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sunyshore queenie
20 year-old female
My name is Murphy and I'm an adult, I promise.

professional/podcast/business email: [email protected]

faunus.flavors.me <-- links
dissentinggamer.com/podcast.html <-- the podcast I'm on

Currently a college senior in upstate NY with no real plans as to what I want to do after graduation.

Currently playing:
Super Mario Galaxy
Tomodachi Life
Super Mario 3D

feel free to add me on xbox live or wii U! (sunyshorecity should be both of them! if not, just try sunyshore.)
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sunyshore queenie
#tbtThrowback Thursday!

Never actually posted one on here before, but because this week's is RT related...

#tbt to when I was the #1 all time top post of the RT subreddit! I spent a good 11 months in that spot, only to be beaten out by Geoff's AMA last year. Still, it was super awesome, and to this day I still get messages from old friends and colleagues who see my face on imgur and wonder "what the hell are you doing on there?"

I'm now at number 13, but shit, I'm still there. What a cool feeling, yknow?

In hindsight, I got a lot of hate on those photos. At the time the comments cut pretty deep, but now I can look back and only think of how many people praised my strength and my photo idea, and I'm so, so thankful for the friends I made and the people I got to meet because of those photos.

They're here on the site still, under my images tab, if you're curious.

Murphy out.
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