Hi there everyone!

We're planning a small meet up before RTX towards the middle/end of June. It will be held in Orlando and that gives us a lot of options to choose from!

The options are below. Please check them out, review the rooms and prices, and fill out the form at the end of the post so we can make a decision everyone will enjoy! *Please note that different rooms have different difficulties

Escape Room Entertainment


It appears The Hidden Temple is not available

Pricing is $32 per person

This place is good because it can support up to 10 people in one of their rooms. And if we have more than that, they run rooms every 15 min so we can split up and do it competition style. 



Pricing is $29 per person

The prices are a bit cheaper, but please note that this is off I-drive.

Mindquest Escape Games


Pricing is $26 per person

This one is even cheaper. Rooms are slightly larger, but also slightly harder.

The Escape Game


Pricing is $32 per person

Note that Mission to Mars is $38.

The Great Escape Room


Pricing is $28 per person

This one is Sherlock Holmes-themed. Pricing drops to $23 on weekdays. This one is located in the downtown area.

Please take the form here and let us know your thoughts/opinions on what rooms/location you would like to use for the meetup!


More likely than not, we will go for food afterwards!


The RT Florida Crew