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    • RWBY Characters in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

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      So guys I was catching up in some of the stuff watching the streams of RTX, just a few days, in youtube and I found out there was going to be an announcement on EVO about a Rwby fighting game. Then I went looking for it and I got a really got tease of Ruby in the upcoming game for next year of Arc System work BBCTB (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle) Which is gonna have 4 franchises on it. I know Persona 4 (really awesome game I recomend it if you like JP RPGs, the 5 looks much better though) BlazBlue, UNIEL, and RWBY.

      I'm just making this new topic, because I'm finding it strange that nobody created a topic about it. So lets begin guys, which characters are you hoping for besides team RWBY and what do you think which type of characters they will be.

      For example:

      Ruby is gonna be a character with a lot of mobility with fast combo chains, etc.

      This is so we can have some fun talking about it

      P.S: Something tells me that Weiss players are gonna cc (crowd control) our assess :P

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    • Japanese vol 1

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      I don't know if it is ok to post these here, but who of you guys are excited of the japanese dub, I actually am. I can't wait to hear Ryuko and Mankanshoku mako please!! Nora with that kind of voice is gonna make my day, i think I'm gonna spam the volume one a lot of times.

      P.S: kakashi-sensei please!

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    • Raven and Qrow Faunus?

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      I have been thinking about it, is just an idea it came into my mind since i saw raven with a grimm mask. She is possibly a faunus, I mean her name and her last name. Besides when Qrow appeared in the last chapter, that stupid crow with red eyes couldn't be more obvious at possibly pointing out that he is a faunus, so his faunus heritage would be his red eyes along with his black hair, so if Raven is his sister that will probably explain why both had the same color of hair and eyes and the black birds their name comes from.

      At the same time that will make Yang half human Half faunus, explaining why her eyes color turns red when she gets mad, since she is opening herself to her animal instinct side i believe, so what do you think guys?

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