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28 year-old male from Austin, TX
I am TonySki, Video game and internet addict, recovering Pepsi Max addict, AH Admin, Youtube video maker, Brony and twittererer

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tonyski Fck It Im In
bragbabgsgssbfb computer.So after about 400$ and getting a new motherboard, processor, AND power supply my desktop computer is finally running. Got the mobo and CPU in on Saturday, and it was doing the same things as the other one... okay, only thing left is the power supply.

Quick trip to frys and I got a cheap 500w power supply. Installed. Stays on longer (and my other motherboard with my video card in PICE 1 runs) but still doesn't make it more than 45 seconds. Decided enough of a headache, dinner and FarCry 4 for a bit.

Back to it before I fall asleep and decide to read the instruction book. This motherboard has 2 tiny switches so that it can have 2 BIOSes. Some overclocking feature I'll never use and it was set up to fail with bios 1 working but asking for bios 2 to confirm to work. Flip the switch, boots for 15 min before powering down!.

So plug it all back up together in my rig. It boots to blue screen... make it show me what it's booting to bluescreen without restarting and it's 0X0000007B. Means virus or improper HDD setup. How did I set up the HDD wrong? removed the other drives, changed out the sata cable and same thing. went to bios, dug around and there's an option HOW to boot the hard drives. as Raid. as scsi or IDE. my primary drive is a 1TB IDE HDD, so flipped that switch int he bios. Look at that, I see my desktop now! and it's installing the drivers for my new motherboard.


I want to sleep but can't let this thing mess me up. have to be up for work in 4 hours....
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