eye is still swollen 'cause it's going to be a bit before the injection fluids get fully absorbed.

      I've noticed in the past few days that the kittens have been playing rougher with each other than they had been. They bunny kick each other in the eyes, bite each other around the neck and face, etc. It's not that they don't like each other--they often groom and cuddle one another. I think it's partially that they're fighting for dominance because they're both female (there's been some mounting as well the past couple of days). I also think that it's partially they were separated from their moms young and never got slapped upside the head for biting or batting too hard. (At least one of their mothers was hit by a car.)

      We pull them apart when we see them getting too rough with one another. Whichever one I pick up I bring into another room and wait until their heartbeat slows down a bit so that they're a little calmer. We also play with them with a variety of toys at least twice a day (sometimes three or four) for two hours at a time. I figure that they'll grow out of some of this, but in the meantime I don't want to risk them getting hurt again if we can help it. We're going to be starting work soon, and school and our second jobs at the end of August, so any good behavior that we can encourage while we have all this time with them will do a lot of good.

      Tl;dr: Can you please give any advice you might have to reduce kitten-on-kitten too-roughhousing?

      P.S. There's a large orange cat that has to weight at least 25 lb. who just hangs around the vet's office doing his own thing and letting everyone pet him. He reminds me of Joe the Cat, so that's what I've taken to calling him in my head.

    • Kitten Lessons: Week One

      4 years ago



      1. My most common phrases as a mother will likely be "You know better than that" and "Do I want to know what they're doing right now?"

      2. If I'm bumming around watching TV, everyone is fast asleep. If I try to play a game or do something productive, it's suddenly play time for 2 hours.

      3. The second I can afford it, I'm buying a scratching post with catnip in it.

      4. Blinds, wires, bugs, and boxes are all toys.

      5. Fun fact: Arkansas' biggest pests, as far as I can tell, are spiders. And they are big, tough motherfuckers. I threw my shoe at one and it bounced off with little damage to the spider. It never even occurred to me that I'd have to worry about the spiders getting my kittens rather than the other way around.

      6. Thank God for Jackson Galaxy.

      7. Two kittens are better than one--not only does it up the cute factor, but they wear themselves out a lot of the time.

      I say this as someone who has never lived with kittens before, only older cats. Joplin in particular is very high energy, although Andy (Andromeda) is creative when she gets into trouble, thinking up things like sticking her head in the garbage disposal.

      I say this all in good fun, of course. Even after only a week, I love our kittens dearly and wouldn't give them up for anything. In other news, their first vet appointment is tomorrow, which should be all kinds of exciting. Joplin is skittish and it takes her a while to get used to a different place, so I look forward to that adventure.

      UPDATE: The kittens did fairly well at the vet today. I was actually surprised because skittish little Joplin was better behaved than the usually zen Andy. Joplin shook a little and was none too pleased about getting her temperature taken or her nails clipped, but did alright for the most part.

      Andy, on the other hand, hissed at a 20-25+ pound cat that in all honesty could have eaten her (we'll have to get the both of them socialized with other animals and people as soon as possible) and then she needed two people to hold her (one of them scruffing her) by the time she was getting her nails clipped. She kept trying to swat at and bite the people taking care of her. I think it was the thermometer that did it.

      But then they got treats in the car and slept on the ride home. And, most importantly, they both have clean bills of health. We have another appointment for shots in 2 weeks. Don't tell the kittens.

    • I'm Baaaaack!

      4 years ago



      And I'm writing from my new apartment. Where I live with my fiancé. And our two adorable kittens!

      In fact, I have to type this one handed because the other is occupied by a sleeping kitteh. They're two 8-week-old girls who we adopted from a local shelter. Joplin is much smaller and is missing one of her back toes. She's cuddly but full of tons of energy, and is skittish until she knows someone. Andromeda, who we're going to call Andy, has no tail. She's more chill and a total lap cat. The two of them were cage mates, and we were thinking we'd get two cats, so it seemed perfect. Plus I think that Joplin and I fell in love the second we saw each other. I was really scared that someone else might scoop her up before we did, but we lucked out.

      The apartment's even nicer than I thought it was going to be, which is awesome, and we've mostly gotten the big unpacking out of the way. When we start getting paychecks, we're going to spring for things like a vacuum and a stepstool for me (I can barely reach any of the cabinets) and things like that. But cats were more of a priority. In fact, we opted for no cable since we have Netflix, and this is an easy way to cover most of the monthly cost that having two cats adds to our rent bill. Some of the awesome amenities include free golf since we live on the course, free weight room, washer/dryer unit off the kitchen, two enormous closets and a linen closet, plus a bonus for our location: Huge windows in the living room and bedroom that let tons of light in but don't heat up the place with direct sun exposure. Also, a place this size in NYC would cost about four times what we're paying for this place, and it'd be without the amenities.

      Tuition is less that I thought it'd be by about $2,000, which I'm super excited about. It's hot as dicks here and much, much more humid than Austin was, but I'd mostly been expecting that.

      All in all, a lot of the stress of moving has been removed. There are still things like student loan deferment and stuff that I've got to work out, but there's much less of it than there was just a week ago. Now I can worry about important things like writing and Let's Plays.

      More kitten pictures to come.

    • Last Journal for a While

      4 years ago



      I don't know when I'll have internet connection again, so I thought I might make a journal real quick before I go a week or whatever without internet.

      I'm sitting down for a minute, because I just spent the past few hours loading my and my fiancé's crap into the moving trailer. We have that and the one car packed, so we're just looking at packing smaller stuff into the Civic. I easily got rid of 3/4 of the crap I owned since just before I left college last year. I still have a couple of boxes that I couldn't fit comfortably, so I'm leaving them behind for the moment. Honestly, it's mostly stuff like office supplies that can be easily replaced and stuffed animals that I'm not going to have out anyway 'cause I don't have kids yet and won't have the space. Still, I blame all the free furniture my fiancé's family gave us for taking up 90% of the space. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing--it'll save us quite a bit of money, after all--but it wasn't something that I was accounting for when I went through my crap the most recent time. So we had a smidge less space than I thought we would.

      But overall, packing the trailer didn't go too badly. I'll just be glad when we have the stuff unloaded in our own place. I'm honestly looking forward to unpacking and decorating and grocery shopping and all that. And I'll have all the time in the world to do it in, 'cause we need to call the cable/internet company when we get down there to have them come over and hook whatever up. But I'm looking forward to this next adventure. It should prove to be a lot of fun.

      See you on the other side. Of the Eastern/Central time line.

    • It's a Good Thing I'm Still Running on Central Time

      4 years ago



      Okay, so I'm feeling marginally better and should hopefully be mostly recovered from Con Cough by tomorrow. Yaaay.

      Also, I start my move halfway across the country in something like 55 hours. I've mostly finished packing, but I still feel like I've got everything left in the world to do even though that's blatantly not true. I just can't wait to be moved into my new place. Not even unpacked, just moved in.

      Plus we'll be getting a kitten or two some time in the next few weeks. I'm so excited!

      Part of me wishes I could just sleep through this whole bit. The only part that will make all of the travel and stress of moving our shit in and out of the moving trailer worth it is that it'll be a road trip with my fiancé.

      Quick: Any last minute advice for my journey/moving?

    • Where Am I?

      4 years ago



      Woohoo, Con Cough! I got slight hints of it mid-Saturday, then pulled a Gavin and said, "Nope. I'm not sick." Which worked, and then my fiancé got it on Monday. And then I woke up with it this morning. My head's all foggy and I feel loopy as hell, which I think is partially on account of still not having recovered from RTX travel.

      I'd just take the week to relax, except that I have a million and a half things going on. For example, having to call student loan people and contact my school with tuition questions/freak-outs. Also, I only have a couple of days now to get my shit together for moving. I need to donate my crap, get to the bank, and pack everything that's left. Also, do laundry. Probably other stuff, I can't think clearly right now.

      The only productive thing I've done in days was make myself a release schedule for videos on Youtube August through October. I started re-playing Plants vs. Zombies on my new computer for some achievement videos and could barely concentrate. So I ate some chocolate ice cream instead.

      How is it already almost Thursday? It feels like the day before yesterday that I was heading to RTX. I have until Saturday to get my shit together, because Sunday we're packing up the Uhaul trailer and then having a get-together with my fiancé's family. Then early Monday morning we're starting out for Arkansas.

      What is life even, and why is my mind going a million miles a minute in fifteen different directions?

      I should write. And record videos. And pack. And maybe sleep.

      No, definitely sleep. I need me some Nyquil, man. Stat.

      I apologize if you're trying to make sense of my overly exhausted, frantic, delirious, medicine-induced thought patterns.

    • Return from Austin

      4 years ago



      So I got back from Austin earlier tonight after two flights. This past weekend was the most awesome one I've had in a very long time. Not only did I get the chance to hang out with college friends who I won't be able to see for a while, but I got to meet and briefly chat with some of the RT crew. I interacted with people in the RT community from all over the world who didn't otherwise know me, and we bonded, however quickly, over our mutual love for Rooster Teeth, reaffirming my belief that we have a really cool, friendly lot of people on this website. Plus I got to visit Austin, which the food alone makes worthwhile--I only wish I could get Mexican and BBQ that good up here. The city was awesome in general, and I look forward to having more time to wander around the next time I visit.

      This weekend was a little crazy with travel and everything going on at RTX, but I'm really glad that I decided to make the trip. If you ever get the chance, go. It is all kinds of awesome, even if it hurts your wallet a little (or a lot, as the case may be). I'm out of my mind exhausted, but I wouldn't have traded this past weekend with my fiance and our friends for anything.

      And so the countdown to my return to Central Time begins. Early Monday morning I start my journey to Arkansas for grad school. This may be the post-RTX exhaustion talking, but I'm really serene about the whole thing, and very much so looking forward to my next adventure.

    • RTX 2013!

      4 years ago



      I'm heading in tomorrow night, and my plane is supposed to land in Austin around 10. Anyone else crazy excited, or is it just me?

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