It's the series you've been waiting for... The Eleven Little Roosters begins... 

 tadaTHIS MONDAY! tada

 Stick with us - this journal's got important details about the contest that runs alongside the series and its prizes.

We're so excited for everyone to experience this show; not just for the stellar 35+ member cast of all your favorite Rooster Teeth staff, but also because it's going to be quite the fun challenge to work on discovering clues and solving the extensive puzzle the team has built for the show.

You’re going to want to pay close attention to each episode and take part in the game, because the winners (both weekly winners and grand-prize winners) will receive awesome RT-related experiences and some exclusive signed items! And, since we have part of our audience (FIRST members) seeing it before everyone else, FIRST members will be entered into one pool to win, and everyone else, another pool.

 mag_rightHOW TO PLAY 

1. Sign up for an account on (includes free accounts, too!)

2. Each week for 7 weeks, a survey will be available on (you must be logged in to see it!) Surveys will go live once new episodes premiere for FIRST members

-You may log ONE answer per survey

-The weekly survey will allow participants to select one "Assassin" (the killer for that episode) and one "Target" (the team to be eliminated by that killer)

3. There is a way to discover the PRECISE correct answers each week, and in order to do so, you will have to complete a handful of puzzles hidden in every episode, to uncover 5 images called the Haywood Files 

4. If there is a tie for the grand prize, all tied players will be notified with a date & time for a tiebreaker to occur, and there will be a timed challenge. Details will be delivered to contestants if this does occur.


Weekly Winners (5 FIRST members, 5 non-FIRST members)

- Exclusive Eleven Little Roosters postcard signed by ELR cast members

- A video message from an ELR cast member posted on Social Media mentioning you and the other winners of the week (we'll also send it to your email!)

Grand Prize Winners (1 FIRST member, 1 non-FIRST member)

- 30 Minute Skype Hangout with Cast & Crew from the show

- Signed Episode 1 Script

- A special "Winner" Certificate that declares you as the champion

- Major bragging rights



Regardless of if you choose to play along, we know you all will enjoy the hell out of this show. It's got mystery, action, drama, humor..and even some romance. Wink.

Join us for the premiere on January 16th for FIRST members, and January 17th for the public!

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