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  • Theater Mode Meta-Rules

    1 day ago

    KidGonzo Prof. of Theater Mode

    Because I love Theater Mode and hate myself, I've begun compiling a list of meta drinking rules. Here's what we're looking at so far. Join in if you're tryna die.


    • Someone makes a dentist joke

    • The guys miss a drink (drink, then drink again)

    • Broadcast laughs

    • Counter/timer

    • Someone walks off (out of rage)

    • Geoff takes an extra drink

    • Jack says “If I had a dollar…”

    • Michael describes something as ‘wild’
    • Get Fucked Crew (Ryan, Michael, Jeremy)
    • Jeremy starts doing gymnast shit
    • They start fucking with the TV settings
    • Someone mentions that it's a morning recording

    By adding these rules, Thankskilling 3, for example, gets you 11 drinks instead of 8. Apocalypse Kiss, one of my personal favorites, jumps from 14 up to 23. If you're making a legitimate suicide attempt, the obvious choice is Father's Day (already the most deadly episode) with a potential 43 drinks, as opposed to the original 36. And, of course, there are episodes where they don't pop up at all, but they can also save an episode that might otherwise leave you dry. Why do I have this data? I made a goddamn spreadsheet, that's why. This is a cry for help.

    EDIT - Color Key:

    ‘Peach’ - a soul killer

    Yellow - a groaner

    Blue - meh

    Purple - you’ll live

    Green - spicy watch, moderate drinking

    Pink - spicy hot titty party

    Code Orange - dangerous spicy levels

    Code Red - Father’s Day


    1 day ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars


    Because holy shit Zora cosplay.

    -I have arrived at an elephant water temple. Wait, water temple? Shit.

    -First 10 minutes in and not only am I lost, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.

    -Mifaa keeps telling me to find these statue things…. But that’s… confusing.

    -Took a while to figure out which water to freeze

    -Took a while to figure out I’m allowed to move this Elephant’s trunk.

    -Took a while to figure out how to master falling into appropriate areas.

    -You wouldn’t believe how many times I ran up and down this thing thinking to myself, This is how I die. Stuck in a giant elephant forever.

    -Took some daring moves to get up on top of this Elephant, but I never fell. How? This is a great question.

    -The boss was surprisingly really easy, and I fucked up numerous times during the fight too. This may be due to me getting a bazillion shrines beforehand.

    -It’s kinda creepy how many people fall for Link when he is a literal mute who goes around chopping things up and setting things on fire. “He’s so brave though!

    -Hearing the original Zora Domain music always warms my heart.

    -Again, baby zora, cutest things ever. 



    -So Mifaa gives me a fairy like respan ability? I’ve always used it 10 times by accident.

    -Stumbled upon that Akkare lab with another midget running the place and a robot who refuses to learn my name. I had to strip for Robbie. Was not expecting that.

    -That giant fairy gets creepier and creepier the more they enhance your armor. I feel violated.


    -Can a bitch get a truffle please?!

    -Now I’m ready for Death Mou- …oh a shrine’s nearby.

    -Okay now I’m ready for- oh lemme cook stuff for 5 hours.

    -Okay okay now I'm rea- you want me to catch lizards for you kind sir?

    -Now I’m ready(?) for Death Mountain.

    -Link’s face when he’s on fire is actually pretty funny. I may have almost killed him because I was laughing too much.


    -Goron lips.

    -Basically ran up a volcano just to get some armor to keep myself from burning up. This armor consists of a 1940s football uniform… Lol psychics and fashion.

    -It’s almost like every time I kill something on this mountain, all the loot just TUMBLES TO THE BOTTOMLESS LAVA PIT BELOW.


    -Had a vision of a brawly old Goron. Guess he’s gonna talk to me from the spirit world too.

    -I’m a brother…. goro.

    -FYI: So lava can kill you.

    -Found a Goron yelling “tasukete~” only for me to pause and “no, wait, you save me goro.”

    -Frinkin Yunbo is the most annoying thing about this game so far. How many times did he set off that damn sensor bot almost killing me? About 10 times. After that I got so damn mad I took a block and just beat the shit outta the next sensor… and THAT WORKED!?!?! WTF??

    -DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use a bomb arrow on Death Mountain.

    -Link literally dives into a pit of lava with a giant monster in it just to get away from Yunbo.


    Well let’s see what hell fires look like in this giant lizard robot thing.

  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    If you think parrots are good at mimicking sound then you have yet to meet the Lyrebird.

    The lyrebird is either of two species of ground-dwelling Australian birds. They are most notable for their outstanding ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment

    The song of the superb lyrebird is a mixture of elements of its own song and any number of other mimicked songs and noises. This could be any other birds songs, the sound of rustling leaves, a car driving past or even a person talking.

    I am now afraid of what this bird could order in my name...

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyrebird


  • Black Sabbath

    1 day ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am

    So this video was put up this week. The last of the last, the end of The End. Paranoid, played one final time at the final show of the final tour of the progenitors of heavy metal, Black Sabbath. 

    I saw them on that tour, in Mansfield, MA. Outside, at the xfinity center. I had seats but my friend and I chose to stay on the lawn instead, where I met up with someone who I had seen play before in a much smaller place and a friend of his. It felt like how I always imagined the 70s, everyone good-naturedly talking, sharing their beer and weed freely. There was a mosh pit during Paranoid, just a series of push-pits up on the lawn because everyone was so excited that we were among the last people to see these living legends play live. 

    On the way back it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot. Someone said our car looked a little low, but I was so full of cannabis and alcohol so I fell asleep until I was shaken awake. We were on the side of the highway in a breakdown lane with a shredded tire and a flat spare. So we called AAA and I fell asleep again on the grass beside the highway until the tow truck came and dropped me off a block before my house before taking my friend and his car the rest of the way. 

    It was a magnificent time, one of the best nights of my life. I went the day I got hired at the job I finish one week from this moment. 

    Everything is endings and the closing of chapters. 

  • Day 1386: Thursday!

    2 days ago

    topham DHYB

    Today I was suffering from allergies all day. Overall it was an alright day, but I've been just sorting things out, playing some games, learning how to use refined storage. I played some more Metro 2033, and it's certainly interesting, and then I was also playing a little more Rocket League. 

    This week I recorded a podcast with @grenou and it was a good time. I talked to him about all the gear I've been using for music and it was a great chat. You can check it out here! 

    I don't have much else to say today, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • RTX London 2017: From a First-Time Guardian Perspective

    1 day ago

    aww102 RTXL PA Guardian

    It's been a few days since the end of the first RTX London and it has given me time to reflect how fortunate I have been to be involved in something special. It was certainly a first for a lot of things. A first RTX London, my first time as Guardian and a first time as a PA.

    Needless to say it was daunting at first, not having any experience either being a Guardian or as a PA, since I didn't know what to expect. What I did learn is that there is no shame in asking for help from those more experience. It's not a competition to look better than other Guardians or PA's. All the Guardians are working together to make the show run as smoothly for attendees and staff. I was fortunate enough that the veteran PA's and Guardians I was able to speak with were able to advise and give suggestions on how best to prepare.

    So what is being a PA Guardian like?

    You are:

    - First & foremost, professional and there to serve the needs of your assigned guest. One of the reasons you are chosen to be a PA is to not be an excitable fanboy/fangirl in front of them. By all means try to be relaxed, but do not go pitching ideas or go asking them photos or signatures, whilst on duty. You are there to make friends with your guest, you are to work for them.

    - the keeper of your guest's schedule. This means communicating with your guest (especially if their schedule is packed solid) and keeping track of where they need to be now or next, to ensure that your guest arrives in good time.

    - your guest's navigator around the convention centre. You may need to scout the most efficient routes around the convention centre and that might change depending on the time of day you need to transport your guest around.

    - not always a lone wolf. You are a member of a team and at times you will need to work with other PA's. This is especially the case if your guest is sharing a panel or signing with other guests and they will be all traveling to the same place together. You may also need to speak with you team lead or team coordinator to make extra arrangements (e.g. notifying of seat reservation requests at other panels by your guest).

    - the bearer of bad news for attendees. Sometimes you will need to politely tell attendees that your guest needs to get to a panel or a signing so they cannot get that impromptu photo or autograph the attendee has been waiting patiently for. Sadly you have to look at the bigger picture at times, meaning it's better to disappoint a few opportunistic attendees for the sake of not delaying the start of panel for a thousand people. It can be stressful dealing with so many attendees, but you will need to use your best judgement and remember to be honest with them.

    - a liaison with other Guardian Teams such as the Panel/Tech teams, Signatures Team, Expo Hall Team, ensuring you respect their needs (e.g. turning up early enough to a panel room/center stage for tech tests).

    - an extra pair of hands and an extra set of pockets. Hopefully you will have spoken with your guest about their needs before the convention starts so you'll be ready to hold items they require whilst out and about on the convention floor (e.g. Hand Sanitiser, Sharpies etc.) or hold onto gifts given to your guest by attendees.

    - there when your guest needs you. This might mean there are times you (and other PA's) are waiting outside the Green Room so you can found easily and quickly should your guest have a question or ad-hoc request.

    - working to your guest's hours, not that of the convention. Your guest might need you accompany them to after hours events (e.g. VIP Party), so be prepared pull an extra shift at short notice. Similarly, your guest might not arrive/leave the convention centre at the same time as other guests, so again you will need to make alternative arrangements or adapt to your guest's preferences.

    - there to help in other ways if needed. Your guest might say you are no longer needed for the rest of the day if they are done with their commitments. Be prepare to be temporarily re-assigned to another team might requires extra assistance.

    - in a privileged position. Being a PA Guardian is a sought after position due to close proximity of RT talent. Remember to be modest (i.e. only tell other Guardians you're a PA if asked which team you are in) and to act proper in front of other guests, not just your own.

    Would I be a Guardian again?

    In a heartbeat. It's tiring, hard work and at times quite stressful, but being able to do your best for your guest and the attendees as well as the experiencing the camaraderie with your team is so amazingly worthwhile and satisfying. Even now, almost a week since the end of the first RTX London, I still feel enormous pride to have been part of something that required such a huge collective effort to pull off. My hope is that RT see it fit have another RTX London and that I can continue to be a Guardian and a part of the convention's growth in the near future, whether it be as a PA or not.

    Special Thanks to:

    The PA Team - It has been the greatest privilege to work with such a talented bunch of people, who have shown me an enormous amount of patience and kindness. I’ve learned for much from all of you and I hope to work all of you wonderful people again soon!

    Our PA team lead and coordinator - Dan and Becca, our jobs would have been undoubtedly been more difficult had it not been for expert problem solving and clear instructions. For that I am extremely grateful.

    Chad and the rest of the RT Talent - We are humbled that you all were able to come visit the island we call home. To have been given the responsibility to serve Chad has been an incredible and unforgettable honour. We hope that your time in the UK and at RTX London was as good as it could be.

    The RT Events team - Thank you for your efforts and persistence in bringing RTX to the thousands of fans here in the UK and beyond. I hope that the RT Community in this part of the world has convinced you that a RTX event has a long and prosperous future here in London.

    Eli, Jason and all the Team Leads - Your calm heads and astute direction were the reason the show was able run and adapt as smoothly as it did. You all did a fantastic job worthy of so much praise and more! Also thank you for the faith you placed in the Guardians you selected. I hope we were able to do you all proud.

    Mary, Chris and Dan - Thank you for gracing the first RTX in London with your invaluable wisdom, experience and support! There are few who match your strength and presence in this wonderful community RT have created!

    Shelby and Jackie - In my anxiety and worry, I reached out for PA Guardian advice and you both gifted me with such useful and indispensable information. You have no idea how much of a foundation your reassuring words provided for this first timer. I tip my hat to you two!

    All of the RTX London Guardians - It was wonderful meet many of you, whether we got to chat, shared some humorous quips or exchanged a celebratory high five outside the Green Room. Please congratulate yourselves on a job well done!

    Huggy, Jamie, Emma, Nai, Phoebe & Meghan - Thanks for helping me unwind during our stay at the AirBnB and for putting up with my various states of tiredness, crankiness, delirium, silliness and nervousness.

    And last, but not least, my wonderful girlfriend, Kristina - Your thoughtful & heartfelt messages of love and support helped give me the energy to do best I could. I am so lucky to have you and your love in my life.

  • Theater Mode Film Suggestions

    1 day ago

    Stab RT Broadcast

    I've seen this question a lot since we launched Theater Mode, so I'm making a journal post to answer everyone's question: How do I get [insert name of film] in Theater Mode? The truth is, we can't. Licensing a film for world wide distribution is very, very expensive. So no Jaws, no Mars Attacks and no Pixels (as much as that last one would be awesome). What we can do is license select films from our friends at Troma Entertainment and Gravitas Ventures for future productions. Films like Father's Day, Future World, Night Beast, and Psycho Sleepover all come from them. So if you know films that are distributed by our friends and really want to see them, post a reply here and we'll take a look.

  • Why We Should Be More Generous - and How

    2 days ago


    When people hear the word "generous" or "generosity," the first thing that often comes to mind is something of monetary value. Being generous can mean donating to charity, for example. But money is far from the only way you can be generous, and being generous makes for a more fulfilling life (in my opinion). 

    This was simply something that was on my mind, so here we go.

    Be Generous With Laughter

    It's cliche, but laughter can be the best medicine - whether you're the one laughing, or making someone else laugh. I would never want to live a life without laughter. (Million Dollars, But nope.)

    One of my clients actually caused me to think about this. Whenever she finds something funny, she puts everything she has behind her laugh. She's one of those people who will burst out laughing and be the last one to stop. 

    Some may find that annoying, but I think it's pretty awesome, especially since we tend to find the same things funny, so it's easy to make her laugh. 

    Laughing is interesting because it's something that comes naturally to me now, but didn't years ago. When I was in a phase (for lack of better term), I didn't see the point in humor, or laughter. I actively refused to be happy, I took life way too seriously, and I walled myself off from amusement. Don't ask me what I was thinking; it was a horrible way to live. 

    These days, I laugh often - especially at myself. Or my pets. I crack jokes (that fail) a lot. I try to see the humor in certain situations that used to frustrate me. As a result, I'm much happier.

    It's been scientifically proven that smiling is easier than frowning, and that when you smile, you're releasing dopamine and serotonin and giving yourself a hit of happiness. Plus, laughing a lot can be an ab workout. And there's nothing like getting into a laughing fit with someone else where neither of you can stop laughing because the other person keeps laughing and it's just a circle of laughter. Win win. 

    Be Generous With Your Time

    It kills me a little bit to see people respond to charitable causes with "I have no money to donate!" 

    Why not donate your time instead? 

    Time - in my opinion - is far more valuable than money. You can make more money. You can't create time. And people putting in volunteer work is just as necessary to business operations as money is. 

    Beyond that, giving someone your time or your (undivided) attention is a rare commodity these days. We're all "busy" and have something else to do, so being generous with either is pretty special. 

    Alternatively, you can do something nice for someone else so they don't have to spend their time doing it. When someone offers to take something off my plate, I'm always grateful for it. 

    Be Generous With Your Words

    Many of us take simple things like friendship for granted. When is the last time you thanked someone for being your friend? 

    Here's another one - have you ever tried to reach out and tell a content creator how much you appreciate their work?

    We assume that by being a friend in return, or by being a consumer, that our actions are speaking for themselves. While that might be true, it still feels good to have someone actively acknowledge it. 

    Thank people and let them know that you're grateful to have them in your life. It could be a boss, mentor, coworker, friend, family member, acquaintance, or someone you admire.

    Give praise when it's earned, encouragement when it's needed, or advice when it's asked for. Give compliments when they come naturally. 

    It might seem silly at first, but unless the person is a jerk, everyone enjoys feeling appreciated.

    Be Generous With Your Love

    I don't think there's enough love in this world. Everyone always seems to be on the lookout for how they can tear someone else down. Our minds are quick to make snap judgments, often negative ones. We naturally assume the worst about people.

    Yet, I'm willing to bet most people just want to be loved, or feel loved. Or even just connected. Not alone

    So why aren't we giving out what we want back? 

    I know I've had my fair share of trust issues in the past that have left me jaded, feeling like love isn't worth putting out into the world because I'll just get hurt. But...that's not really rational, and I'm sure I'll end up getting hurt eventually because that's how life works. 

    In the meantime, me hiding behind a curtain of fear is possibly hurting others, and I don't feel like my best self when I'm approaching the world from such a negative perspective. 

    If you've been to RTX, I'm willing to bet you've felt a strong sense of community just from being there. It doesn't take words to communicate that; the atmosphere is simply welcoming. Post-RTX blues are a thing because we don't feel that in our daily lives, and that's a shame. 

    It's easy to be a more caring person. Take a genuine interest in someone else's well-being; smile at someone; offer a hug or a shoulder to cry on; remind someone of your love; don't judge harshly; assume the best of people; do anything else I listed off above. 

    Being generous isn't difficult, it just requires conscious effort until it becomes habit.

  • Finnish Friday: Halloween Customs in Short

    1 day ago

    zeitgeistzest Shhh Ordis( ̄■ ̄;)

    Hello, hello, it is I. (  ̄▽ ̄)/ Yes... This time I was supposed to write about Finnish language's word order, but since it's October and many people are getting excited about Halloween, I thought I'd discuss this now (also because I'm quite tired, been spending the day with my mom; and my mom's being here means that I'm not going to record any Finnish words that are present in this post ahaha). 

    First of all, I have to admit I know very little of the history of this matter. What I do know, however, is that I'm a 90's kid and when I was in early years of basic education, Halloween was mentioned and we'd do some decorations in art class and dress up... but really, about 20 years later and it's still not very big deal around here. Sure, people throw Halloween theme parties (and get heavily drunk I guess?), TV channels show scary / horror films, there's Halloween candy and decorations for sale...

    But the shelf space reserved for those is small compared to Christmas and Easter things. For example, it's still quite rare that kids go around asking for karkki vai kepponen (karkki = candy, kepponen = trick; so when you all say "trick or treat", we say "treat or trick"); but on Palm Sunday in Easter, kids go around knocking on doors offering decorated pussy willow branches in exchange of some candy. (I can discuss this more around Easter haha.)

    So when October is drawing to a close and November approaches, what has traditionally happened over here? Well. Traditionally we've celebrated pyhäinpäivä, or pyhäinmiestenpäivä = All Saints' Day (pyhäin = of holy; päivä = day, pyhä = holy, sacred; miesten = men's, mies = a man, miehet = men). Usually on the evening of pyhäinpäivä, people visit the cemeteries and lit candles in the memory of those who are no longer with us - so it's treated more like a commemoration day for the saints, martyrs, and the dead.

    There was also a celebration called kekri, an old agricultural society harvest festival, but according to Wikipedia many of those traditions were transferred to Christmas and New Year. I first encountered the word kekri in 7th grade (meaning I was 13) when our Finnish language teacher forced us information about it. :B 

    Anyway, yes, even though religion doesn't really show around here that much and it's very little discussed usually ( = considered irrelevant to most), the fact that Halloween seems so commercialized has probably been putting it off from the previous generations since pyhäinpäivä is sort of... well, pious.

    Yet! I think the traditions could be changing a little among the younger generations. And, some other Finn may have a very different opinion and view to Halloween here in Finland - that their family traditions in regards to Halloween are quite different. See, my family's not very big on celebrating Christmas or anything else either. *shrugs*

    Still... I'm glad to live in an apartment building where the door to the outside world is locked 24/7 (unless a neighbor has left it open..) and the doorbells downstairs don't work so I don't have to open the door to anyone. :') While I'll be nomming on candy and attempting to watch something scary on Netflix! (~‾▿‾)~

    And that's it for this week's issue... *flops on the bed and falls asleep next to the laptop*


    21 hours ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth

    I hope everyone enjoys the CRWBY episode today!  It’s lots of fun talking about some of the FX y’all see in RWBY.  I would love to answer any questions any of you may have!

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