Today I received the dress, shrug, and shoes that I'm going to wear to my baby shower in 2ish months. I'm totally in love with all of it. Comfortable and pretty and makes me even more excited for the shower. I have two countdowns to my due date (June 25th). I get Parents.com emails, which tell me that there's 104 days left, and the countdown on my Amazon baby registry, which tells me there's 15 weeks left. The second half of pregnancy (at least since the debilitating morning sickness stopped/the baby kicking started) is flying the fuck by. I love my little acorn squash and I'm looking forward to meeting them, but it's all really wild and surreal to me, honestly. I've just been very focused on surviving this semester (taking two PhD classes, teaching two classes) and trying to get work done on my writing and it's a lot to handle. I'm happy, I'm excited, and I'm just a twinge stunned by everything happening right now.  simple_smile