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  • The Bet

    23 hours ago

    Newbs Uncle Slam

    Edit. I didn't update this back in January when Dan and I had a conversation regarding time scheduling and a myriad of other things, but unfortunately I had to back out of this bet. He completely understood, and called it off. I didn't want to edit this journal due to the way the RS site handles edits to journals by pushing them up to the day you edited them, but here we are. Sorry to disappoint, practically one of the only things I'm good at doing apparently.

    If I am able to 100% Super Hexagon in less than 28 hours, @NobleSteed has to drink whatever I request at the Rooster Speak Party 2017.

    If I am not able to complete this, I will drink whatever Dan chooses for me to drink during the Rooster Speak 2017 Party, and I must 100% all of the single player achievements in N+ before RTX 2017. If I am not able to do this, the public must decide between three options for me; a punch from Dan, being @Giries' slave during the Rooster Speak Party 2017, a ten minute massage, at his hardest, from Dan. All three of these options must occur at the Rooster Speak 2017 Party.

    If I am able to complete this task of 100%'ing Super Hexagon in less than 28 hours, Dan must play N++ and complete all the single player achievements, and also drink whatever I see fit at the Rooster Speak 2017 Party. If he is not able to complete all the single player achievements by RTX 2017, I, Newbs, will hold a public poll for what Dan has to do at the Rooster Speak 2017 Party, and whatever I choose, he must do.

    If I am able to last the whole ten minutes of Dan's message, Newbs get's to choose who goes next for ten minutes.

    I am fucking terrified. Let's do this.

  • Manchester

    18 hours ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    What kind of coward goes and attacks children at a concert??

    I am so sick and disgusted this is going on around the world.

    Terrorists are disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

    I'm with you Manchester. 

    Bringing this back once again:



    We need to end this now.

  • Apparently I'm the FU

    2 days ago

    Ratatoskr Keeper of Logics

    Well, that happened.

    Hello there. Get to know me:

    - I've probably talked your ear off about AI theory at some point.

    - This year will be my fifth RTX, all consecutive.

    - I usually hang out in the Oxford Comma Cafe, the best forum ever. Of all time.

    If you're coming to RTX, and want to know everything useful about Austin, I made a guide. If you're looking to become more involved in the site, read this instead. Actually, read both.

    And, yeah... that's it. Have I mentioned how great you look today?

    - Toskr

  • Commuting and Podcasts?

    20 hours ago

    Chelsea RT Community Manager

    So, new change happened in the last week. I moved! I bought a house and became a bonafide homeowner! (Pictures eventually... once I unpack.) 

    With this comes a slightly longer commute. A flat even 30 minutes, +15-30 more minutes if traffic sucks donkey balls. 

    So, I present to you peoples, what are some fun podcasts that you listen to? I've already blazed through all of Always OpenOpen Haus and a few others of RT's. 

    It can be a serial podcast or just random one-off talking ones. I'm pretty open with my likes, but I would prefer to stay away from political or religious ones. 

    And following that question: For those of you with Androids, what do you use to listen to these podcasts with?


  • Fan Service Episode 28!

    16 hours ago


    Hey y'all its been a hot minute!

    In this weeks Fan Service we will be welcoming another special guest, Caitlin Glass! You may recognize her voice from several of our favorite series (my personal fave Winry Rockbell from FMA & FMA Brotherhood) or appreciated her work in directing (this season she's bringing us the English translation of Sakura Quest). She has chosen "puppy" as her Trigger word for the second match of the new Shot of the Week Tournament Arc. Who will win, the "Old School Anime Otaku" Gray or "just" me? Tune in to find out.

    We will continue our journeys through Attack on Titan, with Season 2 Episode 8 (Episode 33), and Shirobako, episodes 13 & 14.

    We also need some of those tasty questions for Community Service! So as always if you got a question that needs answering send them here or to the  Reddit thread.

    Fan Service releases for Rooster Teeth FIRST members and VRV users Saturday mornings at 9 am cst.


    1 day ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars


    At least I can confirm the dialogue is just as shitty as the first 3 games.

    I’m already done with half the universe’s shenanigans and god damn errand running.

    -Peebee, I’m sure of it now, is mentally retarded. While jumping up to a platform, I walk inside a building with no issue. Low and behold I hear “Uuuhhh. Ooowww. Ooooh.” From this fucking teammate jumping up and hitting her head every time trying to get up.

    -So Mass Effect 3 whenever you tried to pick something up, you rolled. Now whenever you try to pick something up, you jump... or melee punch... Total improvement.

    -Just learned if you are a female looking to be a heterosexual good fucking luck, you get boring Liam or Jaal the weird looking alien. How did this game not fix this from the last 3?? Shenanigans.

    -People glitches: Talking to chief police Turian causes him to stare to the side for 30 SECONDS before acknowledging my existence.

    -Even if I'm already inside a door, I still have to make an entrance through said door for a cutscene.

    -Cora loves to get in my way while I’m trying to survive, unintentionally getting me killed.

    -Water and hazardous poisonous death liquid look exactly the same.

    -I have died from said syke-not-water unsafe substance more than in actual combat. Not sure what this says about me.

    -Strangest glitch so far: arriving to a planet in a spacesuit with space as a floor, then suddenly stepping outta my ship like I wasn’t floating in mid air 5 seconds ago.

    -Kallo loves to stand up glitch right before I talk to him, standing up unnecessarily.      

    -I finally found the bar. Someone's getting drunk.

    -Cheating with an AI is totally appropriate.

    -Talked to a scientist on Eos who was with a buddy. Said buddy, as our conversation is going on, starts looking around the room like he’s watching a ship zoom around. Most distracting thing ever.

    -Jaal will not allow me personal space while on missions. Go into a corner, guess who’s right on my toned ass? Jump up on a tiny ledge, guess who’s in my mother fucking way not letting me move? LEAVE ME ALONE.

    -And even so, every time I talk to Jaal in the ship, he RUNS AWAY RIGHT AFTER TALKING. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND.

    -I keep calling Drack Rex.

    -Apparently talking down protesters, everyone has a very calm and organized voice EXCEPT FOR RYDER WHO LIKES TO SHOUT AT RANDOM TIMES FOR NO REASONS IMMA PATHFINDER YOU.

    -Shepard Ryder’s idea of flirting is “I like when you flirt with me.” There is no way she’s ever getting laid.


    I have laughed more from this game being unintentionally hilarious than the actually jokes so far.

  • Watch your language...

    1 day ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold should always think ahea

    Around the kids, we have to watch what we say.

    The F-word. ( food ) 

    The S-word. (snack)

    The B-word. (   ball   )

    The N-word. (nubbins*)

    The C-word. (cuddle)

    The T-word. ( treat ) 

    The D-word. (  dog  )

    *It's a word meaning small lumps. Since their food is kibbles, nubbins seemed like a good alternative to saying food. The kids learn quickly, though, especially in matters of food.

    Kids hear everything we say.

  • Lets just talk for a second

    1 day ago

    Priest NonSequitur OCC Consular

    I don't talk about it often (I've mentioned it in passing in my journals once or twice.) but I have very graphic intrusive thoughts, most of the time centered around suicide or the death of my family in various and very colorful and detailed scenarios.  I think that it stems from some sort of un-diagnosed depression and ADHD (which my wife is convinced I have.)  I've never felt the need to seek any help, as I am very well-adjusted and I have perspective...well, and I'm super proud and don't like admitting any sort of weakness even though I KNOW that having a positive diagnosis and getting some sort of chemical assistance is not weakness.  But up to and including this point, I've never been paralyzed by it.  I know what it is, and I don't let it take my perspective from me.

    Reading about Chris Cornell's suicide makes me contemplate this part of my mind, and brings me to write this post.  I know I'm not the only one who has this happen, and I think that it is much more common than most people think.  Self-destruction is an odd thing to contemplate philosophically, and the conclusion I come to is that it is mental-illness. Being exposed to a real suicide causes these thoughts to increase in intensity and I am met with empathetic hopelessness.  I think about the emptiness he must have felt as he ended his life, his money, his fame, his family, his talent, his lifestyle not able to balance the scale of oblivion.  

    This brings me back to some thoughts I had when I watched "13 Reason's Why" on Netflix.  I want to start out by saying that I absolutely hate this show, and it is one of the only things that I truly wish was never made.  Everyone involved in bringing it to fruition should sit back and contemplate just what the heck they thought they were doing.  Instead of approaching suicide from a perspective to help those who are considering suicide, they turn suicide into a grand epic journey that culminates in suicide being treated as catharsis...a catalyst to right wrongs.  I didn't start thinking this. To be honest...I didn't know what I was thinking when I started watching the show.

    So I started watching the show.  Off the bat, I noticed how incredibly on the rails the narrative was.  As we KNOW how the show was going to end, it allows us to frame each part of the telling to understand the ultimate conclusion and to ascribe 'meaning' from the authors perspective to include when Hannah ultimately kills herself.  As such, every action, inaction, and word spoken seems important, identifiable, and telling.  Hindsight is always 20/20 and as such it has already created the premise in your mind that you, me, we, us are already all responsible for this ultimate demise.  There were signs...right?  We should have seen the signs.

    As we go through the narrative we are exposed to elements of morality: bullying, budding sexuality, graphic violence, discrimination,  objectification, and invasion of privacy.  These are themes that we get clear guidance on how we should feel.  We are told to be sickened by it, and at every turn we are also reminded that we are the ones responsible. Ultimately, Hannah's suicide vigilante comeuppance, a magnum opus against these moral failings.  Her death is not just on the hands of the bullies...the screenwriters want to make it clear that we, the audience, are responsible for killing Hannah.  We are supposed to feel an utter sense of remorse for our inaction.  We are supposed to be convicted of our wrongdoing.  We ARE supposed to feel responsible. But in treating suicide like this, we are turning suicide into the ultimate weapon to fight hopelessness. It turns a purposeless act into a purposeful act. 

    I wonder if they ever thought about how a person who struggles with suicide would learn from watching this show?

    Hannah's suicide was graphic and stomach churning.  I was in tears, but I had known the entire time that we were going to be here.  When her mother came into the bathroom and just didn't understand what she was looking at, I was there too.  But in the back of my mind, I knew that from the very moment I started watching the show, Hannah was doomed.  There was never any hope that there was another outcome. There was no help to be had.  It was, from the get go, a forlorn conclusion. Remember, when someone is struggling with depression, the way they process information is processed THROUGH the depression.  What kind of message does this give a person who already is suffering with clarity and perspective? It. IS. Inevitable.  I look like Hannah, my life is like this...and no one is listening.  It. IS. Inevitable...

    So we have started with the fact that suicide is a forlorn conclusion...we knew Hannah was never going to make it; but what caused her to go down this path?  we are teaching people that suicide is caused by external environmental forces, and this is wrong.  There are 13 reasons, and all of them have to do with what others are doing.  Yes...the majority of suicides we hear about are suicides that are brought on by bullying and yes, there is a huge connection between the two; but tying the two together and creating a causal relationship is horribly dangerous.  Suicide is a symptom...not the disease.  Depression and anxiety are comorbidities that are directly and demonstrably tied to suicide, and yes, environmental factors do contribute to this; but the disease is the mental-illness, not the environmental factors.  There are people who are bullied all the time and do not commit suicide, and there are people who commit suicide all the time that were never bullied (conservatively, nearly half of suicides are not related to bullying.) Tying the two together is irresponsible, and creates a narrative that ultimately is false. Think about the lesson this gives someone who is already contemplating it.  It's not their fault...it's society, its bullies...I have no control.

    The most damning damnable lesson we learn from 13 Reasons is that suicide is necessary if anyone is going to listen to us.  That's what happened to Hannah; her death prompted everyone to listen...literally.  Plus, and this is the darkest part of it, we get to see the result.  A person who commits suicide doesn't get to see what happens after the act is done, and this show provides a fantasy driven chain of events which culminates in the learning of lessons.  In my darker play-acts, I envision how those whom I love will be impacted.  Do I leave a note, do I not?  Will they think I'm selfish?  Will it be mentioned at all at my funeral? Will my wife hate me? In Hannah's world, wrongs are brought to light, Clay shares her journey, and catharsis is reached.  Without her death, change and salvation is impossible.  Clay's 'come to Jesus' speech at the end is impossible without her death, and as a matter of fact her death drives the point of all of the bullying, the assault, the invasion of privacy home.  Her suicide becomes a way to get revenge on those who have hurt her, and it is the ONLY way that anyone will listen.  What 'effing' sort of message is that?  It turns suicide into a noble act of war against social injustice and the only conclusion to living a life fraught with tragedy.  It's not just a tragedy...its a handbook on how to make people listen to you.  It invites people to follow suite. It RATIONALIZES an irrational act.

    I can't stress enough...this show is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea for anyone suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or suicidal thoughts.  Horrible.

    I am lucky.  I am surrounded by people who support me and influence me.  I have lived life to the point where I have gained perspective.  I cannot imagine what would happen had I been 20 years younger, dealing with depression, and seeing a show that tells me that 1.That everyone is guilty  2. That there is no hope in finding another route to wellness 3. Everyone who hurts me will be hurt worse by me killing myself.   This show offers no hope, and could in fact fuel hopelessness. I hate this show.  I am upset that anyone thought that this was a good idea. 

  • Fact of The Day:

    1 day ago

    IronBridge Flibbity Jibbit

    Doctors have a secret names referring to certain situations.

    For instance SBI (Something Bad Inside), will be used if the doctor knows something is wrong but they aren't sure what. If it is clearly a dangerous situation, SVBI (Something Very Bad Inside) will be used instead.

    If the patient is fat they may give them the diagnosis CBT (Chronic Biscuit Toxicity) or simply BW (Beached Whale).

    Other examples are:

    CTD - Circling The Drain (A patient expected to die soon)
    GLM - Good Looking Mum
    GPO - Good for Parts Only
    TEETH - Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy
    UBI - Unexplained Beer Injury

    Although my personal favourite would have to be PRATFO (Patient Reassured And Told to Fuck Off).

    Further Info: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3159813.stm


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