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What's your favorite fairy tale? (Open stories!)

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    (Seeing how there's two threads dedicated to OCs and the like, something crossed my mind while exploring these forums. There's nothing regarding any "World of Remnant"-like threads! So here's the deal! What is your character's story? Or do they have a story to tell? Lets hear it here! In fact, I'll start off and see what you all think. Obviously this isn't by any means canon. Just from free writing. Feel free to comment and such too!)

    "The World of Remnant: The Pool of Lazrus"

    "My name's Argent Horatius Sterling. Yes, the same kid whose father is a traitor to Atlas and its people for aiding the White Fang on a covert assault on one of the army's weapons depots. That whole mess is for another story. Today though? Well, take a seat and listen for a spell.

    I keep hearing the phrase 'Whats your favorite fairy tale' a lot lately. An honest question of course. After all, we were all kids once, growing up on stories told by our parents and others of amazing things that are too good to be true. There is one story that my mother once told me after looking at an art piece of a man standing a constant vigil over a spring, wielding a spear and suited up in armor that predated the Great War. Still one of my favorites to this day...

    In Sanus, near the base of one of the mountains that range across the southern regions of the land, laid once a "nesting ground" to the Grimm. Rather than breeding of course, it was said that they spawned from a single dark pool of ichor. From this place, the creatures would then attack the villages and towns on the verge of becoming cities to the North and surrounding areas...that was until the day that four women of incredible and outlandish power came; The Maidens. 


    They came to this region together and tasked themselves with wiping out the Grimm that spawned from the pool and mend the land that was destroyed and corrupted by their twisted nature. With their combined power, gifted from an old wizard that they befriended, they wiped out the Grimm and got to work on revitalizing what once was. Winter brought the snow and ice back to the caps of the mountain above, Spring spread the seeds for which floral life could grow, Summer brought the climate to a balance between mountain peak and base for new streams of running water to flow, and Fall saw the cycle being brought together in the form of rain and snow. In a short time, the seeds grew into various plants and trees, matching that of the surrounding areas that weren't affected by this once dead land's corruption. Animals migrated into the revitalized area and settled in to their new home. But there was one thing the sisters did not foresee when they cleansed the land.

    As it turns out, the work the Maidens had done affected the pool in a way that not only did it revert back into the natural spring of life sustaining water it once was, but...well...You know how the cycle of the seasons are like. Summer is where life flourishes, vibrant and beautiful. Fall is when life starts slowly wither and either die or go dormant. Winter is the time of rest and where life would cease. But then came Spring, where life is reborn anew. On the day of their discovery, a broken suit of armor fell into the renewed spring of water after the soil around it eroded and sank it to its depths to increase its size. But what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. 

    A man burst forth from that same spring and took in the air around him as he breathed with life anew, wearing the the very same armor that fell in just moments before.

    Lazrus, as he called himself, thanked  the maidens for what they have done and explained that he fell long ago battling the Grimm here in this very spot. Now that he lives once more, he made it his sworn duty to protect the the pool that brought about his resurrection and not let this gift that they had brought to these revitalized lands fall into the hands of the unworthy.

    They say that many had learned of the spring and sought it out to obtain its powers for themselves, be it out of greed or curiosity. Few came back empty handed, finding their journey to be folly for not finding the way. Those that never returned? They say they have 'returned to the land', be it by the forests natural defenses and inhabitants, or that they found the spring and Lazrus has dubbed them unworthy. Legend has it that he still lives on to this day, an eternal guardian of the pool. 

    Quite the tale, huh? I believed it at first as a kid...but if what happened at Beacon was any indication, life is not one big fairy tale. But then again, stories do tend to have some elements of truth to them. Question was, what part of this one is it?"