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    • RWBY Volume 5: In-Depth Discussion/Speculation/Spoilers (The Waiting Game Begins..)

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      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      Good day to you all, and welcome to the RWBY Volume Five In-Depth Discussion/Speculation/Spoilers Thread!!

      Hello everyone, and welcome to the RWBY: Volume Five Thread, to where we talk about the show's 5th season. Now, as some of you may be wondering; why are we starting this thread early? One reason in particular, is that it would allow a much more in-depth thread for the show's now confirmed fifth season from Variety. This is also for allowing any discussion of the upcoming season to pop up here, including rumors; speculation and much more. With that as-well, it is also the 15th Anniversary of Rooster Teeth, so it would be wise to point any future information for the show here.

      Now with that said, there are some rules to be had with the thread itself, and that I am wanting to make sure that this thread is user-friendly and enjoyable for everyone. That being said..



      1: Write safely: Now, Grammar is always a good thing to do; but not everyone is the best at writing. As long as you make sure that you make sure that your posts are handled with care, it'll be great for everyone to know what you deeply mean by what you do say.

      2: Conducting Yourself safely: The forum is a shared space. And while most content from Rooster Teeth does cater to adults, it has gone to a level that can be catered for anyone, even some younger children at times. And for the sake of making sure that it's fun for everyone, so please do not come into the thread to cause an issue or to anger and upset the guests. It is almost guaranteed you’ll disagree with someone else here but acknowledging that and asserting your opinion are not mutually exclusive. Keep in mind a good argument is more persuasive than yelling, screaming, and tearing into someone else’s character. Also be aware that first impressions can last. Try and present yourself with your best foot forward to start a successful journey through the thread.

      That being said, Rooster Teeth is also an place that is viewed publicly and along various other places throughout the globe. So, as a fair warning; do keep the conversations here to a hard PG13 level. Now at Rooster Teeth, it is a site that does bring in language and that a lot of individuals have sweared at times. But for the love of all things, please do not trash this thread with content that isn't suitable here. Even with RWBY having many vast dark moments that have been suggested for multiple audiences, none of it has went to the level of rated R material. Now, there is more material that should be looked at with the Terms of usage, so I highly recommend checking it out. Although, you will be reported if you do cross that line either too far or far too often.

      3Spoilers: As always, Rooster Teeth has the spoiler tag. Although this thread is being created to talk about the upcoming volume, once we get to more material that would be suggestive to be potentially classified as spoilers; please tag the spoilers even in the thread. With the current release schedule of animated content for Rooster Teeth, please keep this in mind for those especially that wait for when it releases a week after the original release on Youtube (for the given episode/chapter of RWBY5). And as always; please to keep in mind that it'd be wise to give time especially if you are a FIRST member. It is highly important that you keep yourself in check as more information comes out.

      3: Lurkers : Now in this case, it's an situation to where it may not actually be an issue in many way's. In-fact, It is very much actually encouraged. By watching the thread you can see what is the tone and tempo of the conversation going on now. Also, instead of bringing up the same point over and over again, if you found something you want to continue talking about, you can reply to that thought someone else had and you’ve already got a foot in the door. Be careful though, if a topic is older (like a week) you may want to preface your statement or idea again. The key part of lurking is gaining a sense of where the conversation is at. It’s actually free to pay attention.

      4: Being very On Topic: On the Rooster Teeth website (or any website), there are many threads; very similar to this, that a particular purpose that is in play. This is a rule that should be taken into note here. Try to please be respectful of that in-which. This for the most part, isn't a chat room. That being said, there are many threads elsewhere on the site to speak generally (like talking inside of a Bar) and that you would be very much more respected and more welcome over there. As to what this rule is, what consists particularly on the show itself or to materials related to the show itself, is completely fine. If you want to call out similarities of what previous seasons have shared with other topics in pop culture is also completely fine. If you need to make a point about the conversation that has to be said, please do. But; always remember that this thread will be centered around the main RWBY series and that anything related to any point of the discussion should be brought back to it (although not all, as some individuals could get distracted in the middle of anything.

      5: Organize Your Thoughts: When reviewing the conversation in the thread, do not make an individual reply to everything. Try and make all of your points in one post with multiple replies. You can help distinguish where your statements are meant to go in the over-all conversation, but the “reply” function will help you for that. Post-spamming really just gums up the page and doesn’t present you that well either.

      6: We are a team: Like the previous point, this one is about not dominating the conversation. All of us are all on different internet connections across the globe, with different speeds as well as having different schedules and circumstances that may effect when and how often we speak. If you have a lot to say, a double post would make sense; but try to leave time and space for someone else to talk too. If you are the last person to have posted and you have a really cool new idea, please give some time that would make sense if possible. The thread succeeds and benefits when we are talking WITH people, not AT people. 

      7: Enjoy Yourselves: Rooster Teeth has always been one of the best companies when it comes to communication with it's fanbase. And that we also have an amazing time together that should great and highly respectful of what we do and do not like when it comes to RWBY (and even then, that should be a great thing to look towards). It'd be great to allow many individuals to have fun and to talk too when it comes to this. And as always; conversations will always start up, and if you have nothing to add; then that's fine. This is a place that everyone should have equal and fair opinions, and as long as we have fun while doing so; it'll be worth it in the end.


      Now, it is understandable that there will be issues that will always occur within the grand scheme of things. And as long as we all enjoy ourselves and to embrace RWBY in the best way possible; I highly encourage everyone to have fun and play safe in the discussion for the future of the World of Remnant!! And for now, let us begin!!


      And as always, please don't act like an fool and to please look around for the Forum Yeti's that roam about.



      RWBY Volume 5 Streaming on Rooster Teeth | Variety

      Special thanks to AgentWashingtub for his time put in the RWBY4 thread. I used his rules as somewhat of a template and edited it around to match more of what we have more recently than when that thread was created.

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    • Lets talk on Batman - The Telltale Series

      7 months ago

      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      Going in, I am a fan of the first two seasons of Telltale Games The Walking Dead and the first season of The Wolf Among Us; the characters in both were extremely great, the plot was outstanding for both, as I didn't mind the "tap this to do it right".

      What I was skeptical and still am about the Batman series is how they handle the dynamics of Bruce and Batman; two personalities that in all reality lead to many possibilities that could be very enjoyable. And three episodes in, as the Telltale Game's Batman series has been without a shadow of the doubt, one of the best tellings of the character, the world, and the environments in the Batman mythos.

      You feel like Bruce Wayne when you talk to clientiel about certain things as you also feel like batman when you find traces of crimes to figure out a suspect. Everything done in this game is leagues ahead of Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, giving a much more detective based storyline as well as punching some goons that had it coming. It also pulls the punches in some very emotional choices that as a batman fan; I didn't know what to make, along with an entirely new and unique villain, this series is changing what I would want to see come out of the Ben Affleck Batman film.

      Telltale, you do what you do when it comes to Batman; and I'll purchase more episodes out of this wonderful addition to his arsenal of storylines.

    • Tomorrow is the fucking christmas for Gamers

      8 months ago

      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      Sincerely, think about it when you realize about it. We have RDR2's trailer coming out with the reveal of the Nintendo NX.. can pretty much tell my reaction being simple.


    • RWBY4 Reaction's

      8 months ago

      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      For some of those that know where I come from, I host reactions to Rooster Teeth content (with the one I'm currently doing being Red vs. Blue - Season 14) and I've wanted to bring some time to talk about what I have planned for the upcoming volume of RWBY; RWBY - Volume 4.

      As people know, the trailer will be releasing on October third. I plan on doing an reaction to the trailer and any other potential material that gets unveiled during the period from Oct 3rd to Oct 21'st. Once the 23rd hit's, my first reaction for Chapter 1 of Volume 4 will be unleashed as on the 21st, on my Tumblr and Rooster Teeth accounts I will be giving my thoughts on RWBY: Volume 3, with a video supplementing my thoughts on YouTube.

      I'll be recording all of my reactions of the episodes as they are released; including the World of Remnants and if there is a break; I will discuss my thoughts on YouTube of the Volume thus-far.

      I can't wait to show everyone my honest reactions to what the hell Kerry and Miles have planned for us all as I expect it nothing to be short of amazing.

      Link to my YT Channel:


    • ....It happened.

      8 months ago

      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      Sooooooo, through the past week; I have been trying to make the impossible task on binging through the show that I spoke of, My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic..and with being up to the current episode and three of the films; I have this to say, much like with the original post..

      It was as stupid, idiotic and strange as I anticipated ever since deciding to go "Fuck it" on watching the show. Everything about the show has so many strange, stupid and idiotic things; not to mention the puns (Even Bab's doesn't make that many fucking puns). Not to mention some of the shittiest way's of writing for a show, and that it's as straight forward as I am going to say on My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. why did I like this show?

      Perhaps it can relate to a few things, but I think I need to address this one first and foremost. It has identifiable messages and conveys themes that should be seen for a children's show. It is a show that if I had a kid; I would have them watch it, more to learn things, as the show does brilliantly. With simple things to being friends to realizing who you may want to be as a person, this is why I have turned into the way of enjoying the show, as I would recommend it to parents that want something to not only entertain their children, but also to have them learn morals that are simple but important to note in some ways.

      For other things, I can say that the voice acting is another reason to why I love the show. From Tara Strong's performance to Twilight Sparkle, the use of having some of the other actors play various characters that are surprising to me. There then lies what the hell was the tipping point for me, in why I am now a fan of the show...and well, I can say this.

      It's a show that while yes, has no such thing of a perfect fanbase; all the stuff I've seen from the fans is amazing. From the Comic dubs to the reason why I heard of MLP in the first place; The Inverted Shadow's EOI series, the fans have taken the show and have done something that to me, is why I am loving the show. It's not often that a show did that for me, as one of those cases was how I even got to Rooster Teeth in the first place; that being of Monty Oum's legacy, RWBY.

      There also lies something to where I have finally caught up, that being; my favorite Pony. For me, I have now found a very good eye to a new character, that being of Starlight Glimmer. Yeah, for a character that to be honest; has a sad backstory having to learn that she can't control everything, and that there is a ton of room to improve on her part is why I have grown a love for that character. Twilight is still an amazing character for me, but perhap's I should wait to see how things go for the future.

      It's something that I will have to live to accept, as I have been trying to say this best as I can..but I made my point.

      I have been officially bronified as of September 25th, 2016. A title that I, myself will be having to contemplate for what it is but I'm willing to accept that.

    • Friendship, Bitches.

      9 months ago

      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      Seems that I have reached an impasse. Three seasons in, with one of the films finished and inward to the 4th season; I have became addicted to a show that I told myself “I would watch this when I get too goddamn bored.”, and boy; it perhaps is time I say some things.

      I have grown an interest to watch a show titled “My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic” for quite a long while. Since seeing fan art, fan stories, and hearing all of the praise that it’s received due to certain subjects being used in the show, and to me; I have one thing to say..

      I expected the most stupid, overly punish children's television show that I’ve seen..and now, with getting this far, I'll say this. IT WAS AS SILLY AND STUPID AS I anticipated from the start.

      There is no way that this is on the level’s of shows like 90′s batman; not even close. It is at the core of it all incredibly different than anything I’ve seen, with the fucking puns.

      But, in the end of the day.. why did I like it? Given all the shit I’ve said, it’s one of the most borderline interesting shows that has surprisingly captivated me for any reason, whatever it may be. This show has done something that I am shocked to say, that I am happy to see these characters, even though they we’re incredibly cliché in a sense.

      Now, for the question that remains; who is my favorite pony? It’s one of the question’s I’ve asked since watching the show, and to me; it has to go with someone that is at the core one of the more interesting characters of the show. While It may be cliché, Twilight does that to me that her voice acting, personality and character development is why I love her as a character.

      Now, what does that say to me? Am I a Brony? It’s a term that I wondered myself, as I am thinking to myself; “is it a perfect fan base?” and I'd say no. Is RWBY a perfect fan base? No. Is RVB a perfect fan base? No. Is Bleach a perfect fan base? No, not exactly, and don’t get me started on other fantasies that have much larger problems..

      ..but in the end, what are my current thoughts? I am enjoying the show as it is, although I don’t want to call myself a brony just yet, at least until I feel comfortable about that. But for now, I am very interested to see what happens next, whether or not I am a full fan of the show or if I won’t watch the show after S6, but since I'm past S3 I doubt that’ll happen..

    • Crunch Time

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      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      Discuss any new episodes of the brand new RT Sponsor exclusive series, Crunchtime here!!

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    • RTX 2016 RWBY Panels

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      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      With the upcoming event of RTX, I thought it may be great to make a list of panels that will be about both Red vs. Blue and RWBY; two of Rooster Teeth's most popular animated series which has a large number of fans. So lets get this going by stating all the panels regarding on Rooster Teeths foray into Anime, RWBY!


      RWBY (ACC Exhibit Hall 1)

      2:30 PM CST - 3:30 PM CST

      RWBY Music (Hilton Governors Ballroom)

      5:00 PM CST - 6:00 PM CST

      RvB & RWBY Stunt Team Panel (ACC Meeting Room 6)

      6:30 PM CST - 7:30 PM CST


      Alphabet Soup: RWBYABTV (ACC Meeting Room 6)

      12:00 PM CST - 1:00 PM CST

      Post Production on RWBY (Hilton Room 406)

      4:30 PM CST - 5:30 PM CST

      RWBY (ACC Exhibit Hall 1)

      4:00 PM CST - 5:00 PM CST


      RWBY Animation (Hilton Room 406)

      12:30 PM CST - 1:30 PM CST

      Making of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (ACC Meeting Room 9)

      1:30 PM CST - 2:30 PM CST

      RWBY Chibi Animation (Hilton Room 406)

      2:00 PM CST - 3:00 PM CST

      For RWBY, which panels are you most excited to watch from Home, or for those that get the chance of going to RTX2016 that you're most excited for attending? I figured this may be a good idea, considering the amount of panels for both RvB and RWBY this year at RTX (Especially RWBY in this case..).

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    • RTX 2016 Red vs. Blue Panels

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      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      With the upcoming event of RTX, I thought it may be great to make a list of panels that will be about both Red vs. Blue and RWBY; two of Rooster Teeth's most popular animated series which has a large number of fans. So, lets begin with RT's most iconic show that founded the company..


      RvB & RWBY Stunt Team Panel

      6:30 PM CST - 7:30 PM CST



      12:00 PM CST - 1:00 PM CST

      Red vs. Blue

      2:30 PM CST - 3:30 PM CST

      The Music of RvB

      5:30 PM CST - 6:30 PM CST

      The Voices of Red vs. Blue

      5:30 PM CST - 6:30 PM CST


      RvB14 Animation

      11:30 AM CST - 12:30 PM CST

      RvB14 Stop Motion

      3:30 PM CST - 4:30 PM CST

      For Red vs. Blue, which panels are you most excited to watch from Home, or for those that get the chance of going to RTX2016 that you're most excited for attending? I figured this may be a good idea, considering the amount of panels for both RvB and RWBY this year at RTX.

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    • RTAnimation Pipeline

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      Alexshow Time to change a thing..

      I wanted to make a thread, as RT Animation is releasing multiple shows; much like RVB14, RWBY Chibi and the upcoming Camp Camp. So with that, I decided to make an Photo of what we have so-far to work with on future releases of RTAnimation. This doesn't count RTAA, the GTA V minimations and if theres more movement on Funhaus Animated.

      As of now; I am not including XRay/Vav's future season until its announced (which, you have to imagine that they'll continue the show thanks to popularity) and any other projects until their announced.

      I hope this works out, as these four projects are as of now, the big projects in development at RTAnimation.


      RWBY Chibi: May 7th for Sponsors (To be Determined if the Public release is on the same day)

      Red vs. Blue Season 14: May 8th for Sponsors (To be Determined if the Public release is on the same day)

      Camp Camp: TBA

      RWBY Volume 4: Said to release Late Summer/Early Fall

      Hopefully this thread isn't a problem, as during this year alone; RTAnimation would have over seven shows released in the company so-far in the year. That counts RWBY3, RVB14, RWBYChibi, Camp Camp, Funhaus Animated, RTAA, GTA5 Minimations, and the upcoming RWBY4; marking it one of the largest years to date at the company. Then theres also counting that the animation teams been growing in size larger and larger, especially with RWBY4 bringing in a huge amount of changes in the animation process.

      What are your hopes for what comes next from RTAnimation? Personally, this year is going to be turning as a great moving point for the company as the animation departments expand more with Yssa coming into the format in Camp Camps creation; and that Kerry would have his hands full with RWBY Chibi and RWBY4, similar with Miles as he oversees RVB14 and helps writing RWBY4 and RWBY Chibi.

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