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  • PUBG Xbox

    2 days ago


    Played a couple of rounds of PUBG last night. It's a pretty steep learning curve going from PC to console. The inventory system seems like they did their absolute best put there's no way they can make it as quick as it is on PC. However, I do like that you can attach/equip items straight from the ground with one button. That's pretty convenient and would be cool to have on PC.

  • On community, staff participation, platforms, and general ramblings

    1 day ago

    kickme444 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community

    In a forum on the site I was asked why the staff isn't participating.  There was also general concern about the direction of community on Rooster Teeth.  I wrote up a reply there, but I thought it would be generally useful for other people to read as well.  Here it is:

    As far as community goes, here's a few remarks, note I am full of meetings today so I don't have enough time to write a novel, though you KNOW I want to! :)

    Bimbie, you are correct that in order for community return, we need to use our own site.  This is 100% correct.  However, there are a few things that need to happen, namely:

    1. With an organization as large and complex as RT, it takes a lot of education and coordination to make this happen.  To do this, it requires resources ... I am working on that, it takes time.

    2. With the current state of the site, even when staff participate, it goes largely unrecognized, thus discouraging the staff from participating.  This is human nature, it's the same reason the community has stopped participating.

    Acknowledging these two things puts us in a point of transitioning.  We are transitioning from an old platform to a new platform.  This takes time and resources (which we have now on the development side).  We have started an initiative to get more staff involvement on THIS site.  This requires people who understand that they may receive little feedback on their contributions.  So, we are finding the right people and will be ramping up this effort in the coming weeks and months.

    That being said, if we could magically flip a switch and get all ~300 employees active on RT, while it would help a lot, the platform is in such bad shape that it would not bring back the community or do much for growth.  

    The path to success, simplistically, looks something like this:

    Work on a new product -> increase staff engagement -> release new product / get existing communities on the new platform / get staff and talent using the site actively -> set a cadence of community improvements so that we are constantly improving (this includes building the platform on all devices, adding new features for communities and moderators, adding new features for end users, adding new features for staff)

    This process will take all of 2018.

    With all of that being said, we need to address Eric's concerns.  I'm afraid to say/guess that there is no way to return to the past.  It's very hard, maybe impossible, possibly futile, to try to get an old community to return.  If you acknowledge that, you have to look to making something new and making it what you want it to be.  That's going to mean that there will be NEW users finding communities and making something new.  It's up to us (RT employees and you, the community) to make sure we're building and growing something that is what we want.  It will undoubtedly look and feel different than anything that has existed before, and will have a new set of users, but I believe we can make something great.  I'm just afraid we can not expect to return to some previous form of glory.

    Can it be done? Yes! Why? Because as a website we have a LOT of new users who visit the site every months.  Many millions of users.  We also have hundreds of existing communities here, and elsewhere that really want a central place to exist, be found, and ultimately flourish.  Can we fail? Yes, absolutely.  It is HARD to build community.  Harder than most people would ever guess, even with the advantages we have.  

    What can you do to help us succeed? First, you have to want us to succeed.  I read everything that is written on the site, and while I know that people are passionate about RT and the community, I also see that the large majority is disillusioned and largely negative about most of our efforts.  There is no way that I as the product lead for community can release a product that is going to solve all problems for all people.  I can work with you guys to understand the problems that we're trying to solve, and then implement what I see as the best solution.  I can put that product in front of y'all and then iterate to make it something that actually works.  What's this going to require from you? An open mind.  An understanding of iteration, improvement, and a willingness for change.

    We're working hard for you guys, you will see what we're working on when it's to a point that it makes sense, and I'm trying to be as transparent as humanly possible through the process.  Hang in there, together we can make something great!

  • A Quick Update

    1 day ago

    caleb Frisbee

    I've been pretty quiet here cause I've been super busy. Biggest project I've been working on is a boycott. In short, I'm boycotting the professional ultimate league due to their lack of equal representation for women. Read more:

    An article I wrote about my values in the sport

    A simple explanation as to why women should be represented

    A response to those saying those who boycott are hurting women in ultimate

    Organizers’ Statement (I've been working directly with organizers)

    List of player boycotts (this list has many of the top men in the sport from across North America)


  • Day 1440: I Asked A Question

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    Today was a remarkable day.

    Keeping in tradition with something important happening the day before one of our birthdays, I asked a certain @rachyrock for her hand in marriage. 

    And she said yes. 

    It's been a fantastic day! 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • Because Images act dumb on this site now.

    1 day ago


    Here is the card @Zeke and I made this year. I don't know why I put myself in the credit for that. It's easily 99.9% him.


  • Or I could just wear sweat pants.

    2 days ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    Twitch: My new channel address is this. Because for some reason I wanted to take out the underscore between the words. 

    ¯_(ツ)_/¯ wakarimasen lol 

    Streaming has been fun so far. Gaming while chatting with people. 

    Both Society6 and Redbubble are having Holiday Sales, if anyone is interested in getting some stuff for themselves or family or friends or random people on the internet.


    So how's everyone doing? 

    I've been really bad with Christmas shopping and shit. My goodness. Even with the internet at my fingertips I'm like "oh shit what should I buy for people?

    But what I'm trying to find for myself is a nice wedding dress. That's hard. Because I'm not good at trying on clothing. Does the Julie want to look Elegant or Does the Julie want to look Comfortable? 


    So we shall see. 

    My fiance has told me that I could wear sweat pants and he'd still wanna marry me....

    ...I may take him up on that offer....

    Other then work still kicking my ass, at the very least I have been able to put money in my savings. I am so happy. Like really happy. Last month I got to put $1000 dollars in. Omg. That's like more than I put in in all of last year and I did that in a month. I'm looking at my savings account like


    Now not to spend it on stupid shit.........

  • Persona 5: What Have I Started?

    2 days ago

    LoZelda Supposedly An Adult

    I finally carved out some time for personal gaming, something I haven't done in a long time. It always has to have a purpose, so sitting down to play a game that I couldn't stream or post on YouTube was not something I had an interest in. But as other things wore me down, I made a point of slating time each week to do something that had no "practical" value for the sake of my own sanity. Recently that time was dedicated to finally trying to see what all the hype was about regarding Persona 5.

    Immediately I wished I could stream it (I know technically I could but frankly if I can't stream the whole thing I'm not going to bother starting it) because man was I having some thoughts. So, instead I wrote them down to share. I've recently posted the first two batches over on my website, but wanted to share some of my personal favorites here!

    "Hey lawyer-lady you just acknowledged I have been beaten and drugged can you calm down with your questions."

    ""Vulgar Boy" reminds me of Sun from RWBY. Loud, blonde, and probably trouble, but also oddly endearing and I think I like him."


    "After the Love Suite of V3 I am not going into a "Training Hall of Love." Nope. Not gonna do it."

    "I feel like I'm simply playing a dark version of Kingdom Hearts, like the creators sat down to make KH but did a bunch of coke first and ended up having to confront their inner demons."

    It's certainly been an adventure. If you want to see more of what I've been thinking with my first foray into a Persona title (and there will be at least one more post coming because I'll be damned if I'm going to disappoint @Chelsea and stop now) you can check out my first two posts here and here

    We'll see how far I make it...my magic 8 ball says the outlook isn't good.

  • Programming Team Community Service Day

    1 day ago

    ebregman Evan

    This is my second holidays at RT, and the first when my team has been more than just me and one other person! That meant it was time to do some team bonding, and my favorite way to get closer to folks is good ol' fashioned volunteering.

    This year we spent time with the fine residents of the House Rabbit Resource Center, where one of our team members volunteers every week. Yes, we pet bunnies all morning (and fed them!).

    Couldn't help but share this familiar face who we met as soon as we walked in - a sassy Californian rabbit named...Yang. Can't make this up guys.


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