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I did it....waited entire year until avatar relevant again.
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Name Joel Heyman
Occupation Long Euro, gold. Short bonds, dollar, yen. QE forever.
Interests Filling out fields on internet sites entitled "interests" in which no one will ever really read anyway. I could just type about randon crap here and no one will ever really see it. See me typing about crap that no one will ever read. Blah blah blah yup typing about nothing. I could even misspel crap or make up a word: plup-tent
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Movies This has to be the most boring profile ever. I can't believe you are still reading this. What is wrong with you. Go out and do something seriously. Btw my favorite muppet is Animal.
TV Shows Kudlow&Co btw I don't care if ya don't read the FAQ. Really I could care less. Nobody reads those *(%*$^!things anyway. It';s like those agreements ya know the "terms and conditions" ya skip over before hitting the "I AGREE" button. Does anybody read those #@$%Z^! things? I mean lets face it even if ya did read the FAQ its not like your going to give two #(*$^@! about what it says anyway. FAQ: "please don't post pictures of elephant penises" reader: "Quick! Somebody get me a copy of National Geographic and a scanner!" anyway if ya have any questions they are answered in the FAQ. (No they are not) Seriously I haven't even read the #$(*&#$^@ thing. For all I know it doesn';t even address penises on elephants. And don�39;t think for a second that I don't recognize the Irony that more people just read that lame-ass sentence about elephant penises in my weak-ass profile than will read the FAQ.
Books Joel's stupid bio: After getting in touch with his emotions and learning to breathe deeply Joel Heyman would graduate from the University of Texas (go horns) in 1997 with BFA (Breathing Feeling Acting) degree. Joel would go on to breath feel and act his way through over 40 plays ranging from regional plays in Texas to off-Broadway productions in New York. While in Texas Joel would eventually meet-up with Austin's two other world class drunks: Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns. A partnership was formed and a movie resulted: The Schedule a film that showed the world that three drunk guys can point and aim a camera at stuff. Soon after Joel was ready to move to Hollywood so as that he could work on movies and television shows that also pointed and aimed cameras at stuff (expensive stuff); Joel was moving up. While working with Oscar nominated director Sergei Bodrov (The Quickie 2001) Joel discovered that if you work on a movie that will only get released in France then...
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