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31 year-old male from Huntsville, Alabama
XBOX Live Ambassador. Need help? I'm here!!!

Loves games, loves God, loves people, loves life. Woo!
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More changes on the way...erm...already here.Hey everyone! Hope you all had some fun with your games and such. I know I am and having a ball on some fantastic games.

Anyways, I have been changing gears and blogging from IGN. It's a lot of fun and I write about anything game related, such as the last blog, which was about the games that you can stop at anytime and start up without missing the story or multiplayer. You can head on over to the IGN profile by clicking on the link here.

I also have played some games with some Achievement Hunter people and just have to say that you all are the best gamers I've met and came across. I've recently played Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online and every time I come across an Achievement hunter member, it's like I met some very close friends. So, thanks for the friendly times and hope you don't shotgun me to the face again.

Once again, I am also live streaming stuff on Twitch TV so click on this link to tune in and chat away. Thanks everyone for your support and hope to see you on XBOX, Steam or wherever you might be playing.
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