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  • LukePrather


    #33511961 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DisneyDCFan Id offer my assistance but im sadly not skilled enough, id probably procrastinate to much, and id probably give up on the first picture. I have the equipment and the time but none of the other important factors. But if you really need help i can try to assist in any way i can.

  • likemice

    likemice FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold MoPaD

    #33511985 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DisneyDCFan

    Same as Albion and Luke. I'd like to help, if only I were skilled enough at arting. Expect my full support though, and money for the kickstarter if I can ever get out of the pit of perpetual brokeness.

  • disneydcfan

    disneydcfan Ace of Hearts

    #33511993 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Rakolai

    No specific time, we'd just like it done by at least the end of the year because we really want to get this KickStarter up sometime this year :P We planned on starting it at the end of last year, but our previous animator kind of really screwed us over, so we're basically just looking for anything, really.  

  • Rakolai

    Rakolai FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Huntsman

    #33511997 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DisneyDCFan

    Send me a scene and I'll put something together to see if it'd be something you're interested in.

  • disneydcfan

    disneydcfan Ace of Hearts

    #33512003 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Rakolai

    Coolio. Do you need any of the characters' concept art? (We've got a ton of that)

  • Rakolai

    Rakolai FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Huntsman

    #33512010 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DisneyDCFan

    That would be appreciated.

  • paulhikari

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    #33512058 - 1 year ago

    In reply to AlbionBard

    Late reply, but nonetheless, here are some team attacks for Team NAKA.


    NJ projects an energy barrier and braces himself against one of Aqua's glyphs.

    Gold Knight

    While NJ is close to the target, Kin leaps off of NJ's shoulders. While Kin is in the air, NJ knocks or blasts the target upwards, leaving Kin to finish it off as he comes down.

    Metal Head

    NJ charges Azura's axe with lightning, and Azura slams it into the ground, creating a shockwave.

    Twin Peaks

    Aqua and Azura dash in zigzags--sometimes boosted by their glyphs--to confuse the target. Once they reach it, Aqua strikes high and Azura strikes low.

    White Tiger

    Aqua fires a dust bolt from her sword, and Kin--while invisible--cuts the bolt in two, making its halves land to either side of the target. This gives Kin an opening to rush in and attack.

    Blue Angels

    Azura launches Kin headlong at the target with a glyph.

    Sky Tree

    Kin raises his sword over his head, Azura boosts him into the air with a glyph, and NJ fires a lightning bolt at the sword, sending lightning everywhere while Aqua grounds the team with another glyph so they don't get zapped.

  • Malochroma

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    #33512068 - 1 year ago

    All right, so a heads up on where we're at for the trailer storyboard:

    I've got 20 out of 27 of the animated shots storyboarded out. After that it's just panels stating who's fighting who (Bora v. Vars, Shui v. Ortzi), a shot similar to the picture Disney did for the vs. group page, and the title+credits. So while the timeline may look like it's only at the half-way point, my workload is actually a lot lighter than that, and I should be done with the storyboard by Thursday evening my time. After that the real work begins.

    (Key word being "should;" having some audio issues that might push it to Friday.

  • paulhikari

    paulhikari FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #33512110 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Malochroma

    Ooh. Be sure to post a link once the animation's done.

  • MoonCousin


    #33512124 - 1 year ago

    Team KEPL Team Attack/Ship Names

    There are no specific moves because they would differ for this team from fight to fight.

    Krait/Ed = Sea Snake

    Krait/Pan = Light and Dark

    Krait/Languild = Poison Claws

    Ed/Pan = Oasis

    Ed/Languild = Jungle River

    Pan/Languild = Sand Cat

  • LukePrather


    #33512132 - 1 year ago

    Hey i was wondering, do you think that there is some specific material or mixture that hurts grimm more than lets say steel? Im really curious as to whether there is a material that effects grimm in the same way silver effects most mythological creatures. Itd be interesting to know since i may make a character who owns two weapons, one for grimm and one for humans. A sort of Witcher style character.

  • LukePrather


    #33512273 - 1 year ago

    Posting this before i fall asleep since i dont wanna forget and itd be nice to wake up to some feedback. Im wanting to make a team based off my favorite historical warrior classes and im basing their semblances off a certain theme, itll be a last ditch effort that could result in the death of the user. So far iv got two characters roughed out. First is the knight whos semblance is called Honors Bind, what it does is it uses up all of the users aura to create a large bubble like barrier that forces anyone inside to have an honorable battle to the death with the user. The bubble also drains their aura as well so that all attacks that connect do damage. The barrier is used as a means of keeping anyone or anything on the outside from interfering. Then we have the Samurai whos semblance is an hereditary one, what it does is it allows the user to either seal their soul inside of an object before death or draw upon the power of a previously sealed soul. Because its a hereditary semblance his family has sealed their souls within the same sword every time before death, meaning the sword is filled with many powerful souls. But because of this semblances power the only way to activate the power up is by sheathing the sword within yourself allowing the souls to enter your body and power you up. Itll make the character stronger but  once the semblance wears off the user must be rushed to a healer to deal with the immense strain on the body and to deal witht he self inflicted wound. Hope yall like this idea, if not then id love to hear your suggestions. Night everyone.

  • GendoPoser


    #33512350 - 1 year ago

    So my latest character (name is still in the works) is going to be an explosives expert. Specifically in the usage of various types of grenades (stickies, frags, flashbangs, etc). This character is loosely inspired by one of my favorite videogames as a kid, Bomberman 64 on the Nintendo 64.

    The type of grenades they use depends on the situation in which they are going to need them (I/E: if they're tasked with taking out some kind of tech, they will use EMPs) but they generally carry a mix of frags, stun grenades, etc, just in case. Each grenade is about the same size as a golf ball. The grenades are stored in a utility belt that rotates around their waist so reaching for a specific grenade isn't a hassle. 

    They have a plethora of grenades, as I've already said. Among them, they have concussive grenades (Non lethal grenades that knock an opponent out upon explosion. Has sticky bomb variants of these. Not to be confused with concussion grenades) and dust powered grenades (specifically ice and fire). 

    They're also a skilled hand to hand combatant, and loves to apply the "Grenade Tag" trope whenever possible. As such, their fighting style is basically this: get in close, wait for an opening, tag with sticky bomb, get away. Save for their frags, the grenades, while powerful, don't have a very big explosive range. 

  • vohxus

    vohxus Illidari

    #33512426 - 1 year ago

    In reply to DisneyDCFan

    I'm a bit late on this, but like others wish I could help. But cheers on the project!

  • likemice

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    #33512495 - 1 year ago

    In reply to LukePrather

    Fluoroantimonic acid. Or lava.

  • likemice

    likemice FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold MoPaD

    #33512525 - 1 year ago

    Been a while since I posted a character. This particular character is actually my original original character, whom I've heavily revamped over the past couple of weeks. As always, any constructive criticism or concerns are appreciated. Here we go:

    Marron Randall

    Nicknames/Aliases: Marr, Halfmetal (in particular circles of people)

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6’5”

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Team: MRBL

    Position: Leader of team MRBL and Supporter of the Horsemen of the Underground

    Emblem: Maroon fist viewed from the front

    Appearance: Marr is a tall, barrel-chested, well-built guy with cobalt blue eyes and white hair that sticks up like a bunch of short, concave cones around his head. The left half of Marr’s face is badly-scarred due to intense burns from a prior incident, leaving him with no eyelashes, eyebrow, or possibility of facial hair on that side of his face. His entire right arm, left leg up to and including the knee, and right foot are plated with cobalt blue metal that cannot be removed and has been surgically fused to his skin, while the small bits of skin visible in the crevices between plates are badly-scarred, just like his face. Marr wears a red shirt, over which is a sleeveless maroon coat with brown lining that hangs down to Marr’s upper calves, with a strap on the neck like the one on Yang’s alternate outfit from volume 2. On his right shoulder is a brown leather pauldron, the strap running diagonally over the front of his coat to his lower left rib cage and back up around his back to his right shoulder. On the back of his waist is a hard leather clasp that his weapon snaps into. He wears brown pants supported by a black belt with a silver rectangular buckle. The left pant leg ends above his knee and is tucked into a dark red band on Marr’s lower thigh, just above where the metal starts. And, due to his feet being encased in metal, Marr does not wear shoes.

    Background: Marr was born an only child to civilian parents in Vale proper. They lived a normal, happy life, until Marr’s mother died when he was 13. Although foul play was always suspected, they never found the perpetrator and the case has long since gone cold. Marr’s father, devastated by the loss of his wife, spiraled into depression and alcoholism, never to recover, and unable to make a steady income to support his son.

    So Marr took it upon himself to provide for the family. Although, he soon realized that a thirteen-year-old does not find much in the way of payed work. Though just barely, they did manage to get by, Marr doing odd jobs for the people around town and his father occasionally, somehow, earning some money. But when they began to struggle, Marr started resorting to less than legal sources of income. It was during one of these illegal ventures, Marr age 15 at this point, when the event occurred that would change Marr’s life forever.

    The Dust refinery was a secluded place. It was supposed to be a simple job for the small group of thieves; get in, get as much Dust as they could carry, get out. The first two steps went smoothly enough. The getting out is when shit hit the fan. Unbeknownst to them, they had tripped a silent alarm on the way in and the authorities were waiting outside by the time they got out. A gunfight ensued as the thieves went to escape, and a stray bullet struck Marr’s haul, which, as it turned out, was mostly Burn Dust, as could be seen from the large explosion in which Marr was caught. The rest of the group, valuing the job more than Marr, left him for dead or the police, whichever found him first. Instead, a barely-conscious Marr was able to hobble through the woods surrounding the refinery until he collapsed at the outskirts of a small town.

    It was there that he was found by Eldridge Slate Ragentum, the town’s doctor and resident mad scientist. He took Marr to his clinic, where he told him that the only way he would recover is if he was subjected to an experimental procedure in which a metal called purite would be surgically fused to his skin. Whether or not this was true was irrelevant, as Marr really had no other choices. After the procedure, Marr, understandably, wanted to go home, but knew he still had to take the proper time to recover. Also, he really had no idea where he was. During his lengthy recovery, he befriended Eldridge’s son as well as one of Marr’s eventual teammates at Beacon, Isaac, and the two became like brothers. Even after his recovery, Marr knew he couldn’t go home, not without properly learning how to fight and protect himself. Luckily, the town was populated by a multitude of retired huntsmen and huntresses. It was here that Marr forged his weapon, and was trained and taught as well as any preliminary combat school could teach. Originally having to intention of becoming a huntsman, the more Marr learned, the fonder of the idea he became.

    When Marr was 17, after nearly two years spent at what had become his new home, Marr finally returned home to reunite with his dad, or, gods forbid, pay his respects to his grave, before heading out to Beacon shortly thereafter. Marr’s fears were put to rest when he found his dad in a rehab center. Apparently, after an especially intense night of drinking, an anonymous soul had taken it upon themselves to put him in a rehabilitation facility and fund his care. Unfortunately, Marr didn’t get the happy reunion he had hoped for. Instead, when Marr came visiting, he found that his dad had nothing but anger and contempt for him, believing that Marr had finally abandoned him. To this day, Marr hasn’t forgotten the words that were said, because he feels, in a way, he did abandon him. Also to this day, whenever Marr comes into some extra money, he doesn’t even think twice about sending it to his dad.

    Personality: Marr’s time among the criminals of Vale has shaped much of his personality. He is a blunt, straight to the point kind of guy, not one for pleasantries or small talk, although his time alongside Vale’s criminals have made him not exactly charismatic, but a good talker nonetheless. He’s slightly paranoid and constantly in a sort of state of passive hypervigilance, something he’s trying to work on. It’s hard for Marr to open up to most people. Those he shares his past with he cares for especially. Originally Marr was ashamed of his scars, but at a point, he realized that there was nothing he could do about what happened and would have to live with it, an ideology he now applies to much of life, and decided to embrace what he’s been through and grow from it, rather than turn away and ignore it. That said, there are still some lasting psychological effects from Marr’s accident, mainly his paranoia and hypervigilance, as well as the nightmares that commonly plague him.

    Relationships: Marr’s teammates are the closest people to him. Isaac Ragentum, Marr’s unofficially adopted brother, is easily his best friend in the world, followed by his other teammates, Deville Beneli (name subject to change because I can never remember how I got it) and Nina Lima. He has met a few of our canon friends, but only in passing. He also met legendary bounty hunter Sibuna Sedah and has developed a romantic/it’s complicated relationship with her up to the current time in canon.

    Semblance/Semblance Use: Kinetic Shift; Marr can alter the direction of a person or object’s kinetic energy or transfer it to something else entirely by touching it (or, in the case of his own, willing it). However, transferring an object’s kinetic energy to something more massive will result in it traveling more slowly. The opposite also applies, in that the kinetic energy transferred from an object to another object less massive than it will cause the receiving object to travel faster than the object from which the energy was taken. Marr can use this ability to deflect projectiles and attacks from melee weapons, punch with unnatural force, or jump great heights. Unfortunately, he can only use this ability a handful of times before exhausting his aura.

    Weapon: Marr wields a blue metal staff with a two-handed leather grip at its center. At one end is a mace with three silver blades set at regular intervals around the shaft and a large decagonal spike that tapers to a point at the top. At the other end is a satellite dish-like structure with a silver metal rod at its center. This is Marr’s arc cannon. While either end is in use, blue electricity can be seen arcing between the satellite dish and metal rod. This end can also act as an electrified club if need be.

    In its compact form, the spike on the mace end splits into ten separate wedges that fold down to rest against the shaft. The satellite dish on the other end collapses similarly, and both halves of the staff collapse down to little more than the grip in the middle and the heads on either end.

    Name of Weapon: Piece of Rebirth

    Fighting Style: Marr uses a head-on, brute force type of fighting style with powerful blows and little room for agility. He is exceptionally durable and strong, with or without aura. He also operates in scare tactics and intimidation, often grabbing opponents’ weapons out of the air with his unfeeling, metal-plated arm, tanking blows that would lay most men out, or sending large rounds back to those behind the sights with the same speed they took off with. Although Marr isn’t terribly fast, his reflexes and timing are superb. This, paired with his immense strength, compensates easily for his lack of speed.

  • vohxus

    vohxus Illidari

    #33512624 - 1 year ago

    I wrote a story focusing on Grey and members of team GHST, RWBY and the three members of JNPR. Here is the Story (Big thanks to Angelus for reading it over)

  • GendoPoser


    #33512700 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Vohxus 

    the OC i'm working on now specializes in using grenades, especially sticky bombs. So basically something like this: W6WRZ.jpg

    Myst is systematic in his fights, and uses a collapsible spear (basically goes from a double edged dagger to spear). He will attack weak points and practically cripple his enemies. One way he's finished off a grimm was by ruthlessly cutting off it's arms and legs, then launched the spear through it's chest. 

    Astraea is literal human tank. She can take as much damage as she can dish out, and considering she was strong enough to beat the shit out of an alpha-beowolf until it was incapable of moving, that's saying a lot. She will often finish off her fights with her blades via stabbing, slashing, or decapitation. She is also known to win fights with some kind of wrestling maneuver like a German suplex (also uses the belly-to-belly, northern lights, and t-bone suplex among many others). And for god's sake, don't let the girl hug you. She's accidentally broken ribs doing that.  

    Celia is like her brother (Myst), only stronger, twice as skilled, and more likely to apologize for beating the absolute shit out of you. She uses a quarter-staff, and uses powerful, quick, precise combos on her opponents. 

  • vohxus

    vohxus Illidari

    #33512703 - 1 year ago

    In reply to MessedUpSkully

    Sounds violent, Vohxus likey. (Could you read over my script that I made? Feed back would be swell)

    EDIT: The finisher part for my characters finishers is gone, idk why. But here they are again.

    Grey: Tearing limbs off and beating them with said limbs and decapitation

    Hel: Stabbing with spear and blowing away with shotgun

    Slate: Shoving fist into mouth and incinerating face or jabbing blades into eyes and kicking chest to a point where they choke on their own blood.

    Tea: Either smashing their skull with her Kanabo or blowing up her target with her rocket launcher.

  • likemice

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    #33512727 - 1 year ago

    In reply to JymaruCrew

    Like Andy?

  • Tuckapenguin

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    #33512732 - 1 year ago


    Slowly accumulating Merle art as I do more OC Reviews. Which of these should be my avatar?

    And Lorin cos I liked it.


  • paulhikari

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    #33512751 - 1 year ago

    So, here's another prompt for you all, especially those of you familiar with Fire Emblem. What class would any of your OCs be.

    NJ would be a paladin. While mainly a defensive fighter, he's versatile enough to fight offensively, support his teammates, sit back and give orders, or lead the charge as necessary.

    Aqua would be a falcon knight. What she lacks in defense, she makes up in mobility and support capabilities, though she can easily hold her own on the attack when the time calls for it.

    Azura would be a berserker. Like Aqua, she trades defense for mobility, but she's more offense oriented than support oriented.

    Kin would be a swordmaster. He's the only member of Team NAKA without any ranged attacks, but he makes up for it by being physically their fastest, strongest, toughest, and most skilled member.

  • angelus987

    angelus987 Archangel of Prowess

    #33512752 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Tuckapenguin

    I'd have to say the first one, just makes me laugh more.

    As does the Lorin pic too. Urgh, its just tempting me to try and turn that picture into some sort of comedic short now....

  • angelus987

    angelus987 Archangel of Prowess

    #33512753 - 1 year ago

    Also, just wanted to show off this awesome piece that Tuck just did for me of Lorin:


    Thanks a bunch Tuck!!!

  • paulhikari

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    #33512757 - 1 year ago

    In reply to Tuckapenguin

    In reply to Angelus987

    Remind me to get back on this.