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  • Capcans2


    #33540016 - 1 month ago

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    Shadow Master is indeed one my more powerful semblance. But it goes with the character and their role in the story. 

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33540109 - 1 month ago

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    Ohhhhh do tell...

  • Capcans2


    #33540331 - 1 month ago

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    The user (Atsu Sumbra) grew up in the shadow of their younger brother. Where Atsu's brother was charismatic and outgoing, Atsu was an introvert and hid themselves from others. 

    In the story, Atsu works as an informant/assassin instead of a hunter/huntress. Really neutral in terms of alignment, but occasionally helps out and acts as a challenge/trial for the main characters.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33540455 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    So a sort of "test character" for the mains to pass for him to be seen as a positive-neutral... who also has a background of being dark and broody. Very interesting. Certainly has room for complex character development... I like it.

  • Mystic_Wolf

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    #33562325 - 2 weeks ago

    Name: Imbue

    : Individual can use their aura to strengthen non-organic objects attributes in a semi-permanent fashion.

    Limitations: Total depletion of individuals aura will strengthen attribute based on the object size versus the size of the individual, although the strengthening works on a scale of diminishing returns. Aura disperses as item is used, and once aura is infused into an object it can't be retrieved by the individual. Different attributes would use different amounts of aura and can only be strengthened so much before necessary strengthening of another attribute.

    Examples: You want a bladed item to be twice as sharp then as it is. It can be, given it is hard enough. Meaning the sharper the sword the harder you have to make the material.

    Explosives could be much stronger than normal and effect the same radius, but to get stronger after that point the radius must be expanded as well.

    Shields, doors, barricades could be more durable(Hardness) after a certain point they would have to start becoming heavier to become more so.

    After a bladed weapon is used to cut items the aura depletes, based off how much the item would dull under the circumstances.

    Explosives are one and done.


    Edit: Posted original too soon...

  • Dinobot01


    #33562600 - 2 weeks ago

    Name: Solar Stride 

    Power: Absorb and channel solar energy to be used in all sorts of ways. (Energy blasts, force fields, healing, super strength, speed, agility, etc...)

    Limits: The amount the user can absorb at one time depends on the users physicality. The user cannot absorb energy at night. Whatever energy the user has remaining after the sun sets can still be used, but once it runs out, they must wait until daybreak. The user must be in direct contact with the suns light to absorb it.(EX: If they are in a building without windows, they cannot take in power. The same on a cloudy day. The user cannot absorb power while the clouds block the sun) 

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33562862 - 2 weeks ago

    Been a while since I last saw activity here. Alright then. I got a couple more for you guys, myself!


    Semblance Name: Telekinesis (physically bound)

    User: Charlene Aranka

    Description: Basically, it's like controlling gravity through direct motion of the user. While this may seem like a huge advantage right off the bat, this ability has it's limits. Namely, the ability to move an object and the mass of said object, in comparison to the user, are inversely related. For instance, an object (or person) of the same weight of the user could only be moved around for a few seconds at a time, and the force in said movement wouldn't exactly be enough to cause serious injury.

    Semblance Name: Aura Channel

    User: Wilbur Eticus (same page as Charlene, so no link necessary)

    Description: Ability allows for Aura to be used directly in many applications, especially offense or defense. While acting so with it doesn't wear the Aura down, taking damage with it does (which includes DEALING said damage) at a near-identical rate. The further away the Aura is cast, the weaker its bind is, to the point where it is possible to be broken off and destroyed easily (the threshold of which starts at around 15 feet from the user). For Wilbur in particular, being able to interact with it without running the risk of taking damage comes as a good application in entertainment...

  • Vohxus

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    #33562965 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    Glynda's Semblance is Telekinesis.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33563578 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to Vohxus

    Yes, but we see that it is bound to her wand specifically.

  • Vohxus

    Vohxus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Knight of the Ebon Blade

    #33564021 - 2 weeks ago

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    You could say that her telekinetic powers are bounded to her riding crop, seeing how she always uses the two together.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33564049 - 2 weeks ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis I'm 100% sure that the 'wand' usage is for aesthetic 'witch' purposes. It's her actual semblance, end of story.

  • Flagwaver


    #33572373 - 20 hours ago

    These are some of the Semblances that I am designed for characters in an upcoming fanfiction.  Please tell me what you think.

    Color Inversion

    Causes all colors within a medium-range distance to invert.  While this does not affect anyone who is color blind, it is severely disorienting for those not accustomed to seeing the world as it should be.  The fact that the character can shift the inversion at will with a small burst of Aura means he can keep anything around him off-balance.

    Limitations: It affects everything around him, whether friend or foe.

    Notes: The character with this Semblance is color-blind and dresses monochromatic in black and white.


    This Semblance causes the character to be enveloped in black shadows, becoming completely ignored by anyone not specifically focused and looking directly at them.  They can move around the outskirts of the battlefield without anyone paying attention to them or caring about their being there at all.

    Limitations: The power drops the moment the enter into the area of combat or launches an attack.


    This Semblance is activated when the Huntress begins to dance.  Anything that strikes her with an attack, whether melee or ranged, runs the risk of dancing with her and mimicking her movements perfectly.  The stronger the creature, the less chance they begin dancing after a single strike.  However, the more they strike her the more they are compelled to dance.  The dancers will mimic all of her movements, to include any moves that make them physically attack each other or their allies or dancing them over cliffs.

    Limitations: The dancers stop dancing when the Huntress stops dancing or if they are struck with enough force to injure them.  The dancers are able to speak and use their Semblances, unless those Semblances have a movement base to them as they continue to follow the Huntresses movements.

    Force Fist

    The Hunter can charge his fists with a minuscule amount of Aura to create a strong kinetic impact when he physically strikes them.  For a small amount of Aura, the Hunter can charge his fists to throw the strike a short distance.  For a moderate amount of Aura, the Hunter can charge his fists and punch the ground.  The ground strike creates a shockwave that throws enemies around him into the air.

    Limitations: Charging the attacks costs Aura.

    Notes: This character's fighting style is Boxing.

  • Dinobot01


    #33572759 - 51 minutes ago

    In reply to Flagwaver

    Very creative. Well done