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It’s Free Play! We get a glimpse into the eternal war of cats vs. dogs in this week’s Internet Show and Tell. Plus, Meg and Ryan get crazy contorted when attempting some viewer-submitted yoga poses.


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  • Becca Seester

    The Evolution of the DualShock® Controller

    20 hours ago

    By @charlesaustin

    The flimsy gray controller that shipped with the original PlayStation, in 1994, is not remarkable at all. Some people might tell you that it was different from other controllers at the time. “Its buttons used symbols instead of letters,” they might say. How quickly people forget that X and O are letters. A triangle is the top of a capital A and a square is a shitty D.

    But in 1997, Sony got it right. The first DualShock was an improvement on anything that had come before. Its rumble feature was novel for its time. And since the N64 controller had already cornered the market of people with three hands, Sony decided on a pair of rubber-tipped thumbsticks that rested comfortably under two human thumbs.

    With all that in mind, let’s explore the long and exciting evolution of the most enduring controller in video game history.

    DualShock 1 (1997)

    Okay, this controller was not called “DualShock 1;” it was just called “DualShock.” Sony’s engineers could not guarantee that the human race would survive long enough to make a DualShock 2. Even so, they predicted the future better than they expected. The basic button configuration and shape of this design persisted for many generations to come.


    DualShock 2 (2000)

    Next, some designers just made the controller black and the buttons pressure sensitive. This was back in a time when dancing hamster GIFs were the cutting edge of memes, and people would accept anything as innovation.

    DualShock 3 (2007)

    After a couple of stupid ideas bombed, Sony unveiled the DualShock 3. And while the company’s failed innovations probably left Sony execs wishing they could hang their hardware designers, there’s no way they could hang them with a DualShock 3. This thing was wireless, after all, with a slightly sleeker design and motion sensing technology to boot.


    DualShock 4 (2013)

    At the time it was introduced, this model represented the biggest overhaul of the DualShock to date. The thumbsticks were improved, the handles changed, and a touchscreen was added. Sony also came up with the extremely convenient Share button, which nobody ever clicked by accident.


    DualShock 360 (2018)

    Although some wiseguy in Sony’s marketing department gave this controller a retro name to mock the Xbox after Microsoft went bankrupt in 2017, everything else about this controller was futuristic to a T.

    Building off the success of the fourth generation’s Share button, Sony replaced the “PS” Home button with an Arby’s® button that orders five Roast Beef Classics® with Arby’s Sauce® every time it’s pressed.


    DualShock 6 Presented by Arby’s® (2024)

    Arby’s – suddenly the world’s largest corporation – was so flush with cash from gamers accidentally ordering sandwiches during gameplay that they bought the rights to Sony’s flagship controller (not to mention Sony itself). This unforgettable design featured a laser-etched signature from R.B. Cruthers, the Arby’s CEO who soon went on to win the 2024 presidential election.


    DualShock 7 (Year of the Prime-Cut™ Chicken Bacon Swiss®)

    Critics and fans alike consider this to be one of the greatest controllers ever designed. After lax security at an Arby’s® nuclear missile facility allowed terrorists to detonate the country’s entire nuclear arsenal, fans appreciated that this controller’s 2” switchblade helped them cut through dense jungle thickets in the new dystopian hellscape. Its dual tasers – triggered with the L1 and R1 buttons – were pretty handy too, helping gamers subdue the murderous bandits that swarmed the derelict ruins of once-great American cities.


    With that, we have arrived at the present day. It’s been a wild ride for this iconic accessory, and only time will tell what the next generation might bring!

  • RT Animated Adventures

    The Instacart Recovery

    20 hours ago

    Gus talks about reaching new heights (or lows) in his human interactions when ordering groceries. Gavin poses the question to the guys about the recovery position, but nobody knows what the hell that is.

    Audio from RT Podcast #311 and RT Podcast #350.

  • Gray

    RWBY NEWZ: Hot Topic, Video & Soundtrack, Game, & Chibi!

    1 day ago

    It's a huge week for RWBY! Let's hit the headlines real quick:


    RWBY has begun to hit the shelves at Hot Topic! Officially starting today, May 1st, as part of their "Ani-May" theme month (...and surely, no matter where she is right now, Barb just perked up and started smiling and nodding in approval) Hot Topic is promoting RWBY in every single one of their nearly 650 stores as well as at HotTopic.com! A half dozen shirt designs have already hit, but THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! There is so much new RWBYness headed your way this year, keep your eye on the stores for more new clothing, accessories, and (ahem) other assorted collectibles! Oh, and their online store is running a 20% off everything sale, starting riiiiiiiight about.... now!


    RWBY Vol.3 Blu, DVD annnnnnnnnd SOUNDTRACK!!! Ahhhh! RWBY Vol.3 is currently the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in both anime "Hot New Releases" *and* in anime overall!!! And it's not even out yet! But the wait for the video ends THIS TUESDAY May 3rd! Even better, the digital RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack should drop THIS WEEK, so stay on the lookout for that!

    RWBY GRIMM ECLIPSE! Heads up, there's a content update for RWBY:GE on Steam at the end of this week, including a new map, Forever Fall! The price will start to go up when the new content pack hits, so if you haven't got it yet, now's the time!

    RWBY CHIBI PREMIERES THIS SATURDAY! If you met up with fellow fans last week to watch RWBY Vol.1 on the big screen through the Tugg event (more details on the Tugg screening of Vol.2 soon, btw!), you got an exclusive sneak peek at the new show RWBY Chibi! And now the show will premiere for sponsors this coming Saturday May 7th, 10am U.S. Central! More news about the show and the overall release schedule later this week.

    *gasping for breath after all this news*


  • Becca Seester

    Fan Art Friday #10: RoseMaryM

    3 days ago

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Rose, AKA @RoseMaryM, for her digital painting of Velvet Scarletina from RWBY.


    Watch the speedpaint timelapse here:

    Rose lives in a small town in Germany, where she works as a freelance artist while taking online classes. This painting was inspired by Rose’s love for RWBY and Caiti Ward (the voice of Velvet). She thinks Velvet is “adorable and badass at the same time,” and wanted to create something as tribute.

    This piece was created with Paint Tool SAI and a Wacom Intuos Fun Tablet, and took approximately eight hours (spanning several days) to create.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • Free Play

    Butts and Boats

    3 days ago

    It’s Free Play! We get a glimpse into the eternal war of cats vs. dogs in this week’s Internet Show and Tell. Plus, Meg and Ryan get crazy contorted when attempting some viewer-submitted yoga poses. Finally, Tyler and Mariel join Meg and Ryan for a COMPLETELY NORMAL game of Battleship.

  • Happy Hour

    Running on Empty – #36

    4 days ago

    It's Father's Day and the Ramseys are out on vacation in Hawaii. To nobody's surprise, Geoff forgot to fill the tank before hitting the road. Now he must use his "Dad Instincts" to travel 40 miles on an empty tank of gas.

  • Becca Seester

    Spotlight on the Let's Play Community Channel

    4 days ago

    The amount of talent in the collective Let’s Play fanbase is nothing short of incredible. Are you passionate about editing, animating, crafting, remixing music, cosplaying, or just creating in general? Whether you’re looking for a reason to try something for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, this is the perfect opportunity to jump in and have your work seen by hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

    A lot has changed with the Let’s Play channel in the last few months, and the new logo is the least of it. As Let’s Play expands and becomes more of a hub for gaming content creators, it only makes sense to also expand the breadth of the Let’s Play Community channel.

    Introducing the New Let’s Play Community

    On March 28, 2016, the Achievement Hunter Community channel officially relaunched as the Let’s Play Community channel. It’s much more than a pretty new page design, though; it has a new zest of style and substance to accompany its new identity.

    The new Let’s Play Community channel is a hub filled with community-created video content that features the Let's Play crew. The content doesn’t just have to be Achievement Hunter-focused; it’s now open to all groups in the Let’s Play family, including Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Kinda Funny, The Creatures, and Cow Chop. The channel has also been opened up to feature a much wider range of content, including fan animations, speed art, music remixes, highlight reels, and cosplay tutorials. Basically, any Let’s Play-related fan content that can be contained in a video is fair game.

    Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these popular types of community videos.



    Speed Art

    Things to Do In...

    Hands On

    (“Hands On” videos cover anything that involves live-action crafting, including cosplay.)

    Music Remixes

    Though these approaches are a great place to start, don’t feel limited by them. The Let’s Play Community channel is also open to new series ideas, so feel free to get (even more) creative.

    Ready to Create?

    If you’re ready to start making content, there are a few things to keep in mind. @TrevorC put together a very handy list of instructions and frequently asked questions in the Let’s Play Community group. It’s best to review that info before recording your videos. If you have any questions, the Let’s Play Community group forum is a great place to start. You can also send @TrevorC a message via his profile.

    Happy creating!

  • RT Specials

    The Amazing Race Special Podcast with Burnie & Ashley #2

    4 days ago

    Help us beat Tyler and Korey on Twitter! Tweet Friday's episode LIVE with us at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central time using #BurnieAndAshley!

    Join Burnie Burns, Ashley Jenkins, and Jon Risinger as they share stories and secrets of The Amazing Race 28.

    Behind the scenes/clips/previews with Burnie and Ashley: http://bit.ly/1XKY76x

    Thumbnail art by @corrinforte on Twitter

  • Becca Seester

    Busted: Celebrities Who Love Waluigi

    5 days ago

    By @grantpa

    Everybody loves Waluigi, the tall and slender evil double for Mario’s lesser brother. What’s not to love? He’s one of the oddest characters in the Mario series, really only appearing in the spinoff multiplayer series like Mario Tennis and Mario Kart, but he’s also one of the most intriguing.

    Now some of Hollywood’s most prominent celebrities are showing their support for the purple one by incorporating the character’s iconic mustache and hat into their own chic looks. Here are some of our favorites that prove the Summer of 2016 is shaping up to be the Summer of Waluigi.

    Susan Sarandon


    Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon wasn’t afraid to show off her new purple hat and mustache combo on the red carpet, revealing a fun and flirty devilish side that invites fans to ask, “Is sexy Waluigi the new regular sexy?”

    Andy Richter


    The talk show sidekick has long been a supporter of Waluigi, dating back to his impassioned plea for the character during his short-lived stint beside Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show that led many to believe was the sole reason for their subsequent cancellation. Nevertheless, Andy Richter is a proud supporter of Waluigi and is always quick to clarify that just because Waluigi and Wario are thematically connected does not necessarily mean they are brothers like Mario and Luigi.

    Jodi Sweetin


    Nostalgic ‘90s kids were delighted when Netflix revived the classic sitcom Full House, but every person in every demographic was even more delighted – ecstatic, even – when Jodi represented the big upside-down “L” to the Fuller House premiere. Some people have started openly wondering if this Waluigi thing is more than a mere fashion trend. Is Waluigi the new Scientology? Is it possible there is a sinister organization involved in this?

    The Soup Nazi


    Supporters of the Waluigi cult conspiracy theory point to evidence like this: how could the Soup Nazi realistically be a Waluigi fan? Seinfeld ceased production long before Waluigi made his official debut in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 in 2000, yet reruns of the Soup Nazi episode now feature the character supporting Waluigi. That means these episodes were either doctored by hand or by some kind of dark magic. It’s unsettling. On the other hand, it’s also an improvement, aesthetically.

    Dennis Miller


    Why would anyone care that Dennis Miller likes Waluigi? Nobody has cared about Dennis Miller in a long, long time. The comedian-turned-FOX News contributor hasn’t been afraid to spout his eclectic and obscure references in the past, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see him take up the Waluigi cause. But if there is a secret Waluigi club, Dennis Miller’s inclusion begs the question: WHY? What advantage could you hope to gain from Dennis Miller aside from willful obtuseness? It’s a question as beguiling as Waluigi himself.

    Bernie Sanders


    The millennial choice for president, Bernie Sanders has sent a jolt of electricity to young liberal voters, primarily because of his support for Waluigi. Here’s where things get interesting. Would a Sanders presidency mean a wider acceptance for the niche Nintendo character? Is this theoretical Waluigi secret society comparable perhaps to the Ivy League Skull and Crossbones society that has produced several presidents in the past? It casts a dark shadow across a candidate that has otherwise stayed firmly in the light, but there’s no denying this image of Bernie with the Waluigi hat and mustache. Really makes you think.

    Ja Rule


    Rapper, singer, and actor Ja Rule looks a little embarrassed, but make no mistake: he’s so into Waluigi that he changed his name to Jaruigi, which he refers to as “the evil version of Ja Rule.” Maybe that will mean the next Mario Kart will receive hip hop tracks like the ones he’s produced for the Fast & Furious series. Or maybe Jaruigi is, like us, merely a fan.

    Do you know of any other celebrities in the secret Waluigi club? Share their pics in the comments!

  • Rooster Teeth Podcast

    Construction Combat! – #373

    6 days ago

    Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss construction vehicle battles, Richard Simmons, Full House, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 25, 2016.