Hey Everyone,

So I have been dark for a while journal wise especially post RTX trying to complete all the photos I took at another amazing event. I will make a recap journal soon and explain a lot of things that happened; super late I know but some of you may be interested or at least I hope are. Right now though here is what I would like to say.

  • 1)Shout out to @Barbara for helping me this year with a difficult issue. She is awesome
  • 2)Thank You Rooster Teeth for allowing me to photograph RTX2016 as Connor MacRae Media this year. I was able to capture some amazing moments that show what this community is all about and the love we all have for it. From panels to cosplays to games to concerts to see the growth of this event and being able to document it from the beginning has been a tremendous joy and is something I look forward to every year and hope to continue to do for years to come.
  • 3)Thank you @Daniel for letting me shoot the Immersion, It was a lot of fun and a cool experience
  • 4)Thank you to @MLaPorte and your team for an amazing “Five Nights at RTX” experience. I’ll send you some photos soon.
  • 5)Thank you to everyone who posed for a photo or came to the photography panel and everyone else who took the time to help me out this RTX ( there was a lot of you and I will name drop really hard next journal)

Now for what you are probably all here for FREE RTX PHOTOS today only. So because it’s RT community day and since I have completed all the photos from RTX (the event) I have unlocked all the albums for today (except for stuff under NDA) so that anyone can go in and save their favorite photo and share it with everyone. If you want to go ahead and still purchase the photos I won’t stop you and would appreciate it greatly (also if you buy a photo I’ll send you an un-watermarked one). You can also donate to help keep the site up by clicking the “Donate” button next to the description in the album; no matter how much every little bit helps. Now to the serious part I’m sorry that I have to state this but just be clear I do have a few conditions for use of these photos and things I ask because it has been a problem in the past.

  • 1)Photos are for personal use ONLY. They may not be used for any commercial or promotional use without my express written consent.
  • 2)Photos may not be sold or otherwise profited from.
  • 3)The photos may not be modified, cropped, or adjusted in any way that would remove my watermark.
  • 4)The photos may not be batch downloaded and uploaded to another site. A couple of photos here and there is ok but not more than 5 please.
  • 5)Please link back to my website www.connormacraemedia.com if you post/share the photos on sites like Twitter/Facebook/Tubmlr/ect…
  • 6)Enjoy the photos and please comment, like, and share with people so this convention and community can grow.

Here is all the links

Friday: http://www.connormacraemedia.com/RTX-2016/RTX-Frid...

Saturday: http://www.connormacraemedia.com/RTX-2016/RTX-Satu...

Sunday: http://www.connormacraemedia.com/RTX-2016/Sunday/

Jeff Williams and Freelancer Orchestra: http://www.connormacraemedia.com/RTX-2016/Jeff-Wil...

Main Site: http://www.connormacraemedia.com/

You can also check out some videos from RTX including all of Jeff @williams Concert here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcSPVl5EUHz...

If you enjoy my photos and would like to see more let me know here or on twitter www.twitter.com/darkbowler or you can check out my photo editing streams at www.twitch.tv/darkbowler

Happy Community Day Everyone


Connor (Your friendly RTX Photographer)