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  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33668440 - 7 months ago

    In reply to animexrwby

    Not gonna lie, half-Grimm type OCs are pretty common and don't usually strike as well thought out. This one, however does seem to make an exception, if you ignore the AU details that were included (throwing in stuff like that, without making it clear ahead of time, tends to be off-putting). It's pretty good, for a type of OC that shows up a lot.

  • animexrwby

    animexrwby Izac Neal

    #33668649 - 7 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis Thank you for the feed.

  • j.a.diablerie

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    #33668959 - 6 months ago

    Welp, let's join in on this train!

    I suppose I'll start with my favorite creation.

    Name: Ursumalus [ursus=bear ; malus=evil]

    Based on the onikuma[Demon Bear], a japanese yokai. Exactly what you think it is.

    Age: Old as dirt.

    Actual Age: ... That wasn't a joke.

    Appearance: Ursumalus looks odd. Even for a Grimm. For one, it is incredibly small for how old it is, merely three meters tall. Its body is very round, its bear-like head connecting straight to the rest of its body. It stands upright on short, stubby legs, while its large paws are relatively long and each end in three prehensile claws. It's "mouth" is always shut and concealed, the top of its head opening up like a hinge, revealing a bottomless pit surrounded by sharp teeth. Its large red eyes are unreadable and do not showcase any kind of emotion. It also never blinks. [Think Teddie from Persona, only really evil.]

    Of note is that the form Ursumalus possesses is way too heavy relative to its size. It has waaaay too much mass. And if struck hard enough, it even sounds hollow inside.

     It's almost as if the form has some specifically crafted function...

    Personality: Cold and logical, following their set goal relentlessly. Like a true scientist, Ursumalus seeks to accrue more knowledge to add to it's own. Usually by capturing and questioning humans about a myraid of things, mundane, personal, and the more abstract. No piece of information is automatically wortless to it, though Ursumalus has a very specific fascination with the concept of a soul.

    It seems to lack any of the usual Grimm malevolence, and doesn't go out of its way to kill without reason. It also has a shocking sense of honor, making bargains in order to gain information, and more shockingly keeping it's promises. Not that it isn't the monster it is supposed to be. Ursumalus will always devour it's captured victim after a disappointing or sufficient interrogation. No exceptions.

    Background: Was formerly a normal Ursa that survived and lived way longer than any of its other kindred, and eventually evolved into an entirely new being. This being grew ever and ever more intelligent, until one day something exceptional happened. It became completely sapient. And eventually, this being took on a new identity. Ursumalus, King of All Ursa.

    Strengths: Full sapience. Genius level intellect, even by human standards. Can comprehend speech, and even talk(shockingly eloquently). A seemingly indestructible body. Massive strentgh. Once it grabs hold of a victim, there is no escape unless it allows it. Can command the Ursa, but only Ursa specifically.

    Weaknesses: Isn't that fast and moves at a casually meandering pace. Aside from that... not much.

    In fights: ... Just sort of takes it. It doesn't see retaliation as anything but a waste of time. Except if it is very distracting, which might award a lazy swing of a paw. Which is more than enough to absolutely shatter most Auras.


    "I will ask you questions. Answering these questions will serve to prolong your existence. Do you comprehend?" -the usual spiel upon capturing a victim.

    "..." aka, *menacing indiffirent silence* -the usual response to a useless assault.

    "... A pity." -usual response to a disappointing interrogation, moments before devouring the victim.

  • mi-lu-vi-di


    #33669056 - 6 months ago

    I'll try one then.

    Name: Riley Bodevic

    Age: 17

    Apperance: Seems to have silver eyes but turns out to just be grey as he is blind. Pointed ears. Thus, he is like a bat faunus which can use echo location by clicking his tongue. Black hair that covers his pointy ears.

    Personality: He is an introvert who does not like to form friendships with others for fear of being killing them. Thus he makes no effort to try and befriend anyone. His semblance is Non-biological Telekinesis. Basically telekinesis that only works on objects that have no connection to life. He cannot control things like humans and anything in humans, animals and plants. His weapon of choice is a deck of sharpened metal cards. These cards are great as they act as throwing knives but they give more options for aming in the form of throwing the card in a arc. This is also good as Riley can use his semblance to control his cards. While this seems op at first, he is blind and he needs to know where the object are to control them so on him, it is not as op.

    Background: He was born blind to a poor family in menagerie. When his parents found out about his eyes, they decided that they couldn't raise a child when they could barely feed themselves. Thus, they put him on a small boat made of branches and pushed him out of menagerie into the ocean unknowns. Somehow, he made it onto a small island and was found by a tribe. He was raised by everyone but none treated him like family but rather a pet. One day, when he was ten years old, one of the tribe's bullies pushed him to the brink. This is where he discovered his semblance. Out of sheer rage, his semblance activated, causing the ocean all around to crash into the island, levelling it. This caused him to pass out. When he woke, he found himself in a mistral airship. The pilot revealed that he had been found floating on a piece of driftwood where the tribe's island should have been. This was the start of his fear of getting close to anyone.

    Strengths: His obvious strength is his semblance and weapon combination. While being blind can be hard in combat, when combined whis his echo location, he can basically see the entire battlefield.

    Weaknesses: An obvious weakness is his lack of allies. While he is good at combat, he cannot do everything on his own. His blindness also affects his fights as he cannot just continuously make noise for echo location.

  • ImmaThinkin


    #33669312 - 6 months ago

    In reply to mi-lu-vi-di

    Oh, so he has cataracts? Interesting.

    In reply to j.a.diablerie

    I don't think the grimm can evolve. They can pretty much live indefinitely if left alone, but I don't think they can actually evolve. Cool idea, but that seems a little far-fetched.

  • j.a.diablerie

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    #33669336 - 6 months ago

    In reply to ImmaThinkin

    I'd like to throw it out there that just by growing older the Grimm grow stronger, larger and more intelligent, maybe without a limit cap. We don't know for sure, but that is more or less a form of evolution, so it isn't that far-fetched to think some that live especially long would learn to... let's say influence their development in a special way.

    It's not quite evolution as we know it. It's more like altering their own progress via means humans simply can't replicate. The Grimm are abominations, after all. They aren't supposed to follow the natural order.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33669872 - 6 months ago

    In reply to j.a.diablerie

    In the trailers I wrote for a few of my OCs, I suggested a similar thing being able to happen with King Taijitus, where the scales become bone-plated and spiked (and then the spikes themselves house longer spikes that are actually sharp as to not damage them as it moves around) Here's the sample image I had drawn. The numbers are simply the number of years I figured (at the time) it'd take for the "evolution period" to take place at each "stage". The head would go through a similar process, so over time, it would have more of a dragon-esque look to it (it'd be easier to just check the trailer for Ravi Zerach in the Team G.R.I.M. thread I have linked in my Profile).


  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33669888 - 6 months ago

    Just an update on the OCs I have, I noticed that Mote Rajani's "Spectral Mist" Semblance had a bit of an exploit in it, so I edited it so that Aura cannot be regenerated while in mist form. I've also taken the time to write up the OC trailers for Charlene Aranka and Mote Rajani on the Team A.R.M.E. thread (accessible via my Profile). I'll try to get this next OC I plan on posting done some time soon... I hope...

  • j.a.diablerie

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    #33669896 - 6 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    A good idea but... you do realize the other half of the King Taijitu is already white in coloration? It's got two heads, a black and white one, on each end of the long body that go on to meet in the middle.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33669996 - 6 months ago

    In reply to j.a.diablerie

    And yet, near the end of Volume 2, we HAVE seen a large King Taijitu on its own, with no white counterpart. With that bit in mind, I figured it was because the white one in Volume 1 was just to play the part, fitting in with what Pyrrha was talking to Jaune about at the same time. If you'd rather, though, we COULD assume that the WHITE one, in this scenario, goes through the same process, but turns dark-colored instead of light, that way we still get the whole dark-and-light thing going on (after all, the taijitu symbol DOES have light within the dark and dark within the light. Just something to think about).

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33670184 - 6 months ago

    Name: Kiyoshi (Japanese for "pure")

    Surname: Leahi (Combination of Lee, meaning "clearing", and Keahi, Hawaiian for "the fire"; intended to mean "clearing in the fire")


    -Louis Proof ("Marvelous World: The Marvelous Effect" written by Troy Cle)

    -Prince Zuko/"Lee" ("Avatar: The Last Airbender" animated series)

    Age: 16

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 165 lbs

    Build:Toned, but still lean.

    Aura Rating: Moderate

    Aura Color: Sky Blue

    Kingdom of Origin/Occupation: Vacuo

    Occupation:Lawless Vigilante

    Profile Appearance:


    Other Appearance Details:

    -Emblem is stitched to the back of his leather jacket, mirrored behind either shoulder.

    -Wears thick blue jeans, faded, but without holes or tears.

    -Dusty white sneakers, snug fit, but not constricting.



    Strengths: Learned self-defense at an early age, giving the advantage of adept CQC ability at a young age; persistent self-training and self-provision has allowed for self-dependency, healthy build, and excellent metabolism; Can usually tell right from wrong in an instant (other times usually either takes a moment of careful thought or slips by as a light error, though not accounting for temperament)

    Weaknesses: While decisions are usually for the right cause, they are often done brashly, which sometimes backfires; generally a bit hot-tempered and can sometimes do things not normally intentional; can sometimes lose sense of reality, stuck in a state of confusion towards what to do next, usually after serious mistakes are made

    Personality: Generally good-natured and self-disciplined, he doesn't prefer the description of self-righteous, given the negative nature of the term. Even so, he usually struggles to compensate for his relatively poor temperament. Being driven into a fitful rage is almost always followed by crippling guilt and confusion towards those he wrongfully harmed. Despite this, when he feels comfortable with talking about his problems, he usually finds himself to be somewhat relatable to other people and their own problems and will even offer to help out a little bit, provided that such an action is appropriate. Going back to the self-disciplined bit, given his insistence towards right and wrong, this is usually what accounts for his temperament, as he prefers to confront opposition directly with few words of negotiation before action is taken.

    Known History: Born in the city of Vacuo, his life was... semi-decent at best. His father was strict and his mother was... well... not around much. It didn't really help when, at a relatively young age, he had succumbed to a rare illness. Not wanting to wait for it to either kill him or leave him slimmer than the odds of a butterfly vs an Ursa, his father made the decision to abandon him to the outskirts of the city to fend for himself. While he did make a rather miraculous recovery, that may well have simply been because he had a little help from those that took pity on him (or had help from other relatives that didn't approve of his father's decision). Once he was of age, he took it upon himself to enter a low-tier academy under a false alias: Lou Veritas, but the moment he'd graduated he'd completely vanished from the world without a trace for several months. In his reappearance, however, it was under his original name instead of his former alias, initially leaving everyone in the city to wonder why someone that SHOULD have been dead a couple years back suddenly turns up months after the disappearance of a near-identical academy student. Even so, pieces were put together and it was figured out eventually. This did not, on the other hand, stop him from doing everything in his power to help out the local people, all the while doing so outside the law. He may still be a young one, still at the age of 16, but he utilizes his abilities (his Semblance especially) to strike fear into those that dare break the law in his home town... kinda like the kid version of Batman, only not dark and mysterious... or resembling a bat...

    Semblance: Flames of Fury - Allows for the user to project Aura-generated "flames" from the entirety of the lower arms (hands included). These "flames" can be launched from the user's arm via a punching motion. Generation of these "flames", matching the color of the user's Aura, burns through Aura at a very slow rate, but damage inflicted is localized to the area of impact and does not spread. The maximum reach for each launch varies, but can be as far as 20 feet away.

    Weapon of Choice:


    Estuans Euphorbiaceae (means "Burning Isolation") - No one really knows where the Fire Dust crystal came from, as of current (but presumably in the Dust mine that had, since, been abandoned), but as one of the largest single crystal discovered, the REAL question is how it seems to have a mind of its own. Whatever the case, it is contained in a seal that controls it's abilities, such as firing bolts of Fire Dust energy by pressing any one of the eight buttons or, if a certain number are pressed at one time, release or retract eight curved blades of solidified Fire Dust. This can then be thrown like a small glaive (yes, it does always come back, like a boomerang, before you ask). The seal itself is also backed so that the Estuans can be worn by the user like a large amulet (which is a twist-lock fixation to the chain for said amulet).

    Fighting Style: A mix of boxing, kickboxing, and kung fu, use of the weapon is ACTUALLY rarely necessary, as it'll sometimes fire bolts all on its own (presumably on cue) to catch an opponent off guard. When use of the weapon IS necessary, however rapid fire is usually employed, followed by activation of the blades to throw it as a means of either long-range attack or distraction to get in close. Whether or not the weapon firing on its own is intentional is... up for debate. Even so, careful use of Semblance plays a big role in the outcome of any fight, be it against a pack of Grimm or a gang of thugs.

    Simplified Statistics-

    Agility: 6 out of 10

    Melee Proficiency: 9 out of 10

    Ranged Proficiency: 5 out of 10

    Defense: 6 out of 10

    Strength: 6 out of 10

    Aura: 6 out of 10

    Sociability: 6 out of 10

    Other Notes: In regards to the allusions, the Semblance, abilities, and Aura color tie together attributes from both Louis AND Zuko into a sort of hybrid that I felt just seemed right. The appearance I based off of Louis (I forgot if there was anything about his shoes, so I just took a wild guess since I didn't feel like digging through the book to find out), but the eye color is entirely Zuko's. As a balance to this, I made the history and personality lean more towards Zuko, but with elements towards Louis as well as my own sort of mix so that it makes more sense (the false alias, like what Zuko used when he was in the Earth Kingdom, was my spoof of Louis' name, in case you didn't catch that). The weapon is similar to what Louis uses, but given a more pyrotechnic approach to keep Zuko in the mix here (the blades and firing of energy bolts are entirely my own idea, mind you). The age is pretty young for his abilities, I'm sure, but bear in mind that Louis, in the book, had abilities -at the age of 13- that made Zuko's look like cheap pyrotechnics. I DID decide to make him 16 instead to make the abilities more plausible as a result. The strengths and weaknesses are just a blend of both and whatever I felt made sense for a RWBY OC. Feel free to speak up if anything still seems a bit out of place.

  • sumthindarkside


    #33670210 - 6 months ago

    I posted my OC team in the other Character Creation thread. Would it be all right if I posted the team here as well?

  • j.a.diablerie

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    #33670261 - 6 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    I always assumed that there wasn't enough space for the other half to bust through the hole, hence why only one of the two going topside. They are pretty damn big.

    But yeah, the whole yin-yang things makes sense considering the King Taijitus naming convention.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33670287 - 6 months ago

    In reply to sumthindarkside Yes, it's fine :) I do that myself.

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33670368 - 6 months ago

    In reply to sumthindarkside

    That's perfectly fine. Heck, I even make threads of my own for each team, once they're made for ease of access through my Profile. Every one of my OCs start here (if not otherwise specified), then if any end up being in a team, I copy+paste them into a team thread.

  • Capcans2


    #33670369 - 6 months ago

    Whatever happened to the Create a character for RWBY thread? Did it die?

    Also, I am alive.

  • sumthindarkside


    #33670371 - 6 months ago

    thanks I_Am_Jarvis and AnimeAnnemarie

    ERTH (Team Earth)

    Here is my team, based on the World Masterpiece Theater of Osamu Tezuka. (Mysterious Cities of Gold, Heidi of the Alps, Remi nobody’s boy and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) I’ve been pondering this idea for a little while, and I would like some input on how to improve them.


    Name: Esteban Dorado

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A Shoulder length, brown haired, Hispanic young man. He wears a whitish blue tanktop shirt with a crescent moon medallion. In the left corner of the shirt, there is an aztek style bird on the shirt. He also wears a pair of cutoff jeans that stop ¾ way down. He also wears a belt with a sun design on the buckle, and a blue cape.

    Age: 17

    Weapon: Solaris: A gold and Royal blue coloured

                                  Form 1: A Macahuitl that can activate a chainsaw mode, used for slashing, defense, and for high acrobatic, primarily aerial combat

                                  Form 2: Assault Rifle, using a 40-round magazine, can be modified with Dust bullets


    Personality: A bold, headstrong idealist That would do anything for a friend. He is the natural leader of his team, and sometimes doesn’t think things through. He doesn’t like to be given too much responsibility, as that can give him too much pressure. He can be intelligent, but sometimes he skips a few details, and can overestimate himself.  When it comes to being thanked by people, he can be nervous and shy.


    Skills: Leading and teamwork, Has good instincts, and an expert escape artist. Performs well with an acrobatic style, despite the large weapon. Also prefers a style that allows him to rush an enemy. Also, has a natural ability to destroy ancient ruins or landmarks he steps into, sometimes to no fault of his own. It’s just his luck


    Aura Semblance: Golden Condor: His Semblance manifests itself in the shape of a golden bird. Some mistake it for a phoenix, but it is a different legend. In the beginning, the boy had a connection with the sun. He has the ability to launch searing “feathers” of superheated light, and he can focus it to blind his enemies, and gains a limited flight. Too little is known about his Semblance, except in old stories.


    History: Esteban isn’t sure what happened to his parents. He was raised as an orphan in a small orphanage in Vale, and was unhappy with his connection to the sun. The local people would ask him to change the climate, but didn’t like how they thought he brought out the sun. Growing up, he had a medallion that had connections with Vacuo. Deciding to leave and track down the history, of his own origins, and he learns how to fight and survive from some of the natives there. Only coming across some ancient stories of his aura, but nothing concrete, he couldn’t get answers from the trail of fallen pyramids and other historical landmarks. After a while, he had to return to Vale since he got on the wrong side of the White Fang, and was recommended to Beacon, after some of the trouble followed him.


    Likes: Adventure, history, Saving people, spicy food

    Dislikes: Heights (Very Acrophobic), being on a stage, Injustice



    Name: Heidi Morgenrot

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: A blue eyed, brown, curly haired young woman, she has a streak of blond in the front. He hair goes down in a side braid on the right side, just over the shoulder. She wears a Long sleeved white dress shirt, with a gothic pink sleeveless over shirt that ends in a combat skirt, going down to her knees. She also wears combat boots for functional reasons

    Age: 18

    Weapon: Alpengeist

                                  Form 1: A violin and bow that can channel sound waves when she wills it. The bow also can contain Dust ammunition for a variety of effects

                                  Form 2: The violin turns into a German longsword, and the bow turns into a shortsword

                                  Form 3: a small handheld automatic gun, and the bow can be inserted in the side, where the magazine shells can also be inserted.


    Personality: Friendly and sisterly, she is the older sister of the team. Heidi is mature, and although sometimes she nags her team, she very patiently appreciates what she has, and doesn’t ask for anything more than to enjoy her life. She is the level-headed member of the team, and she embraces her feminine nature, and her role as the girl on the team. Very gentle, it’s hard to believe she can actually fight, and has a very passionate side


    Skills: Sewing, cooking, Violin, also a faster combat style, prefers to keep at a distance to attack entire groups. One on one sometimes gives her trouble, but she is quick to adapt also capable in dual sword attacks


    Aura Semblance: Sonic Concerto: Heidi controls sonic based attacks, often used in conjunction with her violin. It can be used either for all out attacks, or to calm others around her.


    History: She was an orphan, the daughter of two hunters who died in the line of duty. The last of her kin was her grandfather, who was a bitter old hermit. Taking her in, but treating her as a nuisance at first, her kindness and caring nature opened his heart. She grew up familiar with the area, and her grandfather gave her a good education. How to read, how to properly survive in the mountains, and even violin. One day, while she was gathering food in the isolated mountains of Vale, she came under attack by a Grimm. After a heated chase, her grandfather dashed and struck down the Grimm with a hunter’s weapon, but was gravely wounded. After a week, he woke up from his coma, and after one evening in deep thought, told her the truth of his life. He was once a hunter, disillusioned with the life of a Hunter, and what he perceived as a curse. How the life of a hunter is often one of misery. He tried to raise his son his way, but the boy would leave to become a Hunter of his own, which upset the old man. He grew even more bitter when he married a Huntress, and they both died in the line of duty. Now aware of his inevitable death, he had a difficult decision. Knowing that his beloved granddaughter would have to survive on her own, he would have to teach her the one thing he did not want to teach her: The art of the Huntsman. Deciding that his love for Heidi surpassed his hatred of the curse, realising that she may never find happiness, he realised that she would need to make the decision on her own terms. He started training her, even before he fully recovered. Awakening her Semblance, and training, he also was crippled from the attack. After a couple years of training her, his old age caught up with him. One night, he told the doctor to go home, and asked the young Heidi to carry him to his chair in the living room, and requested her to play her violin for him. As she played his favourite song, he smiled and closed his eyes to feel the music of his granddaughter’s heart. When she finished the song, she turned to him, and checked to find he passed in the middle of her concert, with a peaceful smile on his face. He also left a note for her, that would be directed to Ozpin, explaining her situation, if she should choose it. Choosing to move forward with her skills, in hopes of helping those in need, she would choose the path of the Huntress and move for Vale, with her grandfather’s weapon, Alpengeist in hand.


    Likes: Cooking, peace, her friends, music, her grandfather

    Dislikes: Those who would hurt others, being away from the mountains, people who don’t work to achieve their full potential



    Name: Rémi Bleu Vitalis

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A dog faunus, he has blue eyes, and wild golden blond hair, with golden pointed ears on his head, Also has a red t-shirt with yellow lining on the bottom of the shirt, and at the end of the sleeves, he also wears jeans with an embroidered red monkey on the right side. 

    Age: 16

    Weapon: Dolce Jolicoeur

                                  Form 1: a pair of deep red and yellow gauntlets that extend over his hands to create two sets of claws. This is the primary form, as it can be equipped with dust to launch elemental claw-like attacks

                                  Form 2: it also has wrist mounted gun, that isn’t as strong, but it is rapid firing automatic ammunition


    Personality: The youngest member of the team in temperament, Rémi is an innocent boy, with a wide-eyed view of the world. He tends to seek approval of the rest of the team, and always tries to find something positive in everything. The most sensitive member of the group, he tends to also cling. Also, prone to impulsive decision making, charging in without thinking.


    Skills: Close range combat, photographic memory, the flute and dancing. Also, good at tracking due to his nose and other enhanced senses. Good at tracking down food.


    Aura Semblance: (Undecided. Thinking of something physical, but need further ideas, and other opinions)


    History: Abandoned as a baby, Rémi was found by a man who thought he would get a reward for finding the baby, and left him with his wife. He was surprised when he found out the baby was a faunus, and when he was injured in a work-related accident, he sued the company, but he lost his case. Left destitute, he urged his wife to sell the faunus child, but she refused. She loved the child. The cripple turned to the drink, and one day brought the boy with him to the bar, only to sell him to what seemed to be a minstrel named Vitalis. This minstrel traveled with the boy, and opted to teach him how to be a proper minstrel, and also taught him some special arts. He was an apparent agent of Ozpin, traveling around as a spy for the headmaster. Over the years, he raised the boy as his son, regardless of his faunus background. Their travels were harsh and brutal, and both nearly died to Grimm attacks, renegade bandits, and even the harsh environment. At some point, they snuck in Atlas to find a possible link of faunus abuse in a mine, only to find that Adam of the White Fang was also present. After refusing Adam’s demands, Vitalis defended himself and Rémi, only to be mortally wounded, and escaping in a freezing blizzard. Realising that they couldn’t go very far, he stopped his adopted son, and dug a hole in a small hole, took the boy and put him in the hole, the boy didn’t realise the full extent of the man’s injuries, and he removed his jacket, and covered the young boy’s chest. He finished by joining the boy, and covering the boy with his body heat. The blizzard raged, and the Hunter in training fell asleep, only to wake up, after the storm, and to try to wake up his father figure. As he pushed the man out inadvertently, there was a man that was passing by. This man with raven hair and a large sword-like weapon sighed, as he observed the scene. Recognising the now dead Vitalis, he reluctantly brought the young orphan with him, to Signal Academy. Attending the academy, he eventually would meet some of his friends, that he would join in Beacon Academy.


    Likes: Books, Friends, Reading, those he considers his family, Hearing stories, music, sweets

    Dislikes: Bitter food, perfume, loud noises, the cold, White Fang, specifically Adam


    Name: Thomas Huckleberry

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A Dark skinned young man, with almost lazy brown eyes, and messy brown hair, he has a straw hat that he either wears on his head, or leaves it hanging from his shoulders, over his back. He wears a dark blue jacket, and a messy button-down shirt that’s half tucked in. he also wears baggy jeans, and is often seen with a piece of grass in his mouth

    Age: 17

    Weapon: Old Jimmy Boomstick

                                  Form 1: A large Halberd Spear, that can also use the shotgun shells

                                  Form 2: A large double-barrelled shotgun



    Personality: Laid back to the point of passivity, sometimes he’s like an old man that loves to spend his days just observing everyone passing by. Genius IQ, it seems like he doesn’t take anything seriously. The brains of the team, only those close to him would know what he is passionate about: A good adventure, mischief and hijinks, and the plight of faunus. His greatest flaw is that sometimes when he fights someone, he will play too much with his food if he doesn’t take them seriously enough. He is also known to love puzzles and challenges that challenge his mind. Also speaks in a southern US accent


    Skills: Puzzle solving, patience/waiting, planning and analysis, Pranks and creativity. Also annoying more serious personalities, and falling asleep at the most inopportune and inappropriate times. He is a pinpoint fighter, that would prefer to take a foe down with a pin, rather than a sledgehammer.


    Aura Semblance: Silent Observer: This allows Huck to blend into the surrounding background, and mask his presence. It’s purely stealth based, and works in any environment


    History: Being the problem child that searched for adventure in his small town, he was the son of a drunkard that wanted to control young Huck. The old “Pap Huck” fought against the town to keep his child with him, who was also going to inherit a large sum of money, due to busting a crime ring with his cleverness, and the loot was liquidated into a fund for the boy. The old man wanted the money, but the Mayor who was fond of the child refused to let the old man touch it, and put it in a trust fund. Upset at this, Pap took the boy away from the town to live off the earth. Eventually, Huck ran away and during his travels, he met with a Faunus runaway, who was escaping from Atlas trackers who wished to catch the runaway from the dust mines. This Faunus, also called Jim, wished to find Menagerie, and find freedom. Him and Huck would escape, and the duo would elude their trackers, and survive, as Huck learns how to control his Semblance on his own. Eventually arriving on the peaceful island, they are welcomed by the chief of the island, Ghira Belladona. After a bit of time, the boy didn’t achieve much, as he was simply observing the marketplace, hidden from view, he learned of the full plight of the animal based people. Quietly, he stowed aboard a boat back to Vale, and returned to his hometown, who assumed he had died at the hands of his father. Also finding out that his father died from liver failure, he requested a chance to join Signal Academy, a decision that surprised everyone, due to his lack of ambition. Taking the money, and joining the school to become a hunter, he then invested the rest of his money, as he read the economic patterns. He would have graduated sooner to join Beacon, but his laziness lagged him to stay with others his own age.


    Likes: Nice relaxing days, the sea, observing people, freedom

    Dislikes: bullies, those who disrupt his naps, things getting too boring

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33670379 - 6 months ago

    In reply to sumthindarkside Wait, does Remi have 2 faunus traits?

  • sumthindarkside


    #33670411 - 6 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie Well, I was thinking tail and ears, but I could eliminate one of them

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33670429 - 6 months ago

    In reply to sumthindarkside But that's not possible. Faunus only have 1 animal trait.

  • sumthindarkside


    #33670448 - 6 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie No problem. Oversight on my end. 

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33670457 - 6 months ago

    The one I posted has been edited to completion as well, if you want to check that out. DO take the time to point anything out that I might have messed up on... I may have been at this a while, but I know full well that it doesn't mean I don't make mistakes...

  • sumthindarkside


    #33670555 - 6 months ago

    In reply to I_Am_Jarvis

    Interesting pair of inspirations. I see a lot of the inspiration from Zuko from Avatar. I’d be curious to see a full team based on the other 4 main Avatar characters (Aang, Kitara and Toph) along with him. I see how he would be able to come across as a genuine person, that struggles with his flaws, and is conflicted with them. I see a definite story based on him. His backstory is thorough, and complete. I don’t know much from Marvelous World, but I’m familiar with Avatar. The Semblance is nice, powerful enough to make a difference, but not over the top powerful. We can’t be going full Johnny Storm “Flame On!” in this world. The Firebender martial arts mixed with RWBY action scenes could give an awesome combination, I can just see it. The weapon is quite different. I think I understand the concept, but it’s certainly unique.

    Overall, a good combination.

    I definitely can see him come on. I’d like to see him try and express why he doesn’t like being preachy, but can’t help it. I like characters that give “Real Man” preaching speeches, because they are often very unappreciated. But I find they have a badass appeal to them, and I’m getting this vibe from him.

    So what do you make of my idea, Team ERTH?

  • sumthindarkside


    #33670556 - 6 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie
    So now that I've taken care of the small anomaly, what do you think of my team? Any improvements I can make?

  • I_Am_Jarvis


    #33670585 - 6 months ago

    In reply to sumthindarkside

    I actually already have plans regarding making a team of OCs that are based on characters from books I've read (Adding Zuko in as an inspiration was just for more material that's more easily recognizable). The other two characters I plan on using as inspiration are Wade Watts, from Ready Player One (MIGHT do Samantha "Art3mis" from that book instead, but I'm still debating on that), and... still thinking about who the last one will be... MAYBE someone from the Leviathan trilogy... 

    Anyways, Esteban's History is a bit... eh... For Heidi, I'm having a hard time figuring out how in the heck a violin would turn into a longsword... For Remi, I'm curious if you might consider summoning of wolves to support as the Semblance. As for Thomas... the insistence of being a high-end intellectual all the while emphasizing on him being VERY similar to Huckleberry Finn sort of conflict for me... I know, I read the book to, but it just doesn't strike me that he'd be both intellectual AND the lazy type all the while being inspired by Finn...

    Other than that, my only concern is lack of images, really. Oh, and one weapon in particular that you described sounds almost exactly like one that I did as a design request for someone else. Do tell me if this looks like something you had in mind. (Yes, I know; the color scheme doesn't match the description, but I wasn't about to go out of my way to edit it just to match it up)