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    • Touching and proud of this Community.

      10 months ago


      Seeing the twitch stream of RTX today, my friend Serena received the greatest gift anyone can hope to give her, the love of a community. At the final Q&A for RWBY, she went up to the mic, nervous and unsure, but told her how much the panel inspired her, as well as the show, to go by her daily life. What happened next was just beautiful. Almost all of them came off stage to hug her, and throughout the day, random people, all lovers of everything RoosterTeeth and life in general, came up to her and hugged her, hung out with her, shared stories. That is a true community right there. No castes, no hierarchies or politics, just thousands of friends gathering together in one place and enjoying what they all love.

      I will be making the journey next year in the first week in August. It's time I came out of my own shell I call my depression and anxiety and just...go. I always told myself I should, but never did, but seeing my friend take that step into the unknown, not knowing how people would react and for it to turn into a positive thing? Why shouldn't I do the same? So to the few friends I have on this site, I do hope I see you there next year if you're going. I'm looking forward to meeting new faces and expanding my circle of friendship and trust to many, MANY others.

    • What's your favorite fairy tale? (Open stories!)

      in Forums > What's your favorite fairy tale? (Open stories!) | Follow this topic


      (Seeing how there's two threads dedicated to OCs and the like, something crossed my mind while exploring these forums. There's nothing regarding any "World of Remnant"-like threads! So here's the deal! What is your character's story? Or do they have a story to tell? Lets hear it here! In fact, I'll start off and see what you all think. Obviously this isn't by any means canon. Just from free writing. Feel free to comment and such too!)

      "The World of Remnant: The Pool of Lazrus"

      "My name's Argent Horatius Sterling. Yes, the same kid whose father is a traitor to Atlas and its people for aiding the White Fang on a covert assault on one of the army's weapons depots. That whole mess is for another story. Today though? Well, take a seat and listen for a spell.

      I keep hearing the phrase 'Whats your favorite fairy tale' a lot lately. An honest question of course. After all, we were all kids once, growing up on stories told by our parents and others of amazing things that are too good to be true. There is one story that my mother once told me after looking at an art piece of a man standing a constant vigil over a spring, wielding a spear and suited up in armor that predated the Great War. Still one of my favorites to this day...

      In Sanus, near the base of one of the mountains that range across the southern regions of the land, laid once a "nesting ground" to the Grimm. Rather than breeding of course, it was said that they spawned from a single dark pool of ichor. From this place, the creatures would then attack the villages and towns on the verge of becoming cities to the North and surrounding areas...that was until the day that four women of incredible and outlandish power came; The Maidens. 


      They came to this region together and tasked themselves with wiping out the Grimm that spawned from the pool and mend the land that was destroyed and corrupted by their twisted nature. With their combined power, gifted from an old wizard that they befriended, they wiped out the Grimm and got to work on revitalizing what once was. Winter brought the snow and ice back to the caps of the mountain above, Spring spread the seeds for which floral life could grow, Summer brought the climate to a balance between mountain peak and base for new streams of running water to flow, and Fall saw the cycle being brought together in the form of rain and snow. In a short time, the seeds grew into various plants and trees, matching that of the surrounding areas that weren't affected by this once dead land's corruption. Animals migrated into the revitalized area and settled in to their new home. But there was one thing the sisters did not foresee when they cleansed the land.

      As it turns out, the work the Maidens had done affected the pool in a way that not only did it revert back into the natural spring of life sustaining water it once was, but...well...You know how the cycle of the seasons are like. Summer is where life flourishes, vibrant and beautiful. Fall is when life starts slowly wither and either die or go dormant. Winter is the time of rest and where life would cease. But then came Spring, where life is reborn anew. On the day of their discovery, a broken suit of armor fell into the renewed spring of water after the soil around it eroded and sank it to its depths to increase its size. But what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. 

      A man burst forth from that same spring and took in the air around him as he breathed with life anew, wearing the the very same armor that fell in just moments before.

      Lazrus, as he called himself, thanked  the maidens for what they have done and explained that he fell long ago battling the Grimm here in this very spot. Now that he lives once more, he made it his sworn duty to protect the the pool that brought about his resurrection and not let this gift that they had brought to these revitalized lands fall into the hands of the unworthy.

      They say that many had learned of the spring and sought it out to obtain its powers for themselves, be it out of greed or curiosity. Few came back empty handed, finding their journey to be folly for not finding the way. Those that never returned? They say they have 'returned to the land', be it by the forests natural defenses and inhabitants, or that they found the spring and Lazrus has dubbed them unworthy. Legend has it that he still lives on to this day, an eternal guardian of the pool. 

      Quite the tale, huh? I believed it at first as a kid...but if what happened at Beacon was any indication, life is not one big fairy tale. But then again, stories do tend to have some elements of truth to them. Question was, what part of this one is it?"

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    • Character done!

      1 year ago


      Took a month, but the remake is done, and with awesome results it seems! Hope you all like it! You can find them on both the RWBY OC character threads on the forums.

    • Step 5: Origin Story (Childhood to Early Teens)

      1 year ago


      Argent Horatius Sterling is the son of Specialist Argyros and the late Lady Sylvia Sterling. While his father was a hunter and part of the Atlesian Military, his mother was well versed in the arts of music. Sharing his mother's talent for the use of instruments, Argent was a prodigy when it came to playing the piano. So much so that he was to enroll in an academy of musical arts. That was until one day when the family was on holiday to Mistral. 

      When their aircraft had to make an emergency landing while enroute to the eastern nation, a group of Grimm attacked the downed plane. Argyros, using his Semblance of "Phase Jumping", where he looks to instantly teleport very short distances, fended off the Grimm as best he could, but then a Beowulf managed to slip past him and went to strike at his wife and then twelve year old son. The man watched in horror as it swung its claw at them, but then became awestruck when his son extended his arms outwards to his sides and let out a defiant cry as a shield formed around him and his mother, stopping the claw and giving the Specialist time to slay the beast.

      With this discovery of his semblance, Argent enrolled in the local combat school to get himself prepared for his eventual enrollment into Atlas Academy, and follow in his father's footsteps as a hunter of Atlas.

    • Step 5: Origin Story (A Son Betrayed, Scarred for Life)

      1 year ago


      ((Reader Warning: There is some dismemberment involved in this))

      The White Fang, a faction of Faunus that sought out equality once through diplomacy and protests. Argent's family did have respect and fair discussions with their members and some smaller, lesser known leaders within the Atlas Division. But when there was a change a few years ago, the family made it a point to distance themselves from the one diplomatic faction, to the now violent, terrorist zealots they have become. This is what Argent believed for a long time, even after his mother died.

      On the day his team went to visit a weapon's depot just outside the city of Atlas, the White Fang struck, lead by a human dressed in white as some of the feeling workers were shouting. This came a shock to the leader of Team ATLS and feigned surprised from the others, unbeknownst to him at the time. The White Fang of Atlas had to work in the shadows of the militaristic society, acting on ambush tactics and bombings. Atlas was at War with the White Fang, that much was obvious, but a human aiding one of their strikes? 

      After he told his team to split up and aid with getting the civilians out, he was approached by someone he did not expect. His own sister, Trish. She warned him that the one leading this assault was none other than Argyros Sterling, his father. Argent didn't believe it at first, but not once has she lied to him, so he wasn't going to brush this off now of all times. It explains so much though, why his letters and missives always went to faunus he didn't recognize, nor really shared much interaction with. He had to find him and stop this any way he could. With the help of his sister now, they made their way through the burning depot, striking down some White Fang soldiers along the way.

      There was no sign of his team, even when he looked down to his scroll to check on their aura he was met with a shocking revelation. They were not there. Were they dead? That answer came in the form of a sharp, biting pain that cut right into his shoulder. More than just flesh, but right through to the bone and like a hot knife through butter, cut his arm and a good chunk of his shoulder clean off. His aura was already weakened before from the soldier he fought with, but Trish split off to deal with some that tried to flee. Dropping his weapon and grasping the bleeding stub in pain, he turned about to see who it was that struck him. It was Lace, a blade passing back through the portal that was made for it and on the rafters above, where a large section of the roof was torn up from, stood the rest of his team behind Argyros. His father only smirked down at his son before lifting his hand that held a detonator and shouted, "For her Grace..."

      Upon pressing the button, bombs that were rigged to go off throughout various parts of the depot went off in a chain while they made their escape on one of the stolen Atlesian drop ships, Argent below vanishing among the smoke and fire. Emergency Units were quick to respond, but only to help to start suppressing the fires. Trish was outside the depot when the explosions went off, but went back inside in the aftermath to look for her brother. Found him, she did, and in very bad shape. Luckily, he wasn't near any of the bombs that went off, but the fire bursts and heat all around him from those moments covered his body in soot and minor burns, save for his left side where his arm was missing. From the shoulder down to half of his left thigh was covered in third degree burns, but the wound was cauterized to prevent further blood loss. At first, she thought he was dead, but upon hearing a single beat of his heart, as weak as it was, she rushed him out of the rubble before what was left of the structure collapsed on them.

      What followed after that day was fallout from the 'high society' of Atlas barreling down upon the remaining Sterling of the family. With Argyros branded as a traitor to kin and country, most sees his son just as guilty for the acts of treason committed against Atlas. Lucky for him, the Council and General Ironwood do not see this as such, since he was a hunter being trained at the Academy for a reason and was in fact not involved with the rest of his team's defection, nor his father's betrayal. Still, he was scarred both physically and mentally from the experience and while he had his arm replaced with expensive tech, just below the Atlesian Military Prosthetic technology, he now suffers from PTSD, forced to relive the traumatic experience from time to time.

    • Writer's Block

      1 year ago


      As y'all noticed, I haven't put out an update in about a week. Simply put, I hit a bad case of Writer's Block, not only this, but I'm physically and mentally exhausted for working for the past eight days straight with no days off yet. Hopefully this weekend I'll have something to put up, since we're getting to the part where Argent loses his arm!

    • Step 5: Origin Story (Early Teens to the Forming of Team ATLS)

      1 year ago


      After his first year at combat school, his family met a faunus girl named Trish Cherryblossom (OC of a friend) who they went on to take in as both an adopted daughter and worker to help with minor errands that Argent's parents would have her do. Her semblance for increased speed made her an excellent courier for this and when not delivering parcels and letters for the family, she'd spend time with the young Sterling be it with helping with his studies and training, or just general 'around the house' stuff. Eventually it was learned by him that Trish used to be a part of the White Fang, both before and after its change in 'politics'. However, she was branded as a traitor to them when she refused to follow their ways anymore, hence why they found her on the streets of Atlas.

      His family was known to aid in the White Fang's pursuit of peace, but ever since the change of leadership and goals within the faction of Faunus, the Sterlings distanced themselves from them, not wanting to endanger their family in conflict. Unfortunately, things were to take a turn for the worse. Years later, after Trish opened a shelter of homeless Faunus that Argent's family helped start up, there was a small attack that happened on the establishment that left his 'sister' injured. The White Fang of course were responsible for this, but since they couldn't be as open with their attacks, this was done with subtlety that only Trish recognized as such, right down to the brand she received on her back.

      Hardships weren't over for the Sterling Family unfortunately, since not so long after Trish was injured, his mother succumbed to sickness that put his father into a deep depression. This still didn't deter Argent's goal of becoming a hunter and fighting on in his mother's memory, and by extension, his father's as well. By the time he applied to Atlas Academy, his father left the Atlesian Military for reasons unknown, but he was supportive of his son, especially the team he was made leader of. While his team didn't coordinate into a color, it still worked out as a name: Team ATLS

      Argent of course was the leader, but his team members were faunus. The first, who was his partner during their trials, is a cat faunus girl named Svelte, who prefered bows as her weapon of choice. Her semblance allowed her to empower her arrows to deal heavier damage than normal, even piercing through an Atlesian Paladin, or so it was rumored to. Issue was, she had to be stationary and concentrate on her target for a period of time to 'time the shot correctly'. The other two members of his team were brother and sister; the twins Toile and Lace. While it is still unknown of what particular family of lizard these two are derived from, they were still faunus. Toile, the brother, was more outgoing and had a hiss to his tone like that of a snake. His preferred weapon was bladed claws, which partnered well with his Semblance of 'blur', where in he essentially makes an afterimage of himself to throw his enemies off when in melee combat, but it does have its limits of how often and how he can use it. Lace on the other hand was cold, emotionless. She never smiles nor frowns, nor is she happy or sad. She as neutral as a robot and have the attitude of one as well. Her weapon was a No Dachi blade and her Semblance is portal jumping. While she cannot cross vast distances like Raven Branwen with her own portals, her's are like short distance jumps. She can also make smaller portals, where she can use her blade through them to attack open targets, but the downside to this is that if her enemies figure this out, they can use those same portals against her and make her vunerable to their strikes through them as well.

      Together, they had a relatively great time at the Academy, sharing stories of their past lives, Argent bonding and sympathizing with how harsh their backgrounds were under the oppression of 'human rule' in Atlas. All seemed well...or so it seemed...

    • Step 4: Physical Attributes

      1 year ago


      Well, some of you, if not all of you, have seen what Argent looks like in terms of what he wears both Pre and Post Beacon's fall. You also might have noticed that his left arm is mechanical! But the pictures provided doesn't really show much of what it looks like up close, and more importantly, what his build is like. Well, thanks to bramhistory ( ), I commissioned them to make Argent in his swim trunks. Really he is much the same person Post-Beacon's fall, just with longer hair and a new scar across his chest. The picture below is still a WIP and I will post an updated one when it's done.


      Back when Argent actually had money, and health insurance, he was able to afford Atlesian tech for a replacement arm. Much like Yang's new one, it was sleek in design. After the fall of Beacon however, it did get damaged and he had to resort to more common prosthetic replacements that weren't quite state of the art, but still battle ready. What you see above is just that.

      Now as to those scars. The one across his chest was one he received from a White Fang soldier during the Fall of Beacon. The burn scars however? That is from a year before the Vytal Festival was to take place at weapon's depot in Atlesian Territory that was attacked by the White Fang. I'll go over how he got it in the next journal entry where I rethink his origin story. Especially how he had to get his arm replaced and the scars left behind from it, since what I had the first time around didn't make any sense.

    • Step 3: Tools Of The Trade (Part 2)

      1 year ago


      Now, when Beacon fell, and with the loss of his weapon (since he did what I mentioned in the previous entry of shooting the larger blade off and breaking it), he had to make himself a new weapon. This came in the form of yet another Great Sword, but with a different design (I'll get the artwork some time).

      Vale's Vengeance

      Though Argent is not from Vale, he still feels for the those lost at the Battle of Beacon and the destruction of the city from the Grimm and White Fang. After he left Atlas Academy, before the no doubt eventual call of closing its borders, he had to craft himself a weapon. This Great Sword is of a different design than the first. The hilt is thicker than normal with two extended ammo clips on the bottom that have a small space between them. Even half of the blade (the upper half) had a space between the two sharpened edges, made for locking weapons with possible disarming. On the hilt, two triggers can be seen on either side of it.

      Instead of a Sword and Shield combo like his first blade, Argent decided to go the route of a dual wielder. The Great Sword itself can separate into single edged blades, quite literally pulling the great sword in half so he can hold one side of it in each hand (Refer to my Adam vs Argent picture for example). Though if he wishes to use the gun function of each blade, with a press of a button (the 'safety'), the hilts of them angle downwards like they would for a pistol and the blades retract to a shorter length for easier handling.

      Because he's using this new weapon, for defense he is adapt in the art of the "Blade Barrier" technique, where he uses both blades in hand by spinning them around his form, acting like a bladed shield to better parry strikes and throw off his opponent on where he would counter next.

    • Step 3: Tools of the Trade (Part 1)

      1 year ago


      By Trade, I mean what sort of weapons does Argent use to wreck the creatures of Grimm with? Swords. He loves bladed weapons. Of course there is a difference between his choice of bladed combat style before the Fall of Beacon and After. Lets start with before, where his weapon is more akin to a Roman Soldier's weapons of choice: Sword and Board.

      The Black Brandt:

      As shown here (some of it)

      The weapon itself is a Great Sword with a curved hilt, which clearly shows that it's more akin to a shotgun, or at least a carbine (think what Machinists use in Final Fantasy 14). The larger blade when it's on its own can fold outwards a bit more to be like a bladed kite shield, while the smaller blade that is housed within it and attached to the hilt has a long barrel running along one side of the weapon. Sorta like a gunblade from Final Fantasy, except this only had a single edge to the blade itself. 

      This can seperate into a sword and shield Mode in two ways. First being he lays the flat of the great sword on his metal arm's forearm and when the magnet turns on to lock the shield to his limb, he can pull the smaller blade free. When the magnet isn't active, he can only lock the smaller blade back into it, not remove. The second way, which is a last resort, is he can use the trigger on the hilt to fire the large blade like a projectile. He only did this once and the result of it was the larger blade shattering.

      This shows he opted for a defender role, being the shield of protection for others and it partnered well with his semblance, but also that he wasn't a stranger to being aggressive when he had to be.

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