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37 year-old male from Austin, Texas
Motion Design Director and visual fx artist at Rooster Teeth. I make the stuff in a video that makes you say, "whoa! that's bad-ass". Other than that, I also like to find cool food trailers and watch movies with my wife, hang out with my daughter and I've also been known to harass the RT Sponsor chat with painful movies embedded from YouTube.
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brianb Cast & Crew
Announcing the fifth and sixth RWBY limited edition screen prints.This week marks the release of our last two RWBY prints from artists Josh Budich and Alexander Iaccarino. In the interest of people being able to get their prints before Christmas we thought we’d go out with a bang.

Josh recently had a big anime show at www.slashfilm.com/joshua-budich-anime-art/]Spoke Art in San Francisco (take a look at his beautiful Princess Mononoke print from the show which just made me more excited about what he could do with RWBY.

Here’s what he had to say about his print.

“Getting a chance to work on something entirely new to me, like Rooster Teeth's "RWBY" series, is always a treat for me. When trying to find an original angle for depicting the pop culture lineup of usual suspects has been exhausted, an opp like this is a very welcome change. This is especially true when the content is as good as RWBY! I decided to tackle the most central-character in this first piece, "Ruby Rose", but my heart belongs to "Nora". Love me a redhead. BOOP!”

Earlier this year I saw an Akira poster that had been done by an artist named Alexander Iaccarino. It turns out that Alexander had just recently moved to Austin and he was excited about the opportunity to do a piece. I’m really stunned by what he’s created. Hopefully you will be as well. Here’s what he had to say.

"I was extremely excited to work with the Rooster Teeth RWBY team on this project. The studio was very encouraging and assured in my vision after viewing my extensive body of work pertaining to anime influences. A body of work in which RWBY fit right in. This piece encapsulates the epic scale of RWBY's origins. I decided to portray the team coming together as a group, facing the many enemies and creatures from season 1. Present and dangerous are the Grimm, White Fang, and Cinder Fall ominously lurking in the shadows. The artwork is much like the show; powerful heroines who stand strong surround by insurmountable odds

Josh Budich’s print is a 2 color 12x36 screen print on 100lb Cover Cougar White

Alexander Iaccarino’s print is a 5 color 18x24 screen print on 100lb Cover Cougar White

Both are limited editions of 250, 59.95 and will be available at 4pm central time on Friday at roosterteeth.com/store . Both are signed and numbered.

Printed at Nakatomi Print Labs

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