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Community Design Choice Spectacular Week #71!

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    #33539860 - 1 year ago

    Hello again all you Huntsmen and Huntresses out there!

    Have you all had a thrilling week since we last talked? I hope so.

    Welcome dear community to another gathering of this the community design challenge. If you are new to these gatherings of ours welcome, for it is here that battles are fought and champions chosen. Where community choice and design meet! Today the victor of the past week is announced, and a battle to support that champion starts. Shall we?

    Over the course of the past week a battle was fought over the selection of a new community champion. A winner of course has been selected, can you guess which champion won? (Drum roll please)...

    The winner is Penny Polendina!

    Thats right the Mysterious Machine Girl with an Aura Penny Polendina has taken the first place sport with 25% of the vote! In second place is a tie between Lie Ren and Blake Belladonna with 19% of the vote! Following in third place is a three way tie between Professor Ozpin, Nora Valkyrie, and Jaune Arc with 12% of the vote! Well fought to all who participated and congratulations to those who voted for their champion of choice. Well done indeed!

    Now with the selection of a new champion completed, a new battle is underway. A battle for the selection of a medium of choice that will be sporting Penny's personal branded theme. You know the rules. But just in case you don't, here's a quick go over. The battle will last through the weekend. On the start of the new week the winning medium will be announced. Pick from the selection or recommend a medium of your own choice to sport the champions theme. Pick well.


    Now speaking of mediums, lets take a look at last weeks community champion Taiyang Xiao Long. Last week Taiyang's personal medium of choice was a custom themed Poster, so created below for your viewing pleasure(in wallpaper form) is just such a poster! Over the course of the last few volumes we have gotten to find out more about Team STRQ's Taiyang. A Huntsmen who teaches to fledgling trainees on Patch, as well as being someone who may not know about the greater threat to the world of Remnant like his former teammate Qrow or who chooses not to know. Whatever the reasons are the final member of Team STRQ, Taiyang has a unique character design, combat style and color theme to match. As such I wanted to make sure that the design for this poster for Taiyang focuses on how he is introduced. On how he is shown as a Huntsmen. I am quite pleased with how the final design turned out. I hope you agree, I hope you enjoy.


    That's all the news for now my dear community members.

    I will talk with you all again soon.

    Until then. Enjoy.

    TL;DR- Penny Polendina has been selected as your new community champion! Battle now over the selection of a medium of choice that will be sporting Penny's personal branded theme! Last weeks champion Taiyang Xiao Long now has a custom themed Poster available for viewing as well! Next week sees the return of even more characters for the community battle that haven't been seen for some time! Fight well community. Talk with you all again soon. Enjoy.