Hey Everyone,

So I have been very cryptic and stressed out for the last few months when it comes to RTX because I have been weighing a decision for a few years and this year finally made up my mind. To give some background for more than 5 years I have had pleasure and privilege of photographing numerous events, fan gatherings, and even spent 3 years as an official RTX Guardian photographer (2012 was unofficial).

Back in December I took the plunge and submitted a proposal to work the event as a contracted photographer but it was turned down. I completely understand the rationale behind them turning me down as they have been using someone for years for official photos. I wasn’t looking to come in and replace him, rather to supplement and help out where I could. The fault was with me because when I wrote the proposal it didn’t sound that way and I have to live with that.

Where that left me was a man without a purpose because, as I found out when team assignments went out, there won’t be a guardian photographer team this year. The only logical next step was to apply for a media badge in the hopes that I would be able to shoot the event for fun. After a very long process and more emails than I think I have ever sent on one chain the absolutely amazing and wonderful Barbara informed me that they would grant me a media badge for this year. I am eternally indebted to her because I know that she went to bat for me to get me this.

So what does this mean for me and RTX? Short version is the backwards hat wearing, too much gear carrying, and crazy running around photographer Connor MacRae will be at RTX this year taking awesome pictures. The difference this year is that can shoot any panel at any time without having to worry about coverage or helping managing a team of photographers. So if you would like me to come photograph your panel or schedule a cosplay/event shoot please send me an email or DM DarkBowler on Twitter ASAP as some spots have already been taken. I will also be co-hosting the Photographers of the RT Community Panel at 2pm on Sunday in ACC Meeting room 4 with Sonja Carter aka @SoulFirePhotos and Dominic aka @Count3D so come check that out. We may have surprises for you.


I will not be a guardian this year :-(

I will be taking photos this year as Connor MacRae Media :-) and Barbara is awesome

I will be on a photography panel at RTX on Sunday at 2pm in ACC Meeting Room 4

If you would like me to photograph your panel or event at RTX please DM me @DarkBowler on Twitter OR email me wc.macrae@yahoo.com ASAP with subject line “RTX Panel/Event” Cut off is June 29th


Your friendly crazy RTX Photographer