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Farewell, Monty Oum - Mourning Thread

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  • Corey_Whitaker


    #33302067 - 1 year ago

  • user-57f7d239706ef


    #33304442 - 1 year ago

    It is a sad day. A person who has and would have contributed a great deal to the world of animation. Thank you Mr. Oum, for sharing your talent with the world.

  • rainsilves


    #33312669 - 1 year ago

     blake Monty RoosterTeeth will always remember the Magic you gave, and the Light you shown.

    and Don't worry your little girl is growing up beautifully, we will make sure of that. Rest in Peace Monty. T.T

  • jlatts

    jlatts Grand Admiral McAwesome

    #33315395 - 1 year ago

    Well, RWBY Volume 4's out in almost a day. I have absolutely no doubt that everyone on board has not only honoured and continued Monty's vision, but that they've added their own awesome ideas to make it even more amazing (which is what Monty would want).

    Rest in peace, Monty

  • Syamur

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    #33330568 - 1 year ago

    Damn, it's been a year since Monty passed away. Every day, I wish he was so that he can continue making us all smile, laugh, and fill our minds with creativity and inspire us all. When he passed, there was sadness, but from that sadness came a new light.

    I almost lost my hopes for RWBY, that it would end. But I was wrong, and I'm happy I was wrong. His legacy lives on through this series, and will God ensure it continue as Monty watches his creation from His Kingdom, to see it grow and become something no one has seen.

    Volume 4's out, Monty. Your baby is growing, and it will be huge soon, I'm sure of it. Rest in Peace, bud, we all still miss you:'(

  • Zer0Pixels11

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    #33331786 - 1 year ago

    The Horrible thing is i was moving around heavily around that time so i just found out about Monty passing a few days ago when i was rewatching all of rwby, i realized that Lie Ren's voice was a bit different and when i found out he passed away i just broke down crying, still upsetting.

  • Syamur

    Syamur FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Founder and Head of RDDT

    #33331907 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Zer0Pixels11

    Aye, it's still sad for many of us. When Monty passed away, many of feared that this series would fall because it's top-notch creator has fallen. It didn't, and I'm happy it didn't. Monty's legacy lives on through RWBY, and to stop it would be like forgetting him.

    We all miss you Monty, you inspired us all.

  • TriNeX


    #33342849 - 1 year ago

    Farewell Monty, for you had information leading to Hillary Clinton's arrest two years ago. 

  • eambah2905


    #33345132 - 1 year ago

    I just rewatched the four RWBY trailers and I remembered all over again just how amazing Monty Oum's work was. When you think about the fact that the trailers had little to no dialogue and the same range of relevance to the current plot, it just makes it so much more amazing. He didn't have to give up anything about the series to draw us (me) in, just showed 3 minutes snippets off kick-keister awesome and next thing you know, you have a giant conga line of faithful fans. Every time I find a new factoid about him, like how he was a fencer or a dancer, had work-induced narcolepsy, etc. I just think he would have been a great person to know. 

  • ChefQrow


    #33365174 - 1 year ago

    Still miss him.

  • shrdlu


    #33365424 - 1 year ago

    We all do

  • Syamur

    Syamur FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Founder and Head of RDDT

    #33367295 - 1 year ago

    He's the whole reason why I started doing graphics art design and animation.

    Even if he wasn't dead, his ingenuity and creativity inspired me, and it has with many others.

  • erepin


    #33378901 - 1 year ago

    Creative, inspired, inspirational.

  • Chynna


    #33383717 - 1 year ago

    In reply to erepin

    Three words that embody Monty very well.

  • Syamur

    Syamur FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Founder and Head of RDDT

    #33410059 - 1 year ago

    In reply to erepin

    These words speak truth about Monty, and we will all remember him by these words.

  • jiminfully


    #33423738 - 1 year ago

    I discovered Monty's work through Dead Fantasy, a few years ago when he was actively releasing each part on his youtube channel. No matter how many times I watch it (DF, Rwby seasons 1-2), I ALWAYS get goosebumps from the fight scenes. Then I found out that he was creating his own show, and it's an honor to experience how the show began and how it's currently blossoming. RWBY is like my baby, lol. As much as I love where RWBY is going lately (awesome character growth and story development), Monty is dearly missed in the latest action scenes. His fight animations are unmatched. They are by far, the most epic, most mesmerizing and cohesive fights I've seen. It's not over the top and overwhelming, it's just enough to take your breath away. It's so surreal that he's gone, but I'll always support RWBY and cheer on the production team. Thank you all for continuing his legacy. I hope that you remain inspired and motivated, because RWBY is an amazing series in which I'm attached to so many characters and I want to learn all of their stories. I'm sad that I wasn't an active follower, but I will rewatch all of his stuff in remembrance and support his current dreams. Rest in Peace, Monty Oum.

  • MontyOumsSpirit


    #33443408 - 1 year ago

    Hey guys I just want to say that I'm sorry that Monty Oum had to die from this it's almost as if there's a pattern of great people (usually creative directors/writers) dying to unknown causes such as Cancer/Unknown Allergies. Anyway I'll post of RWBY Theory here since it's based on Monty Oum's mind. If I predict this either I'm special or I'm a God. First of all by the end of this season we are going to see Weiss and Ironwood meet up with Taiyang and Yang fly in Ironwood's net hidden jet that he made personally in secret since Half of his mind is Robotic and he is the true Pinocchio (you can tell by the Blue eyes, the hair and that he is half robot (even though he is fully robotic he acts like a human just like Pinocchio) That's why he is so good at fighting since he has no emotion. But, as long he remains brave, truthful, and unselfish, he will not fail. But you can see the problem there instead of turning back to wood he is turning back to metal since he hasn't been truthful. He is hiding a truth from Weiss that's why Penny's father built Penny because Penny's father knew Ironwood was hiding a truth from Weiss. Dust is based on Fire just like Fire, Dust is destructive and resourceful. Fire in our world basically helps us with food, energy, but also creates smoke. Dust in RWBY helps with all of that but in the wrong hands it could cause destruction and Jacques Schnee is purposely working with Cinder, White Fang, and Torchwick (almost like Torchick from Pokemon that's why he has that feather on his hat) all working for Salem. The true enemy is Ozpin. Also the Grim is like Carbon dioxide causing you to get sick. Also Penny or I should say Penelope (which is her real name) in 2006 a movie called Penelope came out and Penelope is another name for Penny. This was the movie's synopsis "Penelope Wilhern, born to wealthy socialites, is afflicted by a secret family curse that can only be broken when she is loved by "one of her own kind." Currently the only one of her own kind is Ironwood made by Penny's father.

    Monty died from eating fast food and stuff like that if he stayed a diet like a boiled diet for instance tea, rice and soup he would have lived longer. As well as if he removed the skin and the husk of every food on the planet. We are meat eaters we can digest meat, eggs, and fresh cows milk. But not anything fermented or with skin on it. Like for instance an apple what do you find harder to eat the Skin or the Flesh. The skin of course. Try something more easy like a banana what's easier to eat the skin or the flesh. You may say well what if someone is allergic to lettuce well they aren't allergic to it they are allergic to the toxins mended with it by the toxic water 

    Same with nuts (if you are allergic to nuts remove the husk or just cut up tons of nuts with the husk fully removed then eat it. If you get a severe reaction by touching nuts then ask someone else to do it. Peanuts are a bit more difficult since they first have a shell and then the under layer of skin that's why Peanuts are known as the Turtle Nut) and grains remove the husk and then it's good. The reason people can eat rice is because like soup and tea when you make rice you often cover the top which kills off all the germs. But if you are eating whole wheat pasta or anything like that when you boil it, boil it with the lid on. Any leaves with less than the amount of water that's in a human body is bad while any leaves with more is good like Lettuce and other leafy greens. Animals can't digest any leafy greens that is less than the water that they are made out of. Mammals have the highest amount of water than any other species except fish who basically live in water. That's why Whales and Dolphins can survive for a long time under water. Dolphins are fast swimmers so they can come for air often while whales spout water to remove the access water building up in their lungs. That's why whale sightings are so rare since they don't have to come up as often due to their big lungs. Also whales clean the water so all that spout water is actually fresh water.    


    Also has anyone looked into Monty Oum’s name before? Monty means Mountain belonging to the ruler (that's why Ren has so much connection to that mountain). Also can be a diminutive of Montague: Pointed hill. Steep Mountain. And Oum means, “An intense desire to be of service to others, very patient person and will work hard one step at a time to accomplish your goals, not interested in large undertakings, you are content to live from day to day to save for your future (means good with time and spending money, tends to thorough in building a solid foundation of fact and logic, but is not especially imaginative or investigative which is why Monty spent lots of time watch people and series to try to build a new world”.   

    Before people dismiss me remember what Monty Oum said, “Everything has spawned off of something. If you look at something and tend to use it, you have to emulate it, which means you have to understand it.” And the other quote “This is the most important thing watch movies, watch shows, or watch things, and keep your eyes open.” So I’m 100 % sure those are a couple of clues and I know that because I watch things.  (Also these quotes come from Monty’s Tribute)


  • Elfcow

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    #33480402 - 1 year ago

    I only just now discovered RWBY, almost a year after his passing. I never knew Monty, and I know that my grief could never compare to that of those who knew him, but my heart is broken nonetheless. RWBY has been a shining light in the darkness for me, and it did so much to lift me up. The story, the characters, and the world-building and incredible animation ignited a passion in me that not many things can. When I heard that Monty had passed, I tried to dig up everything about him, every sketch and podcast he appears in, every silly dance video, every thing he animated. I haven't watched it all. I'm not worried about running out - his soul is still in RWBY, and every new episode brings me so much joy (even when they scare me half to death.)

    Monty's philosophy really struck a chord in me. I always tried writing, and dancing, and other artistic endeavors, but I was always missing what Monty would have called the most important part - the work ethic. His philosophy and dedication still leave me in awe every time I listen to him talk about spending thirty hours in front of his six monitors, before falling asleep in his chair and waking up to do it all over again. I am going to try to do Monty proud and truly work to add something of value to this world. And that is the beauty of Monty's legacy - because of him, there are millions of people who will strive to make the world a better place every day. Because of him, many young (and not so young) people will look to the heroes of RWBY and find hope and inspiration to warm them on their personal journeys. Because of him the many fans of Rooster Teeth have formed such a positive community, full of positivity and support, but also high standards for art and hard work - the way he would have wanted it, I hope. I remember hearing on the RT memorial podcast (I forget who said it) that Monty could always find value in something, that he found a way to learn from every experience and artwork, no matter how unlikely. And I think that that's something we can all learn from. Even when we disagree with each other, even when we have silly arguments, we can remember that there is always something to learn from each other - and we have Monty to thank for that.

    My heart goes out to anyone else struggling with this tragedy, and especially to Monty's friends and family. And to the current RWBY team, all of you, animators, writers, voice actors: Monty would be proud of you. He IS proud of you. The world of Remnant means so much to all of us, and it is heartwarming to know that it is in such capable hands. The incredible work you've done with Season 3 and 4 is a lesson to all of us, that the joy does not end with Monty's passing. You have built on the immortal work that he started, and inspired countless others to pick up a pen, or a brush, or a pair of dancing shoes. My heart is breaking. And yet I know what to do. He told us himself. Keep moving forward.

    We love you, Monty.

  • MontyOumsSpirit


    #33487577 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Elfcow remember a broken heart is a cracked heart that shines the brightest. Like look at a cracked window it's cracks are the most noticeable. So a broken heart is what shines no matter how dim the light is. With the light off you can't see it. So acknowledge a broken heart since everyone can see it shine just like the sun. The world of RWBY hasn't talked much about the Sun.

  • HarshNon-HumorousGerman

    HarshNon-HumorousGerman Keep moving forward

    #33600755 - 10 months ago

    You'll never know the Day, nor the Hour. So we say in Germany. Still after 2 Years now it is hard to believe, that Monty passed away. It is sad, that such a great Person had to die so soon. Who would knew that his quote about the only thing that stops us from doing great things is Time, would haunt us now. I know there are lots of Tribute Videos out there but I wanted to share mine with y'all, in memory of a talented Man who left a scar in our Hearts :(

    Farewell Monty, we love you!



    #33625678 - 10 months ago

    Dear Monty Oum,

    I loved your Dead Fantasy and RWBY series. Both shows were entertaining and enjoyable. Its so sad to see you gone. I wish the surgeons were aware before the procedure. I'll miss you! <3


  • JadeTiger

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    #33631149 - 9 months ago

    In reply to HarshNon-HumorousGerman 

    your link doesn't work, sorry.

  • NightStar_Force


    #33657805 - 7 months ago

    For all we know he could be in the world of remnant right now reborn into it, to the place that he created. Sorry I don't have any other words because it already been said by many others before me..

  • dragoonattack


    #33666294 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Blood_XIII monty, you will not be forgotten. Rwby will live on!

  • anto77562


    #33667115 - 6 months ago

    made a rooster teeth account just so i could post here about how beautiful RWBY is, and how many lives Monty oum has made better, even if just a little bit by making this show