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The coursework for my second year of Game Design is to make a game, with 4 others, in 12 weeks. The artwork above shows the basic concept so far. Some of you may remember I had similar coursework last year (a tower defense game) though I didn't mention it much here.

This year however we've also been told to make use of social networking in order to get a feel for what actual indie game development is like; so we've recently made a facebook page following the development of our game. The goal is to gain some attention for our game and maybe even a little feedback. I'm at a slight disadvantage in this respect as I've never used facebook before, and therefore have no one on facebook to ask for likes. I do, however, have this journal and at least a few watchers left.

I'd appreciate it a lot if you'd take the time to like our page. If, like me, you don't have facebook; plus modding this entry and sharing it with your own watchers would be just as helpful.

Thank you for reading.
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