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AllTimeTessa Tessicles
17 year-old female from Your Dreams
Music & dogs are my passion
I'm Christian
I volunteer at a dog shelter called National Mill Dog Rescue
Italian Greyhounds<3

^ Gif credit to @LostInSweden

^ Credit to @JJ <3
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AllTimeTessa Tessicles
I'm laying in bed at 8:20 in the morning
Blasting Marianas Trench
Looking at pictures of the painting I'm too afraid of screwing up to actually work on
What is my life anymore .-.
I want July back when I had no responsibilities and I got to just sit around doing nothing with my Nycole .-.

I should mention that I'm awake at what is now 8:29 in the morning BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO SLEEP YET
Thank God I'm home schooled because I would be so fucked in public school .-.
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Name Tessa
Occupation I could say I'm an artist, but I feel like that implies a level of good I dont quite reach
Birthday November 10th, 1996
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