It's #RTCommunityDay and there are a lot of things happening today, not just by us either. But because we're the best, we're going to give you that information first!

PC gamers can rejoin as we host a GTA V game night for the new update tonight! Be sure to join our Discord server to be able to play at 8:30 pm EST. As a side note: this will be streamed.

Main Xbox? No problem! We'll be playing Titanfall 2 at 9 pm EST. Get ready for deployment pilots!

RT World Game Nite is hosting another #CommunityDayFreePlay thanks to BIGBITE on Minecraft PC! They are doing this much earlier at 4 pm EST and eventually RTNY will take over streaming to continue the fun!

Speaking of BIGBITE, RT Florida and one of our admins, Victoria, were featured in their BIGBITE Magazine Community Spotlight! Check out the issue here:

Happy RT Community Day!

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