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  • JLynnch

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    #33141601 - 2 years ago

    When I went to RTX in 2014 I carpooled there with a few other people- it usually saves a ton of money on flights, especially if you can get three or four people in the car. I'm trying to see if anyone is interested this year!

    The drive itself is about 17 hours, and with rotating drivers there's no need for hotels along the way. For this to be successful we really just need:

    1. A car that the owner is willing to let other people drive along the way (unless you're some freakish person who can drive for 17 hours straight)

    2. At least three people (it's probably not as worth it with just two)

    3. Matching schedules- I'm not leaving Austin till the 5th, and I was planning on leaving Florida on the 29th (I think...I don't remember what I requested at work)

    Please let me know if anyone is interested! It's a good way to save money on flights and bond with strangers in a small environment!