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UnexpectedI put in deposits so my sister and mother could get puppies in April. Then the breeder tells us his sister had a litter with two that were not sold that we could see now. We think it's a good way to meet the breeder and see the quality of dogs he has.
The next day my sister tells me that she called him back and told him she'd take one of the pups.
Then we take my mom and dad to see her pup and the other, and he brings out an unsold Maltese and my mother decides she wants him instead. Now. And totally throws off the plan my sister and I had to get sibling Malshis.
I'm not in love with this Maltese pup. But the other malshi my sister didn't prefer is warming up to me. Crawling in my lap, cuddling, bounding after me. But he's mostly quiet. My sister's vocalizes a lot more but is sweet as well. They take he black and white one, my mother takes he white one, but neither one fills the puppy void in my heart. And then we leave, coming back tomorrow to pick up the pups and go home.

My brother inlaw keeps teasing me saying I need my own dog if I don't love my mothers and my sister says t could live with them. And I keep thinking about this little caramel puppy. How sweet he was, how playful and how he had dashes of white and black. And I think maybe he could be just what I have been missing. The Maltese can't even go outside for another month and I wanted a dog to come out with me, get me moving and playing more.

So now I'm getting a puppy. And our family will have three puppies at the same time. My very first dog that will be all my own.

Still back and forth about what to name him.

I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures in the coming weeks.
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