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sunyshore queenie
20 year-old female
My name is Murphy and I'm an adult, I promise.

professional/podcast/business email: [email protected]

faunus.flavors.me <-- links
dissentinggamer.com/podcast.html <-- the podcast I'm on

Currently a college senior in upstate NY with no real plans as to what I want to do after graduation.

Currently playing:
Super Mario Galaxy
Tomodachi Life
Super Mario 3D

feel free to add me on xbox live or wii U! (sunyshorecity should be both of them! if not, just try sunyshore.)
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sunyshore queenie
A call for guestsSo! As if I didn't post about it enough, I would like to make a request of you guys.

We need some guests lined up for the podcast who would be willing to take the place of a main cast member when the need arises. And, naturally, we're going to have an open spot for this Sunday.

This post is really just to gauge interest. If you think you'd be interested in coming on to our little show, shoot me a private message and I can talk details/specifications/etc. with you!

And if it ends up that I have multiple people, please remember that I can only choose one (unless, however, another spot opens up. but we'll see.). So no hard feelings if you aren't chosen to fill a spot this we...
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