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Just my story of remembrance. Like any kid, I loved to draw, but it was always silly. Never anything good, just drawing Pokemon or Teen Titan characters when I was bored.... Until two years ago when I saw the most beautiful anime character I had ever seen... Her name was Ruby Rose & from her figure to her clothing to the elegance when she moved... I just fell in love. I didn't even like anime but I fell in love. So over 6 hours spent locked in my room, I recreated her & it was the first time I was ever proud of myself... I mean, I've won plenty of awards in my life, but this was just... It was different & I showed it to everyone 20 times because I was just so proud.

Who could have guessed that that single drawing would lead to me learning how to paint, selling paintings, earning money to go to RTX last summer, where I met the very creator of Ruby Rose... I know I never knew him personally & I probably came across as the biggest fumbling fangirl in the world during our brief meeting, but I will never forget it. He has inspired me to always strive to do better than before & I don't know who I would be without his vision & talent in my life.

My thoughts & prayers have been & will continue to stay with Sheena & the rest of Monty's family. Be strong & take comfort in the impact he has made in the lives of fans

Rest in piece Monty, you are loved & missed dearly by everyone who had the pleasure of being impacted by your work.
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