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  • Wolfram812


    #33507032 - 4 months ago

    Name: Selene McVey 
    Age: 17
    Race: Faunus(Sparrow)
    Heritage: Mistral and Vacuo
    Accent: Vale and Vacuo
    Affiliations: Beacon academy
    Height: 5’ 10”
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Color: White, Purple and Blue
    Partner: Heliotrope Typhoon 
    Team: SHAS (shadows)
    Symbol: Blue Winged star
    Quote: A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, hard work and determination.

    Appearance: Selene stands at about average height if not a little taller and has a more willow like frame with powerful shoulders from the white sparrow wings on her back. She has a slender face with average sized ears, straight purple hair to her collar bone and is normally worn in a mess that partially obscure z her face while her eyes are a light purple mix. For clothing Selene wears a blue shirt similar to under armor with slots in the back for her wings , white jeans with rips in them and a purple jacket tied around her waist with a belt worn at an angle under it. On her legs she wears white thigh armor and greaves to protect her legs  whenever she flies low and a white pair of sneakers. On the front of her right leg plate her  symbol is emblazoned in blue and is on the back of the hoodie as well under that she has a tattoo across her back and on her torso of a night sky with remnants  moon on it in light blue which is nearly white and lots of golden stars.
    Personality: Selene is a very level headed person and is very mature compared to the rest of her team mates but whenever she is excited she tends to behave less so. When ever it comes to angering her she tends to take a while before she gets angry and when she does its more of a cold rage. She is also a very kind person in general and is always willing to help hut can be a bit timid when it comes to strangers. She is also one of the more sensitive members of SHDS and can be upset by insults that have to do with her being a Faunus. 
    History: Selene was originally born to a Faunus mother and a human father in Mistral but they where killed during a white fang attack against human supporters. At only the age of 2 weeks old she was sent to an orphanage in Vacuo due to her being a Faunus. However when she was around 1 a Huntress named Luna McVey who was on a mission clearing out Grimm found her in the streets outside of the orphanage and decided to adopt her. So Luna brought the little girl home to her Husband Flare and her year and a half old son Spark. Selene grew up in the McVey home and often would play with Spark and listened to story’s from her new parents. However children from a nearby village would often tease her for the wings on her back and called her horrible names. One day a large group of kids who where around 13 took things to far and began to pull her wings and through rocks at her until Spark can and gave the leader of them a bloody nose before some of the older boys knocked him over and began to kick him. When she saw this happening Selene tried to stop then but couldn’t an screamed for help. Once her mother arrived the other kids ran off leaving Spark bloodied and bruised on the ground. After that day Selene decided she would learn to fight from her mother so that she could protect herself and those she loves. On day while she was 15 bandits came and attacked her home. When her father Flare tried to defend her and the house he was shot and a pair of bandits tried to carry her off. However she managed to break free right as Spark got back home from the village with supplies for a project. When he rushed to help her he took out two bandits before a third took of his legs. Upon seeing the bandit maim if not kill her brother she ran up to him, grabbed him under the shoulders and flew him up in the air before dropping him onto the burning wreck of her home. After wards her mother who had been on a mission at the time got home to find her husband dead, her son maimed and her home burned to the ground. While Spark had recovered from the blood lose he had become moody and angry and locked himself away in a spare room at their aunts home where they were staying. For months Selene pleaded for Spark to come back and that if he did they could fix things together.  Eventually Spark came out and so Selene began to help him adapt to life. Once Spark had built his legs and decided to become a hunter Selene decided to become one as well so that she could learn to fight more and to help Spark and make sure he’s alright. So she went off to Beacon with Spark during the initiation was put on team SHDS (Shadows) with him and was partnered with Heliotrope Typhoon. She is currently in Beacon.
    Weapons: Selene uses duel semi auto pistols similar to the 5 Seven that transform into duel daggers which are purple with dark blue accents and are called Moon and Star.

    Fighting style: Selene fights by flying over the enemy doing strafing runs and swoops down to kick or slash at them. On the ground she fights by running between enemies slashing them namely near the joints to slow them.
    Aura/Semblance: Selene aura is dark purple and is low strength wise. Her semblance Sparrow Call is where she let’s out a yell which goes super sonic and can stun or knock over her enemies near her.

    Trivia: McVey means son of light in Gaelic 
    Selene was the Roman goddess of the moon 
    She is partially inspired by Icaraus 
    Strengths: Very fast, can avoid attacks easily, good against melee units.
    Weaknesses: Weaker when fighting on the ground, weapons not good against armored enemies weakest aura on team SHAS.

  • Wolfram812


    #33507038 - 4 months ago

    I've also been working on the volume 4 outfits for the characters I've finished but Spark is the only one done so far but once I fish the last two OC'S I'll get to wrk on Selene and theirs.

  • equalyang


    #33507046 - 4 months ago

    In reply to Malochroma How do you post pictures on the discussions like this one? Please put the answer onto my profile.

  • RoseMaryM

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    #33507088 - 4 months ago

    AYEEEE. I finally finished all the Bios for Team PYRE :D 

    This certainly took longer than I had anticipated. I apologise if my wording sounds a bit rough here and there. As always please let me know your opinions and thoughts !

    (Note: Links will not redirect to the right post if someone gets banned/ The Post numbers change. Hovering over the "x Months ago" shows on which date a post was posted. These Links will lead you to the approximate location of these OCs and you might have to manually navigate back/forth a few pages based on the post dates. )

    Pyry Sandoval; Posted on Nov 2 2016
    Cada Yun; Posted on Dec 8 2016
    Rozovy Dymke; Posted on Feb 8 2017

    Any critiques, reviews or comments would be greatly appreciated ! 


    × Elaine Bryghtwood ×


    Age: 18 | Gender: Female | Race: Faunus (Fox) | Heritage: Atlas

    Complexion: Pale | Hair: Ginger Brown | Eyes: Orange

    Aura: Orange | Semblance: Hidden in plain Sight | Weapon: DGTK - DodGy sTalKer

    Team: Team PYRE



    Elaine has shoulder length Ginger hair, with a tinge of brown to it. Her Fox ears poke out of her head freely for anyone to see. Her right ear has a steampunk-esque hairclip attached to it. It is golden in colour and has two pieces of transparent-black pieces of cloth poking out of it.

    She wears a muddy brown waistcoat over a white, almost cream coloured shirt which is buttoned up all the way to the collar. The waistcoat is simple in its appearance.

    Elaine's mossgreen-'yellow' striped trousers are puffy and end slightly below her knees, where they are tucked into her high boots. Said boots are primarily black and mostly covered by beige legwarmers.

    A fox tail can be seen. Her eyes are an orange colour.





    Elaine is a rather sarcastic person. She often makes remarks without considering that it might hurt others' feelings. Most of the time she doesn't mean any harm though. Aside from that she can be a loudmouth at times, not holding back if there is anything annoying or bothering her. Elaine may sometimes lash out as she does have a temper. 

    When on her own she is a very quiet person who very much enjoys being by herself. Being with many people tires her out easily, though she doesn't want others to know about this weakness of hers, thus keeping up a semi-cheery act. Towards her close friends and Faunii she is incredibly sweet and kind, being able to relate to them and wanting them to feel loved.

    Towards humans she is mainly rude, often disliking the way they talk down to her. When insulting a non-faunii Elaine does not apologise. This kind of behaviour stems from her fear of humans. Elaine usually prefers company of those belonging to her race. She is very protective of those close to her though, no matter if Fanus or not.

    In her spare time she writes stories, and uses roleplays in order to escape reality and cope with the world around her.



    DodGy sTalKer - Daggers. Gun. Throwing Knives.

    “Dodgy Stalker”, also known as DGTK is a three-way hybrid weapon with simplistic features. Its primary form are two daggers with sharp blades. Whilst allowing the use of Dust, Elaine often refrains from combining it with her weapon, as it is known to jam it.

    The double barreled gun also uses standard ammunition and fires two rounds at a time.  Its reload time is rather short, although the gun is most effective in close and mid-range scenarios.

    DGTK is also equipped with the option to deploy four (4) small throwing knives, which Elaine can use to puncture enemies.

    Transformation Explanation

    Transformation is rather simple since Dodgy Stalker uses primarily magnets to change forms. Magnets and a simple hooking-mechanism make its transformation from Daggers to Gun possible. Hooking the two daggers into eachother unlocks the gun’s triggers.

    DGTK’s compact and carrying form is its gun form as it is easier to store. 




    Semblance - Hidden in plain Sight 

    Elaine's Semblance allows her to basically turn almost invisible for a maximum of 5 seconds at a time when moving. When standing completely still her Invisibility lasts about twice as long. This Semblance is meant to be used to sneak away from an enemy, or to ambush them.

    It is currently impossible for Elaine to sustain it for longer than that and often needs a pretty long recharge time afterwards, or else it depletes her Aura almost immediately.

    Knowing this downside, she tends to use her Semblance for minuscule amounts of time, making it look as though she is teleporting.

    Many often think her semblance is a form of short distance teleport, or an immense speedboost, but it is not. If one pays close attention they can still see her moving around, or if their semblance is something similar to Yun’s Vibration location, she is as visible as every other person.


    Fighting Style

    Elaine mainly uses direct combat, preferring a 'Hit and Run' method. She will often charge at an enemy, hit them, and then use her semblance to gain distance again. Graceful combat is almost impossible for her.

    When unable to escape, she is prone to switching to her gun as well as using the Throwing knives to damage and distract the enemy. 



    Elaine was born in Atlas to very hardworking parents and early on learnt that you can achieve a lot of things by learning and doing. However, she was born with a genetic defect, giving her almost defunct fox-ears in addition to her tail, but no human ears, making her almost deaf.

    This additional trait/disability garnered her a lot of hate from a very young age, some of it even coming from the Faunus community, labeling Elaine a 'special snowflake'. It destroyed a lot of her confidence in early years. However, it did gain her a lot of sympathy from authorities.


    As it turns out, Elaine lied about her disability to garner sympathy from people around her. Her hearing is however slightly impaired, but not to the extent she claims. Elaine's humanoid ears are hidden at all times, her "Fox ears" are just highly technological hearing aids, manufactured in Atlas.

    After her four (4) years younger sister was born completely deaf, Elaine decided to take it upon herself to protect her. The bullying hardly stopped but she learnt to deal with it, so that by the time she was old enough, she decided to become a Huntress in order to protect those she loves.

    Elaine was a student of average skill in Signal Academy, though she got a lot of pressure from her parents to be better. Shortly after she graduated from Signal, Elaine decided to run away from home to Vacuo, having heard that Faunii are treated better there.

    She spent an entire year training alone and making a living from small time jobs before applying at Shade Academy.



    • Elaine (derived from: Helene) =  ελενη (helene) = Torch (Greek)

    • Despite having an Assassin-esque role in her Team, she is not very fast. 





  • Vohxus

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    #33507096 - 4 months ago

    In reply to RoseMaryM

    Great work as always, Rose! 

  • DisneyDCFan

    DisneyDCFan Ace of Hearts

    #33507109 - 4 months ago

    In reply to RoseMaryM

    Your ability to create super awesome, and also super cute, characters never ceases to amaze me. Also, I love the Semblance! 

  • Wolfram812


    #33507197 - 4 months ago

    In reply to RoseMaryM amazing work as per usual and I'm glad that you finally finished creating your team!

  • Xyonai

    Xyonai Nephilim

    #33507208 - 4 months ago

    In reply to RoseMaryM

    Well that's one way to explain having a dual trait faunus.  Neat.

  • Argent_Sterling

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    #33507228 - 4 months ago

    Copied from the other RWBY OC thread.

    Full Name : Argent Sterling (Both names meaning "Silver")


    Species : Human  

    Gender : Male  

    Age : 19  

    Height : 6 feet 2 inches.  

    Weight : 189 lbs  

    Eye Color : Teal  

    Hair Color : White  

    Skin Color : Pale Flesh 


    Favorite Foods : Steak | Watermelon | Ice Cream  

    Fears: Losing those he cares for | Being left alone/behind  

    Desires: Safeguard his world | Start a Family one day  

    Likes : Making new friends | Sparring | Killing Grimm | Reading a good book | Playing the Piano  

    Dislikes : Grimm | People that cause chaos in their wake | Dishonesty 


    Alignment : Neutral Good  

    Relationship: None  

    Nationality : Atlesian  

    Occupation : Hunter, Former Student of Atlas Academy (Dropped out after Beacon's Fall)


    Standing tall at six foot two and hailing from Atlas, Argent Sterling is a young man with white shoulder length hair and teal eyes. Though he's on the slimmer side for a man of his size, he does sport a toned body, which is good enough for him to wield his weapon, "The Black Brandt". Though he does have two defining features. Burn scarring from the left side of his neck, going down to his left shoulder going down to his hip. The second feature was the metal grafted to his shoulder for his replacement, mechanical arm that has seen several modifications over the years since the incident when visiting the Dust Mines for a field trip. 

    The clothes he wears is a white highwayman-like coat with silver lining where the buttons are, as well as the collar and cuffs. Underneath the coat he wore a normal white t-shirt that was slightly thick to double as a gambeson for the black plate armored chest piece he wore. His right forearm had an arm band of similar material as his shirt with a black plate bracer. As to his pants, they were black jeans, close to fitting but not enough to restrict movement. He also wore a pair of steel toed boots, modified for a Hunter rather than a construction worker. When he's angered though, his eyes start to glow a bright teal. This doesn't mean he's empowered or anything of the like, just his aura manifesting in such a way to show his enemies they screwed up.

    Post Beacon's Fall... 

    His appearance stayed the same in terms of physical attributes. However his hair is much longer than before, going down to about half way down his back and is tied in a loose tail behind him. His coat is different as well, now missing the left sleeve so his metal arm can be free to move around without catching the material.


    "The Black Brandt"(Pre-Beacon's Fall)

    The Black Brandt is a black metal Great Sword, measuring to about three and a half feet in length and six inches in width for the blade, complete with a thick, but balanced cross guard and curved grip for two hands with a trigger just under the guard itself. The blade was thicker than most swords, but only because when it is separated from the cross guard, it is revealed to be acting as an "outer shell for a smaller broadsword-like blade at about four inches in width and two and a half feet in length for closer quarters combat. The center of this blade, running along the entire length and acting as its core was a barrel for when he would use the trigger and use the sword as a gun instead for long range combat.

    In addition, the thicker blade unfolds into a shield that gets magnetically attached to his mechanical arm, used for extra defense when up against other melee wielding targets. It's tough enough to take most kinetic strikes as well as rounds fired from guns, however if show with armor-piercing rounds or hit with a high amount of kinetic force (aka: A Yang-Empowered Punch) could damage and even shatter the shield, thus leaving him with only his smaller gunblade as his only line of defense. During the fall of Beacon however, one of the Grimm he fought managed to break the weapon in half, forcing him to retreat with the others.

    "Vale's Vengeance"(Post-Beacon's Fall)

    After the fall of Beacon however, his weapon was damaged beyond repair and had to resort to making a new one. This he named "Vale's Vengeance" in honor of those who fell at Beacon against the Grimm and White Fang. Much like the first weapon, this was a Great Sword, but was designed differently. Seeing how the sword and board plan didn't pan out as he wanted, he found it easier to be a bit more aggressive with his strikes, changing his style entirely. This weapon was double edged with twin gun barrels set between the two blades, all the while leaving a space above them towards the tips so that he can lock others' weapons and possible disarm them with a twist of his wrist. 

    This of course is only one form. It's "Second" is when the Great Sword itself can be seperated into two single edged blades. Quite literally splitting the large weapon in half, he can wield both sides in each hand, but at the cost of only having a blade on one side instead of two, leaving his only option as slashing with one side of the blade, while the other would be blunt. The hilts themselves can angle down in this mode so he can use the triggers near the pommels for when he needs to fire the gun portions of both.

    SEMBLANCE: "Concussive Barrier"

    Having a high tolerance for pain and the will to protect those he can, his Semblance comes in the form of a transparent, spherical shield that he can place around himself to protect against various elements of nature, Dust Enhanced Abilities, fire arms and melee strikes. This essentially makes him a bastion of protection and can even expand it outwards to protect up to three others around him. However, it does have its drawbacks, like any other's semblance. 

    If exposed to enough punishment from outside sources, it would cause him to lose concentration and have to drop the shield, thus exposing him briefly for attack. In addition, he could only move at a heel-toe pace and has to keep his arms extended outwards to his sides. Not only this, the larger the shield he creates, the weaker its integrity, thus why he will only ever be able to encompass up to three others. If he so wished, he can expand it further, but at further risk of having him drop his defenses due to strained concentration and outside sources that would otherwise be attacking it due to its weaker integrity.

    BONUS IMAGE: Adam Taurus vs Argent Sterling (Post-Beacon's Fall)

    Adam Taurus of course belongs to RWBY/Roosterteeth (duh)


  • Angelus987

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    #33507521 - 4 months ago

    In reply to RoseMaryM

    Well Rose, another awesome character. You never cease to impress.

  • ThereAreChildrenHere

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    #33507699 - 4 months ago

    In reply to Argent_Sterling

    Doesn't really have a personality, but definitely cool.

  • PerunTakashi


    #33507772 - 4 months ago

    should've just named him " the silver shroud "

  • cablec


    #33507798 - 4 months ago

    In reply to Argent_Sterling

    are you Argent32 on deviantart?

    In reply to RoseMaryM

    nice work! especially the ears, you've made it an actual part of the character (both aesthetically and purposefully).

  • Argent_Sterling

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    #33507855 - 4 months ago

    In reply to cablec

    I am, yes!

  • Vohxus

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    #33507861 - 4 months ago

    Second member of team GHST, Heliotrope or "Helio".


  • Capcans2


    #33508003 - 4 months ago

    I was just working on a character named Argent.

    Now I feel like I have to change his name...

  • likemice

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    #33508032 - 4 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    Why? With the thousands of OCs out there, aspects of characters are bound to overlap. Best example is the Ren incident.

  • Angelus987

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    #33508036 - 4 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    Not necessarily. Argent I've noticed is a pretty common name. Course, it's your choice whether or not you decide to change it.

  • Malochroma

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    #33508038 - 4 months ago

    In reply to likemice

    You keep calling it an "incident" when it was at most a wild coincidence.

  • Argent_Sterling

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    #33508050 - 4 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    As they said, names can overlap, but if you had a different surname in mind, then I can't see why you shouldn't use Argent as a name :)

  • SilverShadow2001


    #33508069 - 4 months ago

    In reply to Capcans2

    Yeah, pretty much what the others said; finding a name that hasn't been used by somebody at some point is rare. As long as the characters aren't complete copies of each other (yet even then, that's just an insane coincidence), then having the same name isn't a problem.

    It's pretty much just like in real life; people can have the same name, but it doesn't mean they are all the same, y'know?

  • lupin096


    #33508076 - 4 months ago

    I have a couple questions for everyone here. 

    1. If your OC(s) had to create a username for themselves what would it be?

    2. What would you're Oc(s) be doing if they never went to one of the huntsmen academies?


  • Argent_Sterling

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    #33508081 - 4 months ago

    In reply to lupin096

    1. No idea tbh xD

    2. He'd be a pianist. Argent grew up learning how to play the Piano and was considered a fallback in case becoming a hunstman fell through.

  • Angelus987

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    #33508084 - 4 months ago

  • DisneyDCFan

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    #33508092 - 4 months ago

    Not sure if you guys knew, but Arryn designed a shirt for a fundraiser for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), and it's got both Arryn and Blake on the front. All of the options are unisex, so I suggest if you've got the money, buy something :) They look great, and the money's going to a great cause.