Well this has been a long time coming, the past few weeks have been insane and I haven’t even had time to stop long enough to think about this journal let alone put it down in text. So here it goes….more or less.

So RTX was a thing. This year felt a lot different from past years in many different ways a lot good and a lot bad. For the first time ever I was more or less in charge of a team of photographers who all put forth an amazing effort and did an excellent job. Each and every guy went above and beyond to adapt to all the craziness that was thrown at us constantly and all the insane schedules for delivery that were never told to us or have ever been a part of our job. I know all of us are still working on photos and probably will be for months, that is the side of the guardian photographers that no one ever sees and few will appreciate. So Thank you @ragingterror @coneman13 @KVN @PortalBen you guys are awesome and I’ll work with all of you again anytime.

Now that’s all out of the way, the rest of RTX was kind of a blur. I had an awesome condo with @LoZelda @Count3D @Cheshire_Cat @LoLink we all got along great and no one snored so that was a plus. Sidequest was awesome as always; shout out to Dom and @GB330033 for putting on such a great series of nights to help everyone wind down after working the con. Also shout out to @sirNARVY and @SailorTweek for once again being awesome head guardians and just all around damn good people, RTX could not happen without you two and every Guardian and RT Staff know that.

I could tell stories of the con and all the things I saw (for at most 10 min #PhotogProblems) but that will take too long and I would rather save it for the stream. In case you didn’t know I am streaming me editing photos because it’s fun and helps pass the time because there is so damn many www.twitch.tv/darkbowler *plug plug plug* . If you are interested in learning how I edit or just want to see what does and does not make the cut check it out, keep an eye on my twitter @DarkBowler for when I am live. /plug over

I think I will leave it there for now; I need to spend some more time editing photos and getting all of Friday posted in the right order by this weekend. As I finish days or events I will post on Twitter a link to the album on my personal website. Other than the few photos I will post in journals I will not be posting any RTX event photos on the RT website. The simple reason is that there is no RTX album to place them in and also I would have to compress them to such a small size that all the resolution would be lost and I don’t want to waste the HD space or render time on doing that [spoiler] (on top of the fact no one would see them anyway if I posted them here) [/spoiler].

I know I say this every time but I will try to write more journals as I finish up more of the work; hell I haven’t even talked about PAX Prime yet.

TL:DR My friends in the community, I love you all and I wish I could have spent more time with you at RTX. All my photos will be at http://www.connormacraemedia.com . To know when photos get published follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/darkbowler . To watch my photo edit stream My Twitch Channel

P.S. Since the RT Website doesn't have a place for the community to upload their photos from RTX I have come up with a simple solution for now until they do. Click Here to find out more about the RTX2015 Community Photo Album

Love you all


RTX 2015 Community Photo Album