RT Florida

    • An Introduction to Everyone New (and Not So New)

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      How'd everyone enjoy the movie! I did, we all did. No one didn't. That's a fact, straight from RT Florida so it must be real. Right?

      Now, we had a lot of new people join over this past week, so this is going to sever as a sort of introduction to anyone new to the group.

      First off, we appreciate everyone coming out, and Rooster Teeth did as well. Congratulations to people who got to meet Matt at the Orlando and Jacksonville this past weekend. If you got some cool picture, we'd love to see them, so upload them to the group or post them on our Twitter @RT_Florida. We also had another giveaway Saturday with a new round of winners so congratulations to those who won your prizes. See the winners here!



      And one unnamed winner who didn't have an account

      Did you buy something with your gift card? Send us a picture with your swag!

      If you're new, we suggest you keep on reading because we have some really good information on how to get started within the group. Also, we really want RT Florida to be group driven, so if you have a game session, meet up, or anything else you want to do, let us know and we'll help you set it up and get the word out. Starting out, we suggest stopping by our location forum and letting us know where your from. General locations are fine, but it also lets you know what other members are in your area:


      We also have a forum for group gaming sessions where you can put together a game/party/session/group/co-op/whatever. Currently this is a general gaming group, however if you would like to make one for PS4, PC, or any other obscure system... Go for it! This weekend we're even having our first drunk gaming night, Saturday at 5pm so bring your game and liquor for some idiotic fun. Check out the group to find out more information on our gaming within the group:


      We also have an RT Florida Gaming Roster to put your gamer tag, console, and availability. This is very useful for when you want to put together your own game night. We use it constantly for our game sessions (mixed with the forum), and it makes everything so much easier. So fill it out and know who you can game with and when!


      We had a lot of people asking about shirts as well. We were giving them away and selling them at the Lazer Team events, and now we've made them available for shipping online! Check out the shop on our website below (also, we have a website):


      The site is still pretty buggy so we can't upgrade our group description, but we also have a variety of social sites for you to check out and join. See them below:

      Twitter: @RT_Florida

      Facebook: RT Florida

      YouTube: RT Florida

      Twitch: RT Florida

      GTA Crew: RTFL

      (Who would have guessed that everything would be named RT Florida, am I right?)

      If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask us. You can post it in the respective forum. Use the Contact Us on our website, tweet us @RT_Florida, or send Will (WB_Spartan) or myself (ArnettV) a message and we'll help you out however we can!



    • The Matt Hullum Experience

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      Hey, everyone. Hope you had a fantastic time at the Lazer Team premieres wherever you were. Orlando had a blast with their giveaways and bowling after party. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who won some free stuff. See our winners below!

      Congratulations to:














      There are two people missing from our list, so if you won something and don't see your name above, please, let us know in the comments, or email us at [email protected]. We want to make sure you're credited and received your prizes!

      To anyone who won a gift card, you will find that in the inbox of the email address you provided shortly.

      Remember kids, pics or it didn't happen!

      Now on to fun stuff.

      Especially if you were at the Orlando Lazer Team screening, you probably heard us yelling about a very special guest coming to Florida this Saturday. That's right, Saturday, January 30th, Matt Hullum will be attending the premier. He will be there at the 7:05 showing. Tickets are still available so be sure to get yours before they run out. Get yours here!


      We do have some events planned so definitely be sure to stick around. Before the movie, meet us at the Splitsville Bowling alley next door for some food, drinks, and fun.

      Right after the movie, you guessed it, we're having another giveaway! So stick around outside the theater for some fun questions and your chance to get some cool prizes. After all that, join us back at Splitsville for a fun night of bowling. Don't think bowling is cool? Check out our photos from last night after the Orlando Lazer Team premier, everyone there will tell you otherwise.


      We have reached out to Matt and the RT community team to see if he will be available to join us before or after the event, so keep an ear out for more information on that. We do ask however, that if Matt is able to join us, please do not crowd or push at him as with all the hard work they've been putting into this movie, plus RTXAU, needless to say everyone's a bit exhausted. So please be kind and respectful.

      More information soon!



    • Lazer Team Theatrical Release

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      Hey guys, so I know we haven't even fit the first Lazer Team mark, but I figured we should also see who is also going to the theatrical releases of the movie this weekend. More information on the different locations and theaters can be found in Caleb's post here:


      I for one an considering going to the Disney one in Orlando (probably Friday or Saturday). Just need to see how much money I throw at the movie this Wednesday first. :)

      If you're considering going to any of the theatrical Lazer Team releases, post in the comments or open a forum and maybe we can get another gathering together.



    • Funny Story...

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      So last night, a few of us were getting ready to start the King's Fall raid in Destiny. I was checking a few things out on the RT group page while we were getting people added to the fire team. While scrolling through the page, I looked up to see if people had been added. When I looked back down, my finger was accidentally on the "Leave Group" button. "Uh oh," was all anyone else heard in the party chat. I left the group... and I was the only admin. "I'm a f**king idiot" were my next words.

      Long story short, RT Florida was without an admin for 6 hours last night.... my bad. However, thanks to the site admins, both Victoria and I are now admins. Dodged a bullet for sure. Lol :)

      Not sure I'm going to live this one down.


    • Lazer Team is Almost Here!

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      And the hype is real as Will keeps pointing out.

      Warning: Massive Post about Lazer Team and all the RT Florida involved information below.

      We've added all the confirmed events to our Facebook page. You can check them out here and join which ever one you got your ticket for:


      If you haven't purchased a ticket yet, there's still time left! A few screenings still have tickets available so make sure to get yours before they're all sold out:


      During you screening, be sure to take a picture with everyone and tag us either on Facebook or Twitter. It's always great to see all the fans together in one area. We'll be doing the same! It really shows how large of a group we are, so snap a pic and tweet at us @RT_Florida(link to https://twitter.com/rt_florida)

      A few places are even doing get togethers before and after the screenings. Want to promote yours? Let us know and we'll help reach RT Florida fans everywhere! There are already forums set up in the group for different screenings, so check them out and see what your area has planned. Don't see a forum for your screening? Make one and set something up with the other fans.

      Orlando - http://roosterteeth.com/forum/rt-florida/topic/3073398

      Port St. Lucie - http://roosterteeth.com/forum/rt-florida/topic/3184907

      Pensacola - http://roosterteeth.com/forum/rt-florida/topic/3179817

      Aventura - http://roosterteeth.com/forum/rt-florida/topic/3073794

      Altamonte - http://roosterteeth.com/forum/rt-florida/topic/3165973

      Broward County (Sunrise) - http://roosterteeth.com/forum/rt-florida/topic/3073394

      Tampa - http://roosterteeth.com/forum/rt-florida/topic/3073401

      Looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday night!



    • Guys, we did a thing!!

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      Hey guys,

      If you haven't already seen, the AHWU opener we made at the Orlando meet up was chosen for AHWU #299! As Victoria pointed out on her facebook post, our coolness has been recognized by the AH crew! Mad props to all you guys for being awesome and making this group freaking legit.

      In Rooster Rumble news, we lost our last match against the RT fans from down under in GTA V making our final record 1-4. This may or may not have been due to someone's inability to land a helicopter... but he wants everyone to know that he's sorry and that he's working on it (it may or may not be me...maybe). I'm not sure when the next Rooster Rumble will be, but until then, let's keep the group gaming sessions coming! There have been talks of having one this Friday in Minecraft on the XBONE to start the RT_Florida world. so keep your eyes open for updates from our social media accounts.

      Hope you all have an awesome week!!


    • It's time...

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      For Rooster Rumble round 5!!

      We are currently scheduling round 5 against our friends down under for this Friday, January 8th. If you are at all interested in participating, please sign up and list your availability below.

      Rooster Rumble Roster and Date Availability

      Everyone is welcome to participate! We also use this sheet for our group gaming sessions, so feel free to add yourself, even if you don't want to take part in RR.

      Also, head over to the RR round 5 thread to discuss what kind of games we should compete in and talk smack about how much better Florida is than Australia (search your feelings, you know it to be true).

      Round 5 Thread

      I feel like I'm forgetting something... oh yea.

      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!



    • Holidays and Rooster Rumble

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      Hey Everyone,

      I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season. I just wanted to post a quick update on round 5 of Rooster Rumble before the holidays are in full swing. After talking with the wonderful folks over at Roo Teeth, it looks like we are going to try and have our match on Friday, January 8th (Saturday morning for them). We haven't agreed on a game yet, but I suggested GTA V. If you haven't already, please fill out your availability on the google spreadsheet and include your gamertag and other pertinent info. This competition is open to any member of RT Florida regardless of whether or not you've participated in any previous event. Feel free to sign up!!

      Rooster Rumble Roster and Date Availability

      We also have a forum thread for round 5 to discuss what games/game types we would like to play.

      Round 5 Thread

      Finally, if you didn't hear, we have a new forum for setting up group gaming events! Our most recent one was this past Sunday and it was freaking awesome! You can check out Victoria's recording from the RT Florida twitch account here.

      We hope you all have an amazing and safe holiday season!



    • RT Florida 2015 Post Event

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      Hello Everyone who made it out to our event last night!

      First off, thank you for coming. We had a huge turnout, and that was amazing, way more people than I expected (which was great), and everyone seemed to have a blast. Needless to say we will have more of these in the future.

      After speaking with the rest of the people at the group, it seems like our next get together will be during the Lazer Team screening. While this will most likely be for people going to the Universal screening, we encourage you guys to host your own get together before, during, or after the movie and tag us. We had lots of great photos and quotes from tonight, and apparently a new tagline "Giving birth." If you missed anything, check out our Twitter page for a quick, and quite frankly, disturbing recap of the event last night @RT_Florida(https://twitter.com/rt_florida).

      There was also a lot of suggestions saying that we should have some sort of convenient place to put people's gamertags for when we want to do game nights or just a buddy to kill stuff with. Well, lucky for you guys we already have that for your right here:


      This is where we put all of our information, dates, and availability for the Rooster Rumble matches. However, it can also be used as a general information sheet for people just looking to game. Fill it out with your site username, gamertag, and other various game information, and you now have a convenient location where you're able to find all the fireteam, party, or co-op buddies you need.

      Also, if you haven't heard about the Rooster Rumble events we're taking part in, check out Will's previous post here(http://roosterteeth.com/post/51189321) and sign up if you're interested. Leave your input on what game you'd like to play, and we will gladly include you in our ranks.

      So again, thank you to everyone that came out. We appreciate the support and had a great time, and definitely hope to interact with you guys more often, in person and through online gaming sessions.



    • RT Florida 2015

      1 year ago

      RT Florida

      Hello RT Florida members!

      Our first meetup is only a few days away and we're making this post for a summary of everything to expect. Convenient, right?

      Date: DECEMBER 13

      Time: 6:00 PM - WHENEVER

      Location: THE CLOAK AND BLASTER PUB - Located in the Shoppes at Waterford Place Plaza

      875 Woodbury Rd, Ste 108

      Orlando, Florida 32828

      A few important notes...

      Shirts: Everyone who replied to the previous event post will receive their shirts at no cost. This is coming out of our pockets to give you guys a piece of memorabilia to commemorate how awesome it will be. Anyone who would like to buy a shirt, whether you couldn't make it, or because you'd like another one, or whatever, you can absolutely do so. Shirts are $10 a piece, just contact either myself or Will and we'll hook you up.

      Cost/Donations: This has come up a bit. Any reservation fee for the event is being covered and the shirts, as mentioned above, are at no cost to attendees, so the only things you need to worry about buying are food and drinks. This being said, if anyone did want to donate any money to the group, it'll all be put towards future events, contests, and giveaways for out little sub-community.

      Availability: We are not renting out any part of the location, so it will be a first come first serve type of deal. However, because the event starts at 6:00 pm when the pub opens, we pretty much have first dibs, though that doesn't mean other people might join later. Though, this place isn't usually packed so we'll be fine.

      Upstairs Lounge: This works in two ways- There are a few couches with open seating, and then there’s console space. Food will be more than welcomed upstairs; our server for Sunday will be Collin who will take the food and drink orders. Because he will be dealing with nearly 15 people, please be nice and be sure to tip him something at least.

      Games and Consoles: Cloak and Blaster has a library with Wii U and Xbox One consoles for their customers to use, but they also have a policy regarding playing time everyone should be aware of. They require $5 per half hour, however, because we're such an awesome group, we are covering this fee for the time that our group will be there. Also, they do not allow any personal games, so please do not bring any of your own. They also have a collection of tabletop games for everyone to play, but these will be first-come, first-serve as the night goes on.

      We would love for people to film and photograph the event to have to help promote the group and future events. If you do record anything that you would like to share, let either Will or myself know, as well as any questions you may have in general.

      And of course, as a common rule, don't be a dick.

      We're looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

      -Victoria and Will

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