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A Hard RoadI've been on this site for almost 10 years now, but active for only almost half that... I've made some of my best memories here, and one thing I've come to regret is letting it fade away. I'm a much different person than I was when I started. A geeky 15 year old who cracked the schools firewall to watch Red vs Blue and post in the forums, and today, a 25 year old living with his girlfriend trying to get a jump-start on his future. How did I get here? It's a long story...
After I graduated I took a month off to plan for myself. I ended up with a Full-time job shuttling cars for a car dealership's service department. Good job, full time with great pay. I worked there just over a year and saved to start on college. In August 2008 I was a Full-time student and part-time bakery clerk at a grocery store. I didn't intend for it to stay that way, but it did for quite some time.
In 2009, I decided to save and take my first solo vacation: RvBTO! I went to Mexico in 2006, and TO 2008 looked so awesome. This had to be the biggest life-changer for me, because when I came home, I had stayed in touch with my soon-to-be best friend, Queenspammy. With a few skype calls and other dealings, we made an arrangement to escape our parents' dwellings. With that, in October 2009 we moved in. Things worked out very well, I worked days, she worked nights. (I was pretty messy) I still went to school and earned my technicians certificate (which I guess is only good enough to get a job at Best Buy) We even got an extra cat in the apartment, my kitten Doc. But we cut things short in 2010 when our neighbors started being pricks.
We moved out in June 2010, which was good since my Mom lost her job and needed help with the house. It was only meant to be temporary, as she was planning to move in February of the next year. I also attended RvBTO 2010, probably the most exciting weekend ever.
This....is where everything took a turn for the worse. In September 2010, I was working early one Sunday morning when I hear that there's been a call from the Humane Society....that Doc got out. It was hard on me, I grew really attached to the little guy. In comes the hardest week for me, dealing with it. Then came the next weekend, Nan Desu Kan 2010. Feeling down, I decided to don my new Deadpool cosplay and hit the town, and I was a hit! I still wear it to this day. What was special was this was the night I met my friend Steven. Super nice guy, who a year later would be a huge influence on my life. but more on that later. He introduced me to a girl, who I admit I became smitten with. We dated for about 6 months, when she ended up breaking up with me in pretty much the worst way ever. Long story short: She stole $500 from me and dropped off the face of the Earth. It was at the worst time ever, too. My brother and I were planning on moving into our new apartment together, and that was my half of the deposit.
2011 wasn't very kind to me. The apartment turned lousy during the summer when we found we had no AC in our hole of a garden-level. I kept getting taunted by this girl, too. I eventually got off her hook when in September, my friend Steven asked me if I wanted to move up North to Greeley. My bro and I were paying month-to-month, and there was nothing but my dead-end Grocery store job, anyway. I gave my two weeks and over this time I moved everything I had up there.
By the end of the month, I was settled. I found my new job at Target and got back on my feet. I spent the holidays mostly by myself, and New years was especially shitty. Eventually, Target let me go and I was working at the new Mega-marketplace in Greeley by February. That's when I started dating Lilli...the biggest influence on me to date. We originally met Halloween 2011, but we were seeing other people at the time. She helped me move on with some problems I had going on, and motivated me to pursue new goals. Thanks to her, I'm financially stable again, I have a job I enjoy (call center gig), I'm headed back to school for better learning, and I'm back to practicing music. I'm not almost finished with my Computer Science degree, and have an In with Google in Boulder!
Things have changed so much for me over the years, and it all started here.

Tl;dr: Things are getting better, and I'm happy I found this damn website.

Thanks for reading,

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