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  • thesonofcinder


    #33504130 - 1 week ago

    two figures walked into the village, at first glance, they looked very similar, but if you took a closer look the differences were astounding.

    the first boy had blue eyes and a cheerful expression, his dirty blond hair almost glowed in the sunlight , on his back was a bow and a quiver full of arrows. his dirty jeans and tee shirt did little to darken his complexion. he strode forwards happily, as if he was overjoyed to take the next step.

    the second boy radiated darkness, his green eyes took in the town as if he hated it. his red brown hair was wild and uncombed and two goat horns protruded from his head. his black leather jacket was dirty, and his jeans were ripped in one knee. a gun and a yellow object hung from his belt. he shuffled forward slowly as if each step pained him.

    the two boys walked through the town in the setting sun. finding a tavern, they both walked in and sat down. the bartender walked up to them.

    "what can i get you boys today?" he said the first boy looked at the second, who stared at the floor.

    "water, for both of us." the first said. the bartender nodded and walked away.

    a second man walked into the room, he had brown hair and a large broadsword. he took a stool next to the boys.

    "good evening," he said the first boy waved, but the faunus glared at the man. who nodded and turned his head, the bartender came back with the drinks.

    "are you a huntsman?" the first boy asked, the huntsman nodded.

    "four years in beacon academy and four times that as a professional." he said, the second boy grunted, then stiffened. the first boy spun around.

    "what is it?" he asked. suddenly screams came from outside. the first boy spun around in his chair and rushed for the door, the second boy following quickly.

    Beowulf crawled through the streets, a rinedeath charging after them the first boy drew his bow.

    "take the big guy, i got the little ones." he said the second boy nodded and rushed for the rinedeath, the first shooting at the Beowulf.

    the faunus leapt onto the monsters head, drawing his gun and shooting at the white armor of the grimm, who kicked his head back to dislodge him. the green eyed boy landed on the floor behind the grimm, putting the gun away he pulled out the yellow object which extended into a staff. he spun the black handled weapon in the air and brought it down on the nose of the monster, swinging it again, he knocked off the grimm's horn, causing it to bellow in pain, clasping his staff the boy pulled out his gun again, shooting at the hole in the monsters armor that he had formed, the grimm roared and kicked, thrashing as the faunus shot at its face.

     then it fell and lay still, black smoke rising as the body disintegrated. the boy turned from the dead grimm, and shot the remaining beowulfs. the first boy nodded his thanks and turned back to the inn, the huntsman and bartender stood, shocked.

    "who are you." the bartender said, the townspeople gathered around the vanishing  monsters.

    "i am Gregory Curtis and he is." the first boy started, but the faunus held up his hand.

    " i am Daniel Samuels."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33506032 - 1 week ago

    the huntsman sat down next to the two boys

    "now we can finally talk." he said, Daniel and Gregory were sitting at the tavern, the townspeople had been talking with them for hours. but finally, they had all gone home.

    "what is there to talk about?" Daniel said. Gregory but his hand on his brothers shoulder.

    "well," the huntsman said, "I guess I'm wondering the same thing as everyone else. where did you come from. how did you do that. those sort of things."

    Daniel spun around in his chair, but Gregory answered.

    " we live in the forest, pretty much, and we came here for supplies, we did that the same way anyone else would." he said with a slight smile

    the huntsman smiled.

    "but you never had any formal training?" he asked, Daniel shook his head .

    "well, I work for beacon academy, in vale, we train huntsman and---" the huntsman started.

    "we know what beacon is, were not stupid." Daniel growled, the huntsman stiffened, then continued.

    "well, I work on the recruiting and new students, very high on the totem pole if I say so myself, anyway, with your performance today, I was thinking about how amazing you would be after our training program."

    what are you saying?" Gregory asked. the huntsman smiled and spoke

    "boys, I would like to accept you into beacon academy."

  • thesonofcinder


    #33506041 - 1 week ago

    Daniel woke up to his brother bouncing on his bed.

    "wake up, wake up, today's the day." he said, Daniel rolled out of bed as Gregory bounced to the floor.

    " i know that, don't bounce on my bed." he said , Gregory apologized and the boys got dressed, after they were ready, they left their room and went down to the lobby, where the huntsman was waiting for them.

    "good morning boys, today's the day." he said, Daniel sighed as he continued.

    "we are going to take a airship to vale, where i will drop you off to catch the flight to beacon."

    Daniel interrupted him," why are we taking the flight to vale, why not go directly to beacon?" he asked the huntsman snapped his fingers.

    " because, the flight from vale to beacon has the introduction to the academy that they would like you to here, also you need to meet your classmates." the huntsman said, Daniel sighed, but said nothing. a loud sound of rushing wind came from outside.

    "here it is now," the huntsman said," step lively boys, we have no time to lose."

    he left the in, followed closely by the boys. when they saw the small white ship, Gregory stopped.

    "are their doors, or seat-belts in that ship?" he asked, the huntsman laughed.

    "of course not, wheres the fun in that?" he said, Daniel turned to face his brother, whose face was white as a ghost.

    "its ok, we faced worse, right." he said, Gregory nodded and breathed deeply.

    "ok. lets go." he said, and the boys entered the ship

  • thesonofcinder


    #33510301 - 6 days ago

    the airship rose high above the clouds, Daniel stood, legs apart, arms behind his back staring at the sky as it sunk beneath them. Gregory grasped the pole above them. the huntsman stood behind the boys looking at their reactions. the forest speed around underneath them.

    soon they came to the city, the green trees gave way to the silver metal of the buildings.

    "welcome to vale boys." the huntsman said Gregory smiled and nodded but Daniel just stared out the window. the ship began to descend, the small lines grew to large roads, and the city grew huge. landing the large doors opened. revealing

    a large port filled with kids, all different shapes and sizes.

    "well then, lets go." Gregory said. Daniel nodded