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  • Day 1720: Triumph Tuesday!

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    Did I achieve anything this last week? Well, I definitely completed a bit of work that I spent 4 days days working on, and it's been communicated well to the people that needed it. It was a daunting bit of work, but I'm hoping to make some changes going forward. 

    I spent the day relaxing, I had nothing to do specifically, so I didn't do much. It's been a good day off. I also recorded a podcast, which was good. 

    I don't have much else to say today. I'm just patiently waiting. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • RTX London sappy times

    1 day ago

    FaetalFlaws RtLGBT Admin/Guardianx5

    Ready for me to get sappy about RTX London again? What do you mean I've worked 3 conventions in between there?

    Okay, I'll get to those afterwards, but RTXL is still fresh. Let's goooooo

    Oh man. happened, huh? Every RTX I feel so incredibly grateful to be selected as a Guardian, and this one was no exception. And, this time, I was asked by the lovely Sole to be her co-team lead. And what a team it was. I love our Signatures family, London and Austin. 

    Our returning teammates were incredible, the new ones were wonderful, and the lines squad that joined us - they consistently went above and beyond.

    I want to give a special thanks to our incredible squad leads, Will, Chloe, Jessamy, and Harrison. 

    Y'all kicked so much butt, took care of your squads, and made sure Sole and I were functional, and I can't thank you guys enough. Really. Thank you for stepping up and being amazing. Love you guys  purple_heart

    And the rest of the team, thank you all for being so quick to learn and adapt. We made some changes from last year, and more changes throughout the weekend, and you all picked up on them and adjusted, and made sure the attendees had the best possible experience in our little box. Thank you thank you thank you!

    The Guardian fam is incredible, every RTX we rock it. Thank you RTXL guardians for being amazing and making this year even better than last year - I can't wait to see next year!!

    And of COURSE, Arileya and Boomer. You're both incredible leaders and community members. This wonderful team is because of you. We see some of your hard work during the weekend, and I'm sure there's so much more behind the scenes that we don't even know about. Thank you for your love and your passion for the RT community, RTX, and the Guardians. Lots of love  purple_heart

    I could go on forever about the Guardians, but that wasn't all this trip was. I also got to see Heathers with Jessamy, Amber, Abi, Lauren, and Shantel, and had a fabulous time. Thanks for being lovely friends. Which musical we on for next year?

    There was also the lovely RT LGBT+ meetup, which couldn't have happened without Stef/Riga and James Kirk, who are both lovely friends and great community leaders. Thanks for plotting with me and helping the community have a great weekend (and raise money for charity!)

    There are so many more people to thank for making this an unforgettable trip (finally meeting Lixxie B who is a sweetheart and lovely person! Watching Rebecca have her signing with Geoff! The Garbo heist! Hair dye and plotting with the sigs girls! Erkan's hugs! Luke organizing Cheer on the Guardians!!)

    Tl;DR - RTXLondon was incredible. The Sigs fam rocked it. I have amazing friends in this beautiful community - I wish I could see you all more often than once a year.
    Thanks for letting this American be part of something really really grand.
    Till next year,

     purple_heart Gen

  • RSWU 344: The One That Came After Halo

    1 day ago

    Newbs Uncle Slam

    You know, that one game that Bungie made after Halo...shut up it makes sense to us dammit!

    This Friday, September 21st at 7pm CT we enter the Iron Banana...err Banner in Destiny 2! Going to try and muster through some of the craziness that is the multiplayer push of Crucible...we got nothing because this is going to be hell in a hand basket. 


    Join us if you'd like! We plan on chatting on the server and at least hosting a group on Xbox. We have some PC players who may be up for it as well!?

  • Welp..

    1 day ago

    Eric Person

    Funhaus Week brought me back. Haven't logged into this account in 2 years. Oops.

  • My New Family (RTX LONDON 2018)

    2 days ago


    This community is without a doubt the best in the world and I'm so happy to be apart of it. Too everyone that came to RTX London and all of the guardians, cast and crew, I thank you. It's corny and it's a tad too sappy but you all gave me the time of my life in London and I can never repay y'all for taking me in and making me feel at home and hopefully I will see you all next year.

           -Drunken Duncan

  • RTX London 2018

    19 hours ago

    miriam RT Ireland

    Where do I even begin.....

    I honestly didn't think RTXL2018 could beat RTXL2017 but it was in so many ways.

    The Expo Family grew, we went from a family of 12 guardians to a family of over 20 both old and new. There is nothing that can beat being a guardian for those few days those people are your family you have breakfast, you work, you have fun, you get dinner, you drink and you bond! I have made friends for life being a guardian. I love being a part of RTX, helping attendee when they are lost or not sure where they should be going, I love being a cog in the machine that keeps RTX going. It hard to explain to others why you take days off work to essential work at a convention but I just don't see it as work because I love it so much!

    The RT community is like no other. I try to explain what Rooster Teeth is and how the community is so important and people just don't get it but RTX is the best example of how much our community gets involved. Whether your waiting in line for a panel or just hanging out in the pub after there is always something or some one you can join and have fun making new friends. I got to experience this in three ways, the first was the boat party organised by RTUK, I didn't really know anyone going and I was a little nervous to go but by the end of the night I had made so many friends and bonded with people who I continued to see over the weekend. The second was with the RT Ireland meet up on Saturday night, we were expecting a lot of people to turn up but hoped we get a few, throughout the night we had more and more people join us saying things like 'Oh I didn't know there was an RT Ireland group mind if I join you" and we grew even bigger than night and those people will go on to meet up with us at future events in Ireland. The third one was when I wasn't ready to say goodbye so I went back to a friends hotel and found other RTXer in the bar who weren't ready to let the weekend end just yet but everyone was having fun and moving from group to group and I met people from all parts of the world and it was just a great way to end RTXL!

    I have already booked my holiday time off for next year for RTX Austin and once we have dates for RTX London I be sure to book that time off as well because its something I don't want to miss!

  • General update.

    14 hours ago


    It's been over two weeks since my last journal, damn.

    Haven't made much progress on the apartment so far. We've got our essentials unpacked and a chunk of the furniture where we want it, but there's still lots to do. For example, when were moving out of the old place another tenant gave me a free bureau. It was in better condition than my old one so we threw it out and I took that one. It still needs to be cleaned before I put anything in it though, and I haven't gotten around to that. I'm still pulling clothes out of bags and boxes to wear.

    Oh, and the family friends that helped us move in were getting a new queen sized bedframe and were going to leave their old one by the roadside in the hopes that someone would take it off their hands. But they learned that I had a queen sized mattress that I'd just been sleeping on on the floor at our old place, so once they got their new frame they brought over the old one (and a box spring!) and gave it to me for free. Even set it up for me. So now I'm no longer sleeping mere inches off the ground, it's nice. I'll have to take a picture of it sometime after I get everything cleaned up around here, it's really nice.

    Haven't done much console gaming at all. Other than a wee bit of Minecraft and Doom with my brother when we still lacked internet, I haven't played a proper game in over three weeks. It's been nothing but gacha games for me. Fuck these things for ruling my life now. At least I've had a little bit of good luck in them lately.

    - In FGO I'm doing pretty good in the Nerofest event. Farming for medals right now, but I'm up to box 10 on the lottery boxes too. While my one 10-roll (and several tickets) on the event gacha failed to get me so much as a single limited event CE, I've been getting a lot of drops of Joint Recital aside from the ones in the shop. I think I've had 5 of them drop from quests now. And I also rolled my first Angra Mainyu from the FP gacha!

    - In FEH I did manage to get a better Festival Micaiah before the banner ended, but it's still a negative IV. Better than what I had before though, and she's doing great for me. On the Voting Gauntlet banner I summoned Deirdre with my free summon! And on the new Nohrian banner I got my third Mia in the initial summon circle, and then a few sessions of sniping reds and blues later I got this:


    That felt absolutely amazing. Both units from the banner that I wanted, at the same time, without getting blocked by something else. And they even have pretty decent IVs, too! That made me pretty darn happy.

  • Well That Was Scary/Fun

    2 days ago

    Mikey FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold TKO

    Last night I tried out my first Twitch stream. It wasn't good... but I loved it.

    Still working a lot of things out and trying to get them more customized but I like where this is headed. Granted, I am not really good at video games but I am choosing to embrace the other side of it all. 

    Frankly, my favorite streamers/content creators are those that are having the most fun while they play their game of choice. We'll see how this goes... now I just need to figure out what to play.

  • Doing better

    1 day ago


    To say the least I have been doing a lot better and have found a good friend group that helps me and makes me feel welcomed and accepted. I have been going through a lot and honestly I have zero free days any more. I go to college 5 days a week, work both weekend days, vice-president for one club, part of our gaming club, and hopefully going to be president of a club that me and my friends are trying to start. Everything is always busy and I swear I am always tired no matter how early or late I happen to go to sleep. I will say though, even though it is very busy and stressful, I wouldn't trade the memories that I have been making. I have a "family" and I have an amazing fiancé. I wouldn't trade the life I have, no matter how much pain and misery I have to remember and what I have gone through, things get better and I can say that things have defiantly turned around.

  • CJ blue's

    2 days ago


    Well I'd like to get a Jeep truck but money is looking bad right now and I just saw a 1982 CJ7 for sale... It looks like shit no windshield and the motor isn't running also no title.

    The goods is it's a mother fucking Jeep and the more clapped out the better! Oh and it's sales for $500

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