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  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33677658 - 7 months ago

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    Maybe futuristic disc records that also serve as chakrams? I don't really, know, but it's an idea at least...

  • j.a.diablerie

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    #33677674 - 7 months ago

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    Better. A DJ-board that is a chakram dispenser. More than one, but they could run out if they're not careful with their use.

  • A-Tank


    #33677676 - 7 months ago

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    how about a disco ball which is also an electrified mace?

  • A-Tank


    #33677677 - 7 months ago

    Or maybe even a microphone and stand which transforms into a staff? Linked to a boombox so he can rap as he beats up people?

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33677850 - 7 months ago

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    I suppose that would work...

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    Those seem a bit... obscure, even for the theme he's looking for...

  • user-5a04450196562


    #33677855 - 7 months ago

    I do like the DJ board idea, but I can't decide if I like the idea of guns/brass knuckles. I had a thought about having the board morph into a par of ironman like gantlets to allow both, but that seemed a bit much. I originally thought of having the character have a bladed windsinger that morphed into a violin or cello, but I wanted more of a underground street mixer vibe. Thoughts?  

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33677868 - 7 months ago

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    I had to look up what a windsinger is, but it does seem like an interesting idea, though I think you'd have better luck pulling it off like this: The strings of the windsinger are metal blades, but ridged so that they still make a sound when air moves across it. For range, the blades separate and turn, inverting into a position sort of like reverse tonfa, the now open end of the windsinger being a button-triggered projectile weapon kinda like Torchwick's cane. I could draw up a quick sketch of what I have in mind, if you want.

    Edit: I went and did it anyways. This is just a very quick sketch, nothing permanent or anything, with next to nothing for detail, but this should give you the general idea. Again... this is very low-quality, so just bear with me and the fact that this is just a quick sketch...


  • user-5a04450196562


    #33677888 - 7 months ago

    In reply to user-5a04450196562 No, this was great idea and visual, not to mention damn close to what I was thinking for the blade. Originally I was thinking a string or wire would rest taunt along the outside the blade or along the shaft allowing the same affect as a windsinger. I also thought this effect could allow the blade to vibrate to allow greater cutting power like a bladed tuning fork. I appreciate the time you put into this.

    That said, I'm still not sure if this fits the whole street DJ vibe i was going for. I like this idea, and I fit it to the characters story as a heirloom from a parent or role model from their past, but i also like the whole DJ board idea too. I don't want to give a complete arsenal to this character to fit both their duel perspective nature I'm giving them (though that is an idea too). 

    Any thoughts? 

    Also, for range did mean something along the lines of a tonfa crossbow like weapon. I apologize if not but thats how i imagined it in my head.

  • j.a.diablerie

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    #33678008 - 7 months ago

    An oldie of mine.

    Name: Carbuncle

    Age: 67

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Wandering Huntsman

    Inspiration: Miyamoto Musashi

    Appearance: An elderly man with a heavily wrinkled face. His head is bald at the top, with his white, scraggly hair on the sides. Has kind, tiny black eyes and bushy eyebrows. His nose is rather large.

    Dresses simply in a beige robe and white pants that reveals his deceptively thin frame. Wears wooden geta-sandals on his bare feet. A black sash is tied around his waist. Most of his clothes show signs of slight disrepair

    Generally, Carbuncle almost looks like a homeless person.

    History: A famed huntsman back in his prime, even at his old age the man who now goes by Carbuncle is still regarded as one of the mightiest swordsmen Remnant has ever seen. He was completely self-taught, and even his position as a Hunter was awarded for his skill. Nowadays he's fallen into obscurity, mostly due to wandering around and being almost impossible to track down. But tales still come up of a great swordsman with a black sword that isn't really a sword.

    Personality: For all his aged wisdom and patience, Crabuncle has the heart of a warrior. He enjoys good fights, and actively seeks out opponents who could give him a good time. He knowingly handicaps himself in many ways, just to make the fight more fair and interesting. But if he ever can go all out, he is always overjoyed to an almost creepy degree. His dream in life is to find a worthy opponent who can overcome his skill and take his life, a most glorious end.

    Outside of combat, Carbuncle is a very friendly and jovial person. He likes to chat and joke around, if the situation allows. It's sometimes hard to take him seriously at first blush. But he can do an instant one-eighty into seriousness, if necessary. Carbuncle believes in honing one's strengths and skills, and has no patience for people unwilling to go the extra mile to achieve this. To him, there are no easy ways out.

    Carbuncle is also a bit of a traditionalist. He doesn't really like guns, or any of these newfangled hybrid weapons people have nowadays. He prefers simplicity, and the good old trustworthy classics.

    Strengths: Near peerless swordsmanship. Can deflect projectiles with ease. Incredibly observant in the heat of the fight. Can adapt quickly to unforseen changes in the course of battle. Is shockingly fast for someone his age. Still insanely strong, despite how frail he might look. Shows great earthly wisdom and insight. Is easy to underestimate.

    Weaknesses: Can't do much at range. Never received(read: bothered to take) a proper education, and is not book smart. Can barely read and hasn't bothered to learn writing.  Has gotten more forgetful over the years. Is hopeless with technology. Slightly hard of hearing.

    Weapon: The Black Pole, a pole of metal black as the night that is roughly shaped like a katana. It is as blunt as objects come, and ungodly heavy, yet Carbuncle wields it with them swiftness and grace as any blade. In truth, the rod of metal is a an incredibly dense and heavy sheath for his true blade "Kokuyōseki". The sheath takes incredible strength, effort, and technique to remove, which only Carbuncle can do reliably. When unsheathed, Kokuyōseki allows Carbuncle to show off his true skill, slashing faster than the average eye can see.

    Semblance: Hone Edge. Passive. Carbuncel can enhance the sharpness of any tool. Even those normally incapable of cutting. Carbuncle doesn't often use his true blade anymore because his Semblance makes his sword too sharp, cutting other weapons into ribbons.


    *Carbuncle cast aside his birth name a long time ago, as he underwent his training and was reborn, in a sense.

    *Kokuyōseki was forged from a fallen star, and is the only one of it's kind. The Black Pole sheathing it is of a metal alloy, made to be as dense and heavy as possible.

    *One of the big reasons Carbuncle is hard to find is because he refuses to get a scroll. Contacting him is virtually impossible without actually running into him.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33678019 - 7 months ago

    Name: Rooke (Derived from "Brooklyn", meaning "broken")

    Surname: Golnar (Persian for "flower")

    Allusion: Samantha "Art3mis" Cook ("Ready Player One" written by Ernest Cline -absolutely hyped for the upcoming movie, by the way-)

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 170 lbs

    Build: Somewhat stocky, with some leanness

    Aura Rating: Moderate-High

    Aura Color: Light Cyan

    Kingdom of Origin: Mistral

    Kingdom of Occupation: Sanus (Vacuo/Vale, though mainly southern Vale)

    Occupation: Huntress

    Profile Appearance: 


    Other Appearance Details: 

    -Bears a large red mark across the left side of her face, presumed to be a birthmark

    -Weapons are all in appropriate locations, shield clipped to the back, both swords in crossing sheaths covered by the shield when stored, and both blasters in holsters on either hip

    -Shorts are thick denim and black

    -Combat boots are thick black leather with the legs removed down to the ankles for better mobility

    -Very light hourglass figure (not conflicting with the confines of being a relatively stocky build)



    Strengths: Adept in gladiator-style swordsmanship; Fast learner; Keen attention to detail; Sociable, contrary to her high skill level; bit of a "gaming guru" in her free time

    Weaknesses: Can be somewhat distracted with certain topic discussions (particularly frustrating ones), often leading to extensive rambling; Very self-conscious of her birthmark (not in the same way or as much so as Yang is with her hair, but the risks are very similar nonetheless); Slow to adapt to new situations

    Personality: Despite her being of a moderately high skill level, she prefers to remain humble and in no way self-centered (at least when it doesn't involve negative attention, particularly towards her birthmark). This also comes with a normally cheerful attitude and a snarky sense of humor (sometimes even towards herself). When the conversation calls for it, though, she can be very understanding towards those she cares about, which happens to be just about anyone that hasn't done her wrong. Those she implicitly trusts also find that she can also be very sensitive. If it's okay to talk about something, she'll more than likely offer up the topic for a conversation. If there's a course of action that has to be taken, but can't be done without hurting someone in some way, she'll go out of her way to make sure she's done the right thing, doing it with a few grains of salt as the saying goes. ...She also very much enjoys gaming whenever she gets the chance to, outside of training. It'd be a good idea to not bother her in her free time if it doesn't involve gaming or a life-threatening situation...

    Known History: Mistral's former prodigy before being overshadowed by rising star Pyrrha Nikos (which was rather humiliating, as she never really spent much time socializing with her, being new and all at the time), she felt it unnecessary to attend the recent Vytal Festival with more than enough representatives (even if a few weren't directly representing Mistral) already attending, in her opinion. As such, she did not enter her team into the Festival (she wasn't so keen to let them be part of a competition anyways). With fame through being a top-notch Huntress in training no longer much of an option, she opted to instead renew her claim to fame as an avid competitive gamer, when she wasn't busy with studying or training. This did, however, end up reducing her learning performance with grades and such. Considering this, she found it a bit curious that Professor Lionheart agreed to letting her graduate early so she could investigate what was going on in Vale after the event of Beacon's fall, but shrugged off any doubt, considering the situation. Her investigation... didn't really get very far as most of the damage done had already been repaired by the time she got there, so she instead decided to look for other options until she could find a better lead than an abandoned underground encampment that had already been cleared out...

    Semblance: Inventory Displacement - Anything the user carries, such as weaponry or Dust cartridges, can be teleported from their stored location to another withing close proximity to the user. For example, a gun in a holster on the user can be teleported into their hand to fire. Aura cost for this is very low, but also dependent on the mass of the item "displaced".

    -Note: I'm aware that this might be taken as something similar to the "Requip" ability of Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet, but bear in mind that this is supposed to resemble more accurately a real-time representation of inventory interactions in a game from the character's perspective. Just something to think about.

    Weapon of Choice:


    "Goln-Armory" Broadswords, Shield, and Blasters- Exactly as they appear. The broadswords are of a very durable material, favoring sturdiness over lightness (though the weight is no concern either). The shield is a reinforced, tempered alloy that ensures that it'd sooner break whatever weapon strikes it than be broken itself, making up for it's relatively small size with reliable protection. The blasters each use a Electric Dust power cell to supply a small energy cannon, the entire middle of the blaster (between the grip and the barrel/firing mechanism) being dedicated to reducing the recoil from such. The shots from these can also disperse to affect enemies in close proximity to each other. All of these are simple, yet very effective when used properly.

    Fighting Style: Having preference towards dual-wielding, the shield is commonly displaced into position on the left lower arm when facing larger or more challenging opponents, usually leaving the respective hand to be armed with one of the two blasters. However, when Rooke wants to make things interesting, she'll ignore using the shield altogether and rely on agility rather than her shield for defense, opting for mobility over durability. In either case, she commonly uses the same weapon type to dual-wield, but occasionally mixes things up when the situation requires a more all-round approach.

    Simplified Stats: 

    Agility- 7 out of 10

    Melee Proficiency- 8 out of 10

    Ranged Proficiency- 6 out of 10

    Defense- 6 out of 10

    Strength- 5 out of 10

    Aura- 7 out of 10

    Sociability- 7 out of 10

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33678124 - 6 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis I'm not really sure that name follows the color rule...

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33678145 - 6 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    How so?

  • Malochroma

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    #33678167 - 6 months ago

    A "rook" is also a type of black bird, as well as a type of chess piece (often associated with black and white). Given the black hair, it works quite well.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33678185 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Malochroma Looking at it like that, it makes more sense.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33678206 - 6 months ago

    Oh, I was under the impression that Golnar was the name in question, not Rooke... But yeah, I guess that works too...

  • sumthindarkside


    #33678734 - 6 months ago

    I would like an idea for a possible weapon that would fit for one of the characters on my team. I know I was told to reconsider his weapon choice, as it did not fit his personality. I was hoping something more mid to close range, but I need to consider changing this up. Any ideas on this front? 

    Name: Thomas Huckleberry

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [IMG] rRYDlr.png[/IMG]


    A Dark skinned young man, with almost lazy brown eyes, and messy brown hair, he has a straw hat that he either wears on his head, or leaves it hanging from his shoulders, over his back. He wears a dark blue jacket, and a messy button-down shirt that’s half tucked in. he also wears baggy jeans, and is often seen with a piece of grass in his mouth

    Age: 17

    Weapon: Old Jimmy Boomstick (Pending)                             

    Form 1: A large Halberd Spear, that can also use the shotgun shells


    Form 2: A large double-barrelled shotgun



    Personality: Laid back to the point of passivity, sometimes he’s like an old man that loves to spend his days just observing everyone passing by. Genius IQ, it seems like he doesn’t take anything seriously. The brains of the team, only those close to him would know what he is passionate about: A good adventure, mischief and hijinks, and the plight of faunus. His greatest flaw is that sometimes when he fights someone, he will play too much with his food if he doesn’t take them seriously enough. He is also known to love puzzles and challenges that challenge his mind. Also speaks in a southern US accent


    Skills: Puzzle solving, patience/waiting, planning and analysis, Pranks and creativity. Also annoying more serious personalities, and falling asleep at the most inopportune and inappropriate times. He is a pinpoint fighter, that would prefer to take a foe down with a pin, rather than a sledgehammer.


    Aura Semblance: Silent Observer: This allows Huck to blend into the surrounding background, and mask his presence. It’s purely stealth based, and works in any environment


    History: Being the problem child that searched for adventure in his small town, he was the son of a drunkard that wanted to control young Huck. The old “Pap Huck” fought against the town to keep his child with him, who was also going to inherit a large sum of money, due to busting a crime ring with his cleverness, and the loot was liquidated into a fund for the boy. The old man wanted the money, but the Mayor who was fond of the child refused to let the old man touch it, and put it in a trust fund. Upset at this, Pap took the boy away from the town to live off the earth. Eventually, Huck ran away and during his travels, he met with a Faunus runaway, who was escaping from Atlas trackers who wished to catch the runaway from the dust mines. This Faunus, also called Jim, wished to find Menagerie, and find freedom. Him and Huck would escape, and the duo would elude their trackers, and survive, as Huck learns how to control his Semblance on his own. Eventually arriving on the peaceful island, they are welcomed by the chief of the island, Ghira Belladona. After a bit of time, the boy didn’t achieve much, as he was simply observing the marketplace, hidden from view, he learned of the full plight of the animal based people. Quietly, he stowed aboard a boat back to Vale, and returned to his hometown, who assumed he had died at the hands of his father. Also finding out that his father died from liver failure, he requested a chance to join Signal Academy, a decision that surprised everyone, due to his lack of ambition. Taking the money, and joining the school to become a hunter, he then invested the rest of his money, as he read the economic patterns. He would have graduated sooner to join Beacon, but his laziness lagged him to stay with others his own age.


    Likes: Nice relaxing days, the sea, observing people, freedom

    Dislikes: bullies, those who disrupt his naps, things getting too boring

    Any ideas would be appreciated...

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33678775 - 6 months ago

    Hey, just a quick question regarding the color name rule. Would "clover" count as a viable name for a team? Just checking.

  • revanninja

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    #33678780 - 6 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    Clover is a bright green plant


    So I dont see why it wouldnt

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33678919 - 6 months ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Fair enough. I was just wondering, since it was the only color name I could think of for D/C, K/L, B/V, and R/G. I WAS thinking of using G instead of R (so it would be all last name initials) since it involves a property of metal, but there happens to be a much more common use of the word that comes to mind that's... relatively inappropriate.

  • revanninja

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    #33678948 - 6 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis






    There is more but that popped out at me looking at it.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33678951 - 6 months ago

    In reply to revanninja

    Oh I didn't think of that one... Though Kiyoshi really doesn't seem like the leading type, which is why I settled for C.L.V.R., that way the leader at least makes it so that the team has an end-goal that can be mutually agreed upon... It IS an interesting idea, though, I never thought of that.

  • A-Tank


    #33679101 - 6 months ago

    In reply to sumthindarkside 

    instead of a halberd, why not a two pronged trident? Just a thought

  • revanninja

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    #33679121 - 6 months ago

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    In the future that is known as a Bident and they are actually pretty famous Achilles wa said to use one and even Hades is well known for having one.

  • sumthindarkside


    #33679279 - 6 months ago

    In reply to user-59f4cc5dcb079 Hrm... I know I got a suggestion for a fishing spear, to make a reference to the fact that the novel is based over water for most of the story... So the bident and the fishing spear both fit that reference. I might stick to the fishing spear, although I am thinking of changing the gun style, as it contradicts the semblance... Although I liked the name of the weapon.

  • user-5a04450196562


    #33679320 - 6 months ago

    This is a continueaton on the other member of Team LSAN I made early when I post Auron/Aurilla Grey. Enjoy.

    Name: Narja Sher-Suri


    Age: 20


    Status: Deceased


    Emblem: A third eye chakra sign with a tiger’s slit eye in the center placed between two roaring tiger heads facing outward. The tigers represent his family line while the chakra eye represents himself and his semblance.  


    Appearance: Narja is a Siberian tiger faunus with golden orange colored eyes that, upon using his semblance, shapes into a cat slit, and a pair of tiger ears. His face and body are also covered in black tiger stripes, which is a common in his family. His has a darker skin complexion, and a mix of thick wavy medium length black and dark orange colored hair that his combs back. His usual clothing consists orange kurta tunic with his emblem on the back, black thai harem pants with white Hindu style symbols, and armored opened toed sandal boots.  He also wears a necklace with  his team’s emblem, a decorative evil close eye, given to him by his leader Lenesia. His battle, Narja wears a dark colored breast plate and single shoulder armor on his left side. Over that his wears a red sash with a tiger pin and wear dark fingerless gauntlets and shin guards over his boots.  


    Quirks, Personality and Hobbies: Narja is described as a disciplined but charismatic individual with highly ambitious nature. He is proud of his family’s traditions and warrior heritage, which made him a serious and dedicated practitioner in martial arts, as he studies to become a master of a dojo outside of Menagerie. Though he is patient and open minded to others point of view, he is rather straightforward, blunt, and temperamental especially with his views on the treatment of the Faunus and the White Fang, thus he is not so trusting of humans and not afraid to throw his weight around or voice his opinion. That said Narja respectful of his elders and teachers as well as someone else’s point of view and won’t act on violence first. He is also immensely protective towards his friends and family, whether it be their person, character or honor and won’t step down easily in their defense. He does have a bit of a theatrical personality du to his semblance of projection, but he really isn’t in favor of tricks compared to his teammates, but that is not to say he won’t use them for fun purposes. As originally partnered with Auron Grey, he is more as the Luke Cage to Grey’s Danny Rand by comparison, though his is more the martial arts that Grey is. That said, Narja has complete trust in Grey, as he sees him as great partner and valued friend. He a bit like an older sibling toward Grey due to Grey’s lack of cultural exposure and is known to nudge, push and sometimes completely drop Grey off the edge to ‘help’(especially in terms of love between Grey and Lenesia) him and have a great time. That said he valued Grey’s open mind opinion and trust him to calm him down and look at all sides. They both are a complete, compatible and trusting partners. Narja has an uneasy relationship with his teammate Siren. While he does trust her and are good friends overall, they are both known to butt heads almost repeatedly over things such as they views over the White Fang, tastes in hobbies and lifestyles. They are by fare polar opposites. That said they are both protective of one another whether it be their person or point of view. With Lenesia, Narja has complete faith in her as both a person and a leader. He is deeply inspired by her ambitions and character and is not afraid to follow her wherever she leads.


    Fighting Style: Narja is a profound martial arts prodigy like the other members of his family. He favors a style of Kalaripayattu of fighting in both hand to hand and weapon style combat. Out of all his teammates Narja is the best martial artist and fighter in the group. He is adaptive to many different fighting styles and weapons and cunning in the arts of warfare. That said he doen’t have as much skill in survival tactics and adaptively as compared to Grey and is not the best strategist compared to Siren, but no matter the position or plan, Narja will fulfil his task to the letter without question.


    Weapon: Narja has three weapons in total. A curved hindi sword named Narasimha, and a pair of bladed katars called “claws of Durga” in translation. The Katars are capable of firing bullets, and when put together and transform into a circular shield. The Sword is usually shealth on Narja back unless the need is warranted. The sword has the ability to transform into an elongated Urumi (bladed whip) which work well with the katar’s shield configuration.


    Semblance: Narja has the ability of Projection and illusion. Unlike Emerald, Narja’s Projections can be seen by anyone in the area the Narja casts it. The depending on the illusion, the semblance need varying levels of concentration, the great of which limits Narja’s moments, which is why it’s most effecting when he working with his team, distinctly Grey with his mist semblance. These projections can’t harm anyone, but they can make the observer believe in the projection. Narja is cunning with its use for offensive measures and confusing his enemies, as he attack as the projection does making the person believe more in the illusion. It’s also a good means of defense. 


    History: Narja come from a noble but near extinct family bloodline, the Sher-Suri’s. The Sher-Suri were once a renowned family of Fighter within the Faunus race, usually of tiger traits. He and his family are now the own surviving members of that bloodline, and live in a dojo on the continent of Menagerie. He is the third son (Forth child) among his eight siblings(Two older Brothers and older sister, and two younger sisters and brothers). At a young age Narja trained in his family’s dojo in their martial arts and traditions becoming a prodigy in the art of war. He was rivalrous with his siblings but they never had any bad blood between them. Because of the discrimination between the Faunus and the Humans, Narja was involve in the boycotts and protests of equal rights. To Narja, Both leaders of the White Fang where idols to him, but he liked Ghira most. He agreed with Sienna’s acts of violence as a means of protection, but saw Ghira’s peaceful ways as a better way lasting way in creating an equal world. This inspired his dream to create a dojo outside of Menagerie and become a teacher to both humans as well as Faunus, and to him the best way to achieve this was to become a Huntsman. Thus he set out for Beacon Academy as one of the few Faunus students.

     As expected he wasn’t given much of a warm welcome with other students, which led to a fair amount of outbursts from Narja, being a proud Faunus. But that changed on the day of the academy’s trails when Narja became parnters with Auron Grey whom had no interaction and little knowledge of the Faunus having grown in a secluded military fashion which made him more open minded and indiscriminate. Having been treated like a equal person and partner, Narja became fast friends with Grey. They later became part of team LSAN (lusion) with teammates Siren Mells and leader Lenesia Lacosta.  

    Over the next few years Team LSAN grew an impressive reputation, graduating as one of Beacon’s top teams. All their dreams were gaining ground and they were happy. But then one day Team LSAN was assigned a mission to northern Vale to investigate a large Grimm attack.  After tracking down and eliminating a Beringel Grimm pack, they were attacked by an unknown assailant working for Salem, and fell into a gorge where they were met with a numerous amount Grimm.

    One by one team LSAN were overwhelmed and Narja was mortally wounded. After seeing this his partner, Grey, activated his Silver Eyed power, managing to kill all the Grimm. As a result Grey was knocked out cold leaving Narja and his injured teammates to carry him. But as misfortunate would have it, the assailant returned to kill Grey as a Silver Eyes. One by one the assailant killed Narja and the other members of Team LSAN as they tried to protect Grey.