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My OC Team: Team JEST, interested in your thoughts and possbily Rooster Teeths

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  • Jester000


    #33539976 - 1 year ago

    So I decided to create my own RWBY OC Team, TEAM JEST, who are all based around fictional characters known for deception, manipulation or trickery.

    Interested to hear everyone's ideas and thoughts on my characters, their designs and if you want more info on them, go ahead and ask. 

    Thoughts on if you think they could fit in the series itself.

    Jester Asgard


    Eisen Blitz


    Sinbilo "Sin" Hamelin


    Tresoro "Tre" Silver


  • thesonofcinder


    #33564869 - 11 months ago

    oh man, that looks so cool, I wish I could do things like that. drawing or otherwise

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