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Ayy! My name is Murphy but y'all can call me ia


Currently a college sophomore in upstate NY; majoring in social sciences, but after next year I'll be film school bound.

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LoZ: Wind Waker HD
Mario Kart 8

feel free to add me on xbox live or wii U! (sunyshorecity should be both of them! if not, just try sunyshore.)
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sunyshore queenie
looking for confident artist...to design me an RvB themed tattoo!

I really do owe a lot of my social life, friends, and a ton of other things to having started RvB all those years ago (season 5, I think?), and I'd like to pay homage to that.

What I have in mind is nothing flashy, but something that incorporates RvB with something else I love. Don't wanna drop too many details publicly so it'll be a surprise!

I'm aiming to get it on my forearm, so it can be long, but not too wide.

If y'all know of any confident artists, or you are one yourself, please shoot me a message! Thank you!!
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