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Complaints and GrievancesAge of Ultron: It's quirky, it's action-packed, it gives us a cataclysmic event like the first Avengers which will impact all future stories. That's what's important to the MCU to give us new content, after all. I've read about the give-and-take of the production and the toll it took on the creative process, and how Joss almost broke trying to make things better. I did not like how they forced more screentime with Thor just to dick with us about the Infinity gems. WE ALREADY LEARNED THIS IN GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. UGH. And Quicksilver did not die. Duh. With the innumerable ways he could come back even if he did die. They literally have a machine that can make a new one. Or T.A.H.I.T.I. Or one of the Gems. Something will happen.
In all, I want to summarize This movie in two words: TONY. NO.

Finding out Hulk still can't get his own movie: I looked more into it and found that Disney got in trouble just for making 'The Consultant' One-shot for TALKING about Abomination. So they get in trouble for even talking about things in The Incredible Hulk (Which is why we haven't seen Betty, General Ross, or The Leader) There's even content deleted from Agents of Shield where they mentioned Blonsky in Cryo, General Ross relieved of duty for Alcoholism (Which is why Talbot's in charge in Season 2) and Samuel Sterns is being kept sedated in a Siberian Shield Base. HOWEVER, Universal has since thawed a bit and allowed SOME characters to return for Phase 3. SO we may not get a Hulk Solo movie, but more may be attached to future films.

Spider-Man Problems: There seems to be a 10-year Cycle to these movies
2002 and 2012: A new Spider-Man is launched with a striking visual aesthetic. (Plus the fact that Denis Leary and Willem Dafoe look so much alike, they both die in a similar fashion, and they appear as "Ghosts" later on. Weird.)
2004 and 2014: The sequel comes out, looking better than the first and features more than one vi...
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