Here it is folks. Neill wrote to me last week saying he was sorry for not getting back to me sooner, but things were nuts at the moment. I told him we all understood that he might be a little busy at this point and to take his time. But I just got this from him today. I'll be posting it in the forum soon (I wanted to post it here first for my friends as a bit of a first look), so don't worry about posting a new topic, it'll get done. Anyway, here are Neill Blomkamp's answers to you, the RVB community (he was cool enough to answer the top two voted on questions!)

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(First question from RVB community) - I am curious as to how close Neill will be following the Halo saga. If the movie is based on the story of the first game, my question is will he be shooting the movie following the game Halo and gameplay (which is mostly centered on the Master Chief) or will he be following the book (The Flood) which is based on the game. Because the book tends to cover alot more ends than the game itself does, which is totally understandable but I'm curious as to which he will follow more closely. The gameplay or the book? In other words, what sources will you be pulling from for the movie version. Which of the games out of Halo 1 2 and 3?

Neill Blomkamp - Good question, the answer is I'm treating all of the HALO universe as one giant amount of source material, halo has become more then just the games, its become a culture, so I'm going to be drawing from the games, the books, everything, even red vs. blue. There are certain things that I want the passive theatre going audience to experience, like for instance the discovery of halo, that is obviously very much a halo 1 thing, then I want to be on earth a bit too, that's halo2, so I really am pulling from all over. The audience should walk away from this having experienced the world of Halo, that the games take place inside.

(second question from RvB community) Would you be willing to put an RvB inside joke into the movie for us RvB fans? Say a USMC Marine grunt with a name patch that has one of the RvB characters on it? Or maybe play a short RvB episode before the movie like they did when they showed cartoons before feature films? You could always cast RvB's very own Joel Hayman (Caboose) as an extra! (they put the RvB logo in the Halo 2 game on a soda machine for the RvB fans)

Neill Blomkamp - I do certainly think that there is a possibility to have RvsB inside jokes, and imagery inside the movie, I will be looking for places in the film that might potentially allow for some of that. I'm a big fan of the RvsB stuff, and I think having it in there, in secret places is a really good idea, and fans will appreciate it too. In terms of a cartoon like pre movie episode, I doubt that will be possible.

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That's it guys! I'm thinking of sending a few of your comments to these answers back to Neill in response to this, so if you'd like to thank him for taking the time to answer them, or comment on his answers in the journal comments below, I'll pick a few of the good ones and send them his way.

Thanks again for participating in this for the people that posted questions and voted on them.