This GiFriday's a special one!

Last year I collaborated with @synnesai and a good fella named Sam Newmark to make this video:

Synne was our illustrator, storyboarder and concept artist, Sam did the sounds and music, and I modeled and animated the rest.

You can check out Synnesai's badass art pieces (character designs, sets, fake screenshots, etc) for this on her blog right here.

It was a really fun gig, and I was happy to be a part of the team! I should probably also mention that we're not following up on this. It was just a happy one-shot idea, haha.

Something I did to prep for this project was create test gifs for each character. This week we'll start with Blue Team!

Synne's art:






Next week: some rowdy Reds.

Love y'all~