Volume 5, Chapter 14: Haven's Fate

RWBY: Volume 5, Chapter 14: Haven's Fate

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are each entangled in journeys of their own, but they all share one destination: Haven Academy. Whether it's the promise of ancient relics, mystical maidens, or simply more power, it's clear that the stage for the next great battle for Remnant has been chosen. The question is, with so many players in this game, who's going to come out on top?

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  • rwbyfran101

    2 days ago

    Where is ep 15

    • tpatterson

      1 day ago

      Ep 14 is the last one of the season

  • Ttocssallad FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    4 days ago

    I’m still waiting for the Yang vs Adam rematch 

  • Freytd

    4 days ago

    the music is so exciting

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    5 days ago

    ... ... ... " h~eh " ... ... ... >;-)


    Click on direct Link for Maximum Size ;-)

  • Ttocssallad FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    1 week ago

    that’s what you get for killing Pyrrha, Cinder!!! 

    Granted, I won’t be convinced of Cinder’s death until I see the shattered remains of her body, but seeing her get her butt kicked was satisfying

    • scubadiva FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 days ago

      She's like a Disney villain. 

  • moguera FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    1 week ago

    After thinking things over for a few weeks, I've come up with a few critiques regarding where the series is going and how future volumes could be improved, particularly things I'd like to see in Volume 6 and on:

    1) Figure out how to animate scythe-combat:  I've had this reservation ever since I found this series and saw that the main character's weapon is a scythe; namely that, while they look cool, there's just no getting around the fact that a standard-shape scythe (i.e. a polearm with a long blade perpendicular to the shaft with the cutting edge facing inwards towards the wielder) is a damn awkward weapon, hence why, if people intended to use their scythes as weapons in the real world, they converted them into "war-scythes," which are just cheap halberds made by remounting the scythe's blade parallel to the shaft, rather than perpendicular to it.  I know Ruby's scythe has a "war-scythe" mode, when she's going all out, but I also understand that that's not meant to be the weapon's default form.

    I'm not one to harp on the whole "the fight animation has gone downhill without Monty" deal that so many people seem to be so butthurt about, particularly since I didn't get into the series until fairly early on in Volume 3, release-wise, well after Monty had passed away (God rest his soul).  But one thing I do think is that Monty apparently had a better feel for how effectively wielding a scythe as a melee weapon should look in animation.  With Volumes 4 and 5, I've gotten the distinct impression that the animators have been shying away from showing Ruby wielding her scythe as a scythe as much as possible, preferring to show her taking potshots from afar with her weapon in its rifle modes to her entering melee combat, or cutting away when such combat would normally be showcased.  This extends to Qrow as well, as all his serious action scenes, like his fights against Winter and Tyrian, tend to be with him keeping his weapon in its sword-form.

    RWBY, being a fictional series and subject to its fair share of fantasy physics, there is plenty of room for leeway when it comes to animating combat.  However, while I don't have a definitive solution to the issue, someone needs to come up with a plausible way to properly animate scythes being employed as melee weapons that doesn't make it look awkward and forced...rather than shying away from it entirely.

    2) Do something with Ruby as a character:  My biggest gripe about the series, overall, is that we're five whole volumes in and Ruby has yet to truly have an effective character arc.  More often than not, despite being the main character, and the one for whom the series is named, it often seems to me that Ruby is less a character in her own right and more a central hub, around which the other characters and the story's events revolve.  Sure, she's important and a lot of characters' actions and intentions are focused on or relate to her in some way, but I don't really feel there's been much meaningful development in her character since we first met her in Volume 1, especially not in comparison to the character arcs of the rest of the cast, where even characters who were originally second-stringers (Jaune, Nora, Ren, ect) get more actual development than she does.  Ultimately, Ruby has, by and large, seemed to be more of a device than a character.  Even after the traumatic events of Volume 3, the overall degree of Ruby's development is mainly highlighting how she's still that same idealistic and heroic girl, determined to make the world a better place, that she's been since Volume 1.  Sure, her ideals are a bit more tempered by reality, but the focus is more on highlighting how little she's changed overall, as opposed to trying to show how much she's grown.

    When I went to see the theatrical premiere of Episode 1 one of Volume 5, which was accompanied by the last few episodes of Volume 4 and creator commentary, Miles (I think) commented on how Ruby still has issues she's been dealing with since even before her time at Beacon...



    So why have we hardly seen any of that, yet?  The closest we've come to it is her...interesting...reaction to meeting Yang again in Volume 5, whereupon the first thing she does when she sees Yang for the first time in months; after spending months traversing an entire continent and going through countless trials to reach Haven, after their rather bitter parting in Volume 3; is apologize.  To me, at least, that spoke to some of the issues I can imagine Ruby having, such as a strong tendency to put others first, over her own wellbeing, and suppress her own feelings to reconcile with those she's close to.  But that does not get explored any further in Volume 5.

    So far, Volumes 1 and 2 leaned heavily on Blake's character arc, which was continued and mostly-completed in Volume 4.  Volume 4 also featured a fairly substantial character arc for Weiss, and wrapped up with a focus on Ren and Nora of all people.  Volume 5 wound up being mostly about Yang and her conflict with Raven.  Heck, even the music neglects Ruby in favor of the other characters.  The poor girl hasn't had a definitive image song of her own since Volume 1 (Red Like Roses: Pt II), whereas each of the other three girls on Team RWBY have had multiple such songs across the past four or so volumes.

    Overall, this is, by far the thing I most want to see in the upcoming volumes of this series.

    3) Let's see some racism: (Well...that line's not going to look good out of context)  I mentioned this in the comments of Chapter 6 of Volume 5 (not that I expect anyone to go back and look for it, or even remember it), but the "No Faunus" sign on the outside of the bar Qrow visits is a nice, subtle touch, highlighting the tensions between humans and faunus.  I'm normally not one to harp about "show vs tell" in any medium (I seem to be more compatible with long expository sequences than most viewers), but the whole "show vs tell" aspect of the human/faunus conflict is definitely heavily skewed towards "tell" over "show" to the series' detriment.  That sign outside the bar aside, the only real "show" we've gotten in the series so far is Team CRDL's harassment of Velvet and Cardin's remarks in history class, all the way back in Volume 1.

    We've had the White Fang, which was a peaceful protest organization that has morphed into a group of radical revolutionaries over how badly the faunus are treated and how hard it's been to change that.  We've had Adam and other members of the same organization rant about "what the humans have done" to them.  But, aside from those brief forays in Volume 1, there just hasn't been much else to really show how faunus are mistreated, marginalized, and abused by human societies.

    This doesn't require overt displays of racist behavior, like CRDL's antics in Volume 1.  But I would definitely like to see more indicators in the setting that this is an actual problem and not Adam and the White Fang overreacting to something that doesn't really exist anymore.  Heck, keeping the racism aspect in subtle background hints could help underline how pervasive racism can be and how easily it is overlooked...often like racism in the real world.

    Unfortunately, since the White Fang has now been mostly...defanged...this may ultimately amount to being a missed opportunity, unless the characters heading to Atlas (where I presume the next couple volumes will be set in and around), home of the SDC, famous for its "mistreatment and exploitation of faunus labor," brings the issue back into the spotlight.

    4) I miss the World of Remnant: I know people were complaining about the excess of World of Remnant segments back in Volume 4, but I know that was mostly about the sheer number of them and how they interrupted the pacing of the volume itself, sometimes to the point of appearing every other episode.  Not knowing much about how the process of making an episode pans out time-wise, regarding what's finished around the time the season starts and what's still being worked on right before an episode goes live, I know the basic speculation was that the World of Remnant episodes were there to pad the time so that the crew could put the finishing touches on the actual episodes coming afterwards.  However, I don't recall anyone complaining about the actual content of the episodes or their general existence.

    Perhaps we could go back to the format of Volumes 2 and 3, where the World of Remnant segments were put up every three episodes, regularly.  Or maybe go the route of the supplementary shows that have grown up around RWBY and include it as a separate series entirely.  Either way, there is still a great deal about the world of Remnant that I'm sure people would love to learn about that the series proper just doesn't have the time or the proper framing to address in the actual episodes and I hope to see the World of Remnant return in future volumes.

    ...Just remember to pace yourselves.

    Wow...that ended up being a lot longer than I meant it to be.

    • Dommod1995

      5 days ago

      I have to agree on the 'World of Remnant' point; I know some people complain about them, but I personally think that they add to the charm of the show! 

      Even though we had two extra chapters this volume, the volume as a whole felt shorter due to the missing 'World of Remnant' episodes. From my understanding, the WoR's have a separate animation team, so having the WoR episodes return in volume 6 would allow the rest of the animation team a few more weeks to work on improving the volume. I think as long as the release schedule for the WoR's in kept consistent, then less people will complain about them.

      Like I said earlier, I always felt that they added to the charm of the show and gave more of a storytelling feel (considering a lot of the RWBY characters are based off of story protagonists, this felt appropriate). Plus it was always fun getting to listen to a different narrator each season, usually an authority figure (considering the story is going to be shifting over to Atlas next volume, it would be cool if Ironwood or Winter could narrate them).

      Anyway, I sincerely hope that the 'World of Remnant' chapters return for volume 6!!!

  • lordmal

    1 week ago

    what if Romans semblance is good luck but only when he’s expecting it because he is able fight anyone and has a good chance at winning like when he his his blast at Ruby when she was running in a zig zag very fast but as shown surprises are his weakness because he’s not expecting it like how a giant grimm ate him. If he lived and they brought him back(really hoping they do) it would explain him living. What do you guys think? (It’s better explaining this to friends then it is typing it out lol)

  • redphantom_1

    1 week ago

    Loved the season. look forward to the next. Like others, I wonder what happened to Fall's powers and hope we get the answer next season.

    I haven't seen it mentioned, but of course I haven't read all 4000 comments before mine. Did anyone else notice the shape of the bloodstain on Wiess's dress? It looked like an apple.

  • Doomarang3

    1 week ago

    Volume 1 is a 7.5/10

    Volume 2 is a 7.8/10

    Volume 3 is a 8.2/10

    Volume 4 is a 6.9/10

    Volume 5 is a 5.0/10

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    2 weeks ago

    Awwwwwwwww, how cute can they possibly get? ;-)

    Click on " showing direct Graphic " for Maximum Size. ;-) it's a LOT bigger than this, actually.


  • shendue

    2 weeks ago

    RT, please, move Mark Zhang to CRWBY as a choreography director already.
    I get that several fans are alright with RWBY as it is now, but there's a high percentage that's disappointed about how mediocre the fights look since the animation switched to Maya and Shane Newville was released due to the disagreement with the rest of the team.

    Don't forget that what got people's attention on RWBY in the first place were action trailers, not story ones. RWBY has a good story, but isn't the one animated series around with solid writing.
    What really made it stand above the rest was the combination of captivating characters AND incredible over the top action.

    And the action is now pretty lacking. Season 4 had the Super Mario jumping, with a complete loss of any sense of gravity and momentum, and Season 5 basically went the opposite way and had too static and too simple animation and choreography. Both weren't really that good.

    Since I don't foresee Shane Newville and CRWBY reunite anytime soon, I think that the next best choreography expert available is Zhang. His fan-made RWBY trailers, while technically average, were really really impressive on the quality of choreography.

    And if the problem is not the choreography but the fact it's hard to animate that way with Maya, switch back to Poser, or go UE4, or whatever, I don't care. But do something, because the show is quickly turning into something I'm not excited to watch anymore.

  • Dommod1995

    2 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed this chapter and think it work well as a finale to volume 5; I know the other volumes usually have a long fight sequence in their finales but considering that we had a pretty impressive battle between Raven and Cinder last chapter and to add to the fact that there was 14 chapters this volume instead of the usual 12, it makes sense that this chapter would be more emotionally focused rather than combat focused.

    To start off the chapter; I'm pleased that Ilia is continuing to redeem herself by helping to stop the White fang from causing harm to others. In my opinion, chapter 10 when she switched sides wasn't the end of her redemption arc, it was the beginning and she will continue to redeem herself through future good deeds.

    I love that Sun was there to help Blake confront Adam and her past demons. I think it's rather poetic that Sun (who represents the peaceful White fang) was at Blake's side when she confronted Adam (who represents the extremist faction of the White fang), almost like Blake's dark past with Adam being pushed away by her bright future with Sun. Even the colour scheme of the two's clothing contrasts and matches the respective White fang flags.

    I also liked how Blake and Sun called out Adam, firstly when Sun pointed out that the White fang members were surrendering instead of fighting for Adam (it should come as no surprise that the guy who became leader by betraying the previous leader wouldn't inspire any loyalty) and secondly when Blake told Adam that she wasn't there for him and had more important things to deal with (Adam wants to control Blake's life with fear so treating him with such disinterest is a great way to diminish the power that he has over her).

    In the following skirmish we get to see more of Sun's gun-chucks, which is always a welcome sight (somebody made an observation that he's only ever used them when Blake's in trouble, and I think that's a pretty sweet thought). I'm extremely proud of Blake for recognising that Adam could've been leading them into a trap because when Adam appears to be doing something defensive it's usually when he's at his most dangerous i.e when he sheaths his weapon to charge up his semblance.

    As a side note; Blake's smiling at Sun and thanking him was so sweet; I'm so happy with how far their relationship has come and can't wait to see it develop even more in the future.

    Back to the battle inside; Nora mentions how Hazel can recharge his aura faster than she's ever seen in addition to his semblance which allows him to block out pain, this essential makes Hazel a kind of juggernaut character. I do have to wonder whether Hazel's semblance is an active one that drains aura or whether it's a passive one that doesn't? It was also nice when Ruby used one of the old team attack names.

    Down in the vault Yang and Raven are having their confrontation. I was intensely impressed by this scene, kudos to Barbara and Anna for their amazing voice acting as well as Miles and Kerry for this very well written scene. So it's revealed that Raven killed the previous spring maiden, I guess it shouldn't be surprising that a bandit leader who goes around robbing and killing innocent people would betray someone that she brought into her tribe (I wonder if the spring maiden was still a child when Raven killed). I loved how Yang called out Raven for being a coward and how she made a distinction between being powerful and being strong! The relic of knowledge has a striking similarity to the symbol of Mistral/Haven which leads me to believe that all the kingdoms symbols are based off the relics. On the subject of the relics; as Yang picks up the relic she begins to weep, was this due to the relic showing her something or just due to the emotional conversation she had with her mother? I also wonder if next season were going to see a talk between  Taiyang and Raven, that would be pretty interesting! 

    The scene inside of Leo's office was pretty terrifying, especially at the start when the Seer Grimm was just silently floating in the door-way. This moment reminds me of when Raven told Vernal that Salem only uses people until they are no longer useful. I do have to say that I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get more from Leo's character, such as a more interesting or sympathetic reason for his betrayal of Ozpin or perhaps him secretly working to betray Salem or at least minimise the damage caused by her. Salem's disdain for Leo at this part makes me ponder whether she is more displeased with cowardice rather than failure?

    In the next scene we see that both our heroes and villains are pretty exhausted; as Yang returns Emerald drops to the ground in grief at the realisation that Cinder is dead (as a side note, is emeralds natural hair colour green, because even her eyebrows are that colour?). When I first saw the giant Salem in the opening I wasn't expecting it to be a hallucination caused by emerald; Ozpin mentioned how the hallucination was accurate, does that mean that Salem can grow in size or was he just talking about her general appearance? We see that Hazel, Emerald and Mercury are in retreat and that Adam is waiting in the trees (very reminiscent of how Blake was posed in the volume 1 opening).

    After that horrific ordeal, Blake is reunited with her parents and Sun, Ghira mentions how Adam escaped but then Ilia appears and states that it's okay because the White fang won't follow him anymore; this makes a lot of sense as the only reason that Adam was popular amongst the White fang was because he got results, such as with his involvement in the fall of Beacon. 

    We also have a really cute scene where Sun swings Blake around with his tail, which was pretty adorable; I think this is quite a good example of how Sun is such a positive influence on Blake life, he always encourages her to reconnect with the people she cares about whether it's her friends or her family, whereas Adam tried to kill off everyone Blake cared about to try and make her life miserable. Even all the way back in volume 1, he kept her company for two days just so that she wouldn't be alone.

    In the final scene of this episode we get a heart-warming reunion and team hug between the members of RWBY, we also get a brief scene between Qrow and Oscar. Oscar mention how Ozpin is resting but that he left a message stating that they need to get the relic to Atlas. This raises a couple of questions; firstly can Ozpin communicate with Oscar while resting or does he have to do it before/after resting? Secondly, Oscar called the relic a 'lamp', is it possible that the relic may contain a 'genie' that answers questions to provide knowledge? 

    I think this scene works as a good ending of the season as it sets up the next location (i.e Atlas) but also has a slight ominous feeling as Qrow stares at the relic as the scene fades to black. Is the reason for taking the relic to Atlas so that it can be more easily defended or does Ozpin plan on using the relic housed at Atlas academy in conjunction with the relic of knowledge for some specific reason?

    I love the end credits song and think it's a good representation of Blake's character Arc. Just wanted to finish by saying that I truly appreciate all the hard work and effort that the CRWBY put into creating this show. This volume definitely feels like an improvement on volume 4 in terms of character interactions as well as fight choreography (also the return of the gun-chucks after four volumes, kudos to Kim Newman)! Well done CRWBY!!! Thank you!!!

  • VegitaUISSblue

    2 weeks ago


  • KamenRiderOz-Gear

    2 weeks ago


  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    2 weeks ago

    Next Picture. I fxxxing DARE some Asshole to insult me again ;-)


  • LorenRaizen

    2 weeks ago

    Next step is Atlas?
    Cool! Now we gonna find out if that theory about Weiss' mother being the winter maiden is true and that's the reason why Weiss and Winter have the "hereditary" semblances! I mean... only the women in her family developed the power.
    I hope they focus more in Ruby and Weiss next volume and handle it better than they did volume 5 because this volume felt rushed and with a lot of desired scenes that never happened and disaponted most of the fans for the way they did things.
    Blake never had a good plot and her arc was not very well designed but she did the job and what she promissed, so it can be forgiven.

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    2 weeks ago

    Let's go with something a bit more serious.

    Raven's Character explained in a Nutshell.

    But still, ONLY because she is one of the most powerful Characters around, that doesn't mean that she a valuable Person suddenly on the good Side. She is still a vile Criminal.


  • Fudgemint

    2 weeks ago

    Looks like the relics might finally be interesting if there's a frigging genie in one. Well, at least some being of phenomenal cosmic power if the heartbeat and whispers are any indication.

    The scene with Yang and Raven was great. Definitely the highlight of the episode. Glad to see Raven showing an emotion aside from "conceited feather duster" after the verbal beat down from Yang.  It's also nice that Raven actually does seem to care about her, but that she's just such a scared little bird her false sense of safety comes first.

    Both Barbara and Anna's performances were frigging fantabulous. They really brought out their characters' emotions and I really felt like Barb was about to smash something after her "Because you're afraid of Salem!" I hope your equipment is okay.

    All in all, the finale was fine.  However... I do have issues with this season. My apologies for the long post and I'll try to keep each point short, and more apologies because I'm pretty sure I'll utterly fail to do so. Note that I care deeply for this series and my issues here are not of hate but concern.

    1. The Albain brothers were out of character.

    This is something I forgot to mention back in True Colors.  Corsac and Fennec never came off as the confrontational types, not even really seeming to be actual fighters, being scheming schemers who scheme in the shadows (schemingly). At most maybe more like actual assassins, but not head on fighters.  Then they became uncharacteristically careless in order to be defeated. Even if Adam ordered them to attack the Belladonna house, he didn't order them to waltz through the front door like complete idiots. I found it a shame they were defeated so soon, especially in this "meh, bored with them now" way. 

    2. Leaving Mistral already? But they just got here!

    I'm bummed out that we didn't actually explore Pyrrha's home kingdom. Let me capitalize that. PYRRHA'S HOME KINGDOM. It would have been great to see RNJR visit Sanctum Academy and Pyrrha's mother so they can be informed of her death. And...it's really, really odd how not a single character ever mentioned about Pyrrha being from there. Not a single peep, not even the stale marshmallow kind.

    Another thing is Haven Academy. Not only don't we even explore that, but THIS IS WHERE TEAM SSSN IS FROM! Why couldn't we have seen them, at least Neptune, around town? Just as importantly, why did Sun never mention how it's his own school being attacked? I'm now expecting Sun to have no reaction to Leo Lionheart's death.

    3. You forgot Sienna died.

    I find it kinda weird how the Belladonnas never learn of Sienna's death. I know only the White Fang members were initially told, but you'd think Ilia would have said something.  There's this...weirdness where the story just sort of forgot she died. Nothing came from her death.   We don't have the Belladonnas and the villagers find out about it. We don't see how the White Fang members who didn't know the truth reacted to it when they found out it was actually Adam who killed her. Why not let them have learned the truth and turn on Adam?  Aside from maybe one line of dialogue, you can remove the entire scene with Sienna and it wouldn't change anything.  

    4. Adam being a piss baby too soon.

    Okay, I actually love seeing him like this, but him becoming unhinged before Blake stood up to him is just odd. I can see him breaking afterwards, but he's been out of control when he was in control. I took the first time he acted this way as just us seeing another side of him. He did just take over the White Fang and would be dealing with a lot more than he would've before, but with how he was at Haven it's more like his character was forgotten.

    5. Blake standing up to Adam was anti-climactic.

    Because she didn't actually stand up to him. Not only was the Adam she was so afraid of simply not there, but instead of her overcoming the abuse, she just got over it at the drop of a hat like it was nothing.

    5.5. Adam's mask not coming off.

    It really felt like it'd finally happen and it didn't. Just bummed out, yo.

    6. Why were the White Fang there again?

    Seriously, I forgot and I don't see the point of them being at Haven aside from giving Blake a reason to come there. And...I guess that's it for them? They didn't do anything besides stand there, not even menacingly. I mean, it's possible they'll still have an antagonistic faction, but their defeat here was so anti-climactic it came off like you were just tired of writing them.

    7. Hazel was a major letdown.

    I really wanted to like Hazel, and before learning why he hates Ozpin I did, but after? His motivation is just...disappointing. Yes, it's tragic his sister died, but Ozpin didn't make Hazel's sister train to become a huntress. It was her own decision.  I was so hoping Ozpin personally did something truly terrible with his famous bad decision making.

    For an example, Ozpin ordered a young Hazel's village sealed off so big nasty Grimm couldn't get out and cause further destruction, even though it meant the entire village would die. They did, along with Hazel's sister. Hazel survives thanks to his Semblance activating and was eventually able to escape by killing the Grimm himself after some time. Salem and friends find Hazel, where he learns Ozpin was the one who had the village sealed off and he promptly joins her forces. Fast forward to now and Ozpin claims he's remorseful but that it had to be done because the Grimm were just that freaking strong and the huntsmen there wouldn't have been able to take them down. Hazel calls Ozpin out on his bull crap because if Hazel could defeat all the Grimm when he was a kid, then professional huntsmen would have been perfectly able to. 

    That didn't even take me a minute to come up with.

    Or at the very least, have Gretchen's training mission actually have been a real mission even professionals would have trouble with under the guise of simple training. It keeps what you have while having Hazel rightfully hate Ozpin.

    8. The Post-credits scene.

    Now don't get me wrong, it was okay.  It's nice to see Raven visiting Tai and for fans to ponder on how it'll go down, but...it was an anytime scene. You can put it pretty much anywhere and it'd work. If Atlas is the next destination then why not have the post-credit scene take place there? We could have had Ironwood talking with Mr. Polendina, Jacques slapping Whitley, or even just Penny 2.0 (if she exists) looking toward the sky. Practically anything besides what we got would have been better.

    9. Leo served little purpose.

    Leonardo's character started off pretty strong.  A man overwhelmed with grief for the things he's done, but was so trapped in his fears he couldn't stop. But within the last episodes the guilt-ridden aspect was removed in favor of making him merely a coward so...the death quota could be filled?

    As of now there's a bit of an uncomfortable disconnect between the audience and the characters. We know Leo's pain, but they don't, unless they find a journal of Leo's detailing his torment or something in the next volume.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with the audience knowing something the main characters don't, but something needs to come from this particular situation.


    10. The background is a character too.

    In that the world doesn't just stop when the characters aren't interacting with it, and can be used to convey information and flesh things out. For example, having a nameless Branwen tribe mook mentioning the pilot died. Another thing is while exposition is important and I love knowing things, when something is just exposition it can be a slog to go through, even if it's short. Having something else going on, no matter how little, would break it up and make for easier listening.

    11. Ozpin is a jerk.

    The guy has thousands of years' worth of experience and information, but doesn't bother using it for pretty much no discernible reason. It's understandable not wanting to give away too much about the guy at once, but there's no logical reason for Ozpin to just wait for characters to ask him stuff about the task at hand. It's not like he loses his memory every new host.

    12.Silver eyes.

    Why doesn't Ruby ever ask more about her eyes and why hasn't Ozpin bothered to teach her how to use them? The silver eyes were treated with importance since the very first episode of the series, yet after the reveal during Vol 3's finale it has been utterly ignored until The More The Merrier, nearly a whole 2 volumes later. And if Ozpin can't teach her then just have him say so. "Unfortunately, how the silver eyes function makes developing them difficult in a controlled environment." or something similar would have been perfectly fine and a heck of a lot better than nothing.

    13. What is Salem?

    All we know is that she can control Grimm and that characters claim she's unstoppable despite us never getting any real evidence on the matter. But what is she and how did she come into being? If she can control Grimm does that make her a Grimm? Did she replace her body with Grimm parts like what she was doing with Cinder? Did Ozpin create her? Is this whole battle between them a lover's quarrel?

    And why is she allegedly unstoppable? Is she like Ozpin in that she keeps reviving? Can she turn people into Grimm at a glance? Does she threaten to tell the world who eats their own boogers? Or worse, she knows who eats other peoples' boogers?

    She can't be a mystery forever.

    14. Too much plot, too little time.

    Team RWBY has reunited, they have the Spring relic, stuff happened...but at what cost? The plot was not only rushed, but things were either forgotten or straight up ignored in order for this to happen as soon as it did. Even the majority of the big battle at Haven felt like nothing more than an afterthought.  I see the gaps between volumes playing a major part in this. More often than not, the longer the wait for something the more one just wants to get it over with. Having the episodes air right along without breaks could also play a role because they might not be getting enough time to be worked on and fleshed out.

    While I obviously don't know the inner workings of RT and how things are scheduled and what not, I am someone who'd prefer gaps between episodes over gaps between whole volumes and am wondering if you'd be better off doing volumes in parts (for example, doing the first half in the Spring and the second half in the Fall) or at least make them bi-weekly.

    Yep, I failed in keeping my points short, but anyway I can't wait for the next volume!

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 weeks ago

      @Fudgemint Okay, bro. Your arguments are just begging to be shot down. I can't resist.

      1.) Need I remind you that Corsac and Fennec are just side characters, and pretty lame ones at that. They would suck if they had any major plot relevance, but in the long run, they don't. And did you forget that they weren't alone in their assaults? Not only did they have back-up from other Black Fang members, but they stuck together the whole time. I'm 99% sure they were banking on the fact that Ghira was outnumbered. They were just a couple of Smug Snakes at the end of the day. They weren't meant to last long. If they were, their characters would have gotten WAY more screentime.

      2.) First of all, Team SSSN is from Shade, dingus. In Vacuo. Get your facts straight. Second of all, Pyrrha is dead. If she were there with them, I'm sure they would've loved to look around. But seeing those kinds of things now would have just made them all sad. It might've helped for somebody to touch on this, but it's not really worth much ion the long run.

      3.) Need I remind you that Sienna's death happened in Mistral. And the Belladonna's have been there for, what, a day? It's not like they've been keeping tabs on her the whole time, especially since the main communications system has been knocked out. Or are you too busy waiting for more violence to care about relevant plot points?

      4.) You seem to have forgotten that up until now, everything has been going more-or-less according to plan for Adam. His meltdown is no more of a surprise than Cinder's was. And to be fair, Adam is kind of a baby. Remember, the word Blake chose to describve him was "spite". And spite is a pretty immature thing when you get right down to it.

      5.) I'm pretty sure Blake is more or less over it. How could she not be? Have you been paying attention to her character arc at all? It's been nearly two Volumes since she confronted Adam. I'm pretty sure he was expecting her to act more or less the same way as she did then. But nope. She's made peace with her parents, spurred her people into taking action, and is reconnecting with her friends (i.e. Illia and Sun). If Blake DIDN'T act like she had gotten over her trauma at least partially, that wouldn't make a lick of sense. Becuase, believe it or not, all that time she spent in Menagerie actually WAS important to the story.

      6.) Okay, now I KNOW you haven't been paying attention. Adam's little group was a small piece of the White Fang. A sting operation. And in case Hazel being therew wasn't enough of a clue, Adam is siding with Salem! So of course they're going to be there, going along with her plan for Haven. DUH!

      7.) How do you know none of that stuff isn't true? It's not like they were able to sit down and talk about EXACTLY what happened. And from the way Hazel talked, I'm 90% sure that Salem has been feeding Hazel lies about all the innocent lives that have been lost on Ozpin's watch. I mean, even by taking on a new form he's putting an innocent person in danger. That's a pretty horrible thing to do iff you ask me. So there's nothing wrong with Hazel's character. You're just ASSUMING it's not well put together because you didn't get a full explanation.

      8.) Honestly, this point makes you sound like a spoiled brat. The post credit scene for Volume Four conveyed information that we could've guessed on our own. The post-credit scene here just told us that Raven and Tai are going to have their own arc in Volume Six.

      9.) To be fair, it doesn't look like Leo was going to have a major impact on the story. To me, it seemed like his character was meant to drive home a point that fearful people like him don't last as heroes. And there are few things more cowardly than selling out to the forces of evil.

      10.) Okay, I'll admit it. This is a good point. In fact, it's something I never thought about. But to be fair, this has always been a problem for RWBY in hindsight. And if you think about it, most anime has the same problem to some extent. I'd say that this is thus far the only legitimate complaint I've seen so far.

      11.) You clearly don't know what immortality does to people. Humans aren't designed to live forever. Humans aren't designed to retain thousands of years' worth of memories. And when humans become immortal, they start to not care about the people around them as much as they would otherwise, simply because they know that they'll eventually outlive them. So, with that in mind, of course Ozpin seems like a jerk. Most immortals wind up becoming jerks in some form. That's just the way it is. Like I said: humans aren't meant to live forever.

      12.) And this makes for your second legitimate point thus far. I think the silver eyes are just plain stupid. They're a big part of why I found Volume Three's ending to be such a flop. They're a flagrent abuse of the Chekov's Gun rule.

      13.) Salem is a greater-scope villain. Having her character explained now would be like Moriarty explaining his final plan to Sherlock at some point other than the climax. It would be a disservice to his role as the main antagonist. So, your argument here is bupkiss.

      14.) Okay, I'm just gonna say it: bullcrap. RWBY may not be on-par with genuine Japanime, but that doesn't mean there's anything intrinsically wrong with its plot. Yes, it's moving along briskly, but that just means it wants to stay focused. We're not going to get any filler episodes or slog through certain events or conflicts. RWBY is a very dynamic show, with a plot that's always on the move. Personally, that's something I can appreciate. That might just be my tastes, but the fact that Game of Thrones has the OPPOSITE problem is what kept me from ever getting into it.

    • Fudgemint

      2 weeks ago


      1. Being side characters isn't an excuse for inconsistency. And I've never said anything about wanting them to be major characters, just that in the how they went down felt too fast. And Black Fang?   I know who you're referring to but is that a fan term that I don't know about?


      2. First of all, Sun is from Vacuo. His team is from Mistral's Haven Academy. Second of all, that was my point. Pyrrha's family and acquaintances at Sanctum Academy have a right to know what happened, especially the former. Third of all, name calling doesn't prove your point, ya dingus.


      3. Need I remind you that Ilia, who is with the Belladonnas, knows about Sienna's death and could have easily told them but didn't.


      4. To repeat, he's been acting out of control when he's in control, and It's not that it was a surprise, it just happened too early for my liking.  


      5. When did I say the time at Menagerie wasn't important?   Beside the point, are we supposed to assume that she just got over her Adam issues overnight?   Because that's what it felt like. While Blake has been dealing with her past with the White Fang, we didn't exactly quite get the process of her dealing with her emotions toward Adam, so having a little something before the beat down would have been nice.


      6. Except Adam killed Sienna and had the lie of her being killed by a human spread among the rest of the White Fang in order to take over the organization and have more people do his dirty work, so he should have had more members there. And dude, it was a serious question. I know Adam's working for Salem, I just couldn't remember why she had him there.


      7. That's YOUR assumption, but we only saw Hazel focus on Ozpin being responsible for his sister's death. He's not going after Ozpin for something Salem said.  Also, Oz didn't deny he was responsible for her death.


      8. In what way does this make me sound spoiled? I even said I was fine with it. I would have just preferred something else is all. The scene doesn't necessarily mean they're going to have their own arc.


      9. A fair point, but it doesn't change my feelings on the matter.


      11. You have first-hand experience with immortality? And, um...you just added to the point I was making.


      13. Sherlock knew who and what Moriarty was. Unless you're referring to that show starring Cumberbatch.  In which case I don't know, never having seen it.  Explaining what a character is and revealing what they're doing are entirely different things. We are at a point were it'd be nice to have a better understanding what the heroes are fighting besides "the big bad".


      14. I never said there was anything wrong with the basic plot, just how it's being handled.  You could say it's moving briskly, but I wouldn't call it focused, not entirely at least.  There can't be filler episodes in RWBY.  That only happens in anime when they're waiting for the manga to catch up.  Everything RT does is canon. I didn't say anything about adding more episodes either, just that they could allow more time between each episode, letting them be more polished.

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago


      Actually, most to all of his Argumenst are very solid Points. They can't just get shot down.

      Hazel being the greatest Asshole imaginable for a Reason that his Sister died because of her OWN Choice makes Hazel simply a unbearable, huge Crybaby. The World doesn't work this Way. Only because Ozpin didn't stop her from becoming a Huntress in Training -> that doesn't mean Ozpin killed her.

      And indeed -> the whole White Fang Fight this Season was anti-climatic. The Peak of the Battle between good Faunus and " Asshole-Faunus " was reached, when the White Fang attacked the Belladonna's House and tried to murder Blakes Parents.

      For some Reason,

      against " this " - the Battle between Adam and Blake at the End seemed like a little Child's Brawl to me. And jeah, he tried to freakin' murder her with his Sword. How could the Fight between them still feel so weak? So insignificant?

      And jeah, both these two " Schemer-Brothers " of the White Fang, same as Leo Lionheart, were simply cut off without making either most of their Plots, or developing their Characters properly.

      It WAS rushed !! I am not saying it's a superbad Plot, but it clearly WAS rushed!! And the Character "Sienna" died only for ... ... ... ... ... what even??? o.Ô

      Adam murders a fellow Faunus because she doesn't want to play by his Will - and then what?

      Nobody ever mentions her again, for real. Jeah she might got mentioned ONE. TIME. in Menagerie or so, but nobody is ever influenced in some Way, for the Fact that she got murdered.

      At least " Leo Lionheart " had some Plot and Development going on with the Main Characters ... ...


      yes - Ozpin could be a b~IT more talkative about everything. What exactly Ruby's Silver Eyes are, what makes them special - how to use their Power for whatever,

      and talking about Salem and gives everyone a better understanding who Salem is and how anyone could possibly fight her and her Goals.

      But no, let's keep quiet forever, Ozpin. ;-) x'D

      Also, jeah - Adam was a complete Bitchboy at the Confrontation. He might have lost his Nerve a bit, seeing his Plan's crumble before his very Eyes,

      but the Way he did lose his cool and was " nearly " - SEND BACK INTO THE KITCHEN by Blake like a complete Fool, that was overboard. Not completely unrealistic - but overboard! Adam is a confident, calm Psycopath all the Time - and a completely hysterical Bitchboy the next Moment?

      He committed COLDBLOODED MURDER - he should have his Balls a bit more calmed down. I hope Roosterteeth will have him be a bit more composed, in the Future.

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 weeks ago

      @Fudgemint Horray, you're defending your logic. This is gonna be FUN! :D

      1.) Inconsistency? There's never been a rule that scheming schemers like them can't be confrontational. Like I said, they were banking on having a clean victory secured by their superior numbers. It kinda makes me wish the Volume included them having an "Oh crap!" moment when Blake and Sun showed up. Smug Snakes may be smug, but they can still bite you. And the only reason they went down "too" quickly was because in the long run, they had no significance to the plot, and things went downhill for them pretty quickly once Blake and Sun showed up.

      2.) Okay, I concede your were right about the Team SSSN thing. Still, the rest of Sun's team isn't a part of the developing story. In case you haven't noticed already, RWBY is not the kind of show to involve every single character introduced. They were not much different from the other, faceless students at Beacon that were forgotten about. Their characters aren't developed (except for Neptune's), so why should we care? And who knows, maybe we will see Neptune again.

      As for Pyrrha's parents, don't you think news would have already gotten to them? It's been months since the fall of Beacon. And once again, RWBY isn't the kind of show that pays attention to every single side character it possibly can. So, long story short, these characters are only going ignored because they are feckless to the direction of the plot.  

      3.) And? Would it be relevant to the plot in any way for them to find out? For that matter, what would be the POINT of having a scene where they found out? It probably happened off-screen during the two week time-skip. Assuming that she said nothing about Sienna for that entire time just wouldn't make any sense. But again, what is the point in the audience seeing her reveal that?

      4.) In control? You think Adam is still in control once Ghira's troops show up? That, my friend, is a laugh. And with regards to your other point, it's never too early to show another side of a character's personality. Besides, this is the same Volume where Blake described Adam with the word "spite". Chekov's Gun, remember?

      5.) Well, let me tell you this. Her time in Menagerie was the "little something before the battle". Having that time to be reaffirmed by her friends and people wouldn't give her much more of a reason to care about what happened with Adam. For all we know, she could still be struggling with it internally. But she doesn't let it get to her.

      6.) To his knowledge, Adam didn't NEED any more members there. That would have attracted more attention to what they were doing. Which, by the way, was aiding Salem's goal in securing the Relic and killing those who were opposing her in the process. Did you forget what she told Cinder about the importance of not relying on brute force (or however she explained it to her)?

      7.) Again, you weren't listening. You didn't here his ranting about "how many more must die because of you?" Notice that word "more". That implies that he sees this as a continuous crime that Ozpin has been committing. If he had just been talking about his sister, his phrasing would have made no sense. And I'm not assuming anything. That's exactly what you're implying. There was no solid explanation of how his sister died, and you're saying that a better one was needed. I'm just pointing out that they're probably IS a justifiable explanation for Hazel's hatred. We just haven't gotten to hear it yet, because it could be any number of things.

      8.) Ahem. You were the one who said, "Practically anything besides what we got would have been better." That, my friend, is a clear statement of disapproval towards something that, in the grand scheme of things, is quite petty. And I was saying that scene probably will have its own arc, because the last post credit scene got expanded upon (in the form of Ozpin being revealed as the Wizard). So, why shouldn't Raven and Tai's thing be expanded upon? Patterns, my dude. Patterns.

      9.) Boo-hoo.

      11.) What? I've read a lot of fiction that deconstructs the effect of immortality on the human psyche. Sue me. And if I'm contributing to your point (Ozpin is a jerk) and justifying it (by saying that immortality has a negative impact on humans, period), that can only mean that your complaint has no leg to stand on. It's no longer a complaint, it's a legitimate plot point.

      13.) That's just one example. Emperor Palpatine wasn't revealed as a Sith Lord until the climax of Revenge of the Sith. Darth Vader wasn't revealed as Luke's father until the climax of The Empire Strikes Back. We hardly knew anything about Voldemort until The Half-Blood Prince. Ad nauseam. Shrouding the main villain in mystery until a critical point in the story's conflict is nothing new. And if you think we're at that point with Salem, then think again.

      14.) The episodes are focused alright. They're focused on moving the story forward. Focused on the central characters of the story. RWBY's story telling is focused. It's just not focused on the things you want it to be. And that is not up to you. You don't get to write this story. So unless you want to replace the writers of RWBY, stop complaining.

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 weeks ago

      @HumanoidTypeGrimm I would try and comment, but seeing that your argument is about as organized as a Picasso painting, and you seem to have a pedophilic attraction to Neo, I'm just gonna leave you alone...

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago

      -and since i have to seem to have a pedophilic attraction to Neo-

      --- --- ---

      Fixed, Asshole ;-) listen, you little Shit,

      if you have NOTHING BETTER to do, as to insult People (while being a little Shit),

      just keep your SHITHOLE for a Kisser closed. Subhumans like You belong into the ANTIFA, "NOT" into the Rwby-Fancommunity.

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago

      My God, what an Idiot. He even lost in Disrespect-Votes ... ...

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 week ago

      @HumanoidTypeGrimm Woah, dude. Cool your jets. I wasn't trying to directly insult you. I used hyperbole to address the fact that your retorts to my own counterpoints weren't very organized, to the point of being rather confusing despite the fact that I followed what you were trying to say.

      And about Neo: go back and look at my choice of words.

      "...you seem to have a pedophilic attraction to Neo..."

      I didn't say "...your attraction to Neo implies that you're a pedophile..." (which isn't true) or "Go back to 4chan, ya pedo!" (which is not only untrue but qualifies as bullying). I was making a statement about how I perceived the comment you posted with that softcore Neo picture (note the word "seem"). Also, I didn't call you pedophilic. I called your attraction to Neo pedophilic. If you've seen the Big Bang Theory (one of my favorite sitcoms, btw), it's similar to how Amy always compliments Penny on how attractive she despite clearly showcasing a straight sexual orientation.

      Be that as it may, I did leave myself wide open to being misjudged in the way I phrased my comment. I forget that not everyone on the internet takes the time to think through what a person is trying to say.

      TL;DR - I'm sorry for offending you, I was trying to phrase my comment in an impartial yet blunt fashion, and I appear to have failed. I propose that we both agree to think through what we're saying from now on. However, the fact that you're calling me on my unintended douche-ry  with salt and profanity is rather hypocritical.

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      5 days ago

      @ Bismuth73 | Woah, dude. Cool your jets. I wasn't trying to directly insult you. |

      Nope, "Dude",

      you absolutely DID insult me. What if " I " tell You, i think of Neo as a young Woman who is simply very tall-sized? Seriously, someone give me decent Info about her actual Age,

      CINDER (( like every Person with a 3D-Model here )) is SAME AS PLAIN regarding the Age of her Skin, as Neo. I get it, it get it - Neo is younger than Cinder,

      but is she "really" a Child? She is a coldblooded, skilled Assassin, you know?

      And then some "fuxx" comes by an calls me having a pedophilic attraction to Neo - dude are you fuxxing trolling me?

      SORRY that all her Artworks are so very sexy while Neo is NOT. CLEARLY. displayed as a grown Woman. But GUESS WHAT!! This is the FUXXING CASE for ALL ARTWORKS OUT THERE who "are" somehow related to anime/animated Characters.

      What annoys me,

      " Roman " (( in RWBY Chibi )) call's Neo at least once a "spoiled Brat", in Volium Two.

      Now it feels like i was actually "really" turned on by someone not being aged out of the Age of being a Minor. But for some Reason, i don't see - and "can't see" - Neo as a Child.


      are People telling me next " Yang " - of all People - was beaten to a Pulp, in Volium Two - by a FUXXING CHILD ????????????????? She can fight better than RUBY, can she?

      What IS Neo?

      Is s/he the chosen One? Like from the Matrix? For some Reason this Name rings a Bell ... ...

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    2 weeks ago

    I can't decide if i should be turned on, or scared - of this little, magnificent Assassin ... ...

    Sometimes it really bothers me that Neo looks like a Kid. ^.^;"


    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago

      Not enough SALT, Folks!! Moar!

    • Tporter

      2 weeks ago


    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago

      Is she? I don't know! o.O All People ever told me that Neo was small-sized. Is she truly a Minor, like Yang or even Ruby? Remember, Cinder looks very young even tough she is called a "MILF" by some Fan's.

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago

      No Answer is an Answer, too - Idiot!

      But i kinda KNEW you wouldn't answer. Most People who are Idiots can only write ONE COMMENT and then piss off into the Loser-Den that shat them out! ;-)

    • rwbyfran101

      2 days ago

      Pls don't put cloths on

  • duncanegberts95 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    2 weeks ago

    The fight scenes felt weak this season.....

    • Xaimi

      2 weeks ago

      I preface my opinion with the acknowledgement that I have rudimentary animation experience. I have only made one flash animation to date. I know animation is difficult.

      With that said, I agree with you. The only fights that stuck with me were 1) Tyrian vs Qrow and 2) Raven vs Cinder. 

    • Thaineland

      2 weeks ago

      @Xaimi Tyrian vs Qrow was last volume (4). Raven vs Cinder was alright, though it was mostly just glitter, at least they didn't inexplicably stand around and talk in the middle of it like every other fight in this volume.

    • shendue

      2 weeks ago

      Since I don't seem them brining back Shane Newville anytime soon, they should TOTALLY move Mark Zhang to CRWBY, as a choreography director of sorts.

  • Tporter

    2 weeks ago

    Accurate depiction of me and this volume’s theme song

    Episode 1: By god, this is the worst song Jeff and Casey have put out! It’s just droning on to the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard!

    Episode 8: Wellll the chorus is decent, guess I’ll just skip that godawful opening.



    *dies of lack of oxygen 

  • Kerisato

    2 weeks ago

    Not a bad Volume. And hey! The good guys won. That hasn't happened in 2 Volumes (Volume 3, Bad Guys won. Volume 4, Good guys escaped; not a victory).

    I really enjoyed this chapter for several reasons:

    Lionheart. A lot of us were expecting a Wizard of Oz scenario where he finally gets his courage back. But no, when the going got tough he completely fell apart. In the end, when he's begging Salem for mercy he didn't sound like a headmaster. He was more like Tyrian when that lunatic returned to Salem, groveling for pardon. Pathetic.

    Raven. Yang called her mother a coward and took what Raven sacrificed so much for without even a fight. No matter how skilled she may be, Raven can no longer deny what she really is by hiding behind 'tough' rhetoric. Just like Lionheart, she's afraid. And just like him, that fear drives her actions.

    Adam. Volume 3, Adam calls Blake the coward, saying she'll run. Now he is running. Blake's dismissive attitude towards him made this scene so much better. I don't really care for the character (Adam), he's pretty shallow. But Blake's handling of him (even though Blake/Son v Adam was nothing amazing) showed just how little Adam had matured since the Black Teaser, while demonstrating how far Blake has come.

    Emerald. While she might have been better off never meeting Cinder, upon realization Cinder had died, Emerald had a mental breakdown (which is probably how Salem invaded her mind, using her Semblance to conjure that apparition of herself on everyone; exceeding Emerald's limit of two minds), making me wonder what comes next. Emerald doesn't care about Salem, Cinder being the only 'family' she had. Now that Fall is *dead, will Emerald vow revenge? Finally understand Cinder was merely using her? Try to leave Salem (who likely won't let that happen)? Unlike Mercury, who seemed ready to go out fighting, telling her to get up, and even enjoyed the chaos of Volume 3, Emerald doesn't seem to enjoy evil, destruction or cruelty. I hope in future Volumes we get to see Emerald and Mercury part ways, or become enemies, or dedicate themselves fully to Salem's cause.

    Hazel. Kind of disappointed to see how RWBY/RNJR, Oscar/Qrow were able to handle Hazel. (His fighting style lacked any finess and didn't deviate from HAZEL ANGRY, HAZEL SMASH. My least favorite type of fight scenes.) But when he was running with Emerald, for some reason it actually redeemed him; showing that despite an undying hatred for Ozpin, Hazel is not outright evil. Watts likely would have let her be captured, and Tyrian would have killed her just because. But since Hazel's feud is with Ozpin, everything else gets treated with care. Reminds me of Schneizel from LeLouch of the Revolution, to a degree.

    That debate between Raven and Yang was pretty fierce. "You might be powerful, but that doesn't make you strong."

    Deep, Yang.

    Looks like Atlus is next. Can't deny wanting to see FNKI again. Maybe even Neo? But it feels like a bad move, in my opinion, to bring a relic to General Ironwood, he's already proven he doesn't trust any but himself. Giving him an opportunity at more power? This could end poorly.

  • llemurthellama

    2 weeks ago

    I think that once they arrive in Atlas, Penny will team up with Jaune, Nora, and Ren to make team JNPR 2.0

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    2 weeks ago

    They survived. " Again " ;-)


  • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    Alright. It's high time I threw my hat in the ring on this Volume's overall quality.

    True to form, this Volume has stayed true to the more subdued, character-focused tone that Volume Four went for, though it seems that episode 13 went out of its way to show that the fight animators haven't lost their touch since then.

    Frankly, I LOVE the magnitude of character development that was present in this volume. Raven, Cinder, Illia, Ozpin, Hazel... ugh, so many well developed characters! I love it!

    And the lore development was equally incredible. Tying the Maidens to the Relics and having Ozpin turn out to be the Wizard who empowered said Maidens? Genius! If there's one thing I love as much as well-developed characters, it's well-developed mythos.

    And now that Team RWBY has reunited once again, I'm sure everyone else is as excited as I am about how the show will progress from here.

    Hater: "Where did all the action go? RWBY is so boring now. The cinematography sucks!"

    Responce: In case you've forgotten, the main characters aren't in fighting school anymore. They're in the real world. And in the real world, even in anime, there's more to life than fighting (with certain specific exceptions which cannot be fairly compared to RWBY). And the fight scenes that are included don't really seem to be lacking. They just aren't as frantically paced (like they were in Volume One). If that's why you enjoyed watching RWBY, then you should probably be watching something else, like Michael Bay. After all, despite all the flack he gets, the guy is PHENOMINAL at cinematography.

    And to all the fangasming Bumblebee shippers? Please take a chill pill. The two may be close friends (a given, considering that they're teammates), but they have yet to develop any sort of passion or intimacy towards one another in any sort of mutually exclusive way. In other words, they have yet to grow any closer to each other compared to the rest of their team. Could that change in time? Sure. But until then, please stop with the spastic cries of "Bumblebee ship intensifies". It's giving the rest of us a headache.

    I'd also like to give extra kudos towards the development of Yang's character. She's come a long way from the shallow, thrill-seeking Goku-archetype she started out as in Volume One. The way she talked down to her mom each time in this Volume was admirable (though admittedly pretty insensitive at times).

    Finally: the villains. THIS Volume is a prime example of how a series should handle its villains. I used to hate how RWBY handled its antagonists, because it seemed like the only shtick to their character was to always act as cryptic and hammy as possible. But Volume Four did a good job of cleaning up their villains, and THIS Volume gave them the respect they deserve! And what better way to symbolize this than by having Cinder Fall, the woman I accused of being a Villain Sue, get her ass handed to her on a silver platter by none other than Yang's anti-hero mother, Raven?

    So, long story short, any problem that I had with RWBY in its fledgling days has been completely cleaned up as of this Volume. I seriously cannot wait until Volume Six is released! 

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      And for what it's worth, I SERIOUSLY hope that Emerald takes center stage in place of Cinder. Her character is just BURSTING with potential. Kinda like Illia...

    • PhantomFalcon13

      2 weeks ago

      Bismuth, if Cinder is dead then I think Emerald is the new Fall maiden because of the change of eye color when she used her illusion semblence

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 weeks ago

      @PhantomFalcon13 I gotta be honest, I don't care whether Cinder survived or not. But now that Raven has given her a well-deserved ass-kicking, she no longer seems like a crappy Villain Sue. Now, she seems a lot more like a smug bitch that got put in her place (perhaps permanently). That's good enough for me. As long as she doesn't come back and resume being a nigh-unbeatable smug bitch, I'm good with whatever fate RoosterTeeth has in store for her.

    • AndrewColli2

      2 weeks ago

      @PhantomFalcon13 Oh really? Funny, I didn't see her eyes get those fiery eye lash attachments. When an eye color changes that can be many things. Like for example Yang Changes eye colors when she gets angry because of her semblance, and so this allows her to tap into what her semblance can do. Neo...Well she uses this as a disguise. When they showed her in the tournament, they really didn't show her using her semblance at all, since she's only show stomping/kicking someone from above. Again eye color doesn't show her receiving powers. If she had used them, the fiery eye thing would come out, but she didn't. It's merely her going berserk with her illusion powers.

    • AndrewColli2

      2 weeks ago

      @Bismuth73 I kind of already knew Ozpin was the Wizard, I mean it has been really obvious before this Volume. I pretty much figured it out on Volume 4 for sure. Though that being said, I'll further expand on the Mythos thing you talk about. There seems to be a slight theme here. Nwo I'm not sure if this has ever been confirmed, but as well all know fairy tales are greatly tied to RWBY. So I propose this Theory (though I'm sure someone has probably thought of this before,): The Head Masters of all 4 Main Academies are all characters Dorothy meets. More specifically: Ozpin is of course wizard of Oz (everyone knows this),Leo is the cowardly Lion (I mean seriously he runs away), and of course General Ironwood is the Tinman person (sorry don't specifically remember their actual given names by heart....see what I did there?). I mean even Qrow pulled the 'Sometimes I wonder if he even has a heart,' line from a previous RWBY Volume (I think it was Volume 3). Also he's partially robotic. Though this begs to question, who will be the 4th one? What does the 'Scarecrow' character look like? Also to note: This isn't anything too big, like this theory is even a big theory to big with, but I would like to think Dorothy is Ruby, or maybe Yang, but I think Ruby plays the part better. After all Zwei is a dog, and Dorothy has a dog too. They're not the same kind I don't think, but still symbolic none the less.

    • Bismuth73 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 weeks ago

      @AndrewColli2 Honestly, I do see the parallels there. However, The Wizard of Oz (the original novel) was a clever representation of the social/political/economic climate of America in the 1890's, which is explained here in detail. But to summarize, farmers at that time were struggling through the economic fallout left in the wake of the Civil War. Dorothy (and by your train of thought, Ruby) represents what would be considered the ideal hero of aspiring farmers: plucky, determined, optimistic, etc. And, what do you know, that's exactly how Ruby is characterized.

      The Wizard of Oz (and, thus, Ozpin) represented the U.S. president in the well-know, yet ultimately illusory, nature of his authority. Gee, how has Ozpin been characterized thus far? As an authoritative character that, while powerful, ultimately has little control over where the situation is headed. As an added bonus, he is shown to be rather deceptive in the actions he takes, which lines up with how the Wizard is chracterized in the movie Oz: The Great and Powerful.

      The Cowardly Lion was a presidential canidate by the name of William Jennings Bryan, who had a fiery rhetoric that earned him the alias of "The Lion", but was later dubbed a coward for his refusal to support the 1898 war against Spain. And how do we see Leo act? With a fiery rhetoric (against Qrow in episode One, and then again against Salem for just a moment) that ultimately hides cowardice.

      Finally, we have the Tinman (represented by General Ironwood), who stood for industrial American workers who were treated more like robots than people at the time. And while this has yet to be paralleled directly, it lines up quite nicely with his military position and heavy responsibility.

      But let me carry your comparison a little further. By this logic, Ruby's silver eyes would be a direct parallel to the silver slippers Dorothy originally obtained in the novel, which are symbolic of silver currency in that farmers at the time believed it would undo the pattern of boom-or-bust that plagued the businesses of the day.

      Moreover, Cinder most likely represents the Wicked Witch of the East, in that said character represented eastern elite big businessmen and Washington politicians, people who likely would have shared Cinder's lust for power in such desperate times.

      Similarly, Salem probably represents The Wicked Witch of the West, who likewise stood for western industrialists and bankers. While that comparison isn't quite as clear, from a farmer's standpoint it would seem as dangerous and destructive to their way of life as the Grimm. Ergo, rural life:humans::industrial life:Grimm.

      Even the names share such a parallel to an extent. The name Oz is said to refer to the Troy Ounces by which gold and silver were weighed. And what title does this series sound like? Ruby, another precious mineral that just so happens to be the substance that Dorothy's slippers were changed to from silver.

      So, okay, wow. That symbolism holds quite strongly. Now that I think about it, The Great War of Remnant would thusly equate to the Civil War, which generated the atmosphere that inspired such a story. It all leads me to wonder how this will all be tied together...

  • grantio

    3 weeks ago

    Where is episode 15

  • Blargh1996

    3 weeks ago

    I think Oskar says that Ozpin said that, "We need to get the Lantern to Atlas"

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago

      " In brightest Day - and darkest Night ... ... ... "


  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    3 weeks ago

    I regret nothing ; 3


    • Tporter

      2 weeks ago

      *Continually stacking evidence  for Blacksun smirks at me from the corner

      Me: she said Yang’s name though! First and only thing she said when she saw her team again!

      *BS shippers cock eyebrow


  • cvtblueeyes FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    How is it I've watched this episode at least 10+ times and I just NOW realized that Sun used his tail to push Blake towards her team at the end. KAWAII MONKEY BOY WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!!

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    3 weeks ago

    Time for something with a hint of scary ... ... ... Neo and Maine ... ... ...


  • AenarTenthSkraeling FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    So we're just posting pictures now? That's a thing we're doing? Ok.


    So how long before people start shipping Statue Lady with everyone and everything? I guess Weiss and her ship would be called Know It All.  weiss

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      3 weeks ago

      That's ALWAYS - a cool thing! >;-)

    • AenarTenthSkraeling FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      RenxStatue=Know Thyself  ren

      BlakexStatue=Library/Book Collection  blake

      NeptunexStatue=Font of Knowledge

      SunxStatue=Monkey See, Monkey Do

      GlyndaxStatue=Hot for Teachers

      OzpinxStatue=Old School

      Qrow/RavenxStatue=Knowledge Shall Set You Freebird



      JaunexStatue=Know Nothing  jaune


      RubyxStatue=Speed Reading  ruby

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      2 weeks ago

      " GlyndaxStatue=Hot for Teachers "

      ZING!!! ;-)

  • haydellis

    3 weeks ago

    Some general thoughts on the season in the rare event that maybe somebody from CRWBY sees it.

    The Yang Arc

    While Volume 4 had the most 'oomph' on Weiss' story I really feel like this was Yang's Volume. I loved every minute of Yang's arc from her confrontation to her mother, to the fact that she's still shaken ("It's okay if you're not okay" was a great line from my girl Weiss) about everything that's been happening. Her and Blake's relationship is extremely compelling, I'm really hoping CRWBY can make something great out of it in the next coming Volumes, whether they do it by romance or not.

    Multiple storylines

    Probably one of the more flawed aspects in my opinion was all the jumpcutting. It didn't bother me to the extent that I found the Volume unwatchable, since I'm more of a casual fan, but I did have a couple moments of "Wait, we're cutting there? Okay..."

     One of the strongest episodes in my opinion was 'True Colours.' It kept its focus pretty much fully on the things happening with the Belladonnas and I feel it was just... so... SO good. I loved Illia's progression, the story the episode covered, and the animation which I'll touch on in a bit.

    If there's one thing I'd like to see them do with RWBY is do team STRQ flashbacks. Of course I imagine the reveal of Summer will be pretty big, but I think if they do want to do STRQ flashbacks it'd work really well as a multiple-storyline volume. I think a volume with a RWBY/STRQ arc similar to the RvB Freelancer arc type of storytelling would work excellently when/if it's time to bring us the old days of Beacon.

    Well, now that team RWBY is back I'm assuming we'll get more concrete storylines, so maybe this point isn't all too bad!

    Animation flow

    I loved the airship scene, I loved all of True Colours, I loved the emotions on the characters' faces (Yang trying to contain her anger? Managing to contain it? Choosing not to fight? She's come so far.) I feel this season had some great animation moments which is a step up from the sometimes gravity defying fight scenes in Volume 4... although sometimes I felt that fights were deliberately being avoided? I'm honestly fine with the lack of action in the end episodes though, in exchange for a more emotional finale. Absolutely loved the fast paced action in the return of the gun-chucks. Of course, I know animation takes time, but I'd love to see much more action like this (gravity, fast, but easy to follow) return in V6! Other than that, general movement felt smooth, expressions were great.


    I like that we do get to learn some things about what's going on. But is there too much? I think some speed bumps in this season was that more emphasis was put on 'tell' rather than 'show.' Maybe more focus should be put on 'show don't tell' if possible! 

    There was just a little bit too much setup for the next episode.

    Personal opinion
     If I had to place this volume I think it'd be up there with my favourite Volume 3 for me. Not perfect, but still entertaining!

    Thoughts about V.6

    I'm really hoping that we'll actually see Yang still not being sure about Blake, to actually have a few shaky moments, let her admit how she feels instead of crying while holding a relic (which, by the way, was a stab in my heart). If the writers wanted to go the Bumbleby root this volume would be great for it.

    I remember that Lindsay said that she 'wanted Ruby to have a breaking point' and I sort of do, too. I think everyone's had excellent arcs so far but it'd be great to see her get something more eventually.

    Rest well, pilot boy who lived a few episodes, and thank you CRWBY for the work you put into the show.

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    3 weeks ago

    Aaaand more >;-)


    • rikkey

      3 weeks ago

      yeah, yeah

      this is something caboose would do bless his heart

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      3 weeks ago

      Caboose is Love, Caboose is Life. x'D

      But MUST ADMIT - seeing Caboose with a Power-up, is actually scary. x'D

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    3 weeks ago

    RWBY in Wonderland ... ...

    Click on direct Graphic for maximum Size. ;-)

    It is an actually really cool Artwork.


    • IceQueenJutsu Mirror Mirror

      3 weeks ago

      lol cool

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      3 weeks ago

      You know, right? ;-)

      "I" am especially amused with Adam being the Red Queen x) since he is so bloodthirsty. x)

  • IceQueenJutsu Mirror Mirror

    3 weeks ago

    They managed to restore my account that's pretty cool. Friends didn't get restored though nor my inbox, but least I have the account back.

  • techevil FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    I cant wait to see team RWBY in action again this fall alongside the new team ORNJ (assuming they'll go with that for Oscar, Ren, Nora, and Juane, I know that's a color Nora can get behind hehe)

  • funesueillo

    3 weeks ago

    The "white fang" really should consider abandoning that name through. You know, because of the beacon fall and what not.

    Call'em the furry squad!

    • ZAC115TV FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      Freedom Faunas?

  • doimanator9999

    3 weeks ago

    It is tuseday why is there no new ep

  • SargeTh3Red1

    3 weeks ago

    Why why god, !!?!?!? Why can’t we have more episodes in a season this is actually killing me 

  • AenarTenthSkraeling FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    Hm... New theory on Cinder's fate. What if she actually is dead but Salem can resurrect her with the Relic of Creation? That would certainly give Emerald a damned powerful motivation to succeed in Volume 6/7. Might be something that can only be done because Cinder's soul is trapped by a Grimm along with the Fall Maiden's power.

    • funesueillo

      3 weeks ago

      Why would Salem do that? A reserected cinder wouldn't mean she'd get a fall maiden back, because the powers have transfered by now. 

      Besides, she already has a better replacement in Emerald.

      Emerald has 2 eyes and hands, she's younger, has a motive much better than that bundle of charcoal, is female, and needs a character arc~♡

    • MartyrSaint

      3 weeks ago

      To counteract funesueillo,

      Doubtful Emerald would have been Cinder's final thought. I feel she saw her two lackeys as nothing more than lackeys, whilst Emerald has a clear admiration for Cinder there's no real affection on the other side.

      If anybody were to be in Cinder's final thoughts, it would either be a hateful thought of Ruby or a thought of failure and regret towards Salem... Though I doubt Salem could ever be a maiden, otherwise she would have simply taken the powers for herself beforehand.

    • AenarTenthSkraeling FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      @funesueillo you're assuming Salem didn't put in some kind of failsafe to prevent the Maiden powers from just moving on to a potentially completely random person which I find extremely unlikely considering how everyone on both the good and bad guy sides keep hyping her as this unstoppable mastermind.

      And I already suggested that Emerald could be Cinder's replacement earlier, hence the "new theory" part. This is just one theory of many.

      And I suggested bringing back Cinder in that way precisely because it would give Emerald a character arc. Among all the people on Salem's payroll she is the one who seems like she has the best possibility of being redeemed. Imagine it: Emerald spends the entire Atlas arc fanatically doing everything she can to further Salem's plans to retrieve the Relic of Creation, possibly almost dying in the process. All in order to bring back Cinder who she loves and is completely devoted to. Through near impossible feats and efforts she manages to do the impossible and actually steals the Relic of Creation, possibly by becoming the Winter Maiden so that she can open the Vault that holds the Relic. Then with the Relic she finally gets her wish and Cinder comes back, only for Cinder's thirst for power to override whatever smidgen of affection she might have held for Emerald as well any possible feelings of gratitude (if there ever were any of either). Seeking the power of the Winter Maiden she turns on Emerald and attempts to take the power by force, which would kill Emerald. 

      Thanks to her Semblance Emerald is just barely able to escape but her psyche is completely broken, the one person in the world that she trusted betrayed her and tried to kill her. And as she realizes that everything she did for Cinder's sake was all for nothing the full force of her sins hits her as it finally dawns on her just how wrong and evil her actions have been. At that point she can either sink straight into suicidal depression and get discovered by the heroines or go after them on her own initiative as she desperately seeks a way to get some form of redemption.

    • MajorDude70 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      There's a potential. You guys haven't even thought about Neo as a canadite, though I doubt Cinder would be thinking about her because she hasn't shown up within these last 2 volumes. Plus, with Raven in this volume, she would be scared to death (volume 2 ref)

    • Kerisato

      2 weeks ago

      Creation and Resurrection are two very different things. I doubt even with a relic Salem could bring Cinder back. One thing that this show has made clear is that death is permanent. It's the final end of something. When Maidens die they are truly gone, only the magic that Ozpin gave them carries onward, their memories, their body, all of this vanishes with the soul. It's one of the reasons why Amber (previous Fall Maiden) was so easily beaten. She didn't have any previous experience from past lives, merely raw power. And there's been no reference that souls can be captured in this show, no Soul Eater, or FullMetal going on here.

      The only exception to this One-and-Done rule is Ozpin and even he loses all the other body acquired; physique, training, Semblance.

      Furthermore I doubt Salem would want to. Cinder was a tool, nothing more. Like with Professor Lionheart, once a tool is no longer useful she gets rid of it. Cinder losing to Raven would have been all the proof needed that she could no longer serve Salem's purposes. After all, whose to say the other two Maidens aren't just as powerful as Raven, and even more familiar with their abilities? Remember Raven, as far as we know, murdered Spring to gain the power, and it took place well after she had graduated Beacon with STRQ. The other two Maidens have had their power even longer.

      At the end of the day, if Cinder couldn't succeed in her mission to acquire the relic, despite (as far as Salem knew) field advantage, support from Lionheart, Hazel and the White Fang, there's very little reason for Salem to believe she could defeat the others Maidens and get access to their relics.

  • camharkness

    3 weeks ago

    this show is killing me

  • aremec1

    3 weeks ago

    I love the story that the RWBY series follows. However, the show seems to have lost something else.The cinematography and fight scene animations seem to get worse each season now. I sincerely hope that this changes as RWBY is one of my favorite series.

  • DarthDPool FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    3 weeks ago

    Damn! I can't believe how fucking fast this season has gone by... Sure it had its ups and downs, but I think it's a pretty solid season overall! What did you guys think? We're planning on doing a RWBY Recap for Volume 5 and to make this final one for the season special, we want to focus the majority of the time talking directly to you all and taking your comments and questions in the Live chat! So hop on over there if you'd like to participate!

  • seluna

    3 weeks ago

    I absolutely loved this season with its amazing animation, fighting, and character development!  I have been wanting to say since Season 4 that one of my favorite details that CRWBY did was the mirroring of team RWBY's new outfits. Ruby & Weiss and then Blake & Yang, I just love the similarities!  Thank you guys for another great season!

  • willhelm_55 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Flamingo King

    3 weeks ago

    Loved this season. I'm diggin' the expansion of the world and the characters are fantastic. I'd love to see more back stories with the "villains", however.  Hazel Rainart is a good example of where a backstory might come in handy. Twas obvious due to his grief and rage he was "turned."  I'd love to see all of Salem's entourage's back stories along with her's (it's? their's?).

    The Only thing I'm kinda bummed about this season was the lack of "World of Reminent" segments. I get that canonically they were happening while our heroes were on the road as a kind of info/time-fill and that just happened to be shown to us, but it really helped immerse us in the world all the more. I'd love to see them come back. 

    Also, WTF happened to Cinder's powers? Was it because she was part grim the powers were transferred to Salem? Did Cinder even die? Yeah it was a big darned hole, but grim arm might have saved her somehow.... or is Raven now a dual maiden.... is that possible? We didn't see any change in her eye flames... So many questions x_x

    *shrug* I'm anxious for next season because this one was great! Keep up the great work RT Animation!! :D 

    • Der999

      3 weeks ago

      So did I and I %100 agree and yeah they should have had World of Reminent episodes but I think it was them just wanting to focus on the main show and I have been watching Red vs Blue for years and PSAs just PSAs their great just not inbetween episodes... But I guess and I would love if they did them in between Volumes now with how Bid Rooster Teeth has become I think they can pull it off. I mean how many other Web shows studios have a full on convention I mean really? And they had that for their Tenth Anniversary with Halo kinda.

        And you no what they say about bottomless pits...

    • funesueillo

      3 weeks ago

      The powers likely went to Emerald, Ruby, or to a random young lady. 

      Salem can't be a maiden, that's the reason she needed Cinder, but now she has Emerald. 

      Cinders arm served as a line at best. It let her take the powers, and hold more than one, but she was cheating at best. The trick only works because Cinder herself isn't grimm.

  • WendyAdel FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold CFVYW

    3 weeks ago

    Yang reveals her real identity in Volume 6.


    • apc9219

      3 weeks ago

      I knew it! Yang was the Winter Soldier all along!

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      3 weeks ago

      Who the Hell is Bucky? : 3

    • WendyAdel FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold CFVYW

      3 weeks ago

      lol guys

  • HumanoidTypeGrimm

    3 weeks ago

    Looks like i was lying when i said further down was my last Comment until next Volium. x)

    I am STILL in the Mood for moar >: 3

    Now Blake can go back to be a cute Team-RWBY kitten again : 3


    • WendyAdel FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold CFVYW

      3 weeks ago

      Cute and funny :)

  • whatThEfUcKkK

    3 weeks ago

    I LOVED this volume. It was dynamic and interesting and brought a whole new light to RWBY.   *spoilers*  

    I loved Cinder being utterly ....DESTROYED. 

    I loved the Dynamic between Raven and Yang that was created. Yet, they still showed Yang as having been affected by all of this and wasn't just brushed off her back. This was important and hurt. 

    Some questions:

    Was that last person cinder thought of Raven? Is Raven now Spring AND Summer Maiden? Something Cinder desperately wanted?

    Is Emerald's semblance illusion? Or something more specific?

    This Volume has been a ride and I've enjoyed every minute of it. My only complaint? I so want to know more. 

    • AenarTenthSkraeling FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 weeks ago

      Raven seems like she should already have been stretching the age limit when she became the Spring Maiden 10 years prior to canon. By this point she should be way to old.

      Emerald's Semblance is mind based Illusions, basically she causes the target to hallucinate and controls what they see/hear/etc.

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      3 weeks ago

      Interesting how EVERYONE(?) here seems to be about Age - and that Middle-aged Women couldn't be "Maiden's" anymore. But i guess this " Maiden "-Stuff from RWBY truly is centered about young Woman which older People still could call Children, right?

    • Der999

      3 weeks ago

      I thought so too, it was amazing I might have to love RWBY more then Red vs Blue now!... na I'll just love them both! 


      "Was that last person cinder thought of Raven? Is Raven now Spring AND Summer Maiden? Something Cinder desperately wanted?" 

      Maybe but no one said it works like that but the same can be said of the reverse and there the thing of the power did not transfer like it did with Pyrrha [Sad face...]. So hmmm but then who... .... .... "!" [Metal Gear Solid sound effect] its Ruby! Or might be Ruby as Cinder could not get her out of her head and Ruby did fall at the end of the Episode which at the time I thought it was her still recovering from her eyes going off. Or [gulp] it could be Salem as sahe could be in her thoughts and Grimm arm...

      "Is Emerald's semblance illusion? Or something more specific?"

      It is and what happened when Salem's forces ran was it going into over drive fueled by her emotions. And I am not quite sure what you mean by specific but if you mean it does one thing not really. A semblance can be broad or it does one thing like Nora's and as we have seen in this Volume it grows with the person if they want to train it.

      Yeah it has been for me too and the whole show I started watching Rooster Teeth with Red vs Blue Season 7 Recreation and have been a Devoted fan ever sense. Watching faithfully all the Red vs Blue Episodes as they came out always getting the DVDs when they came out too and I do the same with RWBY.

    • Der999

      3 weeks ago


      Thats not the thing the thing is by Definition "Maiden" means pretty much a Pure Young Lady as in not Revan as she has to be more then 40 as Yang is 17 and Ruby was the youngest to be admitted

      to Beacon at 15 and Beacon takes what 4 years so its unlikely Revan and Taiyang had Yang till then after graduating so maybe Raven's in her 30s but unlikely.

       then Pure means a couple things as Revan is a Mother which means not a Virgin(Sorry for the language..) And she is the definition of a Deadbeat Mom and Dad and most things Deadbeat... so not Good in terms of Spiritual purity or morals. 

         so yeah in no shape or form is Raven a Maiden I was surprised that she still had the power but like Cinder she killed for it so yeah... I mean I was hoping that Oz gave her the power and she left Tai and Yang to protect them from people looking for her power... But no she is the same as we thought... But Yang is Strong and Awesome and a Woman her Mom probably never was...

        Yeah but the the Good guys say it as they are which they promptly show right after why they still are and you know the fact that none of them are 18 yet.

    • funesueillo

      3 weeks ago

      It's illusion.

      But 1's the limit, any more and well...

      Also, the maiden power probably needs a young host, but stays till death.

  • Thaineland

    3 weeks ago

    Volume One left me feeling excited and intrigued,

    Volume Two left me feeling happy, with a hint of ominous concern,
    Volume Three left me feeling broken and vengeful,
    Volume Four left me feeling hopeful yet somehow wistful,
    I have treasured each of these to this point, however ...
    Volume Five left me ... feeling ... nearly nothing at first ... and then ...
    ... disappointed?

    I wish this weren't the case.

    • HumanoidTypeGrimm

      3 weeks ago

      It is like this with many of us. Our joyful RWBY Adventures are over. The Sun has gone down and left us with nothing but a cold, negative, dark Shadow of a Night. We need Sunrays again! Something that makes us thinking that "RWBY" will not be a dark Emo-Show until it's last Season.

      Even if it will be only like " Filler-Moments " between when things turn bad again. It's not very uplifting to see the Characters fool around and make Jokes one Chapter - and then nearly get slaughtered the next Chapter(Episode) >.<

      The Moment when Nora had Yang's Metal Arm in her Hand was funny - but such small Cutenesses can't make up when i see Weiss impaled through her Body some time later.

      We need a Victory! A true one! A Victory in which we can see Hope for the World of Remnant. A Victory in which Salem curses our Heroes for their very Existence and interference with her Plans.

      Cinder seems defeated, Yes - but somehow i still miss to see the needed " happy-Joy " Chapter/Episode that this Volium should end with.

    • Der999

      3 weeks ago

      To me Volume 5 was the cumulation of all team RWBYs efforts from when we meet we first met them to now where they have grown up and shows them as young women not as girls and shows that "Yeah we can win, How we know? 'cause we just did!"

        And HumanoidTypeGrimm yeah as we knew it but like the team the show "grew up" to what it was intended to be. From an Action Comedy coming of age tale then it added on Drama. To then the world is exploding to then the world exploded showing what great loss does to people. Then mourning and picking up the pieces then growth, politics, adding back in Comedy along the way which never really left. And Volume 5 is everything Is I mentioned and more. Ending with a complete and total Victory! if that was a multiplayer match Slem's forces would be Yelling and crying and raging, calling hacks and rage quiting oh wait they did... Like that is a text book total Victory US military academys should take notes. Like ownage does not describe how pwned Salem got and it showed in her face she was like 'Huh... Well Humans can win now can't they? Now what?..."

         Like if thats not a win what do you want? And most importantly it shows that yes you can fight Salem and its not really that hard just be a good person and leader and you win its simple. As it always is you can't fight Evil with Evil at best you'll turn Evil or atleast bad thus Evil wins however if you stay Good and get better at it you will Always win no matter what.

        And I don't know what show you watched but RWBY has never changed it just evolved. Like yeah Volume 4 can be considered a "dark Emo-Show" but how can it not be what it was as the characters just lost their everything from friends to school, home, way of life and arm and they where forced to confront what some people avoid like the plague themselves... And are forced to due to no fault of there own by crazy people who want to end the world for no reason other then their emo or money power and also crazy...

        Think about it if you were at Beacon how would you do better? And remember there is always RWBY Chibi its meant to be volume 1-3(up to the last third). And Volume 5 was full of them RNGR Training RWBY Reunions. Which this did end on one but its not the same type its called a Long hard fought Victory which that we did not know we could win at all....

  • KingArthur13

    3 weeks ago

    Im coming back here just to vent a little because, Its been a week and I still can't get over how annoyed I am at this volume.  There are SO many problems and issues and just plain stupid mistakes this volume has, to explain them all it would take at least an hour or more to do so.  I cannot express my utter annoyance and frustration that this volume has brought.  

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