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26 year-old male from Denver, CO
Don't worry, I'm not mental or anything.

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Name Pete
Occupation Clerk, Foole, Aspiring Musician
Birthday July 21st, 1988
Interests By reading these fields you have given me temporary control over your mind. The internet gaming designing drawing writing guitar movies music comics modding freerunning driving cooking skateboarding skiing biking seeing what will fit in the occupation field concerts making webcomics The Jedi Talk Show animating stunt work pyrotechnics or just doing nothing at all. Thats always fun.
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Music Foo Fighters Queens of the Stone Age Flogging Molly JET Single File The Adored AC/DC Barenaked Ladies The Black Keys Eric Clapton Dio Flight of the Conchords Crash Kings Flobots Foxboro Hot Tubs Goldfinger Gorillaz Photo Atlas Led Zeppelin Motorhead Motley Crue Nirvana Probot R.E.M. The Ramones Them Crooked Vultures Red Hot Chili Peppers Tenacious D Tool
TV Shows Heroes House Doctor Who (New and Old) Life Lost Avatar Psych Flight of the Conchords Burn Notice Stargate SG-1 24 Entourage Firefly Buffy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Futurama Robot Chicken Megas XLR
Books Wow! These things have tons of words in them! The Name of the Wind Why We Suck by Denis Leary Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way I am America and so can You! Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Deathtroopers Lord of the Rings
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