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20 year-old female
Ayy! My name is Murphy but y'all can call me ia


Currently a college senior in upstate NY with no real plans as to what I want to do after graduation.

Currently playing:
Super Mario Galaxy
Tomodachi Life
Super Mario 3D

feel free to add me on xbox live or wii U! (sunyshorecity should be both of them! if not, just try sunyshore.)
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sunyshore queenie
it's been a while!Hello friends!

I just started up classes again yesterday, and they're already kicking my ass. It's certainly a lot more work than it was the past two semesters. Yikes...

But, I know I'll be fine once I get into the swing of things! It's just a matter of doing that, I guess.

So, fellow college students (or students in general), how are your classes? Have you even started yet? Got a favourite class/professor? Tell me all about it!
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