Hi All,

We did it once, and it was so fun we want to do it again. We want to hear from YOU! Ask us anything. Have questions about RTX? Ask us! Questions about badges? Ask us! Questions about sex? Ask a friend. 

If you have a question please comment below. If someone else already asked your question, but you really want to know give it an upvote. Like the "cool" one. That one is my favorite.

We are going to give you guys 1 week to post all of your questions and then on Thursday, March 8th at 5:00 PM we will do a Live AMA here on my page! During the week we will comb through your questions and update our FAQ. Then we will post the answers on the 8th as well as answer any new questions. IN REAL TIME! It is the future and we are so excited to make it awesome with all of you.

It will all take place on my page, but answers will be coming from @Bethany, @Clarissa.Gonzalez, @nicolew, @shelbyengquist, and myself!


Gossip Boi

aka Patrick

aka The Alabama Sidewinder

aka Earl E. Bird