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AllTimeTessa Tessicles
17 year-old female from Your Dreams
Music & dogs are my passion
I'm Christian
I volunteer at a dog shelter called National Mill Dog Rescue
Italian Greyhounds<3

^ Gif credit to @LostInSweden

^ Credit to @JJ <3
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AllTimeTessa Tessicles
A Thank You..To all the completely amazing people who helped get me to RTX this year. I've said before I dislike masstag journals, but I want every single person to know how much I appreciate their support in making this summer amazing.
I'm not great with words so bear with me as I try to get across my feels in this >.<
Each & every one of you either bought/commissioned a painting or helped financially as best you could & I just... I really still can't comprehend how amazing that is. Some of you guys don't even know me personally but you still just said fuck it & helped me reach my goal of RTX & that is just absolutely incredible. I would not have been able to get there & have the time of my life without you guys, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

& I haven't really talked about this part, but you guys commissioning me did more than just help me get to RTX, you actually helped improve me as an artist by challenging me to do things I thought I never could. Because of that, I'm more confident in my work, I'm ready to go deeper into my art & even start working on a career centered around art. Which could be game design, teacher, or even just artist I don't know but what I know is that I want art is be involved in my future... Which may not sound like much, but seeing as I've never known what I want out of life, this is pretty big for me.

So yeah. Feels & stuff. Thank you all again so much for your support & I'm so glad I got to meet most of you at RTX. I love each & every one of you so, so much & I can't wait to see you at RTX 2015<3
Stay Beautiful x
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Name Tessa
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